my cat Tuna has been missing since last night 7/29/15
if any of you live in granger indiana please keep a look out for her i love her so much and will pay any amount of money i have to get her back

if  you live in indiana please reblog this i’m trying so hard to find her and this is the last idea i have 
if you find her please message me and i will give you a reward



Hello everyone,
To people who are waiting on commissions: I’m really sorry for the delay, I’ve been swamped with homework, and now I’m distracted by looking for my cat.

I’m really devastated, and I’ve been crying off and on for the last few days.
Here is my lost ad for him:


Name: Pharaoh
Last Seen February 20th
Lake Forest California

4 years old. Large cat with gray sandy fur and cream underbelly. Striped tail, and distinct stripe across chest. Flabby belly.
Last Wearing a Spike Collar with a Bell and tag

Pharaoh is a huge member of our family, he has been at my side through the roughest times of my life and makes me smile everyday. He is best friends with my dog. He is loved very much. I am devastated he is gone, and have been crying a lot.

He’s an indoor cat. He’s gentle and friendly, but easily scared. Please try to catch him for me if you see him.

If you have seen him or know what may have happened to him, please contact me immediately, even if it’s bad news. We miss him.


LOST CAT: Corporal - Black Forest, CO

Last Seen: Thursday 7/23/15

2 years old, male
if you have any information, please message me or if you don’t please reblog this post

I can’t believe I’m posting this here but I don’t know what else to do. I don’t need to explain to anyone who has a pet how important he is to me. if you could please reblog this, I would appreciate it.

there’s always the possibility someone could see this post who lives in northern Colorado Springs, Black Forest, or south Monument who has seen corporal but hasn’t seen any of the signs I hung up, the craigslist ad, or facebook posts on the lost and found pages

PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY CAT, SHARE AND REPOST! Loki is about 8 months old, 10 lb, black fur, yellow eyes, with a very small white patch on his chest and a chipped right fang. He was lost somewhere on Winston Dr. and Buckingham Way. on Jan. 25th between 3 and 7 pm in San Francisco, CA. He is a very sweet and friendly cat, but he is indoors only so I can’t imagine how terrified he must be. He is neutered and microchipped. He means so much to me, please help!


hello friends this is midnight. she has not been home in over a week and i’m v worried about her. i would like to request that you send positive vibes and if you’re the praying type, prayers her way.

if you’re in the salem area, i’d also ask that you keep an eye out for her. she’s a very petite cat who, though human friendly, will probably not approach unfamiliar humans. she has a white collar with a reflective strip and gray hairs growing, particularly around her neck. her eyes are green but often appear yellow in certain lighting. she is not microchipped.

thank you


<b>Missing Cat!</b>

Last night, my cat Kieron has very likely gone missing. We’re very worried and my parents have been up all morning looking for him. He’s a black cat, fairly large, and his collar has a bell and a fish bone pattern with his name and our address on it. He’s very shy and gets nervous around new people. <b>If you live in Kansas, in the Manhattan area, please contact me through an Ask or Fanmail if you’ve seen him or found him!


Hey guys. This is a small PSA that I’d appreciate help spreading around.

My cat Kiyo was lost on November 8th in Evanston, Illinois. He went out as he usually does, but this time never returned. It’s been 13 days that he’s not come home, and the weather in Illinois is COLD. I’m hoping he’s found shelter somewhere, maybe someone even took him off the streets and into their home.

He’s a male grey and white cat, fairly large in size, and about 6 years old. He may or may not be wearing a collar. Eye collar is green/yellow. He’s friendly and approachable, and even safe to pick up if done so correctly.

If you see him, have seen him, have taken him into your home, or know someone who lives in Evanston and who might have just found a cat, please please let me know. I just want to know he’s not frozen to death underneath someone’s house.

You can e-mail me at Loverofscythe@gmail.com. Thank you.



Any of you live in Cook County of Illinoise? Maybe on Arlington Heights ? My cat, Puma, went missing in this area. Hes black with a white under belly, though you wouldnt know unless you picked him up. He isnt wearing a collar, but he’s microchipped. The microchip owner name would be Aalia, if that helps. I miss him very much. Hes only been gone since 6 pm on April 23rd. Its been raining and I really hope hes ok. Signal boost this please also, he doesnt have his cute white whiskers anymore. they fell off :c!


His name is dewey and he’s grey with three white patches of fur, one on his chest and two on his belly. he has green/yellow eyes and is extremely friendly. he is wearing a brown collar with a fish shaped tag with his name and my cell phone number on it. he was last seen at 2311 west grace street apartment 5, right on the corner of grace street and strawberry street. please guys, if you follow my blog you know how important dewey is to me. he’s helped me get through so much, he’s been there for me when i’ve been at my lowest point, he’s prevented me from killing myself, he means everything to me. 

if you live in richmond virginia area, please help me. if you have any sort of information about him, have seen him somewhere, or have managed to scoop him up, please message me in my tumblr inbox or call/text me at 1.804.822.6319. please help me guys.

Hello tumblr,

My name is Anahi, and this is my lost kitty Cottonball. She goes by Cottonball or Chubby Custard. She’s white, with yellow eyes. Sometimes she has 2 black spots on her forehead, but usually her fur only grows white. It would mean a lot to me if y'all would help me out by being on the look out for this kitty. She’s my moon and stars. I last saw her at my house, which is in El Monte, California. Please leave an ask if you have any information about her. Thank you so much for reading. 


Lost: Cat
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Orange tabby, white chin and throat, orange eyes, tufted ears
Missing since April 8 from Quarry Ridge, Coatesville, Sadsbury township

My friends cat has gone missing, if anyone in the area has seen a cat like this please let me know asap and I’ll get you in contact with my friend. She’s really broken up about this, he is her baby so please keep an eye out and ask around if you know anyone in that area. 



I need help finding this cat. I was watching her and she ran away. This was at 1am on May 2nd. She’s young but not a kitten (not sure of age), fat, and a brown tabby with a redish spot. She is not microchipped and does not have a collar. She was lost at Chapel Terrace apartments, so anywhere on Chapel Hill/by the stadium/Jackson Bluff is where she might be. She’s very sweet but really timid, so if you see her be patient and let her come to you. Please keep an eye out if you live here, and if you don’t please reblog and tag this. Bruna was a stray that just finished recovering and becoming social and now she’s lost in an unfamiliar city. She is so sweet and I would give anything to have her back. Contact numbers are 239-872-2017 and 850-405-3702. Thank you.

Hay guys, this is Mr. Ty Ty. He is a fully indoor cat and yesterday (July 5th) he jumped off my deck and took off past my Fiance. He is from Derry, NH and was last seen in in that area. If you see him please shoot me a message. 

He is Black, short haired with yellow eyes. It is likely he is hiding under a porch or deck. He was last seen wearing a Blue collar with a small bell on it. 

He is very friendly and has been mine for 6 years. I am very worried about him and would really appreciate if people could spread this and help get him found. 

Thank you for your help,


Anyone in Tacoma, WA please help! My cat, Tamir, is lost!

He pushed past the screen and got out the window. We’ve looked outside and around my place and in the neighborhood, but haven’t been able to find him anywhere. Please help me find him. He got out on the morning of 6/7/15. He’s shy, but sweet and friendly. He’s 2 years old. He’s a mix, but has strong Maine Coon characteristics. Primarily white, with orange splotches. Long bushy tail. His bonded brother, Numair, misses him.

I haven’t been able to get him a collar yet. I only just brought him home from the Humane Society on Friday. He’s unfamiliar with the area. Last seen by Hank’s Bar and Grill in Tacoma.

Please reblog and be on the lookout for him!

His microchip number is 985111000170580

If you find or see him, please either call me, or call HomeAgain at 1-888-466-3242

I need your help!

I don’t want to impose on anyone. I never ask for money or anything even with it hard on me as it is. But there is one thing I need More then any money can buy.

This is my baby boy Ianto. He went missing on the east side of Cincinnati Ohio last week. And what I want from you guys is for this to go viral. Maybe. Just maybe we can get him home.