Let’s Talk Colour: Touch of Yellow In The Bathroom

Introducing pops of colour through accessories in smaller rooms is a great way to play with colour and step out of your comfort zone. Using yellow in interiors can either be a win or a total fail for various reasons, including where you choose to put it, surrounding colours and the tone, shade or hue you decide to go with. 

So if you are looking to bring a burst of sunshine but are not sure where to start, take a look at this small but beaming collection of subtle yellow references in bathrooms.

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Let’s Talk Colour: Moody Blues

Let talk colours folks! Between Deep, dark blue tones are taking over currently in the interior color scheme. Although it’s considered a cool colour, this hue embodies a wonderfully moody atmosphere, inviting you to sit and read, preferably by a fireplace in a cottage somewhere. I’m loving the way that different shades of blue can come together and create a dramatically cool space. Think blue velvet sofas and dark blue walls for a bit of an edgier look. 

So sit back and enjoy this little selection of spaces featuring moody blues.

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