REQUEST: Surprising Harry on tour to tell him you’re pregnant. Except the timing works out perfectly with fathers day, so you tell him by giving him a card. Preferably one of those ones which are like ‘Dear Dilf, need I say more’

REQUEST: I just realized your requests are open and I am flipping right now! Can you pretty please do one where you tell Harry you’re pregnant and its extremely fluffy and cute with many cuddles and loads of love! Love you and your blog loads and loads ♥

You had a love/hate relationship with tour season.

On the one hand, you hated that Harry had to be away from you. You had your own job and your own things that you needed to do, and you couldn’t exactly drop everything to follow him as he travelled around the world. You missed him terribly when he was away, and the two of you had gotten so used to each other at this point that it felt like something huge was missing when he wasn’t around. It was hard on him as well; it wasn’t like before you met two years ago when he could travel to his heart’s content. Sunsets simply weren’t as beautiful, and certain sights weren’t as breathtaking without you there by his side to see them. You skype called and texted as much as you possibly could to make up for it, but there was nothing that could even remotely come close to the feeling of falling asleep in his arms after a long day.

On the other hand, you loved to see him perform. It was one of your absolutely favorite things to do; it helped that you were a fan before meeting him and genuinely loved the boys’ music, but watching Harry on stage was absolutely mesmerizing. It seemed like every inch of him was amplified by the thousand—his smiles were brighter and his movements were stronger, and you could tell that it was the place where he felt happiest. Except for when he was with you, he would say. And the times that you got to fly out to see him were perhaps your favorite moments together—the rush of seeing each other after being apart for weeks at a time definitely made up for the time that you had to wait in between, and if anything the distance only ever brought you closer.

The reunion sex was definitely a big bonus.

It was after their show in Toronto when it happened. You had flown to visit him, and the concert was as amazing as ever. You didn’t get to see him until after the show was over, and the sight of your very sweaty and very beautiful rockstar almost made your heart stop. You could tell that he felt the same, because his features lit up more than they already had when he saw you running down the hallway to jump into his arms.

“Harry!” You squealed lightly as you slipped your arms around his neck and immediately looped your legs around his waist to pull his body closer to yours. You could smell the sweat on his body and his dark purple t-shirt was beginning to stick to yours, but you wouldn’t let go for anything.

“How’d you sneak back here, you menace?” He teased as he playfully pinched your behind while supporting your weight with both his palms, turning to press you against the nearest wall as he nipped at your neck.

The next several minutes consisted of the two of you giggling and fooling around backstage in Harry’s dressing room, caught up in each other as if you’d just fallen in love. That was the thing you loved most about the two of you—you’d had your fair share of arguments and bumps in the road like any other couple, but the spark had never faded.

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preference #7- first kiss

Louis Tomlinson

You were excited to go to your boyfriends concert. It was your first time going to one of his shows. You guys have been dating for two months and everything was perfect. You stood next to Lou, the boys’ hairstylist, with her three year old daughter, Lux. During the show, you would catch Louis staring at you and making funny faces, making you laugh. You really had to go to the bathroom, but you didn’t want to miss the show, so you waited until it was over. Whiny heard the boys saying goodbye, you told Lou you’d be back. When you came back from the bathroom, you saw Louis running down the stage with a big smile on his face. You grinned and ran up to him. you put your hands where his neck connects with his shoulder and kissed him. It surprised him and you. It was your guys’ first kiss. When you pulled back, you saw Louis staring at you with wide eyes and mouth agape. “That was amazing! I loved it!” You said. He blinked and wrapped his arms around your waist and connected his lips with yours. “And that kiss was amazing.” He mumbled against your lips, ignoring the boys’ hoots and whistling.

Zayn Malik

You and Zayn were friends for three years until you found out the you like him. three months later he finally had the gut to ask you out. Now its been three months since he asked you out. He decided to spend the night at your place after playing boards games with you. When you opened your eyes, you saw your boyfriend sitting at the edge of the bed putting his shoes on, his bare back facing you. You smile and sit up on the bed. He turns around and smile when he sees you. He stands up and walks over to your side. “Morning Beautiful.” H e says, his thumb grazing your cheek. You grin and sigh. “Morning.” you mumble. “I have to go to the studio, but i’ll be back later.” “Okay.” He smiles and crawls on top of you. He leans down and plants his lips on yours for the first time. You kiss back and put your hands on his upper arm. He pulls away and kisses your cheek. “See you later.”

Liam Payne

“(Y/N), Liam’s here!”You heard your dad say. You smiled and jumped out of your bed. You stumbled down the stairs, falling on the last step. You stood up and walked outside to see Liam on the swing thats on your porch. “Hi.” You said shyly. He smiled and Kissed your cheek. “Hi.” he mumbled. He grabbed your hand and pulled you down next to him. “I just stopped by to say that i am picking you up at seven tomorrow for our date.” He said, playing with your hand. You grinned and shook your head. “You could have just called me.” “Yeah, but then i wouldn’t see you.” He frowned. He’s too cute, you thought. “Well, i’ll be ready bye seven.” He smiled and brought your hand to his lips and kissed them. You stared at him and He stared right back. It was silent for a couple of minutes until he leaned in and kissed you for the first time. You smiled  and pulled away. “I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.” He mumbled. He stood up and pulled you up with him. He kissed you one last time. “Goodnight Love.”

Niall Horan

You and Niall have been dating for two and a half months and still have not kissed. You knew that your friend liked Niall, but it was not your fault that he liked you and asked you out and not her. So when you told her that you guys have not kissed yet, she started saying how she would kiss him after a couple of days of dating him. Right now, you, Niall, and (Y/F/N) are at park,  just chilling around Niall’s car. You noticed How (Y/F/N) stared at Niall and it started to make you mad, Niall noticing as well. He chuckled and shook his head. “I like you and only you, alright?” He whispered. You just rolled your eyes and looked back at (Y/F/N) staring at you with her arms crossed and eyebrows raised. You looked back at Niall and put your hand at the back of his neck. You pulled his face close to yours and kissed him. He put his arm around your waist, pulling you closer. When you pulled away, you looked behind you to see that (Y/F/N) has left. “Didn’t know you’re the jealous type.” You heard Niall say. “I’m not. She just needs to know what’s mine, is mine.” You muttered. “So i’m yours now?” He teased. You grinned and nodded. “Yeah.” “Good, cause you’re mine to,” He pulled you close and kissed you again. “And these are mine too.” 

Harry styles

Since it was his day off, and you guys hardly see each other due to his schedule and yours, you decided to invite him over to your place. You and Harry have bending for a month now. Harry was your first boyfriend. You were sitting on the couch, watching Nemo when you heard a knock at your door. You paused the movie and stood up. When you opened the door, you saw Harry with a bag full of candies and drinks. You chuckled and shook your head. He grinned and walked in,closing the door behind him. You grabbed his hand and led him to your living room. You cuddled into his side, wrapping your arms around his torso while his wrapped wrapped around your shoulders. During the movie, you move around so you’re laying on the couch, your legs on Harry’s lap. His hand rubbing circles on your ankle. you smile and close your eyes. you feel him move and soon you feel a body on top of yours. you open your eyes to see Harry looking down at you with those bright green orbs. you smile and run your hand through his long curls. He pokes your side and you giggle, which makes him smile. “You have a cute giggle.” He says quietly. you smile and close your eyes. your eyes snap open when you feel warm breath on your nose. you see Harry leaning down, pressing a kiss on your nose. Soon, his lips are so close to yours, that you have the urge to grab his face and kiss him. He glances at your lips then back at you. He leans his face in closer his lips brushing agains yours sending a shiver down your spine. His lips engulf yours, taking your top lip in-between his, He pulls back quickly and smiles. “finally.” he mumbles against my lips.

Pairing: Ziam
Author: @overwhelmedbyfeels / kbeto (AO3)
Count: 6 / 6

“Zayn?” The soft voice is followed by some rapping on a wooden surface, then a pause. “Babe, open the door, please.”

Zayn lifts his forearm, till now draped over his eyes, to glance at the door. He half-expects Liam to barge in since the door isn’t locked, but there’s no sign of the doorknob moving. Knowing Liam, he probably hasn’t tried to open it because he knows Zayn is still upset— a slamming door makes a hell of a point, it seems.

“’m not having this conversation any time soon, Liam,” Zayn replies, raising his voice just enough to be heard outside. “Maybe in a few months, but not now.”

Babe, c'mon— where am I sleeping?”

Fuck. It’s a good thing the door is closed. Zayn can feel his resolve waver just by hearing Liam’s small voice. Were they face to face, he’d certainly cave in, throw Liam in bed and kiss him till both fell asleep. Because he knows he’s weak before that confused puppy look. He also knows it’s involuntary, but Liam arches those bushy eyebrow, parts those rosy his lips, and that’s it.

Not this time, though. Zayn’s trust has been betrayed; he won’t let that slide so easily. He’ll stand his ground and show Liam how much of a bad idea that’s been. Has been and will be. Because he’s not forgiving anyone soon, especially his so-called best mate, Louis.

Now we’ll have to finish it, Malik,” Louis’ voice repeats in Zayn’s mind.

Now that Zayn thinks about it, he should have fought Louis’ arse right there. He should have tackled Louis off Liam and beat his massive arse on the spot. And whilst he would be at it, he’d also extend courtesy to Harry’s and Niall’s arses, too. Maybe Liam’s as well, though their historic of ‘fights’ show they always end up with both starkers moments later.

Zayn shakes the tempting thought off. For once in his their lives together, he’ll own his feelings and stay pissed off. At least for tonight. For how long it takes for the image of a spread-eagled Liam on the floor—with Louis on top—leaves his mind. He just wants to forget everything, though memories will rush back the moment he touches the same skin Louis’ touched.

The worst thing about betrayal, Zayn has learnt tonight, is that it always comes from people we love.

Babe, I’m really, really, really sorry!” Liam pleads. The thump on the door must be his forehead or his closed fist. Either way, he’s angsting. And an angsty Liam destroys any heart. “I don’t know why I let Lou— you know how he is!”

Zayn sits up, grabbing his ankles and pulling them towards himself and yelling, “That’s not an excuse, Liam!”

I know!” Liam yells back, hitting the door again. “I know,” he repeats more quietly.

Then what? Where will this conversation lead them? Liam has something to say that he probably doesn’t even know what it is. Zayn’s not sure he wants to hear anything because he knows what he’s seen. And there’s nothing to explain, hence why Liam’s first words have been “Don’t get angry” and not “I can explain”.

“We’ll talk in the morning, James,” Zayn chides, sounding the coldest he’s ever been to Liam. “I’m hurt. You’re confused. This is the receipt for a disaster.”

Wow… I didn’t think it would hurt this much,” Liam laments. “You can’t see it, but my hand’s on my heart. It hurts for me, too.”

Without X-ray vision, Zayn can’t tell accurately. He does have a clear image in his mind: Liam leant against the door, a forearm pressed to the wood and lightly banging head. Well, maybe it’s a tad less dramatic in reality than it is in Zayn’s mind.

The rhythmic banging suddenly stops. No indication Liam has left, but there’s nothing pointing to his stay, either. No footsteps, no pounding, no voice asking Zayn to let Liam in. The doorknob hasn’t moved, and if Liam’s still behind the door, might as well have given up.

Rolling off their bed, Zayn tiptoes his way to the door. “Li?”


“Still there?” Zayn tries again, crouching to check for movement from below the door. “Babe, if you—”

I’m not leaving, Zed. I’m sleeping here.”

Zayn frowns. “You can’t sleep on the floor.”

Another bang against the door, louder than the previous ones. “I’m camping here all night.”

Of course it would be like Liam to try to outstubborn Zayn. Granted, they both are pretty focused on whatever goal they put in mind, and Liam’s tonight is to talk. Why you have to be like this?

The first 15 minutes go by fast. Zayn checks once, and unsurprisingly, Liam’s still there. He checks again around the thirtieth minute, and once more when it’s about to complete 50 minutes. All three times Liam replies with a deliberately long “uh-huh”. It does look like he’s staying the night on the floor, which worries Zayn a little.

Still awake?”

Zayn snorts, posing himself against the door. He throws his arms around his legs, locking them as he holds his ink-covered wrist. “Can’t sleep with you on my door, can I?”

I’m not making any noise, babe.”

“That’s exactly why I can hear you so loud, you doughnut.”

Before Liam can say anything else, Zayn leaps to his feet and swings the door open. He watches Liam fall backwards on the floor, surprised cognac eyes staring him from between his legs.

Liam smiles, then lets out a low whistle. “Hi, Zayn. Nice view from down here.”

Zayn rolls his eyes, poking Liam’s forehead with his big toe. “No flattering will work, James.”

If only his resolve were as bold as his words. Because as soon as their hands touch and he helps Liam up, he’s already lost. And the moment two strong arms pull him into a tight hug, he knows he’ll listen to whatever Liam has to say.

“Why you’d to tha’ to me, Li?” His voice is so small he would feel embarrassed for himself under other circumstances. He touches the skin reddened by Louis’ fingers. “If you wanted to that— you just had to tell me and I’d do it with you.”

Liam squeezes Zayn, nuzzling into fluff raven hair. “You wouldn’t it. We both know, babe.”


“Can we be okay again?” Liam asks, grabbing Zayn’s chin.

“I’ll try, but…”

Liam swallows. “'But…’?”

“I can’t believe you bet your chest hair against on a bloody FIFA match!” Zayn cries, sliding his fingers over the irritated skin. The waxing has replaced the dark hair he loves with an angry pink, especially on the left pec. “’m gonna shave Harry’s head!”

“Don’t do that,” Liam says, chuckling a bit. Perhaps he finds it funny that Harry’s getting dragged into this mess. “It was a fair match and I lost. You can't—”

“Is this Hollyoaks drama going on all night? Because some people actually need sleep.”

Zayn doesn’t think twice before picking a cushion he’s left on the floor and flinging it in Louis’ direction. Too bad that the door to the guest room closes before it can hit the target. Zayn then turns to Liam, who readily ceases giggling.

The other door opens again, and a small tube hits Zayn in the back. “You’re welcome, Zaynie!” Louis yells, cackling as he slams the door.

“I’m chopping his balls off,” Zayn murmurs, picking up what seems Harry’s moisturiser. No one else currently in the house waxes their chest. “And don’t think I want to sleep with this naked chest,” he warns Liam, closing the door behind him.

Liam quirks an eyebrow. “You’re throwing me out ‘cos of some hair?”

Zayn looks upwards then at Liam again. “Uh… yeah?”

“Unbelievable,” Liam says, beginning to howl with laughter.

Whilst Zayn drags them into the room, he can only hope some weeks will fix this. Then he’ll be able to lay his head on Liam’s chest and rejoice that familiar rug feeling. Because any Liam is a good Liam, but he prefers having his teddy bear to sleep with.

In the Most Unimaginable Way

This one was requested and for sighthefeels :)

“What do you mean I’m staying here? I feel fine!”  Harry was barricaded at the door by the other three boys, insisting that he should stay in the hotel and just rest for the day.  Last week in Switzerland they were performing their last show before they had  a two month break and then headed into the American leg of the tour.  It had started pouring, and the rest the of the boys were quick to put on rain jackets, but Harry continued on singing and dancing like he didn’t even notice the rain. However he did the next day. He was meant to go golfing with Niall, but with a splitting headache and not being able to breathe out of his nose he had to cancel.  

This morning he felt a lot better, minus a bit of a scratchy throat, and after a week of lying in bed he was ready to get back to rehearsing.

Niall crossed his arms and glared at him. “You sound like a twelve year old boy hitting puberty.  I wouldn’t qualify that as feeling fine.”

Harry threw his head back, tugging a hand through his hair, laughing.

“Guys, honestly I’m fine.  This is the best I’ve felt all week.”

Louis leaned against the doorframe, his eyes sweeping across Harry. “Well you’re looking a bit crummy, mate.”

Harry cocked his head towards Louis and rolled his eyes. “Thanks Lou.”

“Look, what if I just hung out with you guys today.  I promise not to sing or do anything.”  

Harry looked at the boys expectantly before letting out loud sneeze.

Liam shoved his hands in his front pockets, rolling back on his heals. “Look, mate. Why don’t you take it easy today.  We’re gonna start recording for the new album in about a week and you won’t want to be poorly for that.”

Harry nodded reluctantly, knowing Liam was right.

He groaned, “Alright, I’ll get back in bed.”

Niall and louis patted him on the shoulders before turning and leaving.  Liam  

looked at him again, pursing his lips and pointing a finger at him “Drink lots of fluids, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Liam patted him on the back before following after the other boys.”

When they were around the corner Harry muttered under his breath, “Oh, I won’t.”

He turned back into the room and shut the door behind him, making his way back to the bed.  He sat down patting his hands against his thighs, deciding what to do next.  He picked up his journal that was sitting on the nightstand and flipped it open.  He thought he could maybe write for a bit, but he really hadn’t done anything lately worth reporting.  He closed it and tossed it back onto the nightstand, before scooting further up on the bed and resting against the pillows.

For the next hour or so he alternated between flipping through channels on the t.v. and messing around on his phone, both of which soon lost their appeal.  He sighed, turning off the t.v. thinking maybe he’ll just take a nap.  Turning his head to look at the clock and see what time it was, he saw his juice from earlier, sitting on the table and remembered Liam told him to be drinking fluids. As he picked it up and took a sip he started thinking of things he could do to keep himself from going crazy.  Liam had told him not to do anything he wouldn’t do.  What would Liam do?  

He sat the glass back down and saw out of the corner of his eye his laptop, sitting on a chair, near the end of the bed.

An idea popped into his head, but it was absolutely mental.  He chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, rationalizing why he shouldn’t do what he was thinking.

“Screw it.” He shot out  of bed and strided across the room, picking up his laptop.  

Taking it back to the bed he powered it up, logging on.  

The boys all knew Liam had secret fan accounts, and he would always joke with them about the stuff he would find.  

Harry decided to log on to tumblr, because Liam said it was always good for a laugh.  He quickly made an account, making his username, Packers194.  He knew it was stupid but he couldn’t think of anything else.

After the account was set up he pursed his lips, thrumming his fingers against the keyboard, not sure where to go next.  

He adjusted himself on the pillows, typing ‘one direction’ into the search box, just to see what it would bring up.   

He started scrolling through pictures of himself and the boys, and came across a picture of Niall that was captioned,

Giving Harry a run for his money?

Harry leaned in closer to the screen to get a better look.  Niall was wearing a white button down( most of the buttons opens), black jeans, and…. Harry squinted his eyes, leaning in a bit closer.  Harry scoffed, smiling in disbelief. “He stole my boots.”

He hit reply on the picture and started typing, being careful with his wording so he didn’t give himself away.

Not a chance. Looks like he broke into Harry’s closet.  Those shoes are obviously too big for him.  

He hit send and made a mental note to get after Niall.  After another minute of scrolling, he saw his blue message box lighting up.

The girl who had posted that picture had replied to his comment.

Maybe, but he’s rocking those jeans better than Styles.

Harry scoffed, furrowing his eyebrows and quickly typing back a response.

Absolutely not. Besides he’s angled weird in the picture making it look more perky. Who are you to be judging anyways?

I’m only joking.  Although it wouldn’t kill Harry to do a few more squats. :)

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes. After another few minutes of talking back and forth he found out her name is Katie, she’s 19 years old, and she lives in Washington.  When she asked about him he told her he was from England, but said he wanted to keep his name anonymous.

Well Katie from Washington, besides being an expert of their bums in jeans,, what do you think about the band?

Oh I love one direction! How about you?

Harry laughed to himself, deciding which way to go with this.  He decided to be a fan.

Oh ya, they’re amazing! Especially that Harry bloke.  He’s definitely the fittest one.

He waited, smirking to himself, expecting a very forward answer either agreeing or disagreeing, but what he got was not what he had anticipated.

He’s definitely gorgeous and there’s no denying that! He’s my favorite too.  But there’s so much more to him than just his looks that makes him a beautiful person.

Harry smiled softly to himself before responding.

What’s your favorite thing about him?

He suddenly got nervous flutters in his stomach, waiting for the response.  He didn’t even know this girl, but he’s always cared about what people think of him.  He was at the point now where he was comfortable being completely himself, and he always encouraged others to as well.   But as much as he tried not everybody liked what was put right in front of them.  

The message box lit up again and he quickly opened it.  

Where to even begin, haha.  I know my response is the same for a lot of people, but he is incomparable.  He is kind and generous, and accepting and loving of everyone he comes in contact with.  whenever he performs he gives nothing less than 100%, but he’s always aware of everyone around him, making sure they’re ok.  I love how giving he is and how passionate he is for the things he believes in.  I love how he’s completely himself, and inspires myself and so many other people to love who they are.  I know my knowledge of him doesn’t scratch the surface of the man he is, but I do know he is a beautiful person inside and out. Just everything about him makes me smile.  And lets face it, he’s not bad looking. :)

Harry chuckled and sat silent for a moment.  After feeling poorly for a week this is just what he needed. He’s used to seeing negative things about himself, so he wasn’t sure how to respond to something like this.  He didn’t know where it was coming from, but his eyes were suddenly starting to water.  He tried to convince himself it was because he was about to sneeze, but he knew it was because of what he had just read.  The hardest part about fame is dealing with the people alway trying to put you down, and make you seem terrible just to get a good story.  But he knew he had something special.  Him and the others boys knew how amazing and unique there fans were, and how lucky they were to be supported and loved through everything they did.  

He sat, chewing on his bottom lip trying to think of how to respond, when his phone suddenly buzzed.  He looked down, reading a text from Niall saying they were back and to meet them downstairs to go out for dinner.  

Before closing his laptop he wrote back quickly.

He definitely loves being able to express himself and share his music with others.  I’m sure the fans have inspired him just as much as he’s inspired them.  

He nodded, shutting his laptop before getting up to join the boys.  

They went to a restaurant/bar across from their hotel since they were all too tired to go anywhere further.  After they had all sat down and gotten their food they filled Harry in on what he had missed during the day.   Apparently during rehearsal, it had gotten hot inside studio so they went outside cool down.  Liam splashed some water on Louis’s shoulder and it all went downhill from there.  Louis turned around and grabbed a water bottle, opening it and getting ready to throw it on Liam.  However, Louis did not look where he was aiming and splashed it all over a girl who was walking by.  Louis apologized and the girl said it was fine, but the chiwawa she was walking felt differently.  It barked and nipped at Louis ankles leaving little teeth marks all over the place.

Liam and Niall were cackling hysterically and Louis was glaring at both of them. “I don’t know what you’re laughing at.  Bloody thing could have killed me!”

Niall laughed again, wiping his eyes.  He nudged Harry’s foot under the table. “Oh c’mon Harry, that was funny.”

Harry, who had been previously been staring distractedly at his plate, looked up and knuckled his eyes. He had been in and out of the dinner conversation, nodding occasionally and pushing his food around his plate.  
“Sorry guys, I’m just a bit tired.”

Louis drug a fry through some ketchup and popped it in his mouth. “What do you mean you’re tired?  Haven’t you been lying in bed all day?”

Harry nodded, stifling a yawn. “Yeah, but I wasn’t exactly sleeping.”

“Mmm, find yourself a lady friend to invite upstairs, Styles?” Liam teased, taking a sip of his drink.

Harry choked on the bite of food he had taken. “What? No…no there was no one else in my room.”

Niall rolled his eyes.  “Cut if off, Harry.  I can see you blushing.  Just tell us her name.”

Harry dropped his fork, making it clank against his plate, ‘“Guys, I promise you there was no girl in my room.”

Louis pointed his finger at Harry, smirking. “But there is a girl.”

“Bloody hell.” Harry muttered under his breath, taking another bite of food.  

Louis laughed. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about Harry.  If I was bored, and stuck in a room all day I’d definitely make a point to–”
“Ok! Enough talk about what I did or did not do today.  The point is I am feeling much better and am good to start rehearsing.”

Harry didn’t know why he was getting all defensive.  He really didn’t have any feelings for the girl, but he didn’t like the boys insinuating things.

Liam chuckled, rubbing Harry’s shoulder. “Alright mate, we were only joking with you.  Besides I told Harry not to do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Oh ya.  I bet he’s got himself a fan account by now.” Niall quipped.

Harry chuckled nervously, sipping on his drink.


Over the next month, Harry continued talking to Katie and became pretty good friends with her, although he never shared much information about himself.  He now knew that she had three other sisters, a dog named Raven, and she wanted to go to school to become a social worker.  

They were currently in rehearsal now, taking a short break, so Harry pulled out his phone.  He got onto tumblr and opened the message, laughing the post she sent and started to reply.  He suddenly felt three pairs of eyes on him.

Harry looked up sheepishly and stopped typing. “Can I help you boys?”

Niall leaned against his mic stand and grinned, shaking his head. “Harry, enough’s enough.  You’ve been completely distracted during rehearsal the last few weeks, and you’re always pulling out your phone every two minutes.  You’re not foolin’ anyone Harry.  Who’s the girl?”

Harry knew he hadn’t exactly been sneaky about it, but he had hoped the boys would just ignore it.

He blew out a breath and stood up, tucking his phone away in his jeans.

“Alright, so…there might be a girl.  But before you guys get all excited, we’re just friends.”

They all whispered excited ‘I knew it’s’ and Liam frowned, handing louis a 20 dollar bill, for winning the bet that it really was a girl.  

Liam shoved Louis’s shoulder and smiled at Harry.  “Well whoever this secret friend is she must be pretty special.”

Harry nodded, smiling down at the floor. “Ya, she’s pretty something.”


They had a show that night is Santa Clara, and as soon as it was over and he was back in his hotel room he pulled out his laptop, logging onto tumblr.  

Anything exciting happen today?

A few seconds late there was a reply

Nothing really special today, but GUESS WHAT?!


My concerts in two days!!  I’m going to the one in Seattle :)

Harry Laughed to himself

No way! I’ll be in Seattle that week too.

Are you going to the concert?

Oh I’ll definitely be there.

What!? Shut up no way! We’ll we have to meet up then.

Harry grinned, running a hand through his hair.

Where are your seats?

I’m front row! Right next to the catwalk, nine rows back on the left side.

Sounds good.  See you there.


“Alright boys, ready for a great show?”  Liam fixed his in-ears, looking back at the other boys.  

They were backstage in Seattle, minutes from going on stage.  They all nodded and smiled back at Liam as the intro video finished and the door to the stage slid open.  They all ran on, pumping up the crowd and belting out their opening song.  

Their show went on and it was going amazing.  It was during ‘Little Black Dress’ when Harry was on the other of the stage, that he finally spotted her.  He was dancing and running down the catwalk, waving to the fans, before she stopped in front of the ninth row. There she was, right in front.  Wearing a tour shirt and singing at the top of her lungs.  He laughed, catching her attention and blew her kiss.  She laughed and blew one back.  Harry caught it and smushed it to his cheek before continuing down the runway.   

The show continued on and Harry glanced and waved at her a few more times, before it was his turn to talk.

“We would just like to say a massive thank you to any parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, anyone, who brought someone to the show tonight.  We hope you had a fantastic time.” Harry caught Katie’s eye before continuing on.

“Thank you to all of our amazing fans who have loved us and supported us throughout these last five years.  We truly couldn’t have done it without you. “

There was suddenly and eruption of screaming coming from some girls a few rows down from Katie.

Harry shuffled closer to them, squinting and trying to make out what they were saying.  He laughed, ruffling his hand through his hair. “I don’t know what you’re saying!”

Liam came up next to him and looked down at the girls, “Styles, I think they want you to take your clothes off.

The entire stadium roared as Harry covered his face with his hands, shaking his head. “Nooo. This is not that kind of show! You all need to calm down!”

He laughed at the girls before catching Katie’s stare again, winking.  “Besides, It wouldn’t kill me to do a few more squats.”

Katie beamed up at him before catching on to his joke. Her eyes widened and her hands flew up, covering her mouth.  

Harry blew her multiple kisses before announcing “This is Best Song Ever!”

As they performed the last song Katie was in too much of shock to do anything but stand with her hands over her mouth, trying not to hyperventilate.  

There was no way.  No way she had spent the last couple of months talking to Harry Styles over tumblr.  What he said just had to be a coincidence.  But the way he had been interacting with her all night made her think otherwise.  

She remembered back to all the things they had talked and joked about.  How she had told him everything she loved about him.  Her emotions were all over the place as her eyes started to well up, tears leaking down her cheeks.  Her friend she had come with shook her shoulder, asking if she was alright.  She nodded and slowly lowered  her hands, smiling so big her cheeks hurt.  She watched in awe as Harry danced across the stage, singing and waving to all the fans.  

The song was coming to an end and she joined in at the chorus, singing at the top of her lungs.  She watched as the boys ran down the stage, waving goodbye to all the fans.  As they were coming back up Harry passed her, running backwards and yelled into the mic.  “Bye Katie!”

They took a final bow and ran through the doors as the fireworks went off.  

Katie was crying and laughing, still trying to process what just happened.  

The final notes of the song drug out as she smiled, memorializing her friendship with, Packers194.

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Step Three (Decfanfic, 1D, lilo)

Day 4 of the December Fanfic Meme (previous days are here).

1D, lilo, pg. Prompt: A snowball fight.

Three weeks before Christmas, it snowed for the first time.

It was fluffy and light and still looked as pretty as a postcard when they got out of lessons, Louis and Niall and Harry and Zayn all immediately ruining it by scooping it up into balls and chucking it at each other. Louis’s hands started to freeze after just the second snowball, his gloves still buried under a mound of dirty clothes in his room, but the wet and cold couldn’t distract him from his mission.

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The Flirt

For the Anon who requested reassurance imagines! :) Enjoy!

One day Harry had strolled into the park cutting through to the studio because he was really late. His buttons weren’t buttoned (and today it was actually necessary that Harry didn’t look like he was ready to breastfeed). It was a big meeting. New album cover and work to discuss and all that jazz.

But his alarm hadn’t gone off and he was in a rush out the door as he finished buttoning his buttons. But his boots were unstrapped. And he tripped. Thankfully, a girl who was running around the park broke his fall. Unfortunately he sprained her ankle.

“Oh, God, kitten, I’m so sorry,” he said. Your face paled as your ankle started to swell. You felt sick. You were going to throw up in front of Harry Styles. “Shit,” he hissed. He scooped you up and you could barely breathe you were in so much pain. He carried you back toward his apartment and set you in the passenger seat of his car. His car had been making a funny noise and someone was going to take  look at it today–hence why he was rushing to the tube.

But emergencies happen.

“I’m Harry,” he said on the ride to the emergency room. You grunted out your name. You let a few tears leak out and you felt terrible. But Harry felt worse. “I know who you are,” you smirked softly through your pain. Harry snickered.

He insisted that he take care of you for a while. It wasn’t a bad sprain. Just crutches for a week or two. But you hated crutches, but Harry already felt guilty so you weren’t going to tell him you hated them.

You figured he knew because he wouldn’t let you walk to the car or walk to your apartment from the car. He carried you up the stairs. “You could have taken the elevator,” you told him. “Plus I’m heavy.”

He physically winced with his whole body. “You’re not heavy,” he shook his head and that was the end of the discussion, he left no room to argue.

Harry came over every day and made sure you had a good day and made sure that you had everything you needed. He’d bring you coffee and the newspaper and he’d do chores for you. And if he was being honest, he was happy he hurt your ankle, it was a good excuse for him to come see you. Because that first day, he thought you were really pretty. You were running in long running pants that hugged your bum perfectly, a hot pink t-shirt and a hot pink sweatband around your head. He adored you. You were adorable. And now, the next day when you crutched to the door you were beautiful. You were even more beautiful when you were in regular clothes and your hair was perfectly so in long waves. He stammered when he spoke. It was the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to you.

“How do you feel?” He asked setting your coffee and a bouquet of flowers on the table. “Am I making you miss work or anything?”

“I’m good…and no, I’m a social worker at the high school, they’re on break right now,” you smiled and watched him move around your flat. “You don’t have to do this,” you told him.

“I know, but I want to, I do feel awful I hurt you,” he said softly. You smiled softly and blushed.

“You didn’t mean to…I don’t think,” you joked. He chuckled.

“No, I didn’t, I would never intentionally hurt you,” he said softly and stared into your eyes for a long moment. Your heart fluttered and you shyly looked at him. He smiled sweetly, one little dimple cratering his cheek as he smirked at you. You had to say, Harry Styles spraining your ankle was the best thing that ever happened to you.


After a couple months and a fully healed ankle, you were a bit worried that Harry was just…with you out of pity. Yes, you adored him and he was wonderful…but…he was Harry goddamn Styles. You knew picking girls sounded very, very archaic, but he is beautiful and he could pick whichever girl he so wanted. You were worried he picked you just because he sprained your ankle.

He held your hand as you both walked to the studio. You were carrying a basket of muffins for the boys to enjoy. “Niall’s going to love you,” Harry whispered.

You blushed. “Thanks,” you said shyly. You were nervous. One, you were meeting One Direction, and that was terrifying in of itself. Two, you had no idea if they would like you. Three, you didn’t even know if Harry liked you…

“Kitten, your hand is sweating like crazy, why are you so nervous?” He asked. “It’s hard to not like someone while they’re eating a muffin,” he reminded you.

You smiled softly as he repeated what you said earlier. You were nervous. You baked when you were nervous. And apparently Harry and the rest of the band would benefit from your nervous baking because you were almost always nervous. “Why are you baking?” He asked.

“I’m nervous and they’ll have a tough time hating me when they’re busy eating the most delicious muffins they have ever tasted,” you nodded knowingly. He laughed.

“You’re awfully confident about these muffins,” he said taking one that was still warm off the cooling rack. You waited as he bit into the top and he moaned and nodded. “As you should be, kitten. These are amazing,” he said knowingly.

“Harry said you brought muffins,” Niall said opening the studio door for you.

“He’s been waiting like a puppy for you to arrive home,” Zayn told you.

“Lovely to meet you, kitten,” Niall said pecking your cheek and taking the muffins from you. You blushed and Niall smiled softly at you. “Thanks for the muffins,” he said kindly. “We’ve only heard good things about you,” he said softly and bit into a muffin. “Ugh, you’re perfect, Harry, keep her,” he ordered.

Louis rolled his eyes at Niall and smiled. “Nice to meet you, love,” he told you kindly. “And thank you for feeding Niall, he was getting grouchy,” he winked.

You smiled. “Love, nice to meet you, you make Harry smile all day long with your cute little text messages and pictures of kittens and babies,” Liam smiled and pecked your cheek before he stole a muffin. “Great muffins,” Liam added and Zayn smiled at you.

“Nice to meet you darling, Harry offer her a chair, would you?” He asked. “Break her ankle and then make her stand, honestly,” he rolled his eyes.

Harry rolled his eyes back at Zayn and pulled a chair out for you. “Make yourself at home, I have to sing,” he kissed your cheek and headed into the sound booth.

“So, details, love,” Louis said knowingly. “Is Harry a good kisser? Because he says you enjoy it, but we think he just likes to make himself feel better,” he said knowingly.

“Yeah,” Niall said. “All he does is talk about how nice your lips feel,” he said. You smiled. “Must be all the sugar from these muffins,” he smirked. You watched Harry record a moment. He looked so at ease…perfect…lovely. Harry.

“You okay, kitten?” Zayn asked softly.

You bit your lip. “Just…nervous,” you said quietly.

“Of us?” Liam wondered.

“Babe, why would you be nervous about us?” Louis asked.

You looked over at Harry and he winked at you as he was getting lectured about his part. You smiled back and then looked down at the table. “Yeah, uh…” you swallowed thickly. “I just…I don’t know if Harry…I think he feels guilty that he sprained my ankle…I don’t…wanna be a burden,” you said softly. “And I feel like I am…I don’t know if I…” you shook your head. “I’m not good enough for him,” you said softly.

The four all exchanged a glance. “Harry…” Louis started and shook his head. “Love, I wish you could hear the way he talks about you when you’re not around,” he reached across the table to you and squeezed your hand.

“Or how he looks when he thinks about you,” Zayn continued. “Darling, you’re the light of his life,” he said knowingly. “His eyes get all bright and he just gets so happy,” he continued with a bright smile.

You smiled shyly. “Yeah…but…”

“Kitten,” Niall said around the third muffin he’d taken. “He really likes you, and he’d be so upset if he knew you felt so insecure about him,” he said with a frown.


“Stop babe,” Liam smiled at you with a shy shake of his head. “He might have felt really guilty on the ride to the hospital or something, but now…” he shook his head. “He loves you…er…um…he really cares about you,” Liam blushed nervously and your cheeks heated up. You’d only been together three months…did Harry already love you? “So don’t worry, okay?” He said.

“Without trying to scare you,” Niall said gently. “He talks about marrying you…he’s never talked about marrying a girl before,” he mumbled around another muffin. You stomach flipped. Oh wow…to marry Harry Styles. You were internally swooning.

Harry came out from the sound booth. “Jesus, Niall, she can bake more,” he rolled his eyes as he kissed the top of your head as he grabbed a muffin.

“Don’t make her do stuff,” Louis scolded playfully as he rolled his eyes.

“Oh, crap, you’re right,” Harry said tilting your head back to look at him. You smiled up at him. He looked so happy and cute. “You don’t have to bake more, you’re perfect just as you are,” he smiled.

Your heart fluttered. “Thanks…you sounded lovely,” you told him.

“You couldn’t hear me,” he snickered and gazed at you with this look that made your heart melt. You smiled kindly. He definitely seemed to like you.

“I don’t need to hear you to know you sounded great,” you said softly.

The boys all  pretended to gag. “That’s disgusting, you’re lucky Harry likes that mushy crap,” Zayn said knowingly. Harry winked at you and kissed your nose.

“They’re just joking,” he said and pressed his lips lightly over yours. “They’re actually thrilled I make you happy,” he said knowingly.


“Yeah, they say I get all weird when I think about you and it makes me distracted,” he shrugged. “I don’t know what they’re talking about, I’ve only sang your name in recording like ten times,” he grinned.

You giggled. Maybe the boys were right…Plus, you figured Harry being indebted to you for spraining your ankle until your souls ceased to exist would sound quite lovely in wedding vows.

Punk Direction

Part One Two Three Four Five Six  Seven Eight Nine Ten 

Eleven Twelve Thirteen


You stirred in the too soft bed, feeling a curious tickling on your exposed skin. Your eyes were too heavy to open as you swiped blindly at whatever was bothering you, turning and sinking deeper into the bed, your face buried into the pillow.

“Shit, now my drawing’s ruined!” you heard a voice pout.

“Oh shut it Harry, look at the nice pink bum we have now to work on,” Louis’ voice was hoarse and the wet tip of a marker began to glide along the skin of your sore ass. You made a noise and heard the two boys chuckle.

“Did some fine work mate.” Harry chuckled and you felt his breath on the sensitive skin as he pressed a kiss to your sore ass cheek. The tickling and the squirming was getting to be too much for you. “Gave her some nice color.”

“Maybe I got a bit carried away,” Louis mused and finally you rolled over to face where their voices were coming from, opening your eyes to see the two shirtless with washable markers in their hands and mischievous grins on their faces.

“What’re you doing?” your voice was raspy and Harry beamed at you, leaning down and pecking your lips sweetly.

“Someone sounds completely wrecked,” he whispered knowingly against your lips and goosebumps rose on your skin.

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#160 - You Get Injured

Harry: It was one of your final soccer matches of the season and your team was ahead 1 point with less than five minute on the timer. The ball was in your possession and you had a clear path ahead of you, knowing you could make the shot. As the goal got closer your adrenaline began kicking in even more. You made eye contact with the goalie, trying to calculate which angle would be the best for a goal. You were too far off in your own mind; you were unaware of the larger defenseman for the other team coming up behind you. Her leg went to steal the ball away, but instead of kicking the ball, her hard cleats combined with the force of her kick hit you straight in the knee, knocking it out of place, causing you to come crashing down on the grass. A strangled scream left your mouth as the referee blew his whistle. You looked down to see the disfigured form your knee made, breathing heavily. Tears from the immense amount of pain poured down your cheek as a teammate helped you sit up and your coach ran out to the field. “It’s dislocated,” you heard him say, not wanting to look at it. “(Y/N)?” the voice of your boyfriend rang out as he took the spot of your teammate behind you, holding you up. “It hurts!” you cried out as your coach tried to pop it back in, scaring him. “You need to go to the hospital,” he said, looking to Harry. “Are you able to get her there?” Harry nodded, turning his attention back to you. “Babe, we need to get you standing up okay? It’s gonna hurt, but we’re gonna get you help,” he said calmly, placing his hands around your back to support you. You nodded and he, along with your coach, helped you stand up in the least possible way. You winced, wanting to cry out again, but held it back. The hospital visit was definitely unpleasant, but once the painkillers set in and everything was wrapped, you were happy with just getting home and cuddling up with your boyfriend, the painkillers eventually putting you to sleep.

Liam: You thought you could handle the dog-walking job, especially with the pay. But it turns out you were taking on more than you could handle. The dogs were generally easy to control, but on the occasion, one of them would act up, causing the rest of them to become difficult. Today, of course with your luck, was one of those days. “Guys stop!” you called as they continued to pull you along. You were struggling to keep control of these animals, not wanting to let any get away. “Jack! Stop!” you called after the little terrier. They were all tangled up in each other’s leash, making you groan in frustration. It wasn’t even the worst of it, nit until that little demon squirrel decided to pop out of nowhere, causing the dogs to completely freak out. “No!” you exclaimed, the pulling becoming too excessive, knocking you down onto your knees, scraping them up. Suddenly there was an extra hand grabbing half of the leashes from you, the other helping you back to your feet. You looked down at your bloodies knees and shins before looking to the stranger who had been so kind to help you out. “Need a little help there?” he asked and you smiled relieved. “Thank you so much.” The stranger managed to help calm the dogs down, bringing you over to the park bench. “My friends can look after the dogs while I help you clean up,” he smiled kindly, three more guys coming over and taking the leashes, bringing the dogs to the field to play. “Again, thank you. I shouldn’t have said yes to so many people,” you chuckled as he pulled out a water bottle, pouring it over the scrapes to clean them up. Wincing slightly, but feeling relieved, you watched as he gently cleaned you up. “I’m Liam by the way,” he introduced himself after finishing to clean them up. “I’m (Y/N).” Liam stood up smiling before sitting next to you, watching his friends play around with the dogs. “How about I help you walk them back?” he offered and you nodded. “That would be great, thank you.” “And then maybe I can give you my number?” You looked to him smiling shyly. “Yeah. Yeah I’d like that.” Maybe this wasn’t the worst day ever.

Niall: “Niall you could really help me with the boxes you know!” you called from the top of the stairs, struggling with the heavy box you needed to move downstairs. “Just a second babe! Let me just finish my drink!” Rolling your eyes, you gave up trying to get him to help, taking the first step down. You were making sure to go slowly, unable to have a view of the stairs in front of you. You looked out to your sides, noticing that you only had a few steps left before you were safely at the bottom, sighing slightly. But that last step was the most difficult. Your foot landed funny, twisting in a position it shouldn’t, causing you to drop the box of items, scream out and land with a thud. The footsteps of your boyfriend ran into the room, his mouth falling over when he saw the heap you were in. “(Y/N)!” he exclaimed, kneeling next to you and helping you sit up. There was an intense pain in your ankle, the one that you had stepped on funny, meaning that’s where your attention was focused on. “M-My ankle…” you sputtered out, reaching down and wincing when you put even the slightest amount of pressure on it. Niall picked you up, putting on his shoes and heading to the car, sitting you in the passenger side. You didn’t protest, as the pain kept getting gradually worse with each passing second. “Oh my god,” you groaned, feeling the throbbing take over. This was the kind of pain that was almost nauseating. Niall reached over grabbing your hand and squeezing it. “We’re almost there babe… We’re gonna get you all better.” You moaned in response, squeezing his hand tighter. “You’re not moving any more boxes.”

Zayn: You were chopping vegetables, wanting to surprise Zayn with a nice homemade meal from when he got home from yet another long day of rehearsal. The knife sliced nicely through the cucumber as you arranged it on the little glass plate before moving onto the carrots. The soft music was playing and the house had a peaceful ambiance to it. You loved this feeling and hoped your boyfriend would to. That peace, however, would not be lasting long as you sliced up the carrots. With one little mistake, you had sliced through your finger, blood immediately spilling everywhere. “Shit!” you exclaimed, “bleeding. “Babe I’m home!” Zayn’s voice rung out and you mentally cursed yourself. “Where are you? Something smells delicious,” he said smiling, waltzing into the kitchen unaware. “There you are!” he exclaimed, looking at you and then down at the blood stained towel. “Oh my god what happened?!” Zayn rushed over to you, a look of panic in his face. “I was just trying to make you some dinner,” you replied in a small voice as he took the towel off, hissing at the depth of the cut. “Babe we need to go get you stitches.” “But… you just got home and you’re probably exhausted…” He cut you off with a chuckle. “(Y/N), you have a one inch gash in your finger and you’re worried about me? You’re crazy,” he chuckled again, putting the towel back around. “Now come on. We’re going to get you stitched up. And when we come back, I’ll help with dinner,” he finished, turning off the stove, getting you to the car and to the hospital, all in one piece.

Louis: “How many times do I have to ask, please pick up your shoes Louis,” you sighed, having to be the fifth time you told him that day. “Someone’s gonna get hurt.” “Just give me a minute (Y/N),” he replied from the couch. “That’s what you said last time!” you huffed, going into the kitchen. An hour later you came back into the front entrance, gritting your teeth, tired of not having your words heard. You were about to go lecture your boyfriend, but didn’t see the shoes laying in front of you, taking a funny step and tripping over them, twisting your ankle in the progress. “Fuck Louis!” you yelled sitting yourself up and rubbing your sore ankle. “For Christ’s sake (Y/N), why do you have to be such a-” He stopped talking, seeing you on the ground with a scowl on your face. “What happened?” “I tripped over your damn shoes and twisted my ankle that’s what happened.” Louis’ face immediately turned guilty. “I’m sorry babe,” he apologized quietly, and you rolled your eyes. “Can you just pick up the shoes Louis?” you asked, attempting to stand up, unable to put any weight on your foot. “Yeah… yeah of course,” he mumbled softly, getting right to work at putting his shoes away. A little while later he came into the kitchen where you were, looking timid. “I’m sorry,” he said again and you sighed. “Can you please just do what I ask next time Lou? I don’t want to have to pick up after you.” Louis nodded, coming closer and kissing your cheek. “Yes of course. I promise I will.”

Preference #33: You get hurt whilst you're visiting him on tour.

Preference #33: You get hurt whilst you’re visiting him on tour.


“No I don’t want to play!” You whined as Niall pulled you to the middle of the car park where tour buses and various security vans were parked around you.

“Just for 5 minutes babe! Please?” Niall pouted and bounced the basketball on the floor with one hand. “I’ll buy you McDonald’s..” He tried to negotiate with you and pressed a soft kiss to your head.

“Hmm…okay deal!” You smiled and stood back, holding your hands out so he could pass you the ball. He gently threw the ball to you and you caught it, you bounced it on the floor and caught it again. “Niall, catch!” You shouted and used both hands to throw the ball on the floor hard, however the angle you threw it at wasn’t quite the right angle for it to go towards Niall and it came shooting back up into your face before you could stop it. Niall of course burst out into laughter, and came forward to you to hug you.

“That’s so funny! I’ve done the exact same thing before ahahahahahahaha!” His accent came through a lot thicker as he spoke through his laughter. You didn’t find the fact you’d hurt yourself funny and your nose did feel sore, but you couldn’t help giggling at your boyfriend in his hysterics.

“I’m not playing anymore but I still want my McDonald’s!” You demanded and gave your nose a rub, Niall nodded and was still chuckling to himself.

“Can’t believe you just did that.” He shook his head and then looked scores the car park.

“Hey Liam! Guess what (Y/N) just did!” He shouted and ran off towards Liam, leaving you to roll your eyes and walks slowly after him, your cheeks tinted red as well as your nose.


“Excuse me please!” You said to multiple fans who had pressed themselves into a big bundle around you in the streets of Los Angeles. Word must have gotten around that you and Zayn were out and about in Hollywood and before you knew it hundreds of loud girls were crowding around you. Some more pushy than others.

“Can you please back off?” Zayn asked the girls politely, gripping you hand tighter as you crossed the road, the girls all following you still sticking by you. It made it hard for you to walk, other girls legs getting tangled in yours making you fall forward, your knees hitting the road first then the rest of your body and finally your head, smacking against the curb and your vision just went black. You’d been knocked unconscious and this is when Zayn started to get angry and panicky.

“BACK OFF!!! SOMEONE PHONE FOR AN AMBULANCE!!!” He shouted loudly and a few of the girls backed off but the others still tried to grab him as he kneeled down next to you and shook you awake. A girl phoned for an ambulance and 10 minutes later one arrived followed shortly by a police car. The police officers moved and restrained the girls back, whilst the paramedics got you into the ambulance and sorted the cut out on your head.

“I’m fine.” You winced as the paramedic dabbed your head with disinfectant, it throbbing and you could feel it pulsing so you closed your eyes to help endure the pain.

“You aren’t! Babe I’m sorry that happened.” Zayn said pressing a kiss to the graze on the palm of your left hand.

“It’s not your fault.” You smiled weakly and waited for the paramedic to determine whether or not your head needed stitches. They told you’d probably have concussion so once the paramedics gave you the okay to go back to the hotel, you did.


“Babe those shoes…they’re a bit high aren’t they?” Louis noticed the scowl on your face so added “To be standing for the concert? Your feet will hurt…” He looked down at your feet and judged the 4 inch heels you had on.

“I don’t care!! They’re pretty and you bought them for me, plus I haven’t worn them before.” You shrugged and looked down at them grinning.

“Alright..” He sighed and decided he’d just say he told you so later. 4 hours later after the concert had finished, you hobbled backstage with security to find Louis, just as your ankle gave way and you plummeted down onto the floor on your hands and knees. Your cheeks heated up and you went bright red with embarrassment, you quickly sat back on your bum on the floor and started rubbing your ankle better, wincing in pain from the twisted ankle.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Little Miss high heels” You looked up to see Louis smirking with his arms folded over his chest. You frowned at him and gave him the finger as he went to open his mouth and say something else but you stopped him.

“Don’t even say it.” You snapped and he helped you up.

“I’m gonna say it!”

“Don’t you dare!!” You growled and slapped his chest.

“I told you so! Ha there I said it!” He barked a laugh, earning a glare from you.


You don’t remember much about what happened but you woke up in an unfamiliar bed, it took you less than a moment to register that you were in a hospital room with a tired looking Liam by your side.

“Hey baby how are you feeling?” He asked as soon as he noticed you awake, taking your hand into both of his.

“Thirsty.” You croaked, he reached over for the cup of water next to you and held the straw to your lips, letting you take a few sips then putting it back on the bedside table. “What actually happened? I just remember falling to floor then everything was blank after that…”

“A light fell from above you and hit you on the head, luckily it hit a pole before which slowed it down, so it didn’t hit you that hard, you’ve got concussion and stitches in your head.” He sighed and rubbed his eyes, trying his best to stay awake. You saw that it was dark outside still then looked at the clock on the wall. 2:30AM. So you’d been asleep for about 3 hours. “I didn’t know until the concert finished, they told me that you’d been taken to the nearest hospital and I came as soon as I could.”

“You look knackered, go back to the hotel and sleep. I’ll be fine babe.” You smiled sleepily, the drugs making you dozy and numbing the top of your head.

“I wanted to wait for you to wake up, so I could tell you what happened and so you wouldn’t panic.” He stood up and leaned over gently kissing your lips. “I’ll be back at 8 okay?” You nodded in response. “Love you.” He smiled sadly as he walked out closing the door behind him.

“Love you too..”


“What did you do yesterday babe? Whilst I was at soundcheck?” Harry asked you, curious to what you were doing and also wanting to check up to see if you were doing anything dangerous, just being an overprotective boyfriend. He also wanted to make conversation as you walked down the stairs of the hotel you’d been staying in with him.

“I told Perrie that Zayn said Hatchi pooped in the house and-AH!!” You let out a high pitched scream as your foot slipped, Harry tried to grab you but it was too late and you tumbled down the flight of stairs right to the bottom.

“(Y/N)!! Fuck!!” He gasped and ran after you quickly being careful not to slip himself, he reached you at the bottom and kneeled over you. Groaning and laying on your back you looked up at him. “Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!”

“No I’m alright, my elbow hurts though and so does my back.” He helped you sit up and rubbed your back gently. “I’m gonna be bruised later…” You sighed and leaned your head on Harry.

“I think some fans might have recorded that…” He sniggered, looking at the hoard of fans standing by the hotels windows with their phones out.

“My day just gets better and better!!” You whined and wrapped your arms around Harry. He chuckled and helped you up, giving you a cuddle and a kiss to make it all better.

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Soundtrack Series - FOUR - 18

Harry: “Three years. You know someone for three years, and then just like that everything is gone and they’re just another stranger.” You wanted so badly to tell him to shut up. That he was talking nonsense, and that this was the best outcome for him. However, you couldn’t bring yourself to let any of that out. You had invited him out here, and he had come. He was hurting and needed your compassion, not your inner thoughts. “Everything was so great back then. I was so sure she was with me for me. She never even used to go to the interviews. Do you remember that?” He looks up at you for a response. His head was on your chest as the two of you lay in the bed still. “Yeah, I remember,” you answer, your hand continuing to comb through his hair. Surely all of this reminiscing wasn’t good for him. He was going back to old memories he had no business revisiting; those times were long gone. Things had changed. She had changed. It hadn’t always been like this, though, Harry was right about that. Your first impression of her was nothing but positive. But of course as soon as she starting bringing in the drama, your opinion of her quickly changed. She had been gone now for over two weeks, and here he was in LA with you. The situation was messed up to say the least. “I know we’ve been through some shit, but I swore we would be alright. I just knew we could get past it; we always had.” You want so badly to speak up. To tell him that it was never going to work out with her once she started defying their relationship with her deceitful actions. She was trash as far as you were concerned and you were very happy that she was gone. But it was not your place to let any of that out at the moment, so you bite your lip and remain silent. “Maybe it was me. I must have messed up somewhere. I mean someone doesn’t just change like that for no reason.” You take a deep breath in, and his head slowly rises along with you. He was blaming this on him; the last thing he needed to be doing. You need to say something. This is where you should say something. “I don’t know.” It was all you could manage to get out. You had no experience in this whatsoever. Harry had comforted you plenty of times after failed relationships. You had less practice at it. Mainly because Harry had never come to you like this before. He had been through a few breakups since the two of you had known each other, however none he needed comforting after. This was new territory for you, and you were killing yourself on the inside for allowing him to even fathom the idea that this was his fault. You needed to say more. To tell him that this was not on him. He had done nothing wrong in this. However, yet again though, you couldn’t bring yourself to say a word. This was his time. He needed to get all of this out, every last bit of it. No matter how untrue or hurtful it may be.

Liam: Every time you look at her, you go back. Before the band and before Mark. That name. You don’t even like thinking of him, no matter if you had not met him. She sits across the hotel suite living room, her sister by her side. Big mistake there. You should have worked harder to keep that from happening. You needed her here and away from home and if that meant the sister was tagging along then you would just have to make it work. It wasn’t working though and you didn’t know how to change it. That was the problem. You can see her over there smiling at her phone screen, sharing whatever was causing the smile with her now chirpy other half. Wasn’t that one meant to be depressed or something? You used to make her smile like that. What are you thinking? You still do. Bringing her along with you to Oz certainly brought out a smile, one bigger than Mark would ever bring. Mark. Just the name made you want to punch something. You hadn’t even met the guy and you already wanted to cause him physical harm. Out of your mind, get him out of your mind. You continue to stare across the room, your gaze going unnoticed. She was the best thing about going home, she always had been. Yes, your family was obviously there, and she was like family, but there was more. There was always more. The two of you used to do everything together, never leaving one another’s side for anything. It still remains that way, when you go back home at least. The problem is you aren’t there enough, clearly. Otherwise, Mark would have never even been an option for her. Your schedule had screwed you there. Thoughts like this had been flooding your mind these last couple of days. You two were so close back then. Everything between you and her was so right, before the band, before Mark. She had always meant more to you than any other girl. Hence why you hadn’t been able to keep a relationship. They always felt in competition with her and you had to admit they kind of were. You would always silently compare them to her, and that wasn’t fair…to them. “Liam?” You hear and your thoughts disappear. “What?” “Were you having a vision?” Her sister teases and you realize they had noticed your stares now. “You know, you aren’t that funny,” you reply back, getting up from the couch you had been sitting on to move to another room. “Hey now.” Your eyes lock on her and you can only smile, the same smile she had just had while looking at messages from Mark. She smiles back, and you continue to walk back to your bedroom. You needed time to clear your head. The time alone didn’t last long because she had followed right behind you. “Everything alright?” She asks, standing in the doorway of the dark room. You turn on the bedside lamp and look at her. “Yeah, of course.” It was a lie, but of course she would never expect you to tell her anything but the truth, or at least that’s what you thought. She walks into the room, closing the door behind her and you raise an eyebrow. You sit down on the bed, crossing your legs at the ankle as she makes her way to the other side. She crawls in with you and your heart begins to subtly beat faster. “What’s wrong?” She prods, resting her head on your shoulder, her arm reaching in around you while the other comes across you. You pull your arm out and bring her in closer. You weren’t sure what she was up to, but you also weren’t going to let her think twice about it. “I was just thinking about some things.” “Like what?” She continues. She was going to make you tell her everything. “Just about how things used to be with us when we were younger.” “Oh yeah? Were you thinking about all of those times I skunked you in snooker?” You laugh; of course she would bring that up. “Still trying to erase those memories.” They were tough to handle, but you never want to forget any moment you had spent with her. It was always meant to be you and her, but with Mark that wasn’t looking very promising.

Niall: Two weeks. You have been in this apartment for two weeks. You have been out of England for two weeks. And, of course, away from Niall for two weeks. The last one was the hardest though; you knew it would be. You knew you would be able to handle the job, handle being out of England, but knowing Niall isn’t going to eventually come home is definitely the hardest part. You pour a glass of red wine and take a seat at the kitchen table. You need some time to think. After having a week to process Niall’s outburst over Skype, your mind still wasn’t over it. Surely he didn’t mean what he said about you doing this to escape from him and his lifestyle. Surely he just misses you. He had sent you a message a few days after, apologizing for his words and for believing anyone else that wasn’t you. It was you and him in this relationship, no one else. Thinking about him like this wasn’t doing you any good. You missed him desperately. You were trying to be strong though. You had been away from one another a lot longer than this. You can’t help it; your mind wanders, and you can’t help but think you’ve made a mistake. You were meant to be with him, weren’t you? But you were with him, just not physically. That’s been your entire relationship, hasn’t it? Well not the entire relationship. In the beginning, the part before the band, everything seemed so perfect, so stress free. You would see one another most days, the perks of living fairly close. You were so in love back then. Not that you didn’t love him now; it’s just every single aspect of your relationship was because of the love the two of you shared. Every touch, every kiss, every word spoken between you was adoration. You had no explanation for it at the time, and you still don’t. You were just meant for each other. You take a sip from your glass, hoping for some sort of relief from your thoughts. It wasn’t coming though. The thought of moving across the ocean, permanently away from him continued to flood your mind. “How fucking stupid can you be?!” You shout out into the silence. With no one to hear you, the tears begin to gloss over your eyes. You were so angry at yourself for allowing this to happen. You weren’t meant to be here, meant to be this far away from him. Being away was his job, not yours. You finish your drink, slamming the glass down onto the table but not hard enough to break it. You needed more. You get up from your seat and head back to the cooler. You hadn’t planned on opening this bottle, the one you were given from Kati as a housewarming gift, until you could enjoy it with others. However, this moment needed the alcohol’s assistance. You ditch the glass, bringing your lips to the opening of the bottle. What has gotten into you? This isn’t you. You don’t act like this. You are stronger than this. It’s been two weeks and you’re already falling apart. You have your dream job, in your dream city. No one else deserves to be here more than you. And even though he had some shit to say a week ago, Niall had apologized. Everything was fine between the two of you. He was happy you were here, happy you were enjoying your job. What he wouldn’t be happy about is you acting like this. Because that’s exactly what it was, an act. You miss him, and you’re letting that take over everything in you. You are better than this. You sit the bottle down, jamming the cork back into the top, before placing it back into the cooler. You are meant to be here. Life doesn’t require Niall to be by your side all of the time. When had he really ever been? Well besides back when you were teenagers. That part of life was over now.  

Louis: You were glad he had stayed. After last week, you needed all the support you could get. However, you couldn’t help but think he was missing something. You were sure none of the other guys had been staying away from London this long. You knew they were heading to Australia soon, surely they had to be rehearsing or at least having meetings about the tour. You didn’t want to bring it up though; you enjoyed him here. Waking up next to him was without a doubt one of the best feelings. A feeling you weren’t naïve enough to believe would happen often. “What do you have to do today?” He asks, and you take a deep breath in, rolling over in the bed to face the ceiling. You aren’t sure how he knew you were up, you had tried your best to stay still so you wouldn’t wake him. “I’ve got to go to class at eleven.” You hear him scoff and you turn your head over to see him snarling his nose at your responsibilities. “It’s only for a few hours. I’ve got two classes today, and that’s it. Four hours.” “Four hours!” He growls yet again; your plans were yet to enthuse him. You laugh at his displeasure as you scoot in closer, wrapping your arm around his bare torso. “What are you going to do today?” You were actually wondering when he was planning on going back home. You didn’t want him gone, but he had responsibilities of his own. “I guess I’m just going to lay around here until you get back. I don’t really have a need to go out on my own for four hours.” Not the answer you were looking for. You hesitate in your words, but your thoughts push them out. “When do you need to go back home?” You had tried to ask the question as nonchalantly as possible. “You want me gone?” He teases and you immediately relax at his response. “No, of course not. I was just wondering when you needed to get back to work.” It was a legitimate concern but he wasn’t feeling it. “Don’t you worry about when I need to go back. It isn’t any time soon.” You didn’t believe that. His phone had been ringing off the hook these last few days, and you were sure if you checked it now there would be plenty of messages. You let it go, though. The last thing you wanted to do was start something about a schedule you had yet to even be introduced to. “I’m just here to show you I want to be here. That all of this is worth it. Being with me is worth it. We were made for this,” he explains as his arms hold you. You smile. His words were exactly what you need to hear in this moment. You had only been together for a short time, however it feels as if it’s been years. You are still concerned about everything you’re sure he is missing during the time he is spending with you. But, he is here to show you that he wants this and that he wants you to want this just as much. 

Zayn: ‘New song x’. That’s all the message said. Attached was an audio clip, and all you can do is stare. He would send new things to you all of the time, especially when he was on the road. He always wanted to let you know what he was working on and get your opinion. You aren’t sure why you’re so nervous. Possibly because you don’t know what is on the other side of that play button. And you’re out in public; who knows how you’re going to react. You take a few deep breaths in before getting off of the loud street. You walk into a small boutique, eyes watching you the moment you step foot through the door. It doesn’t bother you anymore that everyone, everywhere seemingly knows who you are. You pull your headphones out of your bag, plugging them into your phone and placing the earbuds in your ears. You stand off to the side, keeping out of everyone’s way, thus losing a lot of the attention. You take one more deep breath before pressing play. It was slow, something new. You listen as his bandmate starts off the song. You take in every word of the solo. When Zayn’s voice appears you shut your eyes. He wasn’t anywhere near you, but his voice was hard enough to listen to. Everything was so soft. Every word filled with meaning. The chorus comes in, a bit faster paced but still matching the tone of the lyrics. You were in love with the song about love. You can’t help but smile, but quickly cover your mouth once you realize how strange it is what you’re doing. The lyrics warmed your heart; a significant change from what it had been used to the last few weeks. He had been gone a week with not much coming from his end. Except this. You could not believe he had sent this to you. Yes, he used to do things like this all of the time. Love songs were his specialty. He always wanted you to know how much you meant to him and the best way he always found to do that was through sending you a song. Whether it be one of his or something else, it didn’t matter. You always looked forward to them. The feelings they would give you let you know that what you shared with him was real. He hadn’t sent you one in a while. Especially not one like this. Even though it was something he and his band had done, you could feel the connection. You felt what he was trying to say to you. You press play again, wanting to experience this feeling once more. You bite your lip when his voice comes on again. You imagine just him singing these lyrics to you. Him being the one to tell you that he knows that the two of you are going to be fine. That what the two of you have is indeed love because you were made for one another. He hadn’t made you this emotional in a while. Maybe this was his apology. The apology you felt you had deserved for weeks now. This was way more than you ever expected of him though, especially now. This was something the Zayn from a year ago would do. You remain in the boutique, every emotion in you not allowing for movement. You are stuck. Listening, yet again, to what you are sure is Zayn realizing his mistakes, and returning to his old ways, the ways that brought you together in the first place.

Imagine: Storm

Liam: BOOM! The sudden crash made you jolt up. You glanced out the window, hearing the rain and hoping you wouldn’t see it. But there it was. Dark clouds and rolling thunder, right outside your window. It wasn’t thunder you were afraid of though; it was lightning. The bright crack that looked like the sky was breaking. You huddle the blankets up to your chin as you pinned your back against the headboard and tried not to look at the window. It was about 5 o’clock in the morning, but you couldn’t sleep. Because every time the thunder hit, that bright flash would hit your eyes and you cringed that much harder. A hand reached out for your ankle in the dark, and you almost screamed had Liam not starting tickling the top of your foot. “Liam!” you giggled in a hushed voice. “Morning,” he said in his tired, husky voice. His eyebrows dipped with concern, and you gave a sad smile back. “It’s not gonna hurt you love,” he said, glancing at the window and looking back to you. “I know, but…” “Come here,” he saw, gesturing for you to scoot closer. It was then you realized just how tense and huddled up you were when you relaxed into Liam’s arms. He pecked the top of your head and starting falling back asleep, mumbling “I’ll protect you.”

Niall: You’d broken down. That was bad enough, but for the rain to start…God, it was the worst day. First you and Niall have a fight, then you try to drive your convertible to your friend’s house, break down on a two way road in the middle of nowhere, the top of the car is stuck open, and then, it starts to rain. You wondered just how cursed you were as you lifted the hood. The transmission was shot. Of course. You slammed the hood down just as you hear a car door shut. “Didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to find yuh out here,” Niall said with a grin. “Go away,” you snapped. You were cold, and wet, and tired, and you hadn’t forgotten how pissed you were. Niall came home drunk last night, and made a mess of the house, and he wasn’t even sorry. “Y/N, please, can we just—” You looked at him, your eyes tearing up, your hair dripping-wet as the thunder boomed. The sky was still bright, but it was indeed grey and rainy. You were crying now, and despite the cold making your nose red and the water concealing your tears, Niall still knew you were. He walked up to you, his hair dripping from the front, and scooped you up into a hug. You were barely on your tippy toes, crying from the stress, your hair all over the place, and Niall couldn’t find you more beautiful. “Shh, it’s okay Princess.” Niall picked you up piggyback style to bring you to his car, still speaking to you over the rain that continued pouring onto the road. “It’ll be okay.”

Louis: Despite the rain, Louis was absolutely hell-bent on going to the park. You couldn’t imagine why; it was April here in London, so everything was sopping wet. You walked under the umbrella Louis carried, careful to only step in its shadow. You liked the rain, but if you could avoid getting wet, you tried. “Louis, come on, it’s pouring out here,” you said, looking around. Not a person in sight, except for the people on the sidewalks across the street from the park. “Just trust me babe,” Louis chirped. He seemed oddly happy for such a rainy, dark day. Suddenly, you felt big drops of water, like whole cups of it, being dropped onto your hood. Louis had taken the umbrella down, clipping it and had run off with it. “LOUIS!” you said, only half irritated. The rain clacked onto your rain boots as you walked across the football field, where you’d seen Louis jog off too. You looked up at the sky, sticking your tongue out as the water fell. You heard a squishing sound, and turned to find Louis standing behind you. “Got you!” you said. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you laughed. The rain made you feel at ease. “Hey, Y/N, you know where we are?” “Uh, the field?” you shrugged. You first met Louis on this soccer field. He’d kicked the ball a little too hard, and it hit your leg as you were walking by. So you kicked it back, hard, hitting him square in the crotch. It wasn’t such a romantic way of meeting as it was the perfect way. “Yeah, so since you probably don’t want to stand in the pouring rain much longer, I’ll make this quick,” Louis said with a knowing smile as he pulled out a black velvet box no bigger than your palm. Your eyes widen, a smile following on your face as he bit his lip and spoke. “Will you marry me?”

Harry: You hated rain. Hated it. The mud and the water that made your hair stick to your face and that sweaty gross feeling you’d get after being bundled up from the cold for too long. It was gross. You stayed inside all day, sitting around reading or watching TV. You had Fridays off from work, but Harry didn’t. At least with Harry here it wasn’t so boring, and he was funny, and kind, and sweet… You were so bored that you fell asleep around six. You found yourself further elaborating your crush on your roommate through a very interesting and slightly PG-13 dream when you opened your eyes to a knock at your bedroom door. It was around 11 at night, and you panicked for a moment before you heard a “Y/N? Are you awake?” in the softest shout. You ran to your dresser, popping a mint before going to the door. “Yeah, Harry? It’s so late,” you said rubbing your eye. Thunder blasted from the sky outside and you shivered. That was new. “I know, but…I can’t sleep…” “Thunder?” you asked him. You weren’t afraid, but growing up, all your siblings and cousins were scared of thunder. It was common. “Yeah…” You smiled at him, and opened the door wider. “You can stay in with me if you want.” “Thanks love,” Harry said with a grin. He walked in—very quickly for a tired person—and dropped a pillow on your bed. He brought one? You pondered over this a moment before you found Harry biting his lip, looking at you from his seat at the end of the bed. “You mind?” he asked, tucking the neck of his shirt. You shook your head, watching the shirt fall to the floor as you continued to eye him. You felt daring in that moment. “Hey Harry?” you said in your most intellectual voice. You strolled up to him and hooked a finger under your shirt hem. He glanced to your hand and back up to you as a mischievous grin spread across your face. “You mind?”

Zayn: You both were huddled up, nice and dry and warm, underneath the patio cover, watching the rain. You loved watching rain, even when it was loud and torrential. Lightning was beautiful, thunder was powerful. For you, rain meant life. It made everything lively, from the sky, to the plants that thrived from it. “You know what I think should be in one of your songs?” “Hmm?” Zayn asked, as if he didn’t already know the answer. “Rain. You guys should write a song about girls in the rain. It’d be pretty,” you nodded firmly. “It’s a good idea, I’ll admit.” “And it should involve that whole fairy tale idea of kissing in the rain.” “Hmm…have you ever been kissed in the rain Y/N?” You blushed, fiddling with your fingers under the blanket. “Well…no, but I—HEY!” you shouted as Zayn picked you up. The blanket fell from your grasp, and in just your leggings and one of Zayn’s shirts, it was freezing! The air was so cold your teeth were chattering. “Zayn! Put me down,” you demanded. He just laughed and walked over towards the steps. You held onto his neck, bridle-style “Zayn, don’t you dare!” And with that, he stepped off the porch and onto the soaking wet grass in only his slippers. “Zayn, you’re insane,” you shook your head. The rain drenched you both in a matter of seconds. Zayn’s hair had gone wild, sticking out in all different directions. “You’ve never been kissed in the rain. That is the most insane matter in all of this, Y/N,” Zayn explained before leaning in to kiss you. And damn, was it the most electric, wonderful thing you’d ever done.

BSM #40 You’ve always thought he was your dad, but he’s your brother, only he has had full custody of you all of your life. Age 13-16 Part 3

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LOUIS: You ignored him for a few days after until you realized just how much it hurt him. This was exactly what he was scared of, and you had promised you wouldn’t do it. One day you set him down to apologize. “Dad?” He looked surprised, as you had barely spoken to him lately, and when you did, you called him by his name, or a snarky bro. “Yes sweetie?” You smiled at the nickname, happy that you hadn’t ruined that part of your relationship too. “I’m sorry for ignoring you. I was just so hurt, and I needed time to think, but I should’ve talked to you.” Louis nodded and send you a relieved smile. You gave him a big hug, and that was that. So slowly, you fell back into your old habits and he went back to being your dad. Sometimes you would take a step back and realize that yeah, it was weird, but it worked for you so why change it? The rest of the former boyband were cautious around you in the beginning, Louis too, scared that if they said something wrong you would crack again and the walls would come crashing down. It didn’t happen though and everything returned to normal. Yours and Louis’s bond was stronger, and even though it was difficult for you to return to calling him dad at first, but it didn’t take you long to get back into it. Louis told you everything you wanted to know about your family, and even though he was always in tears, he told you in a strong, proud voice and you really got the sense of how amazing your family had been. You were devastated that you would never get to meet them, but then again,  you probably wouldn’t be as close to Louis if it hadn’t turned out this way, so you didn’t complain…too much. I mean, you were a Tomlinson after all.

LIAM: It took you a long time to decide whether you wanted things to change or not. Liam was so confused as you sometimes called him dad and sometimes just Liam. You apologized almost every day for not making up your mind, but Liam always smiled and told you he understood. Finally a few weeks later, you had made a decision. You knocked on his bedroom door and sat down next to him on his bed after barging in. Liam raised an eyebrow with a smile. “What about waiting for ‘come in’?” he asked teasingly. You smiled nervously, and Liam sat up straight as he realized something was up. “I’m sorry I haven’t been able to decide how things should be like. But I had to be sure.” Liam nodded. “I think we should change things up a bit. I c-can’t just go back to the same old. Things won’t be any more different than the name calling. Other than that, we’ll continue as we always have. Can you live with that?” Liam was silent for a while, but then his face was one big smile, and he pulled you close. Even though you could barely breathe you stayed and curled into him. No matter how you were related, you loved him. “I can definitely live with that. I just have to get used to it. I need some time to adjust.” You crawled into his lap entirely and closed your eyes. Liam squeezed you once, and dropped a kiss to the top of your head. “I know. Me too. But we’ll figure it out.” You were suddenly exhausted and went pliant in Liam’s arms. Just before you fell asleep and was in that stage between consciousness  and sleep, you heard Liam murmur: “Yeah. We will.”

ZAYN: It did take you time to adjust, but when you finally had, everything was just like before. Maybe even better. Zayn was a bit more carefree since he didn’t have that cloud of guilt and precaution hanging over his head, and you had become even closer than you were before. You didn’t know it was even possible, but it was. You had sat down with him one day where he told you about your family; “Look, this is all of us,” Zayn had said and handed you a picture, which showed a happy smiling family. You recognized your dad immediately, or the man who was like your dad anyway, and the more pictures you pulled out of your dad’s “secret box”, the more stories started to fall from his lips. Like the time your real dad had to go calm your sister who was just a baby and had woken up in the middle of the night, and then ended up tripping and spraining his ankle, or when your real mom had attempted to braid your other sisters hair and it had gone so wrong she had to be cut almost bald to get it sorted out again. At some point, tears had started trailing down his cheeks, and when you noticed, you pushed the box aside and cuddled close to him. He smiled through a sniffle and put his arms around you. “I miss them. I’ll forever be grateful that I have you still, but I miss them.” You nodded understandingly, even though you didn’t quite get it. You thought it was a bit unfair that you wouldn’t get to know your family, but like you said, you didn’t know them, so you couldn’t quite miss them like Zayn did. And you had him. Zayn. He was all you needed.

HARRY: It was surprisingly easy to fall into the same old rhythm. Harry had told you all about your mom and dad, sad stories, happy stories, funny stories. He spoke with such fondness and pride, that you almost didn’t notice the undertone of sadness. When you did notice it though, you took his hands and breathed out quietly that you could hear more another day. Your dad nodded with a grateful smile send your way and then let his long fingers curl around the bunch of pictures you had been going through. A few tears trailed down his cheeks as he packed them away, but at the same time he was smiling. “Have you ever talked about them? To anyone else?” Harry shrugged and sat back up. “A bit with the lads. But not really. When they died, One direction was in the picture, and so the media wanted to know all about it. But I hid away for a long time. So no one really knows that much about it. A bit from a few really small interviews, and some sentences from concerts, but that’s it. It’s nice to just… vent. I needed it.” You had actually wondered about the media. Wouldn’t the story be everywhere? It probably was, but it was hard to keep a story alive if there was no new information about it. “Thanks for telling me about them.” Harry smiled. “I wish you could get to meet them. I sometimes wonder if I’m enough. You don’t have that mother figure. You don’t even really have a dad. You have a fucked up brother who couldn’t even tell you that he was actually your brother.” He had his head in his hands by now. “You’re not fucked up. You’re all I need,” you said quietly, reaching forward to hug him. “It’s us against the world.”

NIALL: In the beginning, there was many slip-ups. You had a hard time getting used to it, but Niall was patient, and just smiled a bit sadly when you didn’t call him dad. He asked you several times if you were sure you didn’t want things to change, but you always told him you were. And you really were. It was just a lot to take in. A lot you suddenly had to understand. But Niall shared everything with you, and even showed you the article written in the papers after the break-in. Your family was not the only ones who were killed that day, and that just made it even more tragic. Though you doubted anyone’s situation was anything like your’s. But you didn’t complain. When you turned fifteen, you had finally adjusted to all the new information, and Niall seemed so relieved that you finally knew, and took well to it. The lads were also visibly more relaxed, as they didn’t have to worry about saying something stupid anymore. They came to visit more often, and if you were good friends before, you were now like a family. “Y/N! Come help me beat Zayn’s arse in FIFA!” “Y/N, let’s go shopping!” And Niall even told you how bummed they had looked the last time they visited and found out you weren’t home. Your whole life you had wondered why they were all so hesitant around you. Why they preferred not being alone with you. Niall asked you one day how you felt about now having a family. If you missed the motherly figure, that he couldn’t give you. But you assured him you had a much better family right now. It was kinda like having five overprotective brother’s. Or dad’s. The smile Niall had send you was blinding, and you knew you had said the right thing. And it was true. You had all the family you needed. 

One direction preference #11  You or one of the other boys give him a wedgie

Request: You or one of the other boys give him a wedgie

NIALL: If anyone asked you afterwards - Niall included - you’d tell them you’d been dared to do it. In reality, Niall had bend over and the top of his ‘Ellen’ boxers were showing and dammit you couldn’t help yourself, you shared a look with Louis, jerked your chin in Niall’s direction and raised an eyebrow. Louis followed your gaze before nodding frantically. You tiptoed up behind your unsuspecting boyfriend, grabbed his boxers and pulled hard. Niall squawked as he jumped a foot in the air. He spun around with an accusing stare, but when his eyes landed on your giggling face, his frown softened into a smile. He still attempted to scold you, despite the fondness weighing down on his tone; “the hell you doing?” You laughed aloud, accepting Louis’ high-five with an innocent shrug. “You needed a pick-me-up.” Louis spluttered out a laugh. At Niall’s scowl, he let out a full-on cackle. “Liam! Please tell me you got that!” Louis wheezed as he wiped away a non-existing tear under his eye. “How could I possibly get that?” Liam deadpanned, but he was smiling too, teeth set firmly in his bottom lip to keep from joining Louis, who was pointing at Niall’s face. “Children!” Harry yelled as he came back from the kitchen. He took in the scene; Niall with his boxers bunched up over the waistband of his jeans, Louis with his face mushed into the carpet to stifle his laughter, Liam taking pictures of Niall’s boxers with his phone, and you, with your fingers crooked near Niall’s pants. “I need a drink,” Harry said simply, before turning on his heel and leaving.

LIAM: “Oh it was just a joke, don’t be such a baby,” you said, smacking Liam’s ass as he walked past you. He didn’t even seem to notice. “It wasn’t a very funny one,” Liam grumbled. “I thought it was funny. Instagram was quite entertained too.” His eyes widened comically when you pulled out your phone, and he scrambled to your side as you unlocked it. “The fucker put it on Instagram?” You chuckled, pulling up the app and searching for Harry. You clicked on the video and turned on the sound. “Do it now!” Harry whisper-yelled from behind the camera. Niall gave him a thumbs up and a smile before sneaking up on Liam, who was fiddling with something on the PlayStation. You were off to the side, leaning against the wall, trying to muffle your laughter. Suddenly, Niall let out a mighty cry before pulling Liam’s boxers up. Liam screamed, and the camera shook violently as Harry cracked up. When the video ended, Liam was laughing. “Okay, it was funny,” he admitted. He wrapped his arms around your waist and hooked his chin over your shoulder so he could peer down at the phone. “Cheeky bastard. I didn’t know he was filming,” Liam mumbled into the skin of your neck. “I’m glad he did.” Liam squeezed you closer and breathed a chuckle down the side of your neck that had a shiver run down your spine. “I’m not.”

HARRY: “You filming?” Louis whispered. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes and a wide smirk on his lips. You nodded and Louis turned on his heel, lowered his body into a crouch and crept towards Harry. Your boyfriend was talking to a confused Niall, large hand gestures making Niall’s eyes widen and widen to the point you were afraid they might pop out. Louis saved the poor blonde before that happened, though, by gripping Harry’s boxers - always visible over the top of his skinny jeans - and pulling as hard as he could. The panicked/pained noise that emitted from Harry’s mouth and the affronted look on his face when he turned and saw Louis was quite possibly the funniest thing ever. You started laughing, loudly, and Harry’s eyes zeroed in on you. His gaze flickered from you to Louis and then landed on the phone in your hand. “You didn’t,” he muttered darkly. He smacked a cackling Niall upside the head before stalking towards you. “Now, now, Styles, don’t do something you’ll regret later,” you threatened, but the three quick steps you took backwards had Harry stepping forward. You threw the phone to Louis, squealed, and ran. Harry was on you in a heartbeat, long legs taking the dressing room in three easy strides. He swung you onto his shoulder, smirking to the camera. “That’s how we handle demons in One Direction,” he claimed proudly. The video was on Instagram before Harry had even put you down.

LOUIS: “He’ll kill me,” you told Liam out of the corner of your mouth as you shook your shoulders, bending and stretching your fingers in the imitation of a warmup. “Yeah. It’ll be fantastic,” Liam gushed with a clap of his hands. “Hell yeah,” you agreed, offering Liam a fist to bump, which he did quickly. Then you set to work. “Hey Lou? Will you see if my phone is in my bag?” Louis turned away from the mirror, offered you a smile and a nod and headed for your bag. You snuck up behind him, and when he bent down to ruffle through your bag, you gave him a big wedgie. His hands flew to his ass as he jumped a mile in the air, shrieking like a banshee as he whirled around. “Why?!” he yelled but as per usual, there was no real malice behind it. “They were slipping down,” you shrugged innocently, and vaguely, you registered the other boys laughing at Louis’ stricken face. “You’re a menace,” your boyfriend growled before pouncing on you, sending you both crashing to the floor. He turned around mid-air so you’d land on him, but then he rolled you over, digging his fingers into your sides immediately as he hovered over you. You managed to push him off and crawl away. Louis was quick, though, and his fingers were around your ankle suddenly, pulling you back and dragging you across the carpet. “I’m going to get carpet burns!” you bellowed at him. “Well my dick has officially retreated into my body so it’s an even trade,” came the response and you couldn’t help but laugh. Louis’ grip on you slackened at that, and when you turned onto your back, he ducked down to smack a kiss onto your lips. “Minx.”