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is starclan punishing forbidden lovers' kits a canon thing?? i hunted through the wikipedias but i couldn't find any mention of it, but i was curious ^^;

NO lol there was just an anon who was talking about how it was a recurring theme in warriors that the mother/kits suffer but the father is usually fine

like yellowfang has her 2 kits stillborn and then gives rise to brokenstar & his legacy and then has to kill brokenstar herself

mapleshade’s 3 kits all drowned and she was cast out completely even though her mate continued on with his life and no consequences happened to him

bluestar had to give up her kits and mosskit froze to death and she had to watch them grow up in another clan

silverstream died for no reason whatsoever 

leafpool’s kits hated her and she lost her medicine cat status 

like it’s a recurring theme that starclan (or the erins cough) seems to punish she-cats for having kits outside their clan, even though they don’t punish the fathers at all


It’s a long shot but if any of our followers live in the South Manchester (England) area could you please let us know if you’ve seen panda , she’s been gone for two days now and it’s not like her to be gone for so long. She’s black and white ,only 1 year old so still quite small, she’s very fluffy and a little on the pudgy side. She’s been microchipped so if you do find her could you please take her to a vet so they can contact us and send us an ask. Please signal boost, Thankyou so much xxx



Hello tumblr! My name is Eugene and I am writing this to report that my cat Bob is missing. He has been gone since Wed. April 9th. He is an indoor cat and rarely leaves for longer than a few hours, so it is very worrying that he has been gone so long. He is elderly, approx. 13 years old, orange tabby with few whites spots, very fluffy, and very special to us. If you live in Orange County, California, specifically the areas of Tustin and Santa Ana, and have seen an orange tabby like this one, please call us at (714)838-1050 and leave us a message [if we don’t answer]. If you do not live there, I would appreciate any and all signal boosts. I have raised Bob since he was a kitten, and we are devastated and very worried about him. Please help us find our cat!

Hey everyone I have recently been posting on all the social media that I am on, and now its tumblrs turn.

My younger cat Louis just went missing 2 days ago (8/19/20) in the Huntersville, NC area.

He is a medium sized male cat that is black with white toes, chest and nose.

If you however impossible, may find him PLEASE message me as soon as possible and try to snap a picture.

Please reblog this if you dont even live in NC, you never know where the people who follow you may live

Whomever finds him will get a reward!

FOUND: Kitten, 2-3 months old, healthy with clear eyes and nose, found in a grocery parking lot in Athens, Georgia when he crawled into a grocery bag next to my friend’s car.

This kitten is in really good condition (he clearly hasn’t been lacking food as he has a little belly, and he’s been eating solids because his stool is solid) and neither my friend nor I can take him in. The local Humane Society isn’t currently taking cats and the local Animal Control said there was a 100% chance he would be euthanized.

We’d really liked to find a home for him somewhere in the state or the area, he’s incredibly sweet and needs love.

Please pass this on!



My family’s cat Tango disappeared from our garden in Garforth, Leeds (England) yesterday (19th of July.) He is a 10 year old male tom cat, neutered and a rescue cat who is relatively new to the area, so we are scared he is either lost or stranded because of an injury. We are in the middle of the a heatwave in the UK and therefore are even more worried that Tango might have gone without food and water for over a day in very high temperatures. Please signal boost this, as he is very important to our family and we want to see his safe return. He is microchipped so you can take him to the vet’s if you find him or contact rachel@morrisandson.co.uk if you have any information about Tango’s possible whereabouts (please for relevant information only! This is a work email!!)


My sweet kitty Louie C. Kat is missing in Sunland / Shadow Hills, CA. 

If you know anyone in the area, tell them to keep an eye out for him. He’s about 12 lb, orange, fluffy, male, with orange eyes. 

My parents last saw him on Friday night (May 13th.) On Saturday morning, my neighbor found orange fur on his front lawn– I looked around and couldn’t find any blood or any other fur. We have coyotes in the area.

Today, another neighbor saw an orange cat sitting on their backyard wall early in the morning. I’ve never seen another orange cat in the area, so this could be a good sign.

Please spread the word. I’m so worried about him. Orders will be a bit slow this week, I’m going to be spending most of my time searching for Louie.

Remy J. Foucault Please Come Home

This post is a spell.

Our second cat, Remy J. Foucault, got out of our apartment the night before last.  We’re doing everything we can to find him, but we’re moving five states away in less than two weeks and it could potentially take longer than that to find him or for him to make his way home.

Please help us bring our beloved cat home safely before we have to leave.

Likes and reblogs charge the spell.

The reason why I’ve been so upset the past week. Normally I’d be much more wary of posting my address online, but this has been really upsetting, and I don’t know what I’ll do if we don’t find him. If anyone lives in Virginia, in the Palmyra/Fluvanna area, it would mean so much to me if you could keep an eye out. I know this is a long shot but I’m getting desperate. Dobby means so much to me, and to my family. If you could reblog this it would mean a lot. 

Special thanks to this girl  for making the flyer!!



My cat, Ramsey, went missing on june 2nd. If you live in the orange county/inland empire, California area, specifically Riverside County, and think you may have seen him, please email me at ohnonotthemindprobe@gmail.com. If you don’t live in the area, please signal boost this. Please help me find my cat, I’m very worried.


My cat Lilo disappeared on the 1st of October and has still yet to come home. I’ve left food out, put up posters, asked neighbors, called shelters,and have had a signal boosted to some popular websites but with each passing day I hear or find nothing the more worried I get. I’m absolutely heartbroken and desperate please help me find her. 

My email is milodog626@gmail.com

Lilo has 6 toes (polydactyl), she only has stripes on her legs and face, she has a bushy feather tail, has turquoise eyes, and is small. She almost looks like she could be a large kitten. She is nearly 2 years old.

She does not see very well and has a hard time navigating in the dark!

I won’t give my exact address but Lilo was last seen in Santee, CA in the county of San Diego (92071 zip). I have a map of the roads in the general area but she could have gone further. I high lighted the closest spots to me in blue.

Please signal boost this! I know its a slim chance you have followers that just happen to be in this area but I need to try everything. I’ve already accepted that she could have very possibly been eaten by coyotes or hit by a car, but please prove me wrong. I need every shred of hope.

Lilo won’t come right up to you she is a shy cat. The best thing to do is to get down low or sit and call her gently with clicks and chirps with you hand out. She will lift her tail straight in the air to show she can be approached. She won’t bite or scratch but she does make a hissy fuss if she is picked up by someone she doesn’t know. She’s all talk but circumstances may scare her into behaving otherwise.

Please please help me find my baby girl…



We found her hanging out around our house in Kitchener/Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and she kept on meowing at our window. We’re feeding her and have two other cats and everything needed to take care of her, and shes a really nice cat, but I’m guessing she belongs to someone else.

So if you’ve lost a cat or know someone whose lost a cat that looks like this one (and are somewhere in the area) then please message me!

Note: I’m not sure that this cat is a she, and the collar we added because she didn’t have one


Hi guys, I could really use your help: My cat, Muffin, has been missing since Friday night. We live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, so if anyone can offer information on where she might be, I’d be super grateful.

She’s an orange tabby, 8 years old, slightly fluffy and kind of chubby, and is very skittish. So if you see her, don’t approach, please email me at riurisu@gmail.com with any information. She has no tags or other identifiers, as she is a house cat and has never gotten out before.

If any of you could just reblog this, it’d mean the world to me. I just want her home safe. I’ll update my my blog’s header if we find her.


in West Palm Beach/Wellington area, FL. last seen on the night of September 26th. he’s a neutered gray/brown tabby with green eyes, fat but muscular. much wider than in the photo.

somewhat reacts to name “Merlin.” friendly and shouldn’t hurt people, good with other animals, especially chill with other cats.

if found or seen, please send me an ask!! signal boosts are appreciated. thank you