today is 4 years of ’chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash’ and the boy still tells it the same way he always has

Who tops

First I tought Louis tops

Because look how dominant he is. 

He does the hiptrust thing all the time

And I mean, who don’t wanna fuck this booty? 

And don’t forget this! Harry’s ass hurts when he wants to sit. Guess what happened the night before..?

You can’t deny he’s not the sassmaster. He knows what he want and he knows from the beginning what he likes and not. You can read it from his face impression. He’s like a open book.


I searched for Harry tops, and i saw these things.. 

Agressive on stage

And he has strong muscels 

So why won’t he top? I mean, Louis is so tiny

Who don’t wanna fuck this lil booty? 

These boyfriends are so caring for each other

So my conclusion is: 

To make everything a little less confusing. ;) 


Harry AND Louis first word was “cat”. THE. SAME. FOKIN. FIRST. WORD. My life is a lie. I’m about to die, it was a pleasure to meet you, never forget me, please. All the love, Morg x