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I was given a sketchbook off @stellaacadente for my birthday and the paper is awesome quality and i’ve been using printer paper for so long that i forgot layering pencils shouldn’t make the paper buckle 

 I wanted to add maccready and duncan but lmao i ran out of room so this is only two thirds of the ot3


Proof of the horrible effect the current Light/Plague dom war is having on the dragon market. 

See that fugly little derg? See the banana/jungle/fuckingavocado colour scheme? See the horror it grows up to be? That little monster was 10,000t in the AH last night.


A week ago it would have sat, unsold, at 5000t. Sheesh. 

Beastly little thing. 

Ahem… and I bought her. I couldn’t resist. She’s glorious in every way, fugly or not. *sigh* I shouldn’t be allowed near the AH.

We're In Love With Lottie Tomlinson's Mermaid Hair
Two words: HAIR GOALS

Lottie Tomlinson is fast becoming one of our favourite ladies for hair inspiration.

First, the 17-year-old rocked rainbow roots. Now she’s tried out another quirky and colourful trend - mermaid locks.

Lottie (who happens to be the younger sister of One Direction’s Louis) first unveiled her mystical lengths with an Instagram video last week.

She’d captioned the clip: ‘hiiii mermaid hair @tasher_spencer you are the BEST @bleachlondon xxx.’

Since then, we’ve been well and truly in love with her style. Here’s why we reckon it’s the look of 2016…

1) With a smoky eye, you can perfect your rock chick look

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Reedrick Van Řezník, or the human version of him anyway. He practices professional crime with @jaydrawsart’s OC Sid, which they did a human version of him too! Go check it out, it has a rly cool oil paint look to it.

Reedrick looks like a punk ass bitch but he’s really a cold ass bitch.

I couldn’t find my copics so I had to go with some shitty coloured pencils, but it turned out alright.

isaackuo asked:

Ficlet if you feel like it: Soos meets his cousin Marco and his not-girlfriend Star. But Mabel ships it...

Dipper walked back towards the table he and Mabel shared, drinks in hand. However, Mabel was talking with two other people. One was a guy, who looked a couple years older than them, with copper skin and dark hair. The other was a blonde girl in a pink dressed, who looked about the same age.

“I love your dress!” Mabel gushed.  “The colour looks really great on you!”

“Thanks,” Star said, face lighting up. “I got back at my home world. I love your dress too.”

“Thanks,” Mabel said. “I made it myself awhile back.”

“Who are these guys?” Dipper said, staring at the two strangers in confusion.

“Marco Diaz,” the teen introduced himself.  

“I’m Star Butterfly,” the girl answered. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Dipper Pines,” the boy said as he handed a drink to his sister.

“So how do you guys know Soos?” Marco asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“He worked at our Grunkle Stan’s Mystery Shack while we stayed there for the summer,” Dipper said.  

Marco blinked. “Grunkle?”

“Oh, it means ‘Great-Uncle,’” Mabel said.

“Makes sense,” Marco said with a nod.

   “What about you?”

“He’s my cousin.”

“Come on, Marco!” Star said, cutting off the conversation.  “Let’s go to the buffet table. The food is not gonna eat itself…I guess it would in one dimension with the cannibalizing shrimp.”

The girl dragged him off, causing the boy to yelp.

Dipper blinked. What was she talking about?  Was she joking around?

Then again, with all the dimensions his Great-Uncle Ford went too, it is possible…

Mabel beamed, looking at the two.   Oh no. He knew that look.

“You ship them, don’t you?” Dipper said.

“Yup,” Mabel said.