One of my many favorite moments from Sansukh chapter 43 written by @determamfidd

Above is Laindawar and Gimris. 

I like the looks of him, but i think the colors I chose for his clothes are all wrong. But I’m feeling rather sketchy today so i’m going to leave it.

Gimris. Ever since i’ve heard that Crack about Gimizh having ambitious sideburns I liked the thought that he got it from his mother. Hers of course are far longer, which she swoops back and braids into her pigtails.

as for the which scene I drew its under the cut! (beware under the cut is spoilers for those who haven’t had a chance to read!)

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The weather’s been way too dreary the last few days, so here’s a light-filled new Galadriel picture to hopefully brighten your day ;)

Galadriel cosplay made and worn by me, edit done by me as well.

Special thank you to @selfmadecosplay for letting me borrow the wig and Nenya ❤

Photography by @darlingelves

i have these two super gay lotr ocs 

left is halatirion and right is gelinnas, they meet in the 4th age when its like, the 21st century but more middle earth

halatirion is a weird old hermit who fought in the various wars of the rings and was the head of one of rivendell’s satellite settlements, and gelinnas is a high school math teacher from bree

hal cant work a refrigerator and is really suspicious of telephones 

gel livetweeted their first meeting (which was really funny but i havent come up with it yet)