What’s in a Name?

Names Elrond and Elros respond to as children:

  • Their own.
  • Each other’s. (Maglor learns the difference between them quickly. Maedhros takes longer, although after a certain point, the twins start to suspect that Maedhros is better at telling them apart than he lets on.
  • Elurid and Elurin. (Only on the really bad nights when Maedhros’s nightmares have managed to wake them, and he glimpses them in the shadows. Sometimes he sounds relieved. Sometimes he sounds terrified.)
  • Ambarussa. (Only on the rare occasions when Maglor or Maedhros is very sick, very drugged, or otherwise out of it, and someone makes the mistake of referring merely to “the twins.”)
  • The children. (They are the only children there. Even when they are nearly of age, any reference to children is inevitably referring to them.)
  • The hostages. (Maedhros referred to them thus frequently, early on, and then pointedly to Maglor with a little too much emphasis. Than he just says his says it with exasperation like he has given up on whatever point he was trying to make until eventually, he does not use it at all. Not until the decision comes to send them to Gil-Galad.)
Names Elrond and Elros respond to in Gil-Galad’s camp:
  • Their own. (Most of the time. Sometimes one will pretend to be the other in order to avoid someone. They are not overly fond of all the people in Gil-Galad’s camp.)
  • Each other’s. (Gil-Galad tells them apart quickly. Others are not so quick.)
  • Their titles. (This takes a while to get used to.)
  • Earendilion. (They are not sure how they feel about this. It is safer to pretend to feel nothing.)
Names Elrond and Elros respond to once they have chosen their separate paths:
  • Their own.
  • Their titles.
No one mixes them up anymore.
Elrond has twins who frequently confuse others. His throat tightens sometimes when he looks at them. 
“I used to pull that trick,” he remarks once to a young elf.

The elf is clearly startled. “You, Master Elrond? With who?”
Everyone else in the room freezes.
Elrond, very calmly, asks Lindir to play a song of the founding of Numenor.
Elrond does most things calmly these days, no matter what his hear thinks of the matter.
The first thing Maglor says when he sees Elrond upon the beach is, “Elros?”
His eyes are confused, and his tone uncertain, and it is a terrible, terrible thing, but something in Elrond feels the slightest bit lighter, all the same.

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Imagine: Being the most skilled woodsman (woodswoman?) in Middle Earth. Haldir refuses to believe that a human could ever be better than an elf. So you manage to rig a snare so well concealed that it catches him up while he’s doing his rounds through the forest. The sight of the over-confident elf hanging by his ankles from a rope looking thoroughly startled is a memory you’ll treasure forever

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