WOOO! Finally got my prints!

Apparently my grandparents think I’m a mind reader and I’m just supposed to know they put my crap on top of the fridge…

Four days after they show up i finally get to see my amazing prints!

@Dement09 i absolutely love your art! Your literally the only reason i joined tumbler in the first place. Friends told me to but nothing ever sparked my interest. Till i saw your art! Without you i would have never found all these amazing artist and picarto.

I’ve been trying to start up comics for a long time fan and originals but seeing nothing come of other local artist work was discouraging. To find and see this thriving community has really put a pep in my step. Only two people have been my driving force for my art/comics and mental health while doing said art my amazing best friend and an amazing woman I’ve never met!

Thank you for all the inspiration!
Dont let anyone bring you down!
Lot of love FoxHound

Falling in love just isn’t for me anymore.
—  V.B.//but darling, you’ll love again. Whether you like it, or not.
  • Vanoss: BTW, I look pretty hot
  • Ohm: Yeah that’s why I’ve been fucking you
  • Vanoss: Woah5x
  • Delirious: Vanoss we are MARRIED, how dare you cheat on me!
  • –after a couple of minutes–
  • Vanoss: HONEY I forgot my wallet
  • Delirious: Husband are you here?
  • –fck kill me shttttt–
  • Vanoss: I’m going to the strip club
  • Delirious: Have fun HONEY!
The Musketeers Fandom:

I don’t know how many times I let it be known or perhaps it was not enough. My last conversation with my most favourite, @chancellorfangirl, made me reflect. Yet it was not that hard because my miss? Terrible. Pervasive. Heart-crushing.

You, as a collective of LOVING souls, made such an impression on me, forever. I’m so grateful to have been part, to know you in my life. Such dedicated, LOYAL, beautiful souls, all in ONE fandom. Dumas would have been so proud to have such souls come together, to share the love of his characters and plots and everything in-between. I had, in my wonder, thought it was all too good to be true. And still, you ALL went far and beyond. Exceeded those expectations. As it should be.

I guess the time is now, despite how many times I was dying to say this, all this, to you. Trust me, I have my heart in my throat as I try to piece this together. Yet I needed to thank you.

I love you.

I miss you.

Again, thank you.

Thank you for making my time here so lovely.

@chancellorfangirl, @santiagocabreraaddicted, @swelldame, @canadiangarrison, @loveel-who, @ihadenoughofthis, @harveyslga, @muminlotta, @hottiemcgreeneyes, @iheardyoubrokeawindow, @laneyc22, @naniemmanel, @silvertyger, @aramis-deadshot, @romanceaholicwriter, @paintedimaginings, @jessipalooza, @pusteli, @damntagnan, @constance-and-dartagnan-haven, @hungersycamore, @razycrandomcunt, @p0rth0s, @queenannesmusketeer, @musketeersbbc, @dontbeangrylove, @cmorgana, @pitchouneeiko

And of course, so many more fans I missed. I would like more to be added for I wish for the love to keep spreading. So if anyone sees this, by all means, add more to the list if your name is not on it. If not, just know that this message is for all those in The Musketeers fandom, even if you lurk.

Hand to heart, you ALL deserve such honour.

Schuyler sisters a summary
  • Angelica: Satisfied
  • Eliza: Helpless

I can’t tell the color of her eyes // even though they’re all I stare at. // I don’t know the taste of her lips // even though they’re all I kiss. // I can’t recognize how she really looks at me // because when she catches me staring, // I always look away