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Not trying to undermine what Louis says, but the narrative of the article does portray him as (and I'm being hyperbolic here) the working-class underdog fighting against years of doubt and sidelining, where Harry is the 'chosen one' who foisted the break on them and has the industry at his fingertips. Not saying Louis intended this, the article creates it. It's kind of the same device used by the fans of the other boys - Harry outshone them and get's more opportunities without working as hard

the article does create that. Louis topped it off with his comment about harry not having trouble getting people to work with him. i felt it was unnecessary, even if it was the truth. i mean liams had no shortage of big names working with him. Harry’s big name was Jeff bhasker, and most people don’t even know who he is


“Even in another life I would choose you, Lou.”

- By: Lana Rose x
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