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omfffg non binary party poison!!!!

yes please
• party being really confused by the lack of gender roles in the zones
• lowkey knowing that they arent just a boy, but they arent just a girl either
• meeting ghoul, and learning that they dont have a gender
• being very intrigued by the idea of just being genderless
• learning how to pass as female, but that doesnt quite feel right
• learning everything they can about nonbinary genders
• ending up just identifying with nonbinary
• presenting in a mixed m/f manner that confuses bl/ind, ie wearing makeup, but not being completely clean shaven, (they love makeup, it makes them feel braver)
• being really proud when kobra comes out as ftm trans, and being so surprised at how excepting everyone is of their gender
• being in love w ghoul and being super flustered when ghoul refers to them as their datemate

//send me trans headcanons

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Do you have a full body photo of jimin its for science (proceeds to google search anatomy of jimin)

Not likes it’s been 12 hrs since you sent this message, but if you still need some:

- Devi (i would just like to add these are prime examples of jimin ruining lives w/o actually doing anything)

Kelley was never combative, but he seemed drawn to passionate souls…. Something in him liked a fighter, and he enjoyed the role of counselor that gave these heroes strength and rest.
—  1/∞ reasons why DeForest Kelley is actually Leonard McCoy (From Sawdust to Stardust)

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How is there no Hogwarts AU?!! Someone should do something about that!

i wonder who is a writer here… a writer who could…… write this…. hmmmmmmm…. hmmmmmmmmmm