who allowed him to be so adorable??

my bandmate is good with nb genders and pronouns but he can’t seem to come up with any gender neutral nouns so whenever he accidentally calls me a “good boy” or something i correct him just by saying “they” and he thinks for like 5 entire minutes & then says something like “good they” because he cant think of a term and its honestly kind of adorable so i dont want to tell him all the gender neutral nouns he could use instead 

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(a bit of poly!relat bc it’s been a while)

-Max is the only one that buys snacks, so he always has to remind himself to buy triple the amount

-Ian is very possessive of his snacks and will hide them. You have found a pack of Doritos in the air vent twice already

-Joj would totally pull a knife on someone if they touch his Flaming Cheetos

-Ok but if you’re having a snack while watching t.v. or something, Ian will come up to you and start kissing you while the other two take almost everything in the package

-Max writes his name on the entire surface of his snacks

-Ian puts his IdubbbzTV stickers on everything

-Joj just puts everything under the bed or couches

-Ian loves Chips Ahoy, don’t touch them, he has them every morning with milk

-Max loves mini pretzels or Lays chips. Especially while watching a movie or just laying down

-If you’re cuddling with them, they’ll feed u too

-ok but before you guys started dating, you’d always buy them their favorite candy. Max would be skittles, Ian jelly bellies, and Joj sour patch kids

-Little Debbie pastries are forbidden after Max and Ian literally fought for the last brownie