How they react when you wear their clothes
  • Yoosung: Gets really happy and can't help but compliment you
  • Jaehee: Thinks it's kinda sweet and says you can borrow her clothes anytime
  • Zen: Goes red and gives you a tight hug, then comments on how he loves you
  • Jumin: Pats your head and tells you to make sure to keep his clothes clean, secretly thinking about how adorable you looked
  • 707: Has a violent nosebleed and holds you so tightly due to how adorable he finds you

Okay I’m bringing this beautiful hug back. He literally turned around and ran back to give her a hug. Look at how tight he is holding her! When he put his face into his shoulder it looks like he’s kissing it, but at the same time it looks like he’s trying to remember everything about her. What she smells like, how soft she is, and how right it feels to have her in his arms.

And look at how tight she clutches his neck! And nuzzles him! She didn’t want to let go as much as he didn’t want to let go.

And if it was up to them they both would of been perfectly fine staying in that house.

But then he breaks the hug because he knows if he lingers a second longer he won’t be able to turn away. And when she’s left standing there she turns around and it looked like she was trying to fight the urge to follow him.

So please explain to me how this isn’t canon? Come on, I’ll sit here and wait. Please show receipts.

A little season 4 scene beta credit to @abbygkane thanks again, Lore. <3

Marcus recognized the look on Abby’s face the second she raised her beautiful almond eyes to meet his, all too well. The radiation sickness was spreading and with their circumstances growing more difficult each day, it was taking its toll on everyone. Marcus hated seeing the discouragement grow in her eyes, hated watching her lose hope and how tired she looked.

“Come here,” he said quietly and Abby went into his arms willingly, holding his shirt in a tight grip. A sob escaped her throat and hugging her closer, Marcus buried his face in her neck.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier, Marcus.” Abby whimpered, inwardly kicking herself for bursting into tears, but also grateful that she didn’t have to hide her frustration and the helplessness she felt about their situation from him. Marcus knew her far too well for that anyway, the masks they kept up around the rest of the camp shattered when it was just the two of them. They haven’t been able to mask their true feelings from each other for some time now, and neither of them minded.

“I’m sorry too,” he murmured. “You were already under so much pressure and  it was unfair of me to ask more.”

Abby couldn’t help but show a little smile at his response. He was always so mindful and alert where her feelings were involved and she felt absolutely secure when she was with him. She loved him with all her heart and being held in his arms felt like home.
As they stayed locked in an embrace, swaying a bit, their argument was already forgotten and all that mattered now was being held and loved.

Jealous Much?


Requested by anonymous:  I don’t know if your taking requests but if you are, can you do an imagine where Luke has a twin brother and he’s jealous of your relationship plz ?!?

As we walked through the door his grip on my hand tightened as he led us to the kitchen. “Hey Liz.” I politely greeted Luke’s mum like I always do, lifting my arms up to embrace her in a hug Luke still had a tight hold on my hand. 

“Luke honey, let go.” Liz had to prise my hand from his whilst he stood silently sulking. “How was the journey? Did you drink enough on the flight? What about sleep?” She began to feel my cheeks to see if I were too hot or too cold, “You do look kinda pasty, let me get you a drink.” She walked off to make us some drinks so I wondered off into the living room. 

Once I sat down on the sofa I took my phone out and began to check Twitter, then I could feel the sofa sink, barely looking I knew who it was merely from the overpowering minty scent. “Daniel.” I greeted as I continued to scroll through social media but felt his eyes still looming over me. Letting out a sigh I locked my phone and took a look at him, feeling slightly creeped out since he barely says two words to me whenever I am round. 

Daniel was Luke’s twin brother, they were almost identical, almost. Except for the fact that Luke was taller and stronger, also that he had outgrown the 2013 quiff that Daniel copied. As I looked him over I nudged away from his ominous glances at my appearance. “Isn’t that my shirt?” I quickly stood up as I heard Luke enter the room and walk towards him, giving him a knowing look that he replies with a nod. 

Luke goes to step forward to his twin wearing his Nirvana shirt that I always wore at his house, it had been tucked away in Luke’s draws out of sight so whenever he would come home without me at least he had a top with my perfume on it. I shifted on the spot as I realised this, that Daniel had searched for this top intentionally. “I just don’t get what you see in him!” Daniel blurted out and this took me by surprise, the twin who barely spoke two words to me was now yelling at me. 

I went to speak but Luke stepped in front of me, “You don’t talk to her like that Danny.” Luke remained defensive and sincere, holding his hands behind him and around my waist. 

He let out a loud scoff, “I mean what do you even see in him Y/n?” He dramatically lifted his arms up in confusion before slapping them against his thighs. “Like what does he have that I don’t?” His tone had changed, he sounded upset and desperate to know the reason I fell in love with his twin. 

“Cause I’ve got a bigger dic-” Luke spoke up but I quickly interrupted him.

“No!” I spoke up pushing myself in front of Luke who raised an eyebrow in confusion, “I mean yes but that’s besides the point.” Lowering my hands to my sides I turned to face Daniel. “Look I met Luke when he was in my town, no where near you or your home. I didn’t meet you until Luke was certain he wanted to introduce me to his family.” His head dropped and he avoided eye contact by all means necessary. I lifted my hand to his chin, wanting to look him in the eyes as I tried to rationalise with him. “Hey,” Now I could clearly see his eyes, how they differed from Luke’s, he had more grey in his and he seemed less vibrant. “the right person is out there for you.” I backed away and side hugged Luke who looked down at me and smiled. 

My eyes now met Luke’s as I felt the butterflies erupt in my stomach, a large smile crept onto his face as I could sense my cheeks burning. “It just takes a matter of time to find them.” Luke spoke up but once his eyes moved away from mine his expression hardened. “Now take my girlfriend’s top off.” Daniel muttered in agreement and began to remove it but Luke pushed him into the next room. 

“Jealous Mr Hemmings?” I joked as I wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tip toes to kiss him but a loud slam interrupts us as Daniel stomps on by dropping the top by our feet. 

“Think you’re addressing the wrong Hemmings there babe.” He chuckles as he leans in to kiss me but Liz reappears with a tray of drinks. “We’ll finish this later.” He whispers into my ear and sits down on an armchair sending me a wink as I sip at my drink.

Bad Decisions and Alcohol- Calum Hood

Originally posted by lukehemmozs

Summary: You get piss drunk and tweet about you and Calum’s sex life, accompanied by some steamy pics

Warning(s): Dirty talk…

A/N: Another beautiful anon requested this, I was specifically told no sad ending lol. Thanks, much love xx. 

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How would noctis react to his s/o telling him that she's terrified that he won't love her because he's an emo and she's so simple and casual in terms of style. ???


  • He’s gonna hold your hands tightly and bring you into a tight hug.
  • He quickly pecks you on the lips and muzzles your foreheads together.
  • “I love you for you. Not because of your looks or how you dress. Only for you.”

“Maybe I’m the one who doesn’t know.” There was another silence, long enough for Kestrel to think that that was all he would say, but he spoke again. “Look how you’ve grown. I remember the day you were born. I could hold you with one hand. You were the world’s best thing. The most precious.”
Aren’t I now, to you? she wanted to say. Instead, she whispered, “Tell me how I was.”
“You had a warrior’s heart, even then.”
“I was just a baby.”
“No, you did. Your cry was so fierce. You held my finger so tightly.”
“All babies cry. All babies hold on tight.”
He let go of her hand to lift his, and brush his knuckles across her cheek. “Not like you.”

the winner’s crime by marie rutkoski.

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Meluan lackless

Kote paused, before shrugging softly. “There are songs about her, aren’t there? You know, that one Lackless song… Oh, how does it go?” He pondered, looking up in thought for a long moment.

“Ah! Right! 

‘Seven things stand before
The entrance to the Lackless door.
One of them a ring unworn
One a word that is forsworn
One a time that must be right
One a candle without light
One a son who brings the blood
One a door that holds the flood
One a thing tight-held in keeping
Then comes that which comes with sleeping. ‘

“That’s it, right? I know there is another version, but I’m not to aware of it. I also know some funny songs about the Lackless, if you’d like to hear.” He offered with a rather… cheeky half smile. Hmm, perhaps he had some disliking to this name without directly saying so. Then again, the man was hard to read.  

          “after jasper died and you were gone, i don’t know, i tried to shut it out.”
he’d done what he’d always done– dove into work. he could still remember with
too much clarity those first couple of months. how close he’d come to giving up,
to letting himself wither away. looking at harper now, he had never been so glad
he hadn’t. “but everything i did, i did it for you. you were always there.” he tried
to keep his voice even, reaching out a hand to hers. holding tight. “now it’s my
turn, okay? i’m not going anywhere.” // @nineteenminutes​ ( cont. )

i just love alec lightwood’s subtle quirks during the wedding scene:

  • his breath being sucked out of his lungs when he sees magnus
  • how his mouth trembles from excitement, how he blinks as if magnus were a celestial apparition (you can also see him trying not to smile and that causes me so much pain)
  • his eyes never leaving magnus’
  • him holding his breath; you can notice how erratic his breathing is
  • he just stood there frozen with his mouth hanging open and his hands up, uncovering his wrist; lydia had already lowered her stele
  • him constantly trying to get some air but failing until he meets magnus’ eyes again
  • when he turns and examines the room and all the people in it and he’s like “crapcrapcrap should i do it what should i do”
  • tight mouth, soft doe eyes the entire time he looks at magnus
  • he walks down the chapel steps without tearing his eyes away from magnus
  • he walks down the chapel steps and unbuttons his jacket without tearing his eyes away from magnus
  • his “you come to my wedding, you ruin my wedding, and you think you’ll get away with it???? hahah you’re right, here, let me shove my tongue into your mouth” facial expression
  • his voice when he tells his mom to fuck off
  • his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it smirk seconds before kissing magnus
  • how he pulls magnus from the lapels of his jacket to smash their lips together i’m v emotional about this particular part
  • his fingers fumbling around the lapels of magnus’ jacket until they reach the perfect position
  • his nose scrunched up, pressed against magnus’ cheek while devouring his mouth
  • even himself feeling slightly taken aback by his own actions but then one look at magnus’ mouth has him diving into another kiss

bravo, matthew daddario, for slaying my soul

Prompt: Lily and James tells Harry a bedtime story. For the amazing birthday girl Caroline! If you told me sooner, it’d be better. Art by Julvett.

“You can’t sleep honey?” Lily said picking her son up and holding him tight. “Daddy gave you sugar before your bedtime?” She asked giving a look to James.

“Hey, how come is my fault?” James asked standing by the door. “It was you who did the cookies. I just fed him.”

She lift one eyebrow to her husband while he smirked and sat down next to her. Harry, seeing his father, gave a big smile and put his hands up, wanting him to pick him up. He did what his son asked and hold him.

“What are we gonna do with you my little marauder?” The ginger asked looking at him. “Do you want Daddy and I to tell you a bedtime story?” Harry giggled and Lily’s smile became bigger. “Okay Daddy, what story should we tell Harry today?”

“I don’t know Mummy.” He said making a pensative face. “What about our first kiss?”

Since Harry started to try to say somethings, Lily and James were calling themselves Mummy and Daddy to see if their kid first words would be one of them. But nothing had happened yet.

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X Marks the Spot

I’m very sorry. I was possibly more drunk than I realized.

Clothing kink (ofc) PWP, pretty much entirely foreplay but still very much M rated, set at some nebulous future date. 1.1k. On Ao3 HERE

As it turns out, it isn’t just the jacket he likes.

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i just think it’s really amazing how we’ve always said in this fandom that niall would be the best husband and best lover and whatnot and we never had proof of it but NOW we actually do and he has lived up to our expectations and is so sweet and gives forehead kisses and holds her tight and looks at her with so much affection and honestly my heart is aching with how much love i feel for him right now and how genuinely happy i am for him :)

A letter to her,
You will come to find out these things out for yourself but here’s some advice for you so you can love him better than I ever did.
When he is nervous or upset he will bite his nails, when this happens pull his hands away from his mouth and hold him tight.
When he and his dad or brothers get into there usual screaming fight don’t tell him what to do, without letting him take it out on you just let him be angry and cool down, let him talk about it and just get it out of his system.
He will tell you he hates romantic movies but he really has a soft spot for them, he will hold you tight and tell you how much he loves you through the duriation of the movie.
He has a cat named holly and a dog named missy, don’t be scared when missy comes up to you, she may look like she could kill but she is a loving dog, I’ve missed her terribly, pat her and give her attention, she especially loves a scratch behind the ears.
He looses his temper easily and 90% of the time it has nothing to do with anything you’ve done so don’t blame yourself when he starts cursing and yelling, he will calm down soon.
His love for cars and mechanics is what he knows best, don’t get offended if he just wants to spend the afternoon working on a car, it makes him feel like he can do something right, it gives him a special kind of happiness.
He is a very jealous person but it is always better to sit him down and talk to him about who you want to talk to and what you want to do, this way he is a lot more calmer about it and understanding
He says things when he is mad, to everyone, he never means any of it. Believe me, they say you tell the truth when your angry but this is not the case with him most of the time.
He has a big heart, when he grows a connetion with you he will do what he can to protect you and the people around him, don’t be scared away by this he is just trying to make sure your safe.
He loves Eminem and rap music, when he sings to you do not laugh at him, or mock him, he enjoys doing it and trusts you enough to hear him.
He will tell you he only likes one sugar in his coffee but when your backs turned he will always sneak in a few more tablespoons.
He is filled with insecurites about himself, he won’t ever talk about them, so here’s a heads up, he will never cut his hair above his ears because he got teased in primary school about his ears, so he will never go in public with them showing. He hates his weight, he thinks he’s too skinny and wants to be a bigger build like the other guys,
His dads names Jason and his mums names Mandi, he adores his dad and aspires to be just like him, there is a spot in him that resents his mum for leaving and he will talk about this very often when he trusts you, he misses her, even if he won’t admit it.
You will know when he’s fallen in love with you, don’t ever take it for granted. He will cherish you. Please love him as much as he does you, he’s been burnt in the past and deserves a good love.
Once you have him, don’t let him go,
you will spend your whole life regretting it just as I have.

There was something to be said about forbidden fruit tasting the sweetest and with the kind of lifestyle he lead, Luke had tasted almost everything that there was to taste. Except her. The line he hadn’t yet crossed but oh how he wanted to. He knew it was through some sense of morals that he hadn’t yet, but after further contemplation, he had decided to stop moralising. His arm snaked around her waist, holding her tight against him. “You alright there love?” Luke asked, breath washing over her ear as his free hand dipped between her legs. “You do look pretty today.”


5/1/3: The Leeward Side

We who have been scorched know how to stand back to back. -Children of Dune

Eros: Hold on tight, we have to run!

Hestia: No, my butterfly, look! It’s him! He found us, the clever boy!

Chronos: I cannot underrrrstand why you were sparrred, but I have come to make sure Nyx and Salix do not come here to correct their oversight.

Hestia: It’s a stwatigem… a stratigem. My poor Salix… Nyx must have turned on her. It seems I am not alone in paying for my wrongs.

Chronos: What… what is the meaning of yourrr words, sapling?

Hestia: I condemned you to exile when I could not protect you. Now here I am in my own exile on this hard, hot sand.

Eros: Let me carry you onto the grass, my sunflower.

Chronos: Torrrrquata!

Hestia: No. I am a little current of air in her sky… but she is dead. I am the merest wisp of vapor… It seems that at any moment… I might… Hold me close, please, my butterfly.

Chronos: Your patterrrrn is truly made of light and not of wood.

Hestia: Salix and I… Salix and Torquata… we are sick. Something was done to us, when Querca died. Salix lashed out at the first thing she saw… and that was the Bonsai… but I am not her enemy.

Chronos: The things Nyx sees when she closes those terrible eyes.

Hestia: Yes. We must save my sister before it is too late… Nyx must be brought down.

Chronos: Yes… but this is forrr me to do. I will hide you away as you once hid me.

Hestia: No! My body will grow soon and I remember how to move like Eros moves, I will be like to the snake that strangles her prey in her coils! I want to fight!

Chronos: Without you, therrrre will be no reclaiming the Bonsai, and therrrre will be no currrring the Willow. We must make you safe.

Eros: Mother, I… daughter, I will listen to Chronos. I will carry you where he sends me.

Chronos: Thank you, Errrros. We will hide you somewhere that even Nyx cannot rrrrreach you, and when it is time to retake the Bonsai, you will return. Wait here, I will find a solution…

Hestia: Echo. Go to the Rill and speak to Echo.

It’s not just him I miss. It’s the way his eyes light up when he looks at me, the way he holds me tight as his soft lips collide with mine, the way his hand perfectly fits in mine, the way he laughs at the littlest things I say, even the faces that he makes when he’s trying to find the right words to say. I guess that’s how you know when you’re falling in love - when you’re away from them and miss not only them, but every single detail of their personality and all the things they do that you can never get enough of.
—  thelastenvelope


Proton : *she was indeed holding on tight until Red’s bike tired over, sending her flying to the ground*

Shadow : *quickly jumped when Red grabbed his arm* Watch it! *his face was even paler than normal, almost as white as his hair* I don’t know how you’re going to stand up to that monster…He did this to me in one swing.

Proton : *struggles to stand up* Shadow, Red can help. He’s a champion.

Shadow : … *looks at the volcano* I won’t be able to beat that guy like this. I can’t even feel my own limbs right now.

Proton : Selena’s cared about us for years, can’t you at least try to help?

Shadow : I did try…and I almost died from it. If I try again, I know I’m dead.

Proton : Please, Shadow, we need you…and so does she…

Shadow : ……… *slowly gets up and begins to walk towards the volcano* Well, I’ll be slow getting there, but I guess I don’t have much of a choice. Get a move on you two.

Proton : *tears up* I knew you cared.

Shadow : Don’t be sappy right now. Act like you’re ready to kill something instead.

Proton : *bristles her fur and growls* I’m ready! *face softens quickly, and she looks up at Red* Will you carry me please?

At being yelled at, Red backed up a little. He was just trying to help, but he could tell Shadow was feeling horrible at the moment. Red doesn’t blame him. His friend just got kidnaped by Arceus knows who! The champion finished dressing his wounds and stood up. 
What ever did that to Shadow did that much damage in one swing? Red shuddered at the thought. What kind of monster would do that? He thought for a minute as to think of what to say next. “Look, Proton’s right. I’m the champion that saved Kanto from Team Rocket! You think whatever is up there is gonna scare me? I’ve battled Mewtwo! I promise you I will get her back!”
It seemed his words didn’t work however. He sighed to himself. There has to be a way to bring Shadow with him, he couldn’t do all of this by himself! But with Proton’s words, Shadow had a change of heart. It looks like he’s going with them now. Red sighed of relief.

“I know we got off to a rough start, but we’ll make a good team! All of us! Selena will be saved in no time!” Red picked up Proton and put her on his shoulder. They had no time to lose.

Oh man i hope we get to see it

Bill flash with fear when he sees Mabel out. I want him to fear her look of determination- to fear how she grips on Dippers hand as tight as he holds hers. I want him to be afraid of these kids who are about to fucking kick his triangle ass.

I want him to show fear of this child, who is probably pissed as hell at herself and at him, for

Messing with her brother.


Hearing that she was okay with it, he spared no time in swooping er up into his arms. “Hand on tight Doll.” He grinned as he suddenly had his wings out and took flight. Soaring high into the air he kept a good hold of her so she wouldn’t fall. Up so high Hell actually looked pretty nice, and she could see just how huge the castle she was just in actually was. Looking like it was made out of a single stone piece it was as black as a moonless cloudy night that seemed to absorb any type of light that hit it. Being so large that it itself looked like it could be its own small city the area was covered in a dense forest behind it and around the sides. It was actually quite lovely in a morbid way.