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i promised to continue this story where keith discovers he’s half galra and becomes a spy, unknown to team voltron - so that’s what i’m doing (although “continuing” here means “starting from the very beginning”)

this story has been sitting in my head for quite some time and i’m happy to finally get it drawn

sorry for the chaotic start, i promise everything’ll make sense later

i’ll try to post at least a half of this comic before second season comes out and ruins all of our theories - but actually i’m hoping to see something like this in the actual show, because from the storytelling point of view it’s a great chance to explore the enemy from the inside and show them as more than 2-dimensional bad guys

i think the code name for this comic will be “i was born a lion”, because i love this song and because i couldn’t think of a better name (and it kinda suits the theme)

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anonymous asked:

Will Pond Scum Royalty have any continuation? I know it's been well over a year since the last update, but it's really enchanting and captivating to read! You are excellent at comic making!

Hi! Thank you so much! :,)

I’m sorry to say that until an undefined date Pond Scum Royalty is on hiatus! I do plan to continue it and I have the story planned out it’s just kinda.. from a heavy place? and it’s hard for me to revisit when I’ve got a lot of other things driving me. But it’s definitely something I want to address when the time is right and I’m so grateful you enjoyed it enough to ask about it! :;;; 

Until then, I hope the wait will be worth it! I do want to do some more illustrations for it in the near future.

New FanFic Page

Hi dearies! Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to take the time this weekend to build a page on here where the actual fan fictions, so the stories, will be listed. I’ll try to list as many as I can, wish me luck! :D I hope this will make it easier for you, our Hiddlestoners, to find the stories we wrote in case you want to re-read them. I will keep you posted as to when it’s finished! EAL out! X

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Happy Happy Mr Page or The Mystery of the Missing Carravaggio

Boxers or briefs?  Picasso or Pollock? - Caravaggio and Giacometti!

There is only one thing the PirArt Girls of Collingwood can do when a certain dapper actor is celebrating his birthday. That’s channel their inner Phryne Fisher, of course. Nick a canvas perfect to hang above the mantelpiece in a farmhouse in the wilds of rural Victoria. 

So we ditched our bandannas and cutlasses, stowed our ship’s monkey Frida and jumped in a rusty plane… 

and set course for Rome….

….a city as overflowing with Caravaggio as Phryne’s closet is with feathers and furs. Undaunted, we scrunched our ginger-tresses up under our “break and enter” berets and settled on a perfect present for the perfectly lovely chap that is Mr. Page.

Next stop, Shanghai, and a close brush with the law. A Giacometti from the Yuz Museum was mysteriously hidden among our haul of dazzling silks, opium and orient pearls. Well, how could we resist?

Finally, on wards to Adelaide and Mr Page. While he does look a little nervous at what might be waiting for him inside that brown paper and string…

we are pretty darn sure it will be a chiaroscuro-tastic surprise. The lady in question is a a red head after all.

Mary Magdalene In Ecstasy - Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio - Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Roma 

Happy Happy Mr Page. Enjoy all these magnificent shades of dark and light…. Cheers,  PirArt Girls of Collingwood. 

With our thanks to Sam McAdam Cooper for asking us to join in the fun of Mr Page’s most recent Q & A at

turquoisegemglow  asked:

Loved the new page! But my question is, did Sans mean Frisk when he said he "forgot about the kid" or like " kid" as in his kid-brother Papyrus? Thank you! n_n

Sans always refers to Frisk as ‘kid’ or ‘the human’. I never have him refer to them by name unless it’s a pun or something.