I just noticed the way Litten’s fur stands up when he attacks and I think that’s adorable


So I keep seeing posts showing how much Rose and Steven look alike (granted that’s mostly because of Pearl commenting on how Steven looks like her) but I haven’t seen any that show how much Steven and Greg look alike. Because it almost looks like Steven could be Greg’s clone, haha.

Also Greg and Rose have the exact same nose.

"But what if this really is a haunted mansion after all?
What am I even doing, saying things like that?!"

Did you know Peacock has a ton of unused animations? This one was part of her Lonesome Lenny blockbuster, which looks to have functioned differently at some point in development.

More importantly, it is an adorable dancing animation and it makes me incredibly happy just to watch. :> I feel like this should be repurposed into a taunt.