• Astrid: *holding her 3-month-old son* I want another baby. I mean, look how cute baby Stoick is.
  • Hiccup: Of course he's cute. He's half yours.
  • Astrid: I'm serious, babe. I mean, doesn't he just make you want more kids?
  • Hiccup: *flashbacks to Astrid's air sickness, morning sickness, cranky mood, complaining, etc during pregnancy* *flashbacks to Astrid complaining in labor* Don't you remember how much you complained when you were pregnant, and how you said you'd never do it again?
  • Astrid: *flashbacks to seeing baby Stoick for the first time* It wasn't that bad. And it was worth it in the end.
  • Astrid: *gets pregnant* Why did I wish for another baby? The gods must hate me.