I know everyone and their mother seems to be screaming about this show right now - so for those of you who don’t watch it, I’m sorry, just bear with me a sec. I’ll try to keep things vague for those of you avoiding spoilers.

But you know the one thing about Yuri on Ice that gets me? 

How normalized everything is. 

For example, that moment in Episode 7 where Viktor very openly expresses his affection for Yuuri in front of an international audience? I was honestly expecting shit to hit the fan in Episode 8, at least to some degree. Here is a male celebrity (a Russian male celebrity, for that matter) at the peak of his career and with a large fan base… some of whom blame Yuuri for taking him away from them in order to coach. I was sort of dreading the backlash that they might face as a result or at the very least the judgmental glances they may get from assholes who don’t approve. The figure skating community alone is known to be pretty damn hostile toward even the mere suggestion of homosexuality.

Except they didn’t. The story just continued.

And now in Episode 10… that moment in the restaurant where the congratulatory announcement was made after a misunderstanding? No one questioned it. No one second-guessed it. A whole restaurant of strangers clapped for two people they presumably did not know but could clearly see sitting at the table and no one batted an eye at the fact that they were applauding for two men. 

While there is definitely a need in fiction to explore the struggle, the backlash, the hatred and homophobia that same-sex couples face… when I think about it, that narrative has dominated almost every piece of LGBTQ fiction I’ve personally encountered, to the point where I feel like it can overshadow the relationship at the center of it all.

But in this show, it doesn’t. You just get to enjoy them for who they are and how they care about one another and celebrate each step they take along the way.

And that is so fucking refreshing.

I’m not in the Yuri on Ice fandom, but I see posts relating to it a lot on my dash, and it seems like fans are always in such a euphoric and excited state of being because everything they could ever want becomes canon. They live in a utopia where everything is perfect and happy and blissful. Each time they celebrate over new developments in the show a few years are added to my life. I’m so happy for them.

I love this scene. Lol.

Dang…. this is Viktor realizing Yuri didn’t remember asking him to be his coach.

This is him realizing he is a lightweight stalker.

This is us relating to Viktor.

Like I bet he’s like, “So… what did you think when I randomly showed up at your house? ……I bet that was weird. *laughs*”

I know that you’re trying to get to know me. That you’re trying to get me to open up. But I can’t help myself from stopping you each and every time. I’m scared that you’ll judge me. I’m scared of giving little pieces of myself to you, only to have us part ways. I’m scared of allowing myself to care for you. I’m scared to have feelings for you. You’re a good guy and I wish that you weren’t.
—  Because I don’t want to fall

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