Jamie Dornan as Tarzan; Felicity Jones as Jane Porter; John Cleese as Archimedes Q. Porter; Tom Hardy as John Clayton

Ruth Negga as Kala; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Kerchak; Danielle Brooks as Terk; Jason Segel as Tantor

Rose Leslie as Tarzan’s Mother; Clive Standen as Tarzan’s Father; Levi Miller as Young Tarzan

Earlier my boss and I were having lunch and the only other Capricorn on the farm came in the room and was like “Man how do you guys do it every day? Working out there in the heat is rough!”

And I was like “yeah you pretty just have to beat your body into submission and eventually it’s not so bad.”

And my boss goes “yeah that’s why I have such a callous personality.”

And the other cap goes “Are you sure it’s not just because you’re an Aries?” And I fuckin died !!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigBang getting jealous of your best friend CL.

Request:  Hi ! Do you take requests ? If yes , could you please make a BigBang reaction where you ( their girlfriend ) are best friend with CL from 2ne1and spend a lot of time together and he kinda gets jelous ? ^_^ P.S. : Luv Your Blog !


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He would get aggravated and probably get a little clingy and possessive of you whenever CL was around, he wouldn’t want to make you mad by telling you that you can’t see your best friend though. (Imagine yourself in place of Seungri)

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He’s the silent jealous type. He wouldn’t say anything but he would probably throw some looks your way when you hang out with CL until you ask him what’s wrong.

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This one is probably going to be all whiny and tell you that he wants your attention. He’ll pester you till you agree to hang out with him more.

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He’s probably the silent jealous type, like TOP. He won’t really say anything but he’d give you looks and possibly act a little more possessive of you when CL was around.

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He would get slightly possessive of you and ask why you’re always hanging around CL. He wouldn’t push you too much but would ask you to spend more time with him.

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