Apparently because Reylo was called imaginary (as in it hasn’t happened yet) by the vanityfair interviewer, and because ryan said romance is not important to epsiode 8 (which is expected?) antis are saying it isn’t going to happen. I mean, sure theres a chance it might not happen but I mean thats a pretty big reach to make you think you’re ship is going to happen. I dunno… considering John himself said Rey and Finn are just friends and the romance will “not go the way you think”, but go off I guess. :)

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Hey do you know any multi chapter Lieutenant Ducking five? Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Or Princess Emma and Pirate Hook ? Thank you ❤️

Oh, goodness, I’m so terrible at making lists off the top of my head. Looking through tags of some fellow CSers, I’ve come up with several, but sorry, most of these are oneshots, dear. I’ve marked the multi-chapter ones with **asterisks:

This Be the Verse by @mahstatins

A Special Gift by @kaizokujester

you and i by @cutieodonoghue

**Dover Beach by @ooshka-babooshka

Time After Time by @dassala

Her Happy Beginning by @katie-dub

**The Princess and the Apple Tree by @stubble-sandwich

The Ghost and the Mask by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Come Away with Me by @bleebug

Fall by the seaside (get lost in the current) by @georgianablythe16

**As Destiny Has Its Eyes On You by @winterbaby89

No One Needs to Know by @hook-come-back-to-me

**marry me, he said by @bisexualwillscarlet

**i’ve lived a long bloody time by @emmashappybegining

**True Love Will Always Find A Way by @marajade4s

**Seized by @ardentcsshipper

And, from CS Fic Promos:

**A Lieutenant Duckling Story by CaptainSwanLove

Oh Sailor Mine by @heomomka


I was looking though Granger’s tag last night because sometimes I just need to look at and appreciate him. While doing so I came across some of his parenting skills when dealing with Zero that is pretty relevant to why Zero is finding it difficult to speak to his dad about his sexuality and so on. 

I just felt it would be good to reblog them for anyone who has recently started following or keeping track of my chars/game but doesn’t have any backstory knowledge because of scrambled tags and what not.. plus it’s thursdayyyy. They’re really old so you’ll have to pardon my overall game aesthetic, writing, editing and Zero’s face as a child lmaoooo. Pls.

I was looking through my OC tag and saw that I have barely any information about any of my OCs so heres the beginning of a set of character sheet no one asked for

So Nell is kinda the deus ex machina character of my OCs (not quite, but he’s as close as it gets..). The world they’re from is complex and has a complete mythos that I don’t think anyone wants to read (lol) but long story short he’s the most powerful and least powerful of my OCs, depending on what “form” he’s in.

He’s been sickly his whole life and as a result of his powers and being held captive for his whole life, he kinda looks quite unhealthy/pale. He was born with red hair but it has since lost its color. He’s probably in his early/mid twenties but hes an old soul honestly..he’s kinda the grandma of the group of characters.

In the world they live in, he’s literally known as “the Balance” because of mythos stuff that I might post one day, maybe.

Mostly i think he’s just pretty (also @shea-gardienne likes him a lot for some reason)

So guys, I was looking through the saphael tag because what else would I be doing, and I came across this very interesting anti-saphael post. Someone said that in the scene we are all basically dying about, it’s not really Raphael, its Clary. The person had a theory that Clary was using her shape shifting rune. When I first saw this, I was like, “WHAT IN TARNATION” but now it sort of makes sense. As much as I love saphael, don’t get your hopes up too much, because to be honest, what are the chances of Raphael actually cupping Simons cheek and Simon being happy about it? You never know. Oh, and trust me, if it is really Clary, I’m about to fight someone.

((As has been alluded to a few times by a certain flyboytracy… ‘Anime North’ was fast approaching and, well, it’s almost here. Friday morning I’ll be on my way to Toronto to stand behind a table for 3 days and to try and make some money. XD (Dealers Hall, V-8 if I have any Ontarian lurkers headed to AN around. XD) 

…Yes, this is why Virgil has been rather quiet. Sorry about that! ^.^;;; (I miss him too.) If I have a few minutes, I might setup a lil’ queue for first time ever or something for the weekend. =Oa Have to see. Hrm. But yeah. Next week, I should be back and Virgil-ing again. Please look forward to it. ;Db))

I saw a Spongebob thing for something like this but I forgot to save it 

So you get this thing that I made

Original image is from @always-x3

But honestly 

There @fluff-of-yarn

Are @edge-lorb-meta-knight

So @arena-doom-team

Many @letmeexplaineverything

Blogs @randomeevee

Man @forgotten-galaxy-knight

(Whoops, forgot this guy @revenge-of-the-puppetmaster )

so like the thing with the new notifications page is like i dont dislike it being bigger Because, and Only Because, I use retags so like it looks like it would accommodate tags well

but like the thing is thats not why they did it and also they broke retags so really this update sucks

Okay ... um

I know this isn’t important and it affects no one but I wanted to make the post so0o0o …

My mental health isn’t the best right now. Some of you may have noticed that my blog was locked down earlier this week. I’m trying a few new things, however, to avoid a situation like that again (I don’t want to give details but … it wasn’t pretty) –

  • I will no longer be looking at the IPKKND tag, or any related tag, for the foreseeable future
    • This really just means that I won’t be able to find all the amazing new content people create for the show and that I might not be able to post every day. I used to check the tags once a day but these days the experience leaves me feeling worse rather than better.
  • I will no longer be looking at the tags in reblogs
    • Sometimes people ask questions or say something super extra nice, and usually, tags make my days brighter. But recent experiences have taught me that I am safer not looking at all. 
    • If you have something to ask or even a nice comment, please send an ask. I reply privately to a lot of things I am sent.
    • You can tag me but the sheer volume of notifications I receive means that I might not see it.
  • I’m trying to focus on me, and what I want to do
    • My sense of identity is tied very strongly to this blog. I have something inside me that tells me that I’m useless, irrelevant, and unwanted when things go awry with it.
    • When Ek Jashn was on I forced myself to stay awake until after midnight so I could watch the episode, post about it, make gifs and post them, and then sleep at like 6 in the morning. It was destructive to almost every aspect of my life but I was convinced that I had to do it.
    • With IPK3 looming around the corner, I want to step back and remind myself that I’m still awesome even if I don’t want to watch it or don’t watch it quickly enough or am not always the person with the gifs and analysis and answers and opinions.

I know many of my reactions and thoughts are unhealthy and irrational, but in that moment, in the middle of an anxiety attack or a depressive episode, those thoughts seem true and rational. It’s not as simple as telling myself not to think or act in a certain way.

TL;DR: Please be patient with me while I work things out.

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What do you do when you don't know what to draw? I always want to draw but as soon as i open up my computer and connect my tablet I always just end up sitting there for hours on end look at the screen and doing nothing :(

usually I’ll look at my inspiration tags and other artists work, watch music videos or play video games ^^ Most of the time it helps to take a break and get some input