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Within seconds of meeting the Deadbeats, Frisk has charmed all of them. Lewis just watches in amusement as the beats perch on or near them and sing little notes at them.

Imagine all the music numbers Frisk would have with the deadbeats. Something like this is so adorable, I don’t think Lewis would bring himself to be any bit angry.

this was long overdue anyway so I’ll open up for a bit while The Thesis Beast hasn’t demanded much from me yet! this way I could also save up for an emergency fund just in case things go south.

I’ll update this post if all the commission slots have been taken!


I have about eight slots open; HERE IS THE COMMISSION INFO.

Send me an e-mail at japhers@yahoo.com if you’re ready to commission, but I’m okay with an ask directed to this account if you want to ask something about the commission [that isn’t already on the info page] before you jump in.


ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: I CAN NOW STREAM YOUR COMMISSIONS but only with your consent! if you want me to keep yours private or, conversely, if you want me to stream yours, please include that on the e-mail~ more info on the Commissions Page!

Thank you so much for all the support! It honestly means so much to me ;o;


Manon was ice.” 
Dorian’s eyes widened, and the whole room plunged into ice.”

Mirror Manorian
reds, blues, blacks // reds, blues, blacks
red fur cloak // red fur cloak
actual wyvern // embroidered wyvern
facing The King // facing The Wing Leader

(illustrations: @phantomrin )


He feels like a real guy who has some weight on his shoulders, and yet you look in his eyes and see this vulnerability and this sweetness. For me that really encapsulates the vibe of so many African-American men that I know and love. But in film and television we either see the alpha or the emasculated. He represents this beautiful hybrid of all that complexity.Ava Duvernay on Lakeith Stanfield