requested by @infireation (this whole game is all your fault I BLAME YOU FOR ALL OF THESE FEELS )

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3. shy namjoon 

It’s just another quiet Sunday afternoon. The weather has finally started to cool down as the seasons transition from hot humid and rainy to pleasantly warm and crisp. Despite your complaints earlier about driving 2 hours out from Seoul into the rural countryside, you knew you had to take your words back. The quaint village Namjoon insisted on bringing you to ended up being so much more breathtaking than you could have ever imagined. Older yet well-kept traditional houses are lined up side by side, a seemingly endless path in the middle winding in between the houses like a maze. Every turn leads to a different alleyway, each with its own corky characteristics and unique qualities – a tabby cat lazing on the stairs in one alley, a couple of kids playing with a hacky sack in the next. With the sun providing a warm glowing background for the scenic little town, you now know it was definitely worth letting him drag you here.

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So, if I’m a bisexual autistic woman, and I’m hypersexualised for my sexuality, and desexualised for my neurotype, does it all just even out in the middle?

Or do straight NTs just explode like Krieger-bots when confronted with the information?

[gif of a Krieger-bot from Archer sparking and smoking]


recently my laptop (using windows 10) wiped all my files and programs and basically reverted it back to “default” mode. all my pictures, videos, documents and programs are gone, but idk how this happened or how to fix it. ive tried restarting it, shutting it down, logging out, draining the battery and doing a system restore but none of it has worked. [it also said something about my normal account not working and that i was being automatically logged into a default account for the time being].

if anybody could help me in any way, it would be a huge help ;u; thank you!

A spend a remarkably strange amount of time waiting for non-couples on television shows that I don’t even watch to get together, based on the gifs that are always on my dash.

also a lot of those gifs are taken out of context to make it seem like shes just an asshole for no reason and taken from scenes used for comedic relief/affect

I’ll be making only 2-4 gifs a day because I got over at least 400 reblogs. That’s a lot of gifs. Also I placed in the tags that you had to pick either Noragami or Bungou Stray Dogs and place it in the tags. If you didn’t do that you’re just getting one gif. If you did place something in the tags you’re getting a gifset. Thanks to everyone who reblogged the post. If you want a gif remember you got until August 31!