Serious talk here guys.

Is Harry’s hair more important than his good friend who recently passed away? Don’t get me wrong but it’s nice to hear Harry cuts his hair for charity and all but his good friend passed away. If you are in Harry’s shoes what’s truly important here? A haircut? or a loved one’s life?

If you’re gonna hate me saying shit like “You’re so fake! We just lost Harry’s luscious hair! Blah blah…” Then congratulations, you’re considered the most idiotic person ever next to Donald Trash.

I love Harry and his curly hair really I do but let’s not forget that his close friend passed away unexpectedly okay? At least show some respect for the guy who took amazing pictures with the One Direction boys and many other celebrities. His photography work will NEVER be forgotten and unlike Harry’s hair he could grow them long curls again and we can see the same old Harry in him but unlike Matt’s passing; that’s a different story.

Big love to Matt Irwin, my hearts and prayers go out to his friends and family. As Harry would say… All the love.

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