The full package of the first BD/DVD Vol. 1 for SERVAMP anime! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Look at that loot! The first pic is the non-Animate package and the second one is the even-more-amazing Animate package that includes additional anime-style Sloth Pair acrylic keyholders, cast talk CD, and anime-style packaging! *^*

Okay you guys I have a theory on the “"spoiler”“ pictures that were leaked. If you don’t want to know what the pictures had in them don’t keep reading!

Okay so in one we see a person in the killers costume in a chair next to Emma and Kieran. Behind them we see tons of pictures of piper. The person in the chair has dark hair and looks like it’s either stavo or audrey (loots more like Audrey to me sorta). So my opinion is that it’s to fool us. They wouldn’t drop stills from the episode with spoilers??? I mean they have but I don’t think they’d spoil the killer. So I think either stavo or audrey are kidnapped possibly in the episode? Emma is pointing the gun away from the person in the killers costume. This leads me to believe the person in the chair isn’t the killer. Kieran and her are looking away at someone else with the gun pointed at someone else. Whoever is in the chair isn’t the killer. I’m assuming they were going to frame that person or trick Emma into killing them or trick Emma into thinking they were part of the killings? Idk but that’s just what i was thinking . Plus Emma and Kieran both look really scared and shocked so I don’t think that person is the killer. Plus the still of kieran with the gun and the knife is in that same room so I really don’t think they had spoiled the finale just yet! Do you guys think that’s too ridiculous? Or just wishful thinking or do you think they really spoiled who the killer is?

Happy Birthday! I’m not sure if it’s too early or not, but where I live it’s 25th of August X3

Hope you like it! Just Baak and La Mulata chillin’ in their new home ;3

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there is an o.verwatch mod for starbound ….. i can be angela is in this game too ……………………..

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Corrupt!Wyvern chanced upon someone in his multiversial wanderings; the last thing he wanted. But he was soon just confused. Why wasn't his world's incarnation of the Maverick Virus going crazy like normal? Why wasn't Wyvern's suffering circuit firing at the mere sight of this stranger? He decided to speak up; his voice oddly calm. "Why am I not compelled to murder you?"

X looked up from where he had been ‘looting’ the remains- one of Sigma’s lackeys, from the looks of it.

X blinked owlishly as he straightened up. “Well I would hope that would be the case. I haven’t done you any harm, have I?” Unlike the half-disassembled mass of materials at his feet, wrapped tightly in cloth bindings to keep it together. Easier to carry back than a bulky corpse.

“We’ve never even met before. Why feel the need to kill me?”

There was a certain tilt of the head. “I assume you’re not from here. Am I wrong?” If the stranger’s actions- he hadn’t gone and attacked? Even when X’s back had been turned? Obviously someone from outside this world.

Look at the piles of gold I found in an old toons’ bank.  A little level 15 rogue who hasn’t played in years and years had these guys… turns out they were removed from the game in the Cataclysm.  Who would like to help me fund the return of the Defias?  Let the House of Nobles know they can’t escape their debts just because their king as died?

Rare things in-game equal lots of gold.  Wowhead estimates 150,000g or so each.

I’m not a big gold person.  No rush really.  Hold on to them?  Or sell them now?  I was eyeing the transmog 100,000g yak mount before Legion?

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I live in central Texas and want to do some scavving, what kind of places do you usually look for to find good loot?

Abandoned houses, mines, dump sites. I need a new metal detector too but there are a lot of places peoole just leave things that you can repurpose.


Guess which game I’m currently playing! (Actually got the DS remake back when it came out for the DS but never got around to playing beyond the Djinn battle. Now I have it on PC!).

I like how the magic shops in this game looks. And how nearly every house has a hidden room to loot (and if you’re role-playing like me, you have to go “well, I just saved them a lot so they will be happy if I take a few shinies!” or “I am taking this as supplies to go and help them, yeah!”).

I also like how this game incorporates statuses such as Mini and Toad in exploration and story.

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I don't know why they actually had to exile Aeducan. Just because I'm hunched over a dead body, it doesn't mean I killed him! I was planning to fake cry and say "papa... the darkspawn got him"

look SOMEONE had to loot that dead body & aeducan just happened to be there. ever heard of a coincidence?? everyone in the deep roads so gd touchy, tsk