A Career in Fruits
and Vegetables

The Produce Department is the largest and busiest department at The Fresh Market. Customers shop here because of our diverse selection and expert knowledge of the unique produce items we offer. Our Produce Department Clerks, Assistant Produce Department Managers and Produce Department Managers all play a role in our customers’ enjoyment of the freshest and most vibrant fruits and vegetables.

Teamwork is essential to our success in the Produce Department. Each one of us is willing to help out another employee to ensure that things run smoothly. Working in the Produce Department requires a lot of heavy lifting and physical labor in cold and wet surroundings. Moving products from the coolers to the floor is hard work, but it’s also fun and rewarding. Standing back and observing your fresh and enticing displays is immediately gratifying, particularly when you see that customers truly appreciate your efforts.

Detail orientation and prioritization skills are equally essential in working with highly perishable inventory. You need to know what makes a quality product and how to rotate items for optimal flavor and freshness. Previous produce experience is a huge advantage for Produce Department Clerks and Assistant Produce Department Managers. Produce Department Managers must have a strong track record of success in this area with in-depth knowledge of all produce types and other perishables.

The Produce Department at the Fresh Market in Greensboro is looking for an Assistant Manager. I think they are headquartered there, so you might move up the vegetable ladder faster. I also think their kale would be superior to Ingle’s.

Source: careers.thefreshmarket.com