Look into my eyes. Look me in the eyes. What do you see? Do you see anything? Nothing. There’s nothing. There’s nothing. You leave me alone now. The Hunt (2012)

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I'm cosplaying Asuna from Sword Art Online. I was wondering how I should make the wig, because her hairstyle is a bit complicated. I would like the wig to look as close to the actual hairstyle as possible. I also have no experience whatsoever with ordering/modifying wigs, so I may need some explanation. Thank you!

I would look for a long straight wig with short bangs that matches the references in terms of colour. Ideally, you want to avoid wigs that are shorter on the sides than the back but you can work with them if you have to. You may also want to work with a thicker wig, it makes it easier to hide the netting. You can make a wig thicker by adding wefts, there are tutorials for that here.

The first thing I would do is treat the wig to make it easier to work with. I really like the effect of silicone spray lubricant, but many people like fabric softener mixed with water. This step makes it easier to detangle and comb through wigs, and handle the wig without creating a ton of flyaway hairs. 

Then I would wear the wig and pull some hair in front of my shoulders, to match the reference pictures. I would check to make sure that I have about the same amount of hair pulled forward on each side, and adjust it as needed. Then I would hairclip both pieces so they are kept separate. I like using butterfly clips to hold large strands. Notice in the photo, I pulled the hair from underneath rather than on-top. This make the braiding  look better later.

Then I would transfer the wig to a wig head and separate the strands to be used in the braids. Try to gather enough hair to match the braid thickness. Then I would do a simple three strand braid on both sides. 

They don’t need to be very long, just enough to meet in the middle. The black elastic (right side) is much longer than needed but it is fine to go longer. You can use clips instead of elastics to hold the bottom of the braids, you’ll be taking them out in a moment. 

The two braids can be pulled toward the back of the head and an elastic used to hold them in place. I suggest a clear elastic, or one that matches the wig. 

Anything past the elastic can be undone and left as a ponytail. At this point you should be looking for any issues: Note the bulging at the top, that is a main concern because it means I pulled the braids too tight and that makes the wig get wonky. Try the wig on to make sure it still fits, and to make sure there aren’t any awkward bulges. You will also want to look for hairs sticking out of the elastics or braids, or if there are a crazy amount of fly aways. It may take a few tries to get this looking perfect! 

You can glue and wrap some wig fibers around the elastic to hide it better and make it look like there is a knot in the wig. 

You’ll want to check how the braid looks at the side as well:

You can also reference this video for duplicating the hair style:

There are other ways of achieving this style, but I think this is one of the better methods for a beginner, because it is simply working with the wig itself. Hope this helps! 

hello folks!

so, I’ve been having a whole hell of a lot of trouble with school (and everything) lately. mainly, I’m having trouble paying for it. which is where you come in!


  • $15 for busts in lineart
  • $20 for full body lineart
  • $25 for busts in colour
  • $30 for full body in colour

+ half the base price for each extra character

coloured pieces come with a simple background if wanted


  • I will draw most things, including nudity (like, tasteful nudity?) BUT,
  • I won’t draw porn or anything sexually explicit
  • I won’t draw anything promoting hateful/oppressive views
  • I probably can’t draw a gundam, but simple mech is okay
  • furries/anthro are also okay
  • pokemon are cool
  • also, I can do portraits of you or your friends/loved ones!


  • make sure you have reference images and/or detailed descriptions ready when you contact me
  • once we’ve agreed on what I’ll be drawing, I’ll do up a sketch and show it to you before moving on
  • payment goes: half up front, the other half after I show you the sketch
  • I reserve the right to post the commissions to my blog, make prints, and use them for my purposes unless otherwise agreed upon
  • you’re free to post your commission wherever you like as long as you give proper credit
  • I take payment through Paypal only

so, if you’re interested, send me an ask/fan mail or an email at fayeliight@gmail.com

you can check to see if there are open slots over here

and if you want something other than what you see here, send me a message and we’ll work something out

Reader in Wonderland - Part 3

Summary: Gabriel x Reader - The reader tumbles down the rabbit hole and into a wonderland of Gabriel’s making after the trickster decides to help he unwind with a book.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 3735

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour  

Part 1  Part 2


Stepping into the forest you looked up at the unbroken greenery above you. No sunlight could shine through the thick branches weaving an unending tapestry of green an brown over your head, shrouding the path in darkness. Making what was a normal forest path dark and ominous. Looking back over your shoulder you considered finding a way around the dark path. Not liking the way the shadows twisted, becoming talon like fingers as they stretched for your legs. But as you turned, expecting to find the colourful garden bathed in sunlight two steps behind you, you saw nothing but trees. The path continuing both ways in a seemingly endless amount of straight thick trunks and damp forest beds… The sunny garden had been swallowed up by the forest and hidden from you before you could change your mind.

Shaking away the shiver that ran through you, you started down the path. You were a hunter. Anything hiding in there should fear you, not the other way around. The ground was soft under your feet. Every inch of the crooked path covered in the fallen leaves of autumn, yet the trees above you hinted at spring. Heaven and earth contrasting and defying each other as you stayed trapped in the middle.

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Hot damn…

This Cinderella collection has to be made with fair skin in mind… Honestly..

Right now, I look like a mail order bride in the 90’s.. [idek, it was my first thought after I finished~ cause everything frosted+ill suited colours, like idek..]

I’ll just do a post with pretty pictures of the packaging first, and figure out how to make this palette work for me~ cause how the fair youtube beauty bloggers use the palette totally doesn’t work for my colouring.

>also, on another note I’m going to return the Urban Decay powder foundation.. it makes my skin look pretty beat up.


Dusty Tones & Brass

This small space in Gothenburg looks super fresh in neutrals, brass and dusty hues of blue. Disclaimer: I’m in love with everything and anything that qualifies as a “dusty” shade lately. The apartment boasts some of its original 1920’s features such as the wooden floor and pantry in the kitchen. I’m loving the brass pendant above the dining table and the use of wooden crates as minimal storage in the living room for books and magazines. If you’re looking for crates like those, you can actually call your local liquor store and ask if they have any on hand. They’ll usually sell them to consumers for 5-10$. I’m normally not a fan of Rattan furniture but that chair in the living room is beautiful! Oh and if you’re looking for a cushioned stool similar to the one in the last photo I saw quite a few at Winners lately. They also had them in a wide range of colorful and tribal patterns if neutral isn’t your jam.


♥ Adriana Lima's Beauty & Fitness Tips ♥

1. Pile on the black mascara for lush lashes every day.
“My secret for mascara is that you just keep applying on and on and one specially in the summer, I never take my mascara off, I just keep adding on and I think its beautiful. Sometimes I even like to take the brush and purposely touch the skin around the lash line so it looks a little messy. Apply on the top and the bottom for me, the more you apply the better.”

2. For a bare-faced look, mix shimmer or bronzing power with your moisturiser.
“If you want the look of very bare skin, you can mix a shimmer powder with your daily lotion or even with sun block and apply to your face. It gives you that beautiful glow, even if you have no makeup on.”

3. Make your lip colour do double-duty.
“Sometimes I take like a little red or pink lipstick and dab it on my lips and on my cheeks. I use the same thing on my lips that I use on my cheeks to give that natural tinted look.”

4. Moisten your eye-liner pencil before applying.
“A lot of women have trouble lining their eyes, and what I discovered is that the pencil works better when it is soft and not too dry. Its better if it’s moist it’s easier to put on and you actually get a more precise line. The Victoria’s Secret Eye Pencil is easy to apply and stays on perfectly.”

Victoria’s Secret eye pencil, $10, at Victoria’s Secret

5. Blackberries, blueberries and steamed veggies should be your go-to snacks.
“Usually when I’m more careful on my diet, I don’t snack. I eat mostly green vegetables, asparagus, spinach. For breakfast or lunch I like them steamed, raw or both. But, if you like to snack, I suggest blackberries and blue berries. You can eat them all day just carry them with you and they actually help you burn your fat cells, so you can eat them as much as you want!”

6. Do high-intensity workouts for the best results.
“I like intense workouts nothing slow, I like to sweat. I love jumping rope. Its something that can travel you can carry it in your bag and do it anywhere, its light. The minimum time for jumping rope is ten minutes, and it equals thirty five minutes of running! Sometimes I do an hour jumping rope, and you can easily burn 1000 calories per session.”

7. Flaxseed oil is her secret weapon.
“If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flaxseed oil or a flaxseed pill just ask your doctor. Its great! It will make your hair super shiny and its going to grow fast.”

8. Chill out on washing your hair.
“If you have dry hair, don’t wash everyday. And if you have very, very dry hair wash once a week! The oils help your hair look better, but it also depends on activity if you sweat a lot every day of course you should wash more often or use dry shampoo. But you have to do what’s good for your hair.”

9. Brazilian Blow-outs are a lifesaver.
“One thing I would suggest if you have curly or dry hair that made my hair very healthy is the Brazilian blow dry. Its unbelievable, I cant live without it! I do it every two months and it makes my hair super shiny, plus it adds great movement and body to your hair. I love it.”

10. For healthy skin and nails, watch what you eat.
“I think something that is very important for your skin is to remember that everything that goes in to your body is going to show up on the outside, believe it or not. You’re going to see it in your skin and your hair and your nails, so its important to watch out!”

Vegan Beauty

So Saturday I finally got a chance to spend my gift card, I had been waiting for so long to spend it, but I wanted to go in and have a look for myself rather than doing it online. And oh my god when I walked in, it was like my own paradise

I mean come on, look at it, it smells amazing and those colours are incredible, I think if I could, I would spend my entire life in there. Unfortunately I…

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Guys! Guys! i finally managed to age a character and not have it look like Cr@p!

Ahem ok mini victory aside i had a go at Aging My Medic Joseph and i’m really pleased at how he came out……i swear this was meant to be a quick sketch, looks like i got carried away with the colours ^^;

I decided to draw him without his goggles on to see what he looks like when he takes them off and to make it easier to age him but he still wears them 10 years on XD

also he’s starting to look like classic medic now, hehe.

anonymous asked:

Does anyone know a dupe for Salem as a true brown? I'm not gonna lie I did purchase salem before knowing anything about the company but I was so disappointed! The colour comes out as a dark red/burgundy on me where as my friend also got the shade and it looks brown on her-.-

Hello, you! I take it you mean the site swatch rather than, you know, the customer swatches that never look anything alike.

The first thing that comes to mind is MAC’s Film Noir. Here it is!

 but MAC’s Photo would also be a decent dupe - maybe a little lighter than Salem.

NYX Chestnut Long Lip Pencil, NYX Maison or Jordana EasyLiner in Coco Loco are also good dupes. I know said you don’t want any burgundy, but take a look at OCC’s Anita too and see if you like it.

Hope I helped a little :)

- Ink

im in a yukiko mood

did you know the reason she picked up shironuri was because she was sick of how people would comment on her appearance back when she stuck to dolly kei and gyaru kei. stuff like weight (which she still hears from time to time) but also like… whenever people commented on her makeup, it would be how it looked on parts of her face? like “oh those lashes really make your eyes look bigger” or stuff like that and she hated it?

when she got into shironuri, it stopped being about her face. it became comments on the actual designs and colours and such. no one cared about how small or large her eyes were, or how pretty her lips looked with a shade. it’s not the only reason she switched into shironuri, but it is a huge reason

THE DRESS is a combination of Optical Illusion and a Bad Photograph

You see this optical illusion?

The squares labelled A and B are actually the same colour. But because of what is around it, our brain fills in the gaps and goes "well now, we can’t have that thing messing up such a lovely pattern! I’ll just make it look like a white square in a shadow! c: "

Your brain outright lies to your consciousness in order to make it look okay. If you remove the things around it, you get two squares the same colour.

With the dress, its the same principal. This is called "Relative Colour", and is one of the main areas of colour theory.

Some people may have poor blue vision, and therefore the dress will look white and gold. However, those of you with perfect vision, may look at it and still see white and gold. This is because of the same illusion as shown with the squares and cylinder.

Because the photo is so over exposed with artificial (and therefore yellow) lights, there is a lot of block white. The blue and black will also be washed out, the black appearing a bit brown.

Our brains will go "well the entire picture is yellow and white! So lets change the dress to the same colour to match c: "

The end result is a dress which is Gold and White.

However, if you can adjust your eyes properly and attempt to negate the effect mentally, you will see a Blue and Black dress.

In Photoshop, we can colour correct the photo to show the dress properly. We increase the contrast and decrease brightness to compensate for the over exposure, and then colour balance between blue and yellow to account for the artificial lighting.

This is the end result.

The dress is Blue and Black.

I hope you all learned something cool about your brain and your eyes today. :D

How to go through your readings

I am the kind of person who likes to do things systematically, so here’s kind of a routine of how I go through my readings (this is applicable to all readings, and if you are wondering, I study law (thus this includes cases) and social sciences.

1. Glance through your reading once - look at the titles, have a brief idea of the structure of it.

  • Philosophical papers (social sciences readings), for example, typically have a structure and a main idea throughout the paper. This is the step where you try to figure out its structure and the point that the author is trying to illustrate. 
  • For cases, you can have a look at how many judgements and a brief look at the facts to know what you are about to read.

2. Highlight your reading - colour coding is fundamental. It will help you to keep track of the structure and main point of the readings. 

  • This is my system:
    • Red: main/central idea of the article
    • Pink: subsequent point
    • Orange: subsequent point of the points in pink
    • Yellow: other important information
    • Green: key words
    • Blue: conclusion

3. Type an outline of the article - you may skip this part if you want, but if your exams syllabus include that reading, it will be very handy for you to have an outline so that you don’t have to go back and read the reading once again.

  • Basically this part is where you type/write the information you deem important or that will be examined. You should do it in an outline format so that it will be easier for you to study.

4. Summarise the outline/reading on an index card - this is a way to show yourself that you have truly completed the reading. Have the very important information on index card will recall your memory regarding the reading, and the more index cards you got, the higher the motivation you will have to complete the readings since you can see tangible progress. It’s also a great way to review the information especially before/after lectures or before exams.

I decided to try my lined style to see how my animation would look, and I enjoy the result. It takes more work, but it is at the same time easier since lineless requires so much work in making sure things don’t disappear into each other because they are the same colour.

Did Quilava as a request, partially because I really like Quilava. I think Quilava is really cute, though the original Quilava sprites always looked too angry to me.

Please do not repost (reblog instead!), edit, etc~

Gif requests can be made on this post (link here).

Okay but

Fenris, discovering his own likes and dislikes, trying anything and everything and having the option to say “I enjoy this” or “I don’t like this.”

Fenris discovering that he can have favourite things, favourite colours, favourite foods, favourite hairstyles because before he liked what Danarius liked, he ate what his master wanted him to eat, he looked the way his master wanted him to look, he didn’t even think about what his favourites were because who would have cared what a slave likes? But now he is his own person and he has the freedom to make choices, even in the tiniest things.

Fenris being able to articulate what he wants and not being afraid of the consequences or the punishment.

Fenris being able to tell Hawke “no, definitely not that colour for the baby’s room, are you even trying?

Fenris discovering himself.

WORTH THE HYPE: Benefit Gimme Brow

Nowadays the saying “brows on point” is the best compliment you can give a girl  big, bold, perfectly arched brows are right on trend and with a product like Benefit’s Gimme Brow you can get just that: perfect brows.  Benefit was one of the first to create fibre brow gels which contains tiny fibers designed to cling onto your brows and make them look thicker,. Te fibres are tiny which means they don’t look unnatural and they are distributed throughout the product well so you get an even amount on the brows. Unlike many brow gels on the market this has the perfect combination of hold and flexibility so your brows look groomed, but not glued into place. The colour selection is good, but could be better. There are only two shades in the range, but they are both cool toned which is something I appreciate in brow products. These brow gels do have a bit of pigment to them so you need to use a light hand to ensure you don’t apply too much product. The applicator is small and precise which allows for a lot of precision, but the wand does hold a lot of product so it is a good idea to wipe excess product on a tissue before application. Easily one of my favourite brow products of all time, Benefit Gimme Brow is worth all the hype it gets.

*This product was sent to me for consideration disclosure policy

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