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Part 2

Yep. I did this. Guardians of Ga’Hoole for the win, my dudes

(The AU below has a lot of canon from book 7 and beyond so if you never read the whole series and don’t understand I’m sorry D=)

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I’d like to talk about this movie for a moment:

I really feel this is an extremely unappreciated movie. A lot of people actually claimed to dislike it because the story was a very common one: The fight of good against evil. But, I believe it did this movie justice. The movie’s story was not so complex it took you away from this beautiful animation. You can watch it and simply get lost in the art and animation it is so gorgeous. The books also capture this beauty. (The books came first). The books I feel also deserve a lot more attention. They are beautifully written and a perfect adventure series. But, this movie takes you to a world that seems like it could be real. When you watch it it is easy to forget it was all made in a computer and not filmed in real life.


Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga´hoole, deleted scene - Battle of the Ice Claws

i wonder if people ever talk about the amazing animation from this movie

Just imagine if the first contact between Lotor and the gang is pretty much how the fandom are dreaming: he totally have the moves and they’re all for Lance (for real interest or just strategy I let that for each one of you) and after that the blue paladin is 100% ‘dafuq just happed’, Allura, Hunk and Coran are genuinely worried and Keith is pissed af. But Pidge…. damn the girl lowkey ship it and she knows it.

But she got her shit together and are not gonna let this be in the way, so the green paladin continue to fight against the Galra Empire and the new enemy, but at the same time don’t let the fangirl inside her die for starvation, the reason why she start to write some Lancelot fics in secret (lets be honests, Pidge would totally come with this ship name in less than a second).

Some combat here, some smut there… and everything goes pretty fine until the day Coran find the fics archives and asks her about it. So Pidge tells him that is a common thing on Earth write love stories between you and your enemy to make yourself more powerful and since Lance is Lotor’s target, she is just doing her part to make the time stronger.

And he is not just fine with it but is actually totally into it ?!? Whatever is necessary to make the paladins more confident and comfortable there Coran supports so he read all of Pidges fanfiction, get the general idea and starts to write his own stuff (and of course she get to read them all cause ‘usually is a private thing but you can show me so I can help you to do it right’).

And for now on she have access to some Good Shit™ created by him that just not is fresh but actually hightlight a lot of points about the half-galra half-altean prince anatomy that make her own material better.

But that’s not enough, no, so Coran decides to get support on the planets where the team saves the natives so after a while this whole galatic network about LotorxPaladins fanfic is born (where Lancelot still the most popular and Lotge is somehow… forbidden) and eventually this info come to the Empire when Lotor loose his shit and command the population to write too, but write nastier cause HE CAN’T LET THEM WIN.

And when Allura find out about the whole thing she become Keitor number 1 shipper, so she and Pidge discuss all the time about it. But when Shiro and Matt are back both are totally embarassed  to the point they can’t even look them in the eyes, imagine talk about it, cause they know about the fics - specially Matt cause the poor boy basically was introduced to his sis friends per a sinful collection of fics.

Meanwhile the rest of the castle still completely unawere of the fact, but sometimes Coran discretely whispers to them 'how the writing is going?’ and they know zero fucks about it, but fearing some theorical training they should be doing, all of them are like 'yeah the writing is great’ ‘I’m writing everyday’ 

Dumb headcanon based on this post.

Big Bang Reaction to: You Being an Idol Who Other Idols Want to be With

jay park version; here

T.O.P: reveals lots of embarrassing things about you. “ah, s/he may seem perfect on screen but s/he’s a lot more human in real life. (y/n)’s poop stinks so bad, just like everyone elses.” he’s not trying to bring you down or anything, but he doesn’t like ppl treating you as if you weren’t human. you would make a mistake one day, as does everyone, and the fact that you’re “perfect” will make it a scandal so he’s trying to avoid that & protect you, in his own way

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Taeyang: “you can look but not touch!” he’ll joke. he’s so happy that you’re popular and it makes him proud. especially since, out of everyone in the world willing to die for you, you chose him. and that means a lot

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G-Dragon: wears a cool exterior whenever others gush about you with him around. he doesn’t want to show that it bothers him on camera. he’s happy that you’re doing well of course & that people like you. but he gets a bit jealous to see others light up when they talk about you. you’re his at the end of the day, you know?

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Daesung: “ah, that’s true! (y/n) really is amazing!” he’s so happy that people love you. of course they would, you’re great! he absolutely adores you, even more than anyone else. and he’s not sure what made you pick him but he’s so happy you did. and he’ll do anything to keep you

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Seungri: “it’s not surprising really. I’m great, (y/n)’s great. I think it was obvious to everyone that we would end up together. perfect people are drawn together, don’t you know?” *cue intense eye rolling from the other boys*

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IT’S DONE!! and Meg, it occured to me that she’d look a lotg better in red so there’s that, her magic doesn’t look vey aesthetic but the end result is amazing dont be fooled. Lindsay the vice-captain has her crown as a circlet that’s very plain and simple because in a fight, you don’t want some stupid, huge, gaudy beacon shining on your head going, “LOOK AT THIS THING ON MY HEAD YOU COULD TOTALLY STEAL,” and look at Gavin’s, his is the prime example, his crown is inspired by flames, has been stolen multiple times and also has been used to stab people before, so Lindsay went for something a lot more practical, (and Michael mad it for her too), and the rose on her vest is thanks to ray and tbh it kinda pissed Michael off for the first few weeks but he got over it (eventually). Meg made her own crown and went for something elegant but sedate, a circlet that looks like its made from lace, with an emerald as its center stone. Michael’s is plain and simple..He also killed that  bear belt he’s wearing. and Gavin, believe me he has a lot more gold on him that you can see, riming and piercings and lots and lots of gold. Michael knitted that scarf for him (it took months and lots of lessons from Meg) for their coronation day and Gavin? Gavin spent weeks, from three weeks before their coronation day to five minutes before their coronation actually took place to find, and craft that diamond sword Michael has. It was still hot from the forge when Gavin walked up, knelt and presented it to Michael as Michael draped the scarf over Gavin’s neck. Meg and Lindsay didn’t stop affectionately teasing them for weeks.

so yay! King Au Mavinseg!

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