Gallery: Adventureland Signing Candids

Dean attended a signing for Adventureland Store in New Jersey today, and thanks to them we were able to provide one lucky Ambrose Fan with an experience of a lifetime. Our special ‘Asylum Ticket’ Winner, Emily, was able to meet Dean before the signing and get pictures and autographs with him as well as the…

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I loved Taylor Swift since Teardrops on my guitar. As s black Muslim eomsn, the only think that would make me hate her is if she said or did anything islamophobic or racists.or if she constantly lies all the time. .I would longer be a fan

Well, lucky for us, homegirl is a good person so we won’t have to worry about that 😊

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I think it was great… it gave Colin a chance to talk more and I really liked it!

It was great to hear him really chat at length about some things about his character and the ship. Being paired with Jen - who is the lead - obviously she has more questions for her so this year there was so much more from him which was really great!

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HDU doubt the power of the Captain Charming/Hot Dads Club :P

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I know not what I do. LOL

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It’s all I ever wanted!

Yesterday was just a gift that kept on giving … and will continue to!

We are such lucky fans! We got tons of CS questions from the major media interviews and then in the round table we got Captain Charming. I mean, everything that we wanted to be asked was AND we got a tease that the arc of the season is going to be about the Savior?

Pinch me, am I dreaming?

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Is Kingsman: The Golden Circle done filming?

I’m not sure anon. I’ve been wondering about this myself so I had to do some research for it. From what I can tell, principle photography began on May 16th, and it began with the car chase scene filmed in Birmingham whereas a lot of articles were saying that filming was going to start in April (which could very well be the case with some things). I know that Carol recently posted this about some lucky fans that won or got the chance to visit the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Generally, the average film project takes anywhere from 3-4 months to film, or longer depending on the length of the script and what their shooting schedule is and how well they can keep to that. Why does it take that long when a movie is only generally 1 ½-2 ½ hours? I’ll break it down for you.

  1. A lot of times the reason shooting a scene takes a while is having to get the same dialogue but from different angles. A wide shot (the entire scene done from start to finish showing everything), then a shot of the entire scene or part of it done from Actor A’s left shoulder, then the scene from start to finish from their left shoulder, a reaction from Actor B but behind Actor A, and then vice versa. and that can take a few hours.
  2. Lighting is a big factor, especially using artificial vs. natural
  3. Rehearsal times, sometimes actors don’t end up rehearsing with their co stars, a lot of times they may end up screen testing (if there is one), they end up having a table read (again, if there is one), and then they meet up on the set the day of to do the scene with blocking and cues (finding out where to walk to, where to look up at, where to stop a car, etc.)
  • There can be shooting delays like the underwater scene for Kingsman when the original shooting days was 2, but due to technical problems, it ended up taking an additional 8 days, costing them days where it could have been spent on other scenes. There’s also the fact of weather being a big factor, especially if you’re shooting on location (which is what a lot of movies do if they have the budget for it) outdoors, etc.

  • Reshoots once movies are done if need be, Studios will often hold screenings with a test audience to get an idea of audience reactions for the final product, or sometimes there was something that wasn’t accomplishable during the initial shot.

And just to think anon, that’s pretty much barely the basics on what goes into making films.

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There’s a lot that goes into making movies, and since the Principle Photography seems to have started later than the April start date that was originally posted online, it could mean that filming is still taking place and could still be happening right now. According to Collider, they said that R.H.: Origins could begin filming in late Summer, so late summer (at least to me) is anytime from Early to late Aug, or even Sept. (yes early Sept. is still part of summer, at least for us up here in the N. Equator).

We’re still not sure if they’re still in the process of casting other actors for their roles, or what characters that we know from the classic tale of R.H. this one is going to include, such as King Richard the Lionheart, the Sheriff of Nottingham, the Merry Men. We don’t know for sure what this version of the tale is going to include or do to set itself apart from the other Robin Hood films also coming out (remember, there’s 3 others coming out).

I hope this helps a little anon.


a girl texted in to say that she came to watch Sukira and it’s cold outside. Then they invited the girl into the studio. Wook asked who the girl likes the most in Super Junior and then she said both RyeoSung. But they insisted that she must choose one and she chose Sungmin. So Sungmin gave her a hug cos it’s hug day. Sungmin asked “Is my hug warm?”