LP record


~*~presenting~*~ one song (track 08) off the new joyride! record “half moon bay,” which should be out in its entirety in the next few weeks. we wanted to share a song because you’re supposed to promote these things right? but also i’ve been listening to this album almost every day for months so idk seems good that soon other people can hear it too.

you can preorder the LP from salinas records now http://www.salinasrecords.com/collections/41812-all-products/products/17963423-joyride-half-moon-bay-lp

stupid bag is going to put out a cassette version too

yesterday was my 28th birthday. i got a professional hair cut and made pink cupcakes and vegetable curry for some of my friends. i didn’t have a huge meltdown, slightly to my disappointment, but it’s probably a good sign. 

Marcianita - Latin pop rock 7” EP by Billy Cafaro. Artwork: José Bort Gutiérrez, aka Bort (Fontana Records, Spain, 1960) Marcianita was originally released in Cafaro’s native Argentina in 1959. Billy Cafaro is widely seen as the man who brought rock’n’roll to Spain.