who will die?

ok this may piss a lot of ppl off BUT keep reading and hear me out.

7x10 preview we see blind Jenna wielding a gun (smart!) she clearly shoots one of the liars. Now I saw a post about the boots on spencer being tucked under the pants and Arias being Over the pant.
I think they showed us that to trick us. The legs scrambling away look teeny tiny. definitely not spencer. also… Spencer is wearing ripped jeans, the shooting victims jeans are not ripped.

so.. I really don’t think toby will die. I think it will be Aria.

Think about it.. have u seen lucy share behind the scenes stuff lately? she’s had a lot of time to insta her dog and no pll related activity. She’s doing overseas touring and signings soon while others are probably going to be shooting scenes.

Ezra realized Nicole is dead and is coming back to Aria TOMORROW. How cathartic that he comes back to see her shot and fighting for her life. It will be a beautiful way to show just how selfless Aria is.. trading in wedding flight tickets for him to have closure on Nicole and then she dies selflessly.

Holden is confirmed to be back next half… why?? he is irrelevant now, but he would come back for Arias funeral wouldn’t he.

Troian said shooting this scene in the finale was the hardest thing. working with someone almost everyday all these years and having to say goodbye was awful. hmm.. we all just assumed Toby. Is it just me or did that sound like Spencer screaming “what did you do” as we see someone laying there shot.

So my guess is Spencer will literally be there as Aria is lying there… dying… the end. (Thus explaining Troian’s quote)

…January comes and we finally get Confirmation on whether Aria lives or dies.

If that isn’t motivation to finally end this A game once and for all, no holds bar, balls to the wall, I don’t know what is.

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I'm confused, is kaneki's kagune in shape of snake or centipede??

Eh, well… I’m not sure either. But, in my opinion, it’s still a centipede. Look:

Here we have a centipede and Kaneki’s centipede kakuja.

And this is the way Kaneki’s kagune currently looks.

It pretty much looks the same as before: the rinkaku tentacle + legs that looks like the ones of a centipede. The only difference is that the new drawing of the kagune is more detailed but I think that’s because of Ishida’s art style change.

I may be wrong though! :0

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I saw the post about lance and his body type and legit he's SLENDER and GRACEFUL like a bird ! He could be a rhythmic gymnast ! I have a lanky, skinny body type and I love it ! Im a bit clumsy (like a baby deer) but hey! One day I'll be a big deer and be all cool and stuff ! So that's how I see lance ! He's all legs and torso and arms but he makes it work (plus reaching stuff on high shelves is so much easier when u r a lanky tall bean sprout) idk why people make fun of him?? That's awful ??

Honestly there’s really not much difference between Lance and Keith’s body types other than the fact that Lance’s limbs are longer. 

and like in these screen caps lance’s arms and legs even look thicker than keith’s? But are there fics portraying Keith as an awkward looking, “uninteresting”, flat assed, “unattractive” person? No there aren’t. It seems to be just Lance that people are making fun of. Weird, right?


I’m sorry, but I’m little confused about positions on Senior Class photo. It seems like Brooks has his elbow on Eric’s knee, right? But Eric’s legs look really funny, I mean, due to bottom of Eric’s combat boot, is it possible? Doesn’t make sense.

In the senior photo when they did the goofy picture, there’s a foot on the fat dudes (next to brooks) lap and I’m just wondering - is that Dylan’s foot????? And who’s knees is Brooks resting on?? I’m so confused lol.

I’ve studied and studied this photo quite a bit myself and and it’s not easy to figure out!  So, you’re not the only one that is coming up short over it! The thing that doesn’t make much sense is the body part in light blue denim jeans that I put a ‘?’ by. But, we can determine from the first photo, that Eric is wearing black BDU pants. Brooks and Zack have slightly nuanced shades of dark blue jeans so this means.. the light denim jeans have to be Dylan’s! His body is slopping forward and his looong thighs are kinda squeezed in together and all we can see are the tops of his knees  Brooks has his hand lazily resting on the top of Dyl’s knees.  I used to think that was Dylan’s boot..but I it seems too small given that Dylan had a size 12 foot.  It can’t possibly be Eric’s boot, because his body is leaning in the opposite direction. No way would he get his boot swung forward.  So, the only logical explanation would be Robyn’s boot. I don’t know what kind of rugged boots she has on but that would give her a fairly sizable foot for a girl - maybe size 9 or 10.  Which would mean that her right leg is bent, leaning on top of Dylan’s thigh (which we can’t see behind Zack) and she’s resting her boot on top of Zack’s leg.  That’s the best I can deduce of it presently!  :)  The photo really is a puzzle-like conundrum..   

And, by the way, Zack is not a “fat dude”, he is stocky, people, stocky. Sheeesh.  The poor guy…

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lexark 3 word prompt: baby, come here.

Alicia’s eyes followed Elyza as she paced her bedroom. She thought she would look down and see her plush carpet worn to the padding on the path she had been taking over the last half an hour.

“Babe, come here.” Alicia patted the spot on her bed next to her. “Just relax.”

Elyza stopped for a minute to look over at Alicia who sat cross-legged on her bed. “How are you this calm?” Elyza asked, starting her well-worn line again.

Alicia shrugged and sighed leaning her back against the wooden headboard. “There’s nothing we can go now. Why worry about it?”

Elyza put her arms up in defeat and heaved a heavy sigh as she walked over to Alicia’s bed and face planted into the soft purple comforter.

“I have traveled over oceans, fought the undead, and lived in Australia. But this is by far the scariest thing I have ever done.” Elyza’s voice was muffled as she kept her face buried on the comforter.

Alicia moved so her long legs could straddle Eliza’s body. Her hands went to work on Elyza’s tense shoulders. “But this will be worth it once it’s over, right?” Alicia’s strong hands moved down Elyza’s body, giving her chills.

Elyza flipped their positions with a turn of her hips and legs. “So worth it.” Elyza’s blue eyes shone brightly in the candlelight and Alicia could see that lust and desire had started to consume the blonde.

Alicia shut her eyes as Elyza attacked her neck with heated kisses. She wrapped her arms around Elyza’s neck and let herself become lost in the sensation.

A knock at the door made Elyza jump and fall off the bed onto the floor. “Ofmp.” She groaned as her butt made contact with the carpet.

Alicia opened her mouth to say come in when the door opened and Madison appeared with Travis behind her. “Everything okay girls?”
Madison asked with a suspicious look on her face.

“Yeah.” Elyza stumbled to her feet and sat down on the bed next to Alicia. “Saw a spider.” Elyza made up and Alicia knew neither her mother or Travis bought it for a second.

“So…?” Alicia asked, eager to get the focus away from what had been happening before they walked in. “Did you guys talk?”

Madison nodded. “We did. Both of us agree that having Elyza in the group would be an asset. But we also worry about your feelings for each other. This new world doesn’t look at love as a strength.”

Alicia looked at Elyza and took her hand. “I’ve never felt stronger.” Alicia didn’t look away from Elyza as she spoke. Elyza smiled warmly and gave Alicia’s hand a squeeze.

“Elyza can stay with us.” Madison broke the silence.

Alicia smiled brightly and got up to hug her mother. “Thank you. Thank you for being reasonable.”

Madison looked at her daughter after they had broke apart. “Be careful Alicia. I don’t know what I would do if this decision costs you your life.” Madison looked over Alicia’s shoulder and gave Elyza an uneasy glance.

“Everything is going to be okay.” Alicia assured her. Madison nodded and followed Travis out of the room closing the door behind them.

Elyza got up and lifted Alicia off of her feet in a tight hug. “We get to be together.” She whispered into Alicia’s hair. It warmed Alicia’s heart that it meant so much to Elyza to have something steady in her life.

A moment later they turned as they heard the bedroom door open again. Madison stood in the doorway. “Travis and I also agree that this door is going to stay cracked.”

“Mom, it’s not like one of us can get pregnant. I’m an adult.” Alicia complained.

“I understand. But others in the house have had issues sleeping because of the noise…” Madison didn’t stay to see their reactions. If she had she would have seen Elyza’s face turn a nice shade of red.

Me: Hey, watch this scene with me.

Son sits down

Me: Look, he’s coming out of the water,  Wait I’ll pause it and put it in slow motion. Omgsh! Look at those legs! Look at those thighs! Look at the definition in those muscles! Look at him in that wet swim suit.  Oh here comes the biceps, look at his pecs. Omgsh! those triceps and lats. Omgsh, omgsh, omgsh! Waaaaaaaah (screams)

Son: Well that was disturbing.

Villain AU Sans

Well take note this isnt finished yet XD 

A little teaser of how everything will look~ 

Also I did the crossing cross legs on purpose ;P 

And with shade and everyone else, shade is well bigger than the rest since he’s a part of wild but you didn’t hear that from me. shhhhhh X3 

Not in order: 

Error Sans @loverofpiggies (won’t let it tag)
Horror Sans @sour-apple-studios
Cross Sans @jakei95
Nightmare Sans @jokublog
Murder Sans @ask-dusttale
Killer Sans @rahafwabas
Shade Sans @metalphoenixx (me) Underfell “Red” Sans -Au community 
Jealous. (D.O, werewolf!au, Mating Season series) *NC-17*

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Jealous. - Kyungsoo, werewolf!au, Mating Season *NC-17*
Warning: Smut


This night sucked. It sucked major balls.

You were supposed to meet up with five of your friends, yet the only one who showed up, dressed like sin personified, was Kyungsoo, your crush.

The werewolf’s hair was styled up, giving his normally baby face a mature look. His jeans tightly fit his legs, shaping the firm muscles and his shirt showed off his collarbones that made it so tempting to just nibble at them.

You need to stop or you won’t survive the night.

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LOVING YOU {last part; Jungkook}

I jumped out of bed. WHAT THE FUCK?! Jungkook’s eyes sprung open as he looked at me with a shocked expression. What’s wrong with you? … What do you mean?! You’re in my bed! … Well yea? I stared at him in disbelief as he opened and closed his mouth. 

Jungkook had confessed last night. He remembered it clear as day. But now he was looking at you with a complete fearful expression. It’s a lot easier to confess when you’re sleeping … That sounds so creepy. Your eyes were practically bugging out of your head as he grabbed your hand. Pulling you closer to the bed, he sat up and swung his legs over the side. He looked you in the eye and began speaking. 

I love you. It scares me. I don’t let people in because the people I love hurt me or they die. I don’t want you to do either. But when you said you loved me, god, my heart jumped out of my chest. I wanted to run up to you, but I didn’t want the guys thinking you were whoring around with me, so I stopped being your bodyguard. I just, I suck at words and I don’t know how else to put it, but I love you. 

I smiled as I watched Jungkook’s shy expression grow more confident as he continued to speak. He was telling me how he felt and my heart fluttered. Draping my arms around his neck, I leaned my forehead against his. He looked up into my eyes as I continued to smile. I love you, but it’s still creepy that you broke into my house. He laughed and shrugged as he moved his face up to yours. 

The kiss was gentle and loving. Not passionate or lustful, but reassuring and careful. It was almost as if both of us were worried the other would disappear if we were too rough. Soon the kiss became more feverish, his hands began to roam as mine moved to his hair. Growling into my mouth as I pulled at his scalp, I reveled in the feeling. 

Soon shirts and pants were being flung across the room. Jungkook made note to kiss every scar and every mark. He told me he loved me. Whispered sweet nothings in my ear. All while falling into a complete air of desire. My breathing became more erratic and I felt myself reach cloud nine. 

As we laid in the aftermath of our loving morning, my fingers traced the various scars that were etched onto his skin. Can I tell you one more thing? … Sure? … I love your scars. Jungkook stopped my hand and looked down at me. You do? … Of course, they are part of what makes you, you. I smiled up at him as his grin grew wider. Kissing my forehead, he wrapped his arms around me tighter. Thank you for making me see that I should love every part of me, too. I kissed his chest as I cuddled up to him. 

It was the perfect way to begin the rest of our lives. 

  • Me:oh my god, what is that, is it real? *points at bug on ground*
  • My friend:I don't know, I don't know what it is
  • Me:but is it real? What is it? *pulls up my phone light to look at it better* it's like a big cockroach! But with spider legs...
  • My friend, backing away:I don't know what it is
  • Me:it's a mix between a cockroach and a spider... A-a... *suddenly laughs* it's a Cockrider!! A cockrider! A cockroach and a spider!!!!
  • My friend:noo no no it's not

“Look! There is a shop. Should we buy a sunscreen?”

It should be just a sketch ;_; I haven’t drawn any fullarts in a long time so here it is. This was my first try when it comes to painting this kind of background and I had no idea what I was doing X’DD

Anne in crop top, what a time to be alive! I have so many ideas for his outfits that includes crop tops! He has a shorts on him too, but legs looked awful so I cut them XD

Last days before school starts, so Anne went on a little trip to the beach. Anyone wants to join him?