Tech Accessories for Men

30 of the coolest gadgets and cases 

Every year, new electronics and tech accessories hit the market, which means we bet you’re due for an update. From Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and Nixon speakers to Filson iPad backpacks and Banana Republic tech gloves, shop 30 of the the best hi-tech products below.


Beats by Dr. Dre Rose Gold Pill Portable Speaker

‘ZIPP - Funky Collection’ Take Along Wireless Speaker with Interchangeable Covers

The Blaster Speaker



Beech Wood Troubadour Headphones

White Over-Ear 1 Headphones

iPad Cases

Tin Cloth Backpack

Flannel iPad Case

iPad Case


JUMP Cable with Micro USB Connector

'Y-CHARGE’ Micro-USB Charger

4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Tech Gloves

'Tech’ Gloves

Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Extra-Fine Merino Wool Tech Glove


Hi-tech Accessory

'UP24®’ Fitness Wristband

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Ear Buds

Tech gadget


Sol Republic Relays In-Ear Headphones

iPhone Cases

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone 5 and 5s

iPhone 5 Crystal Slider Case Snap Case

Moulded Case iPhone 5/5s

Laptop Bag

Laptop Duffle

Kanken 15" Laptop Pack

Padded Laptop Bag

Travel Adapters

Tumi Ungrounded Travel Adapter

Bleecker Leather Travel Adapter

F1 4-in-1 Adapter Set


lstn found co.

so being in the business of being in the public’s eye i feel like comes with a bit of responsibility. If you have the ability to reach a lot of people and influence change i feel like you should use that to improve the world as best you can. So to that end, i always try to be positive, speak out on issues i feel strongly about and i especially love working with and supporting companies that also are doing what they can to better the world with their efforts.

lstn found co. has a really dope wooden aesthetic to their products. the wood aesthetic gives them a distinct and unique style to stand out from a lot of these other brands that are out and the quality of sound is killer! i have a pair of high end skullcandys as well and i have definitely been reaching for these a lot more lately.

as stoked as i was to work with these guys over the products themselves, their work to help the hearing impaired hear is what i really loved about the company! they work with starkey hearing foundation to help provide hearing aids to the hearing impaired and help people hear for the first time. quality products and socially conscientious make me very proud to feature lstn sound co here at stay ragged. please look into this company if you’re interested in picking up some new headphones soon!

use the code “nik10″ at the check out and get 10% off your purchase!

thanks for tuning in guys and as always…


Demi doesn’t only wear the companies headphones, but also their jewelry! The online exclusive LSTN Amplifier Necklace costs only $20 and still helps people restore hearing. We love!

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