The cache didn’t end the war. The Spanish did. We had lost and retreated and had it not been for Billy spreading the Silver gospel the war would be over and Woodes would have had the Maroon camp hazed to the ground. The Brits were on the soil so they roughly know where it can be accessed. Likely difficult to get there though. And the Maroons would have lasted for a while but who’s to say.

I just wanted that clarified because I myself have thought of this cache as being defined in the scope of the war but honestly the pirates lost. They were ran off. By some miracle men came but these men are barely aligned and obviously greedy bastards looking to loot and rage in the face of the law.

That cache serves no purpose but to Flint and his way to have people follow him because as Dooley pointed out no one is doing it for the reason Flint is and thats something Flint knows and is more telling than anything about his motives.

Finders Keepers

A little context - i am part of a group of a Goliath, an elf, a dwarf and a half elf (me). I tended to keep everyone in check, as I’ve played with this group of people before and they’ve done some rather….odd things. I left for about 5 minutes to search the rest of a war camp for survivors.

DM: After Liberating the prisoners of the war camp, Goliath, you start to look through everything, see what missing and forgotten possessions you can find, you find some things of value but the very last thing you find is a small bundle of cloth, you go to leave it but then it starts kicking and crying

Goliath: (Without a second of hesitation) I’ve always wanted to be a dad

Dwarf: Look. Buddy. I’m all about finders keepers when it comes to loot, i really am. but you can’t keep the child.

Goliath: but-

Dwarf: we’re planning on fighting a dragon in a few weeks! you really think we can keep a baby? it’s parents are probably right here.

Goliath: Fine. I hold the baby up lion king style and yell “DOES THIS BELONG TO ANYONE?!”

DM: Everyone immediately looks to you as you shout, holding this baby which now up close looks to be a half orc child. As everyone looks, nobody owns up to the child belonging to them.

Elf: Looks like you get to have your dream to being a dad after all

dwarf: don’t encourage this!

The Goliath not only kept the baby, but it’s a re-occurring character in our story, the Goliath learnt to write so that he’d be able to write is half orc daughter letters from where ever we go, when we’re out adventuring it stays with the Goliath best friend, a halfling and her gnome girlfriend.

Sneak RP

So in this one campaign I was a part of my character managed to loot a blade that looked rather…demonic. An obsidian blade with a hilt made from the skull of a Teifling that just screamed I AM EVIL.

The bard of the team, familiar with fantasy tropes turned to me and said: “If that thing starts talking, it goes.”

As a joke I ask the sword if it had anything to say, we look to the DM. Nothing.

Session ends, we go home and I get a text.

“You wished to speak with me?”

I then spend the next twenty minutes role playing over chat, talking to a demon sword.

Me and the DM managed to keep this little detail secret for THREE MORE SESSIONS. Needless my party’s reaction to finding out it could talk was absolutely hilarious and involved copious amounts of swearing.

Wilson “Electrode” Higgsbury

augments: Did You Hear That?
Due to a strange belief that ‘things’ are ‘coming’ for him, Wilson has done some manual improvements to his neural connections. Gains +1 ap when within three tiles of an alerted guard

bio: Wilson Percival Higgsbury was a laughingstock in the scientific community known for his ridiculous inventions and a penchant for dismemberment. During the Resource Wars, he disappeared for a length of time and reappeared with a total disregard for the law and a certain ruthlessness.

assessment: There were raised eyebrows when I recruited Wilson, but I didn’t hire him to do chemistry. He doesn’t look it, but he has a real talent for improvised weaponry… and looting corpses.

I attempted to draw wilson in invisible inc style

alternate caption ‘I found a future science thing i wonder what it does’

anonymous asked:

I noticed that unlike I had thought, Chara's coffin is actually closed when you first go look at it. So, Frisk had to open a pretty heavy lid to look inside there. Are they looking for something (SOUL?) or just randomly looting?

They’re probably super weirded out by the way that the Coffin has Chara’s name on it, honestly. Whether Frisk spends a while thinking that they are Chara, or simply has wandered through the Underground with voices in their head talking about this ‘Chara’ person, it’s only natural that they would be intrigued.  

Lmao I got a Bastion highlight intro in a loot box but look… what is that… in the background? Enhance

It’s Tracer, Lúcio and Zarya from the main menu. I found them. There they are. Looking at nothing and posing

Halloween Pickup Lines

76 looking at the Halloween Loot Box: “So, you’re a lollipop now.”

Reaper: *sigh* “Jack, don’t do it.”

76: “Well, I always knew I wanted to lick you all over.”

Reaper: “No.”

76: “I always wanted to suck on you for hours.”

Reaper: “No.”

76: “I always wanted to unwrap you.”

Reaper: “No.

76: “I always wanted to bite you in half and chew you up with my molars.”

Reaper: “N… What the fuck?”

*Awkward stares*

76: “It sounded better in my head.”


Today’s convention in Pars was cool ! Even with only three hours of sleep… (hello pre-conv insomnia…).

Not featuring pics of cosplays because they don’t beling to me… Featuring the papercraft table, two stands, me trying to look sexy while laying on my cosplay tail, bubble teas ♥, @lumeha‘s and my army of paper birds, a Sentret and a Silvally I feel I know from somwhere… (look at my badge collection !), and finally, my loot ! (out of 30 bages, “only” 21 are for me) (and yay for blind bags !)


It was a very good con :D