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It’s not always easy to understand Rose’s choices… but we have to stand behind them.

Thoughts on Newt x Tina?
  • me: newt and tina are married in canon
  • me: but newt has trust issues and how on earth will he fall for tina..he comes off so ace..plus in ther first meeting tina drags him to the macusa for letting lose the niffler and the second time she traps him in his suitcase and almost gets him killed and they barely talked at dinner..i can't see newt in love with tina after what happened with leta..he's too lonely and damaged to open up to another soul
  • me: chill they have five movies to work it out

Jacsee Week - Day 2 - Family

as the 2018 winter olympics approached, canada’s sweethearts took a promotional photograph with their newly combined and expanded family ;w;

this is the first fanart appearance of jacques’ older sisters we gave him, danielle and lisette!! who are 10 and 5 years older than him respectively >:3c papa and danielle aren’t shy either, they just don’t know how to take professional photos LMAO