Ten weird facts about Fawn no one will notice.

1. Fawn hates pears. She says they are the ‘devil apple’
2. Fawn can’t fly. (No rlly?)
3. Fawn is still a child. No matter how old she gets.
4. She told her mom once that she wanted to murder 7 children. Mom was proud.
5. She knows how to swear but never does.
6. She likes Adiv and Floppy more over Snowy and Chara.
7. Fawn can eat a whole bowl of Papyrus’s pasta with out flinching.
8. Fawn cants draw for shit and doesn’t want to ether. Screw drawing, I’ll do writing! She said.
9. She can count rlly fast. Don’t play hide and go seek with her. :/
10. She isn’t depressed. Because of the fact she doesn’t care too. 0.0
And that was Ten weird facts about Fawn no one will notice
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