Look! It’s the Mugiwaras being badass! but what do I spy?

I spy Frobin!

No wait! It’s ZoRobin

Wait! it’s ZoLu

NO wait! LuNa it is!

No! It’s SaNa!

But most importantly it’s Brook going to try looking under Namis skirt to see her panties!

I’ve been awfully quiet, havent I??? Rude of me!

Here’s some doodles, most for a special AU i’m cooking up, that WILL have an accompanying ask blog~

And for those wondering,
The outfit prompts will be posted before the end of the week <3


He had fought for what he believed in and awoken the Rifter’s divine justice. All the pain that he had endured in this life as Kahlil—all of the loneliness and suffering—had been necessary so that he could be here, now, at this moment. Both his lives seemed to converge to a central purpose. [The Rifter]


Hamilton inspired au-ish for @calledmarriage:
you have no control; who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

“[…] no matter what science tells you, the fact that something alive can grow inside you, something brand new and unique - even though it is made of the same mix of stardust and honey and hope as everything else that ever lived - is a mystery; that every baby is a piece of magic.” - The Legends of River Song

anonymous asked:

Did you see the latest episode? At the parent-teacher meeting it looks like Inojin has been doing poorly at school and you can see Ino’s face expression go from concerned to angry when shes reading Inojins report 😂 looks like strict Ino is finally going to arrive.

Breathes in*
Reallly inojinnnnn!!? Everyone else is doinggg greatt. how come my baby has low grade!!? Loook at Shikadai and Boruto they dun even care and they r getting good grades like whyyy. (wait I seriously don’t think comparing is good.)
Anyway like seriously? You want to be an artist and make money from your drawing? How can you survive in this world just like that- (hmm ….I feel like I have heard these words before…oh wait It’s from my mom……cries in artist tears* )
Now….I feel bad for my parents….. I can’t believe I am starting to understand the parent’s expectation.

okie let’s talk about this instead

Shikadai’s Pineapple and Inojin’s Ponytail