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Across the Pond (Fin Macmillan imagine) [1575 Words]

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Summary: As part of your school’s new programming, you can study in Scotland for a month to learn through a different perspective and school system. You are partnered with a girl in a level lower than you, Ali, who has a brother in your grade (aka Fin).


You took a deep breath as the bus went over a speed bump, sending you a few centimeters off the cushioned seat before he plummeted back down to it. Looking out the window, a parade of dark clouds hovered over the city of Glasgow, taunting its residents. You sat back, looking over the sheet for your partner. Your name was Ali, and she seemed alright. She seemed a lot more social than You, but you knew that it would be more of a benefit to try to garner a social life while away, as the one back home was pretty empty.

“We’re here!” a student shouted, pointing proudly through the window towards the comprehensive school not too far away. Students gathered around the side of the bus, excited to see their partners for the first time.

You, though, stayed in your seat, fidgeting with your fingers. There were loud shouts of joy as the bus rolled to a stop, and the doors opened. The thirty students that had crammed themselves on the bus immediately vacated it, as if there was a fire. You quietly walked off, behind the rest.

Upon exiting the bus, you stepped into what seemed like a mosh pit, several people crowded into one tight area. You quickly found your suitcase in the piles of luggage that were being pulled from the bus, hoping to not have to stay here for much longer.


Your gaze went up when you heard your voice being called. Through the people, you could see a dark-haired girl in the back, waving you over.

“Hey Ali,” you said, after making your way through the crowd. “I’m y/n.”

Ali threw your hands around your neck, pulling you in for a hug, which you uncomfortably returned.

“I’m so glad you’re here!” Ali’s accent was thick, much like everyone else here. It would be a struggle to get used to, but you were up for the challenge.

“It’s great to be here!” you exclaimed.

“Your accent is so cool!” she said, excited. Ali quickly looked at her watch, before looking up at you, worried.

“We should go, my brother won’t be happy. We’re already late,” Ali explained.

You quickly told your supervisor that you were leaving, before heading off with Ali down the school walkway.

“We’re going to have so much fun y/n! Trust me, you’ll love the Macmillan home, guaranteed!”

A car horn rang out, startling you.

“Aye!” a voice called out from a car in the middle of the almost empty lot. “Ali, I’ve got to go! I have a test tomorrow!”

“We’re coming!” Ali called, crossing the street with you in tow.

The two of you quickly ducked into the car, sliding into the back seat. The boy in the front quickly sped off onto the road. You noted that he wore a similar uniform to Ali, so he must go to the same school.

“Y/n, this is my brother, Fin,” Ali said, gesturing to the boy driving. He looked at you through the rear-view mirror and you waved gently.

“You don’t talk much, do you?” he asked, his attention back on the road.

You shook your head.

“Maybe you could teach Ali to shut up every once and while then,” he said, laughing.

“Oi! Shut it Fin!” Ali exclaimed, hitting her brother in the shoulder.

“Oi Ali! I’m driving ‘ere!” Fin shouted back, trying to focus on the road.

You sat in the back, unsure of what to do.


Fin eventually pulled into the driveway of a decent sized home. “Last stop!” he exclaimed, unlocking the doors.

You stepped out, pulling your suitcase behind you.

“I’ll take that for you, if you want,” Fin said, referring to your suitcase. You shook your head, looking up at the tall flight of stairs that would take you to the front door.

He shrugged, waiting for you to start your way up the stairs. They looked daunting, but you knew that you could do it. About half way there, your arms began to tire, and you slowed down.

“Come on now,” Fin said, quickly snatching the luggage out of your hand. “Can’t be late! Mum’s expecting you.”

You glared at him, but quickly followed him, the lack of weight making it significantly easier to move up the steps.

“Mum!” you heard Ali shout through the home as you stepped in. “Y/n’s here!”

You nodded graciously at Fin as he placed your bag near the door. He gave you a quick smile, before walking off in another direction.

“Oh! I’m so glad you made it here safely!” an older lady exclaimed, walking out of the kitchen. The apron she had on was a floury mess. “I’m Mrs. Macmillan. I’m so happy you’ll be staying with us this month!”

She gestured for you to give her a hug. You quickly gave her one, knowingly getting your black t-shirt dirty.

“You’ve some flour on you!” she laughed before turning to Ali. “Let her try on her uniform, I need to know if I should make any adjustments to it tonight.”

“Aye mum,” she replied, taking your hand, and pulling you up the stairs.

Going into Ali’s bedroom, it was decorated in pinks and purples, similar to her colourful personality. You pressed a smile to your face as she reached into her closet, pulling out a few hangers of clothes. There was a blazer, three button ups, two sizes of ties, a skirt, and a pair of dress pants.

“This is the Northview uniform,” Ali explained. “It’s so ugly.”

“It’s not that ugly,” you said, running your hand over the dark green fabric of the blazer and skirt. “It’ll just take some getting used to.”


You quickly began to put on the uniform, wearing the skirt first. It was pleated and fell to your knees straight, similar to Ali’s.

“It looks so much better on you!” Ali complained, as you put on the blazer.

There was knock at the door, and Ali immediately called them in. It was Fin, with your bag.

“Delivery!” he chuckled, pulling the bag into the bedroom.

“Thanks Fin!” Ali said, dismissing him. He glared at her before looking at you.

“Look at you in Northview colours!” he said, eyeing you. You blushed a light red, unsure of how to take the compliment.

“She looks so much better than me,” Ali whined.

“Everyone looks better than you Ali,” Fin said, stifling a laugh.

“Get out!” Ali exclaimed. Fin raised his hands, backing out of the room, making you laugh. Ali joined you as her brother moved to another room in the home.


The night came faster than you had hoped, and dinner was nothing but an interrogation from the family.

“What’s school like where you’re from?”

“We have levels, but not quite like this. More along the lines of grades and stuff, but still kind of similar.”

“Do you have any siblings?”

“Two brothers.”

“A boyfriend?” That one was from Fin, though Ali was more excited about it.

“Oooh, does y/n have a boyfriend?” she egged on, shaking your arm.

You shook your head. “No boyfriend. But I think that’s because my brothers scare off every guy I’ve ever known,” you replied, laughing.

“Well, your brothers aren’t here,” Ali said. “So we’ve got to get you a nice Scotsman before you go.”

You laughed, almost dropping your fork. “I don’t think any guy is going to be interested in me here.”

“Well why not?” Fin asked.

You shrugged, looking at your plate. “Boys didn’t like me back home; I doubt that they’d like me over here,” you said, almost sounding upset. “But, my parents also want me to focus on schoolwork, so I’d have no time for boys.”

The family nodded, before going back to interrogating you. Thankfully, dinner was over soon, and you went to Ali and yours room, getting ready for bed. You tossed on an old t-shirt that your brother owned with a pair of plaid bottoms. Quickly joining Ali in the bathroom, you brushed your teeth before turning in for bed. Sitting in your inflatable bed, you stared at the ceiling while Ali read a book. You weren’t exactly tired, but you had nothing else to do.

There was a knock on the door, pulling you from your thoughts.

“What is it?” Ali asked, her nose still in her book.

“I just wanted to say good night.” It was Fin. He opened the door a crack, his head popping through.

“Why?” Ali asked, irritated. “You never say good night to me.”

“I thought I should start to,” Fin said, opening the door, revealing himself to be in pajamas as well.

You smiled at him, which he immediately returned.

“Well, good night Fin,” Ali said, putting her book down.

“Good night Fin,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper.

“Good night y/n, sweet dreams,” he said, closing the door behind him. You could hear him patter across the hall to his room, the door closing softly behind him.

“Sorry ‘bout him,” Ali said, turning to you in bed. “He can be a real bother.”

“I’m not a bother!” Fin called from his room. You stifled a laugh.

“Yes you are!” Ali called back. She turned to you. “Good night y/n, tomorrow’s your first day of school.”

“Good night Ali,” you said, as the lamp turned off, leaving you in complete darkness.

You quickly fell asleep, the events of today finally catching up to you.

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Got to say looking at recent BTS songs by looking at colour coded lyrics and lyric videos instead of line distribution videos is quite interesting. Kind of shows up an issue with what people complain about with BTS and their line distributions and that line distribution videos aren’t always reliable.

Please note many of the lines in Spring Day are written in brackets on lyric websites like the “Bogo sipda (Bogo sipda)” line.

Miniature Preview

Sneak Peak of …

“I’m Happy You’re Here.”

Niall’s breath knocked out of his lungs as he observed your figure step out of your wardrobe. He sat on your mattress, his knee bouncing, his fingertips picking at his cuticles, desperately trying to avoid staring at you, his jeans beginning to grow tighter and tighter with each miniature dress you’d slip on and show off, innocently asking his opinion on which looked better and more appropriate, although he couldn’t bear to truthfully explain that he’d wish you’d wear a smock and only let him admire you in a dress which showed off every single curve he would love to love and kiss and touch.

He couldn’t manage to take his gaze and focus off of you. He couldn’t imagine watching any other man dancing or kissing or touching you, beyond himself, in a peach dress, which hugged all of your curves in a way he couldn’t use words to properly express. His breath hitched in his throat, his thoughts travelling in a million different directions. He didn’t draw his attention back until you’d nearly shouted his name, your fingertips snapping in front of his eyes to capture his focus.

“Did I scare you or something? Should I not wear this?”

“No, no. God, no. It’s, um, you look really good,” he stutters, shoving his palm against his cock, crossing his legs uncomfortably as he manages to stare at anything in your bedroom beyond you. “I like your dress. It’s pretty.”

“Thank you,” you blush, a slight giggle leaving your lips as you step into your wardrobe, your hand clutching your chest, a heavy breath breathing in as your heartbeat slows, your cheeks burning red and your heart thumping through your thoughts. “Should I wear my nude pumps or booties?”

“Don’t remember the difference, darlin’,” he chuckles, groaning as he adjust himself on your comforter, his head laying against your pillow, his arms tucked neatly on his chest as he closes his eyes momentarily, a quiet cough drawing his attention, once more. “Pumps.”

He chuckled to himself quietly, shaking his head, his mind reminiscing to a moment in his life where he would’ve never assumed he would care so much about what his best friend would carefully wonder about his opinion – his opinion on how she looked and if she looked “good”, which colour dress should she wear for which occasion, or how a certain pair of shoes would match with an outfit. He couldn’t believe she would ever believe she didn’t look beautiful, because in his eyes, she always looked stunning – whether she was dressing in her best dress and heels, or if she sported a tank top and joggers with a pair of fuzzy socks tucked on her feet. He grinned widely, his cheeks blushing as she snapped around, her hands on her hips, her hazel eyes narrowing as she stared with a smile.

“What’s so funny?”

“Not’in! I’m surprised wit’ me’self with havin’ an actual opinion on fashion choices, like t’is. I’m not all too well in my fashion, as we can see,” he smiled, waving his hand alongst his outfit, his white tee shirt and blue jeans falling loosely off his figure.

“Niall,” you moan, rolling your eyes sarcastically, dropping your heels on your carpet, dragging your feet as you step against your bed frame, “you’re in blue jeans and a tee shirt – there is no direct style with that, like, at all.”

“Hey! I’m a boy – we don’t have a best sense of style.”

“Clearly,” you giggle, turning on your heel, shuffling towards your vanity, lifting a tube of mascara and brushing against your eyelashes swiftly, “I’ve gathered as much with our friendship over quite a few months.”

“We’ve been best friends nearly a year, now – thank you very much.”

“Wow. I am so sorry,” you dramatize, your soft words dragging each sound, his hip bumping your bursting a giggle off your lips. “Hey! I’m putting on mascara. Do you want me to permanently poke an eye out?”

“No,” he sighs playfully, winking with a smirk as he shakes his head, “because if you poked an eye out, you wouldn’t be able to admire my beautiful face ever again.”

“Wow, maybe you should bump into me, again.”

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What race are the people in ONJU? Asian? Latino? or..?

Onju universe isn’t located on Earth planet.

The people in Phallax are mix, but there can be people only have genuine race such as Irzi Misathax who is pure asian. (But that’s for Earth people point of view)

Phallaxian is just all, they don’t look up people by looking at their skin colours. They only look up to their pupils colour. (that’s why their pupils are highligtened)

Thiasan in other hand has abnormal skin colour, they are fairly greyish-blue skins and have cat’s eye pupil.

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Hi! I saw you post about Victor's skates on the Midnight Summer's Dream cover and I was wondering if you noticed that his blades, for both young and old Victor are silver. I went to rewatch ep1 when Yuuri remembers watching Victor skate and he has silver blades then but at 27y/o he uses golden ones. Maybe in the cover they gave older Victor silver blades not worrying about accurancy, but I still think it was an interesting detail. And when did canon Victor switch from silver to golden blades?

If you look closely, Viktor is actually wearing silver blades here 

At the 2014 Sochi GPF. It’s hard to get a good look at, but they definitely look the same colour as Chris and JJ’s skates.  

And at the 2015 Worlds (AKA the beautiful Stammi Vicino skate sequence), we see this 

And at first I did think they were still silver in motion, as they’re not as brightly coloured, but compared with Yuuri’s they’re definitely gold, and these are the same pair as we see during episode two 

Just to back this up further, here’s an image of some of Yuuri’s posters. 

It’s not clear, but I can’t see any golden skates in any of them. 

We don’t ever get to see that year’s Euros competition or the Russian Nationals, so I can’t judge much further than this: Viktor got the golden blades some time after the Grand Prix Final. 

Now on to why, exactly. If we’re taking the magazine cover as a piece of symbolism as I suggested it was, then honestly, I see the older Viktor being pre-GPF. As we know, Yuuri essentially brought life back into Viktor’s life after the banquet that year, so the almost depression symbolism would make sense, and follow canon, if it was a pre-Yuuri detail. The fact we have a younger Yuuri and Yurio looking up to him in the image suggests again that this is before Yuuri even knew Viktor. So I think the silver skates were done on purpose here.

I’m not entirely sure why Viktor switched. Just to be a bit extra, maybe? I wouldn’t put it past his character, especially if he needed new skates. Maybe to be ever surprising to his audience? To be honest, it’s as much of a mystery as the hair cutting is. 

Symbolically, perhaps you could argue how Yuuri’s presence in his life brings back colour, and the desire to win. Maybe. It would fit I guess with the whole “we’ll get married if you win a gold medal” thing. But perhaps that’s a little far-fetched. 

WINGS You Never Walk Alone Theory Part 2

Read part 1

This part of the theory is based on the mv teasers only, i might make more parts when the mvs are out

NONE OF THESE GIFS ARE MINE (apart from one that looks like shit lol)

  • More contrasting scenes:

This one might not seem evident but notice how Jungkook goes from

  1. Looking sad, with a pale face and bluish lips to looking healthy (his hair and skin look more colourful),
  2. The weather goes from cold and gray to sunny,
  3. And in the second scene the phrase “you never walk alone” can now be read behind him

What i understand from this change of scene is him gaining hope, now he knows that “he never walks alone”, and he even looks at the distance like he is seeing a better future coming

This one i mentioned in part 1:

It goes from warm light and cosy athmosphere to dark and even scary (considering how lost Jungkook looks), but I do notice that rap line doesn’t look that happy in that second gif so i’m not very sure about this one, and like i said before i think that the reason for this mood change is probably gonna become clearer in the mv

One thing i noticed is that each time a sad/dark scene comes up it consists of one of the members being alone, in the rest of the teaser a lot of happy moments are shown and most of them (not all) consist of the boys being together

i know Jimin looks pissed but they’re having fun okay

So i guess we can say that the phrase “you never walk alone” is meant to cheer anyone having problems or going through hardships (just like Jungkook in the two first gifs of this post) because we can only be truly happy when we have each other

So maybe the paradoxal changes could represent how the boys get lost, lonely, hopeless, sad, depressive ect. but when they are all together they can get through the hardships and become happy

II. Not Today:

This teaser is very short but it can still be analyzed, the boys are running away from a bunch of black hooded figures

As soon as i saw them i was immediately reminded by the same figures from the Fire mv

There’s already many theories about them, but i think there is two most logical options that actually compliment this teaser:

Possibility n° 1: The hooded figures are the boys’ demons/sins/negative thoughts such as self hatred and depression ect

Possibility n° 2: The hooded figures are the bad people that judge the boys, underestimate them, critisize them and even contempt them

In both cases they are obviously running away from them because both are negative

In Fire mv Yoongi burns one of them with a handshake, so he is kind of tricking the figure into thinking he is friends with it but then burns it after he turns on the music

Later in the mv again the boys are tricking the figures by dancing with them at first and luring them into one place before leaving them in there and making the place explode

(this is the only gif that i made myself and it looks like shit lmao)

So this either means

Possibility n° 1: The boys went through hard times, they were depressed and did stuff they regret and were in such dark times that they even attempted suicide in different ways (Run mv, I Need U mv) why did they have a tough time in the first place? well there’s this whole big theory about Jin dying so when they lost their friend they went downhill but that’s a whole other story

So now they are trying to erase of those bad thoughts/actions by literally setting them on fire.

Possibility n° 2: Same thing but with society being the hooded figures, the boys are tired of being discriminated and treated badly so they decide to burn down all the negative people

In Not Today teaser we also notice that at the beginning we can’t see who are the boys running away from because it is hidden by smoke

This could have a meaning:

Possibilty n° 1: When we are facing our demons and having bad thoughts it is not apparent to the people around us because we don’t talk about it. You can’t tell if a person is going through depression just by looking at them

Possibility n° 2: Even though young people are treated badly in our society it is something considered normal and acceptable to do, so we don’t realise it at first, it is hidden by the ideas that society itself put in our minds

It could also have a political meaning and that is that the rulers and people n power who don’t treat us right hide that fact, they pretend like everything is doing great though people are suffering

The black hooded figures could represent one of these possibilities or they could represent them all

We are back to “you never walk alone” when we see that at the end of the Fire mv they are all together happy and having fun, leaving behind the negative thoughts.


And in Not Today they are all running away together and in one direction

This shows once again that we aren’t truly happy if we don’t have each other

Youth concept:

BTS is still in the youth concept and that is shown by three main factors:

  1. “For Olemas to be happy, one child has to be constantly miserable” how society judges the young people and wants them to do things they don’t want to do, so then society is content despite the sadness of the youth
  2. If BTS is truly critisizing Korea’s education system then it is defending youth and trying to show that grades and diplomas aren’t as important as the mental health and the well being of students (the youth)
  3. The black hooded figures represent the problems of young people

Now i understand why this comeback happened so soon, it’s because Blood Sweat & Tears was more like a little break from the youth concept, but it doesn’t represent the true motives of Wings -solo songs all talked about serious subjects while the title track was about temptation

Also the fact that BTS is releasing this album while they’re on tour and performing their new songs the first time during a concert shows that they are really gifting it to armys, they even said so

Wings: You Never Walk Alone is a gift from BTS to every army (or the youth in general) that is struggling with mental health issues or simply going through hard times to help them feel understood, that they are not alone and that there is always hope

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can u write some jungkook/everyone petplay.. nothing sexual, just puppy!kook in a collar with a bell and all he wants is to be pet and attention and to be called a good boy and everyone thinks hes the cutest thing

A really struggled with this one and that’s part of the reason I took forever, but it was also really fun to write and I hope you like it!

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Shades (Draco x reader)

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Summary: The world is monochrome to you until you met him and try to discern different shades. But will your efforts go to waste in the end?
Words count: 1025
Warnings: Nothing!

A/N: Hi! I’m glad to -finally- be back to post this story (even though it’s short). I swear I have a lot of ideas and some written and half-written stories but I never seem to find the time to type them and correct them so I want to apologize for all the waiting… I promise I’ll be back with some new stories and also the continuation of the others! Enjoy your reading!

Good or evil, white or black.
That was the way you saw the world when you were young. Your parents were necessarily the good ones because they were your parents, they loved you and they couldn’t be wrong. The were never wrong in your inexperienced mind. If your parents dislike those persons, if they condemned their actions then those persons were the bad ones. The evil ones, always doing unacceptable actions, always making the wrong choices, always executing the wrong movements, always telling lies, spreading false rumours. Yes, that was what you thought.

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Request: Ota reencountering MC years after she broke up with him while pregnant.

His voice echoed in the studio as he shoved the half completed sculpture to the floor. A loud smashing noise flooded his ears, bringing no sense of satisfaction as he glared at the pieces.
Nothing worked.
It just wasn’t working out.
His career was fine. The dark themes the angel painted up was well received by the public - a sort of painful mocking to the scars of his heart every time he watched his sadness being loved by all those who didn’t understand or try to understand him. Ota bent down to clean up the shards on the wooden floor, absentmindedly tracing his finger along the sharp edge, feeling the sting as it pressed against his skin, just lightly enough not to draw blood. Ota sat back and sighed.
He had gotten used to existing without you. But this wasn’t life. This wasn’t living life. This was survival.
He was surviving.
But he wasn’t happy.
Ota gazed up at your painting on the wall. The bird looked bloody and broken. There was a fine layer of dust from when he had last brushed it. The crushed rubies caught the light and sparkled like a fresh trickle of red along the feathers. Ota raised his hand and winced, noticing the accidental nick on his index finger. A spot of blood twinkled and he stared blankly at it, heart and mind numb.
“That looks beautiful, Ayaka.”
You praise your daughter as she climbs onto your lap and hands you a crayon drawing of a fluffy brown dog.
“Can we get a dog, mommy?” She asked quietly, snuggling up to you. Her golden hair rolled over her shoulders in wavy locks, and you stroke her head.
“Maybe when mommy gets a better job, okay?” You try to avoid the topic. A single mother working trash jobs here and there doesn’t get very far.
She was very obedient and considerate to the condition of your living, and for that you were grateful. Ayaka never caused too many problems. Quite unlike her father, you often thought with a longing pang in your heart.
“But I want to name her Koro. Is that okay?” Your daughter peeked up at you through her long lashes, and the round, honey coloured eyes drew you in with such a look that you found yourself unable to refuse.
“Of course,” you breathe out, chest tight and strained. “Of course you can.”
Fame was great. He made good money day in and day out.
Not like he really cared for it.
Ota remembered all too clearly what this fame cost him. When he had been offered this international chance back then, he had a long conversation with the manager about the possibilities of this life. He had always suspected that you heard the discussion of how the market would be negatively influenced if he dragged around a girlfriend.
And then right after that, you left him.
Left him, gave him nothing to remember you by.
You cleared yourself out of his life, left no contact address, no number, no trace that you ever existed in his life save from the silver pendant - lightly scratched and worn - your first ‘collar’.
Ota traced the bandaged finger along the pendant that hung around his own neck now, the bloody red stone a tiny faceted bump under his touch.
He missed you.
You had been so careful not to be found. Taking your savings, you had hidden out in the southernmost point of Japan, on the edge of the coast. There, a family friend let you live in the basement for a kindly reasonable price. It was quite the simple place, chilly during the winter and so out of the way that mail took a good three weeks to reach the address. There, you had your daughter, and raised her with your own two hands.
She deserved so much more.
Too many times have you considered delivering her to Ota, a father that could give her everything she deserved - the best education, the toys, the clothes, the upbringing suitable to her heritage.
But Ota couldn’t have a girlfriend. He’s most desirable if he stayed a bachelor, and that’s precisely what he needed - to be desirable. What would they say if one day he showed up with an ‘adopted’ child, a little girl that looked everything like him, from the colour of her hair to the enchanting qualities of her eyes?
Ayaka was stuck in the middle of nowhere with you, taught to be frugal and to seek out discounts, to wear clothes until they’re way too tiny or when the threads break loose in six too many places. She had the luxury of a new box of crayons once a year on her birthday, but Ayaka’s doodles ground those away to nubs by the time she was six months into each age. The walls were papered with her drawings, most of them cherry blossoms and brown puppies, grey cats or little angels with feathered wings.
After putting your daughter to bed, you stare at the picture taped to your wall. A bluebird in a cage.
It was achingly familiar, and you remember the shock when you first saw it, the tears that burned in your eyes as your daughter worried asked if you were alright.
“I love it so much.” You had said softly. “I’m just happy.”
Even Soryu and Eisuke couldn’t find you. Ota became more and more interested in the auctions, especially after Eisuke recovered his beloved sister. He had the tiniest sliver of faith that that too could happen to him. That sort of miracle.
For six long years, there were no miracles.
Ota felt like he had aged decades in these six years. The angelic smile felt glazed over his features, a hard shell fused onto his face.
Where are you, Koro?
You get up in the morning and make breakfast.
Ota wakes up, glaring at the woman in the bed beside him.
You sit Ayaka down and braid her hair as she munches through a bowl of cereal.
Ota throws out the used condom and dresses himself.
Ayaka walks with you to school, ignoring - as always - the stares of the other children being dropped off by their fathers.
Ota plasters the charming face of an angel over his own scowl, greeting the model as she sauntered out of his bedroom.
Ayaka waves goodbye to you, smiling with her perfect angelic face, hurrying up the stairs with her little backpack.
A little bit of flirting, and the model is out the door, leaving him to his own thoughts and the scent of sex lingering in the air. Ota threw open the windows and breathed in the fresh breeze.
“Sorry, babe, I gotta have a word with my brother here.”
Baba slipped up to the bar counter, smiling cooly at the actress that was speaking to Ota.
“There goes my entertainment for tonight.” Ota frowned. “What do you want, old man?”
“I think this is much better entertainment.” Baba nodded with an air of importance.
“What?” Ota took another long drink of whiskey from his glass, every movement still smooth and elegant. In this sort of bar, he needed to look smooth and classy, not angelic.
Baba reached into his suit pocket and drew forth a picture.
“Isn’t she beautiful?”
Ota glanced down at the picture of a girl, about five, golden blond hair in long braids, wearing a plain blue sundress.
“I’m no goddamn pedophile.” He snapped.
“I think she looks beautiful, Ota. Look again.”
The honey coloured eyes fell to the photo and stared into the eyes of the girl in the image.
“She looks just like you.” Baba said quietly.
Ota looked bored as his gaze flicked up to Baba’s face.
“I use condoms.”
Baba laughed.
“Calm down there, old sport. I just wanted to point out the similarities.”
“And you have. She looks like me. Your point?”
“I think you be interested - just a little bit interested - in her mother.”
Baba handed him another photo and Ota yelled as he leapt from his chair to his feet, throwing the stool backwards onto the floor with a clatter.
“Shhhhhhh!” Baba grabbed him and sat him back down on another stool, glancing around to see if people heard them. The startled diners went back to their business as they saw nothing else wrong.
“Where is she?!” Ota demanded. “This. Her. Where did you- Who- No. She’s where? Her-“
“_________ takes her,” Baba touched his finger to the picture of the girl. “to the park every Sunday. I’ll bring you down this week.”
“She is…”
Ota stared down hard at the picture of the child. There was a chill in his spine, a thrill almost. The girl’s face was hauntingly familiar, the shape of her eyes reminiscent of yours, the colour of them the soft ripples of purified syrup.
Ayaka’s feet swung happily back and forth as she sat on the swing set, drawing with the stub of her overused pink crayon. The cherry blossoms were blooming now, and she was excitedly sketching one of the ones she had found on the ground.
You sat on the bench, watching her from a little distance, letting her sit in her own world. There were few people who came so early on Sunday mornings, and it was a small town. It was very safe here.
“There she is.”
Baba’s voice made Ota shake even more as the two of them observed the girl from a distance. The sun danced on her shining hair, the same way as it did on Ota’s in the same moment. He took a deep breath, and looked past the child to the mother sitting on the bench.
You looked beautiful to him, the same sweet plainness that made you so fantastically amazing. You looked tired, and his heart ached as he longed to rush forth to hold you in his arms again. But he wasn’t young enough to be that impulsive anymore.
Ota stood behind the grove of cherry trees, wondering about the best course of action. He wanted to go up to you, to question you, to demand answers that he had wanted for six whole years.
Ayaka hopped off the swing and ran over to the cherry tree to pick a new flower. She eyed the branch on the ground, a little thin one, with lots of clustered blossoms still on it, and picked it up in her small hand.
Ota watched her inspect the branch, surveying it carefully just like how he appraises auction items. Seemingly pleased, she was about to leave when she spotted him. The curious honey eyes fixed on him, and Ota felt as if he was being watched by a hawk.
“Good morning!” She said politely.
Ota felt his heart skip a beat as he heard her voice. Soft and sweet, chirping a greeting to him like a little bluebird.
He saw you rise from your bench, noticing that your daughter was speaking to someone.
You ran up to Ayaka to see who she was talking to.
“Hello, pretty lady.”
Baba joined Ota, breaking the silence.
“Hello, Mister!” Ayaka piped up again, and you grab your daughter’s hand. “Mommy?”
“Baba.” You said weakly, feeling your knees threaten to give out from under you. “A-And Ota.”
Ota choked your name out from his throat. You were so close, so close to him. Just a step away.
Yet he couldn’t make himself approach you.
“Long time no see, pretty lady.” Baba said cheerfully. “And little sakura princess, what’s your name?”
Ayaka glanced at you and you nodded stiffly.
“Ayaka, Mister.”
“Awww, you don’t have to call me Mister.” Baba patted her head merrily and she giggled at his friendliness. “You can call me Uncle Mitts!”
“Uncle Mitts!” She smiled brightly, and Ota flinched at the way her face lit up in the same angelic look he saw in the mirror in his childhood. “And this Mister?”
Baba grinned.
“You can call him Da-“
“How about we go to my place. Have tea.” You cut in with a hurried question that sounded more like a command.
“That sounds good.” Ota said slowly, unable to take his eyes off your face. You avoid his gaze and lead the way, holding tightly to your daughter’s hand.
You laid out the tea. Ayaka was sitting on the couch, playing patty cake with a very excited forty-year-old Baba. Ota was pacing around the small room, looking at the all the crayon drawings.
“Baba, do you mind?” You ask quietly, and he nodded. “Ayaka, go show Uncle Mitts your sketchbook.”
Your daughter nodded and grinned at Baba, skipping along as she led him to her room where she stored the whole stack of drawings.
Ota whispered your name like a prayer, inching closer to you.
You raised your hand and he froze.
He just stared, drinking in the beauty that he thought he had lost forever. He needed you. The soft voice, the support, the precious presence that composed his home and heaven.
You seemed unable to say anything but his name, meeting his gaze evenly with watery eyes. The first of the tears spilled down your cheek and the impulsiveness in him burst through. He closed the space between the two of you, wrapping you into his arms. Your hands hung limply at your side, face pressed against his shoulder. Ota’s grip was tight.
“I thought I would never see you again.”
He sounded so weak, so helpless. Your heart throbs in agony as you try to shove him away before your resolve would crumble.
“Don’t hold me like this, Ota.”
“Please, _________. Please, I-“
“Don’t hold me, Ota.” You feel your body shaking, the tremors shooting through your skin into his touch. “I. If you do this… I. I can’t let you go again.”
“Don’t let go.” Ota murmured. “Please. I can’t. I- You left me once. I can’t let you slip away like that again.”
Your words falter and you let yourself indulge in the embrace of the man you had loved for so long.
“I know why you left. My career is stable now. I need you in my life. I’ve always needed you.”
Ota’s face was pleading, older now, but with the same pained, sad expression that he had seven years ago, when you first spent the night with him in his studio. Your trembling hands stroked his hair, like you did seven years ago. A single teardrop slid along his cheek.
“I missed you. So much. So much. So much.” The rich honey eyes bore down into your own, and you let yourself be clutched closer to his warm body. “Please don’t leave me again.”
“Don’t leave me again.”
“Ayaka… it would be difficult for her.” You shook your head. “I don’t want to put this kind of change on my daughter.”
“She’s mine too, isn’t she?” Ota asked quietly.
You bite your lip and nod slowly, a blush filling your cheeks.
“I found out after I left.”
“I am her father, and I want to be her father figure. I want to raise her, ___________.” Ota assured firmly. “You took my daughter away from me six years ago. Isn’t it about time you let me in on this kind of stuff?”
Ota smiled hopefully at you.
“How could you take Ayaka away from me like that, Koro?”
Your heart flutters in your chest.
“It’s been so many years, Ota… I…”
“I love you, ________.”
He stared at you, long and hard.
“I love you. That has never changed. Whatever I’ve done, whomever I’ve been with, no one takes your spot in my heart.”
Your heart thumps hard in your chest, reminding you of the feelings that had never subsided, the emotions that never died, the need for this man that stood before you.
“Give me some time. I promise. Let me in back in your life and I promise you it will not be the wrong decision.”
A faint smile tugs at the corner of your lip, and he notices.
“Answer me, Koro, or do I need to punish you?”
Ota cracks a smile, a smile more genuine than he had felt in the past half a decade. You feel your lips curve up, and Ota hugs you to him as hard as he could.
“I love you too, Ota.”
Baba brought Ayaka back to the room, the girl riding on his shoulders happily until she spotted Ota’s arm wrapped around you, the two of you sitting on the couch. She clambered down and scrambled to your side.
You pull your daughter onto your lap, and try to give your most reassuring smile.
“Ayaka, this is Ota. He… He is your dad.”
The pretty honey eyes narrowed at the man.
“I don’t have a dad!” She snapped, and you watched Ota recoil at his daughter’s words.
“Ayaka, that is rude.” You look at Ota apologetically. “Be nice to your dad. I know it’s strange but-“
“I don’t have a dad!” This time she screamed, and struggled off your lap. Ayaka glared at Ota, a smaller version of him pointing and shouting at him. “He was never nice to us! Why do I have to be nice!?”
“Ayaka, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know where you and your mommy were until-“
“You made mommy cry all the time!” Ayaka shrieked, her words as sharp as her high pitched voice. “You’re so MEAN!” She was crying now, a spill of tears along her young face. You knelt at her side and embraced her.
“Shhhh, it’s okay. Ayaka, listen to mommy.”
She buried her face against your shoulder, and her eyes peered over you to glare at Ota as she hugged you protectively.
“He’s bad, mommy.”
“No he’s not.” You murmur softly. “I told you before. I chose to leave him. Dad is really busy.”
“But he makes you cry at night.”
You stroke your daughter’s hair.
“I cry because I miss him. And now dad is back, and mommy can be happy.”
“Are you happy?”
“Yes, I am very.”
“He makes you happy?”
Ayaka narrowed her eyes challengingly at her father.
“If you’re nice to him, it makes mommy happier.” You kiss her forehead gently. “Please?”
She pouted.
“Be nice to mommy.” She grumbled at Ota.
Baba smiled.
“She’s your daughter through and through, Ota.”
Ota chuckled warmly, feeling his heart soften in the most previously unthinkable way towards the girl.
“Of course. I love your mommy.”
“Make her happy.”
“I will.”
“I don’t wanna call him dad.” Ayaka turned to you, whining. “I don’t know him.”
“You will get to know me.” Ota said as he nodded to her. “I plan on bringing you and mommy to live with me.”
“Can I not call you dad?” She shuffled her feet around, twisting her hands together. “It’s weird.”
“Call me whatever you want.”
Ayaka bit her lip, a little habit she picked up from you, and sank deep into thought.
“Koro.” She said quietly. “You are Koro.”
Baba burst out laughing, and Ota shot him a dirty look. He turned back to his daughter, a little annoyed, yet the innocent and determined look in her eyes melted straight through him.
Anything for her.
This was his daughter.
And right away Ota knew that he would lay down his life for this girl to step on if she so wished.
This was his daughter.
And he was finally going to get to know her.
“Call me Koro.”

Hope you liked!
I love you Ota.


It’s the only thing I can still do seeing that I joined the party late, haha

Caspar: He happens to be Joe’s favourite singer


Caspar: The thing I told you about when we were on tour, my new roommate -

Joe: Are you actually serious about this?

He can’t believe his little bean would move in with someone else, my heart can’t take this

Joe: Bye

Caspar: Bye, love you


Caspar: Oh, he hung up


*about Robbie meeting Joe*

Caspar: It’s kind of like meeting an ex-girlfriend


Seriously though what is this I can’t handle all of this

Caspar: I wanted to make you aware that I’ve got a new roommate, he’s a nice guy and this is not going to affect our relationship


Joe: Oh my god


Robbie: So you’re the ex-girlfriend

Caspar: *nervous laugh*


Look at them, Caspar is so happy for Joe I’m crying

Look at the happy couple and poor Josh in third wheeling in the background, trying to get in shot

Caspar: How do you feel?

Joe: My day’s made

Caspar: Your day?!

Joe: My year, sorry

Josh: *still third wheeling really hard*

Caspar: Josh! You were supposed to hide!

Josh: Look at my size, look at the colour of my hair! How could I possibly hide?

This is so hilarious, poor Josh


And I think Josh has resigned to his fate by now

Joe: It wasn’t even a prank, more like an early Christmas present

For real though, this was not a prank at all, it was like the sweetest surprise for his boyfriend best friend

Josh is like, why am I even here

Caspar: Thank you, Joe

Joe: This made my year, so thank you bro

Caspar: Aw


Okay this video ruined me because they love each other so much and I just can’t and I will now go and cry about their love for a while

To see the other analyses I have done, check out the masterlist!


So here’s my last hair for this month :)

Inspired in Lady Gaga (surprise!) at AHS (I still have to watch Hotel 🙈)
I took special care with the bone assignment on this one, and the hair looks very good at big angles (look at ginger colour for example) so I guess for poses it will be good : D

As always, comes in 18 colours, works with hats, and has ambient occlusion (shadow) to give it a nice depth look :)

I hope you all like it ❤️
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laffbending  asked:

malec, westallen, barry+alec, magnus+iris

malec: otp of otps, invented love, invented ships, invented first kisses, invented mutual respect, invented beauty, INVENTED EVERYTHING, INVENTED MAKING ME CRY AND SMILE AND I’M!!!!

westallen: the other otp of otps, king and queen of het ships, UNTOUCHABLE, INCREDIBLE, LIFE CHANGING, BEAUTIFUL, ICONIQUE 

barry + alec: listen i didnt ask for this, those two TRAGIC white boys who look 3000x better when looking at their beloved of colour do not need to get together because it would be a disaster. BROTP!!! (i need it)

magnus + iris: ONE TRUE FRIENDSHIP OF COLOUR!!!!!!! i would sell many of my friends to see them on screen together, they’d be so good together. i’m sad because i’m in my feeling YET AGAIN BYE

otp, brotp or notp?

anonymous asked:

I love Chloé soooo much. I want to buried in chloé. Can you link us or show us some of the things you want to see tay in??

S2017: Look 1 (ugh she’d look so chic) / Look 22 (i love the flow) / Look 35 (so lovely) / Look 43 (a little out of the ordinary print-wise but a fresh take on crop top) 

R2017: Honestly practically anything here it’s all pretty dreamy. 

Look 12 (legs. for. days) / Look 13 (ugh this gorgeous colour) / Look 18 (chiiiiic) / Look 19 / Look 30 (this colour blocking DAMN). 4/5/6/10 are all also super cute and preppy looking for fall. 

PF17: Look 1 (the fabric!) / Look 2 (the outerwear!) Look 4 (the colour!) / Look 7 (so cute) / Look 11 (on her long legs and lean frame?) / Look 17 (so cute cozy for fall)

anonymous asked:

did you finish your icon tutorial yet? no rush just curious! :)

Yes I did!!! I’m so so so so sorry for the long wait. I wanted to have a few friends look at it before I published it to make sure everything was well explained and easy to understand!

Requirements for this tutorial:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (what I will be using in this tutorial)
  • Time and patience (pretty important tbh)
  • I recommend using a wireless/wired mouse as it will be far easier to use one than using a trackpad 
  • HQ Screencaps

In this tutorial I will be showing you how I made a 100x100 icon from my Halloween Icon Pack | You can see more of my icons on my icons page


Tutorial under the cut!

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So, Black Widow 9 is here and it is EVERYTHING.

First off, it took me, like, 5 minutes to calm down and actually read the thing through because I was so damn excited, but when I finally did, oh boy it was worth it.

This was seriously my favourite issue yet (psh, no bias or anything): the interactions between Natasha and Bucky, the EXPRESSIONS of the characters (Samnee is SO GOOD at those), the colours, the movement - especially the fight scenes, the dialogue, some of the larger stills… urgh. And let’s not forget about that end! THAT END!

I will say nothing more, but seriously, if ANYONE wants to message me and just scream with me about this, I am totally down for that.

Warning: six large images under the cut (my very favourite BuckyNat moments of the issue). Spoilers, obvs.

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