to all the dark skin black girls out there, you are worthy. you’re allowed to have standards. you won’t have to settle. you will find someone who loves every ounce of you. you will be successful. you will be respected.

don’t let the world putting us at the absolute bottom of everyone steal your shine, we are worthy. and always will be.

anonymous asked:

would you ever draw youmari?

until I have something substantial in mind, all I have are incomplete doodles. People tag me when you find YouMari stuff pls DX Thankfully the doujinshis I got today’s inspired me enough to clean up some sketches…

Basically I see Shiny Onee-san being surprisingly useless defenseless when it comes to adorable puppy You who’s friggin’ hetare but super ikemen. Mari would seduce You first/initiate something but ends up getting pounced/flipped

And this isn’t really NSFW but.. maa, lime? all I can think about is youmari p0rn

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