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I think in this 4 months people forgot that Emma doesn't like paparazzi and in general they don't like them. Besides people already saw them together we don't have pictures (which I'm thankful, because I dont like when they take pictures without their consent) but we know they are together. Most of them need to let them be.

there’s just SO MANY photos of them looking pissed/not holding hands that doesn’t make sense to me we are even talking about this?????? i don’t know jack about body language + it’s such a complex thing. the fact that andrew went straight to LA to see emma and not to london to see his family says SO MUCH about their relationship. they are such a married couple. i don’t know why this fandom is trying so hard to find holes in their relationship. let’s chill, y'all. enough drama!!!! :)


“Even so, tomorrow, thanks to Gold and the author, I can wake up a talking frog.”


I was tagged to post my lock screen and my home screen by muchbuffy. My home screen is always so cluttered I stick with the spacey wall papers apple gives you. But my lock screen is of course spuffy.

I will tag lovesbxtch, beautypowerdeath, diisharmony, ofvampiresandvisions & honedbroodingskills. And anyone else who wants to do it. (Or if those tagged don’t want to do it that’s cool too.)

Do you see…….how it looks so easy for them……? He doesn’t mind holding her hand…..he does not fucking care. He doesn’t mind smiling with her. He doesn’t mind looking at her. He doesn’t mind any of it. Calvin is actually Taylor af and he doesn’t care if the world knows. Is this the real life……? Or is this just fantasy…….? *faints*

Bog is a shy, soft spoken man who had everyone floored by how genuinely quiet and bashful he was. And he’d avoid crowds and people because he can’t handle it- but he plays it off so well. As if he’s too evil for them. And they believe it, horrified and scared at the thought of his presence.

But goddammit, after migration, he must meet Marianne in the middle of the fields and in front of hundreds of startled and terrified Fairies holds her as if she’s the most precious thing in the world, face buried into the crook of her neck, staff long fallen to the ground beside him in favor of long arms wrapped round her back, claws digging into the fabric of her shirt, the sound of her exhausted chuckles the most glorious thing in the world.

I don’t think people would know how to react to seeing him that way. But I sure as hell want to.

we watch each other become, 
from what we used to be
to a new person

what we went through, 
how we dealt our hand

what we were given, 
checkmate. here i come. 

we knock obstacles, 
while we slowly knock at each other

how long will stay?
whispers the quiet bird at dawn

for as long as listening grows me, 
i will bloom like a flower

i will shower you with love,
and watch my water grow you fruits

see I am your catalyst, 
while you act as a notebook

these thoughts must go somewhere, 
to be exchanged and evolved

whats better than two people, 
living off each others mind

like they always say, 
two heads are better than one.

—  Nahilliam Truspear