imagine this heart breaking scenario:

Alex and Michelle show up at the shack for the summer when they’re 15-16.  They’ve started their relationship but they try to keep it on the down low so carla will let Michelle go.  Once there, they are more open about their relationship, still keeping it mild so the don’t alarm Stan, but Stan isn’t an idiot he sees how Alex looks at Michelle and he spies them holding hands or kissing once or twice, so he tries to approach Alex in the hopes of having a man to man talk and Alex just nervously is like “it’s alright, Uncle Stan. *insert one of mom’s boyfriends she had at one point* already told me all this…”  And he awkwardly escapes the talk from his ‘uncle’ and Stan is hEARTBROKEN


z100’s spring fling

if you’re feeling a little down right now here are some sea otters to help cheer you up

look at them holding hands so cute

and here’s a mama holding her fluffy child

he’s stunned at how much of an amazing person you are


so fluffy look at them

aww tired little floof

ok continue blogging ily <3