Researchers at the University of New South Wales and Miami University found that men who harass women are quite literally losers.How? The researchers respectively watched how men treated women during 163 plays of Halo 3.

As they watched the games play out and tracked the comments that players made to each other, the researchers observed that — no matter their skill level, or how the game went — men tended to be pretty much the same to other men, but women were a whole different thing with two different sides.

Their results? Male players who were good at the game tended to pay compliments and treated everyone equally — male or female.

The male players who were less-skilled at the game, and performing worse relative their peers made frequent, nasty comments to the female gamers. So, In other words, sexist dudes are literally losers.

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anonymous asked:

WHat is the story about the dorm address and the chickens i haven't heard it before, please tell!

Oh boy anon have you been missing out. The toy chicken saga is probably my favourite bts story it is pure gold! so sit back and enjoy 

Basically this all happened on twitter

bts became obsessed with some gaming app called crossy road

and i’ve never played it but i assume the chicken is the mascot or something. so anyways bts really really liked this game especially the plushy chickens so they tweeted out their actual real life exact dorm addresses (edit: I’ve been told this is actually big hits company address not their dorms! Sorry for the confusion) to the creator of the game begging for chicken plushies. i am dead serious.

but it gets better!! so bts do get their plushies and look how happy they are

and once they’ve gotten what the needed they actually go and UNFOLLOW the creator of the game.

and the poor man didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out.

so yeah bts wanted the chicken plushies so badly they tweeted out their private dorm address for them and once they got the plushies they unfollowed the creator of the app. i am not even kidding. seriously you can’t make this stuff up. only bts. 

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jhope sings happy birthday to himself as bts watches