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Ok, I’m done mocking. lol

She’d always kiss with her eyes wide open, she could never understand why people would close their eyes to some of the most beautiful things life has to offer. Her hair a tangled mess much like her chaotic soul. Her eyes looked like the Dead Sea; id found comfort in that as I’d never learned to swim. Her laugh was like your favorite childhood song, you could go years without hearing but you’d never forget it’s beat. Her bare feet on the concrete floor sounded much like the hale storm that she’d always been; destructive and beautiful. She was the universe minimized to just a five foot girl, compassion and humanity in every beat of her heart. And behind her starry eyes was a storm of a girl, though she was tiny oh lord, she was mighty. And as she handed me her heart of stone, I began to watch the flowers grow. Even after her flowers began to wither and die, she was my garden and I could live without grass. And knowing full well I couldn’t tread water, I’d jumped head first into her sea. “Sink or swim” she said, as her salty water filled my lungs. I knew I was home and I wanted to be full of her.
—  indieluhv 
Gabriel (Hebrew: גַּבְרִיאֵל; Modern Gavri'el; Tiberian Gaḇrîʼēl, God is my Strength, Man of God, God has shown Himself Mighty, Hero of God; Arabic: جبريل, Jibrīl or جبرائيل Jibrāʾīl)

…And the Dark

Part 2 of the same manip done different

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