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I really feel this is an extremely unappreciated movie. A lot of people actually claimed to dislike it because the story was a very common one: The fight of good against evil. But, I believe it did this movie justice. The movie’s story was not so complex it took you away from this beautiful animation. You can watch it and simply get lost in the art and animation it is so gorgeous. The books also capture this beauty. (The books came first). The books I feel also deserve a lot more attention. They are beautifully written and a perfect adventure series. But, this movie takes you to a world that seems like it could be real. When you watch it it is easy to forget it was all made in a computer and not filmed in real life.

Land of the Gods, Volume II- In the Land of the Gods

A bridge of light arcs into the heavens, rending a complex path amongst the clouds. Stony guardians watch with ancient eyes over the sacred land, surveying the golden ruins peppered across the mists.

Land of the Gods, the Zelda-inspired concept album, is receiving a fully-fledged sequel album. This new album will embellish and articulate the story laid out in the first volume, expanding upon the characters, settings, and story scenarios.

The first album from the Land of the Gods musical series is available for purchase on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon MP3. To experience the entire album for free, click here.


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Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga´hoole, deleted scene - Battle of the Ice Claws

i wonder if people ever talk about the amazing animation from this movie