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alright family let’s do this

Seokjin: default theme, lots of selfies and text posts, he uses tumblr as an actual BLOG … can u believe that?

Yoongi: minimalist theme, lots of music posts, some pics of artists he likes, pictures of him that don’t show his face

Hoseok: reblogs lots of funny posts and adds captions, has an ugly theme, posts a selfie or a video of him dancing once in a blue moon

Namjoon: minimalist theme, aesthetic AESTHETIC AESTHETIC, pale/soft grunge and a bunch of aesthic titties, selfies that dont show his face, #KimDaily that’s ACTUALLY daily

Jimin: contained theme with little blue pixels, reblogs a lot of fandom-y posts and the occasional sjw post, gets a lot of followers because of his looks and eventually becomess ~tumbla famuz~

Taehyung: redux edit theme, lots of pics and gifs of himself he reblogs, probably has an ugly url, doesn’t blog in korean but in broken english

Jungkook: default theme, has a weird url with his name in it (dakookbook or smth lame like that), posts lots of selfies, will probably posts pics of his ugly ass dog, nothing but shitposting, he has 3,000 followers and gets call out posts directed towards him weekly

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You are literally the biggest perpetuator of Uncharted fandom drama/hate ever. You are a hypocrite.


i mildly dislike old sam - made a post about it with little to no hate about him to process my feelings after the game and i get attacked.

i love young sam - do lots of drawings and gifs of him and get i attacked. i get called a pedophile. do you know how upsetting that is for me??

what do you want from me? im trying to contribute like i used to but people seem to find problems even in the good stuff!

everything has become toxic and excuse me if i don’t think it’s a good idea to make a fucking blog to specifically post reasons why everyone hates the fandom now.

just be nice to each other????? 

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Sorry if this is asked a lot, but... what gif maker do you use, and how do you make gifs? I really want to make stimboards for me and my friends but idk how to make gifs, or what to use to make them!

I use instagiffer it’s really easy to use!

lots of questions tag

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Nickname: ricky(only 2 ppl call me this tho)

Gender: female

Zodiac Sign: libra

Height: 5′4

Hogwarts House: what.. im not ……a fan lmao

Favourite Colour: pastel green/blue/pink

Time Right Now:  9:12pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-7?

Lucky Number: 12

Last Thing I Googled: copyright symbol

Blankets I Sleep With: a thick one

Favourite Bands: seventeen, shinee, bts 

Dream Trip: fraaaance

Wearing Right Now: oversized white t-shirt and some jeans

Age of Blog: 1 year and 4 months

Following: 127

Posts: 7314

What I Post About: savageteen

When Did My Blog Reach Its Peak: uhh i feel like during adore u era when i made a lot of vernon gifs….i remember my ‘funniest moments of vernon’ got lots of notes and i got like a lot of followers back then?? 

URL: mountean


Hey! I’m mod eliza and I just joined this blog! I’m huge against the true crime community and ddlg! You can see my posts about those things over at @eliza-against-ddlg! A few things about me, I’m big into history (specifically the American Revolution) and a lot of gifs and stuff I use will be from media surrounding that! I really love musicals, my fav musicals are Hamilton, Spring Awakening, Heathers and In the Heights! I also do a lot of theatre and play piano, drums and violin! I hope to be able to contribute to this blog and am VERY excited to start posting!!