I don’t usually make posts like this but with this new Justice League footage out and people editing lots of gifs/stills of Jason, please remember that he is not white and therefore should not be white-washed in edits. I’ve already seen people taking all the color out of his skin in their gifs and that’s not cool, guys. If you’re not sure how to avoid white-washing, feel free to ask and I’ll link you to a tutorial. 

PS: If you see an edit that white-washes him, don’t reblog it. Don’t help promote it. 

astral-souls  asked:

i've been watching Frasier my whole life and never knew there were fans on here! can you recommend some other Frasier blogs please???

Uhhh let’s see. 




@terrible-frasier (she’s away for the summer, but will hopefully be back regularly around september-ish)


@holomoriarty - not a frasier-only blog, but they’re doing a rewatch and a “niles in every episode” meme and it’s GREAT

@coffee-et-biscotti - also a frasier rp blog.

@lucy-moderatz - multifandom, but a lot of great frasier gifs

since it’s a small fandom, just looking through the main tag can be helpful, and find you some blogs that will post about frasier. 

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I don't know if someone's already answered this or if you were kidding (Idek anymore bro) but that Klance comic you reblogged and tagged as "is this from Baywatch" was actually from Brooklynn Nine Nine! It's actually the best sitcom on television and you should totally watch it! It has two black main characters, one of whom is gay, and two Latina main characters as well! (If you already watch it or you were kidding in the tag then just take this as me letting the world know that I love b99)

oooh. well, i watched baywatch the other day and it had a very similar joke lmao i have been mening to watch brooklynn 99 because i’ve seen a lot of gifs and videos (and voltron parodies lol) but i don’t know where to watch it

edit: exactly five seconds after answering this ask i looked it up and it’s on netflix fINALLY

Stress Relief

I’m kind of stressing rn with school and stuff and I figured out a lot of you guys probably are too. So I decided to sit down, try to relax and find a lot of cute gifs to make you and me smile :D

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