Ford Galaxie Part II:  The Next Five Years

Like the Chevrolet Impala and Plymouth Fury, the Galaxie started as a sub-series.  In 1959, the Galaxie was part of the Fairlane line.  Galaxie displaced Fairlane as the top tier full-size car model in 1960. The full-size Ford line up would also include the sporty XL and formal luxury oriented LTD (Limited). In 1967, the LTD and XL became separate models of their own.

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This is an amazing piece, extremely detailed carved large Nautilus Shell. Whole skeleton bodies are carved throughout the shell. Sits cradled in a custom wire stand on wooden base. Measures 9" long x 8" wide, stands 12" tall including base. Wood base measures 6" x 6" and houses a flush mounted light that illuminates the shell from below. Plug is wired for UK, but comes with adapter. From designer @mercuriousmo
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