Penguins have “knees” inside their bodies. This is actually the case for almost all birds. The femur bone is short and very close to the torso, whereas the Tibia and Tarsus are longer. The femurs are not actually within the torso, they are just very close, so that when you take an X-ray, the rest of the torso overlaps the top part of the legs.That’s why it looks like a bird’s “knees” bend the “wrong” way. What we think of as the “knee” is really a bird’s ankle. This, and the anatomy of the pelvis, is why birds usually hop, instead of walking, and wobble from side to side when walking. (Source)

BTS react to your paranoia

A/N: Hey anon, just wanted you say that your english is perfectly fine and that i find it very brave of you to admit your mental disorder like that ~ I hope that that this disorder does not limit your quality of life ^^

// I did some research to be able to write this reaction without spreading false information but please DM or send me a message if anything i wrote is not a correct fact//


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Jungkook would be woken up from his sleep when he felt you shuffle around in bed more than usual, after rubbing his eyes and reeling into consciousness he would look over at you only to find you wide awake and looking around anxiously. “Y/N? What’s wrong” he would sit up to look at you better “Jungkook, there are spiders on my legs” he would throw the covers off of your feet and soothingly reminding you “there’s nothing there Jagi, don’t worry.” He would pull you closer to him, throw his legs over yours and rub comforting circles on your back as he waited for you to fall asleep before he too went back to sleep. 


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When you first told him about your paranoia, Taehyung would be so utterly confused and clueless. He would attempt to understand and want to be able to help you but wouldn’t understand how to, at night when he experienced your paranoia first-hand he would immediately wrap his whole body around you and whisper comforting words as he hoped that this would help.


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The first thing that would come to his mind when you were experiencing paranoia was to consult and comfort, he would hold your hand, run his hand through your hair and just listen to whatever you had to get off of your chest. After hearing your worries and anxious thoughts he would sooth you with comforting words “it’s okay, I’m here, I won’t let anything get to you Jagi” 


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Namjoon would jump awake when he felt you shake him from his sleep, he would turn to look at you and immediately engulf you in a hug. After you had told him about your paranoia he did some research so that he would be prepared whenever it happened. Although sleepy, he would immediately converse and consult with you before waiting for you to fall asleep, happy that he was able to help you. 


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As soon as Hoseok woke up in the middle of the night after hearing your voice, he would know the deal and already know exactly what to do. he would shift in bed and switch both of your positions so that you could comfortably lean against his chest and so that he would engulf his arms around your body making sure to whisper in your ears “It’s okay, there’s nothing there” and smile to himself when he realised you were sleeping peacefully again. 


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Yoongi would be pretty grumpy that he had to be waken up but would still be worried about you, he knew that you had no control over this and would attempt to comfort you by switching onto the TV and cuddling, even having late night conversations just so that you would feel slightly better. 


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Seokjin’s mom mode would activate and he would get up and was about to go to the kitchen to make you a cup of tea before deciding that he shouldn’t leave you alone and so he lifts you up and brings you with him “you need some fresh air” he would tell you. And so there you both were at 3AM drinking Chamomile tea on the balcony having a soothing late night talk before he brought you back to bed making sure that you fell asleep first before he was able to sleep too. 

                                                 -bangtan angels-

Now, I hadn’t planned to drabble this but it has been on my mind for hours nooooow!! It’s the start of Spring and lambs are allowed to skip around their excited hearts in the grass and there’s the small rows of ducks following in their mothers trail!!

Now guys, can you believe how Isak and Even took a walk today? Their hands joined together like super glue, spring-inspired lips and swimming stomachaches dancing in railroads all the way to their knees. They stop once a while, watch the lambs play tag with each other between their mothers legs. They hug and for the first time they hug outside and can actually feel it. Their arms so so close to eachother because the jackets are thinner and their hearts are that tad bit thicker.

But, it’s pink visioned on emerald green when Even looks up and sees Isak cross legged on the ground next to the lake. His jacket all falling down his shoulders but he doesn’t really bring himself to care. He looks so, vividly pastel around the new forming apple blossoms and Even’s heart blooms into the brightest fushia around his ribs. 

Because Isak is sitting there, jacket forgotten and light pants going green stained too, with the tiniest of yellow black ducks on his lap. Hes smiling that little bit, the way that breaks a scream to a tiny whisper, down and it just yaps happily at Isak’s fingers. Even hears him laugh ‘auwch’, like the way he does when he kisses him too hard or teases fingers around his bones, when it bites a little bit. 

And, god damn, Even wishes his eyes were a camera. Because if he could, he’d forever want to remember how the one that’s his started his favourite season with a chorus of birds chirping and all, without Even even needing to taste a bit of sticky sweet lemonade against his lips. 

The Bangtan Boys react to you having a problem with your appearance...


You were trying to fit into a new, tight-fitting dress that you’d bought a little while earlier whilst Yoongi was lying on the bed, his back to you as you changed.

The dress had looked so stunning on the mannequin – why did it look so strange on you?

You shifted this way and that in the mirror in an attempt to find a flattering angle, but – from your perspective anyway – all of the wrong curves were being accentuated, the straps were permanently wonky and your legs looked out of place…

“I look awful in this dress,” you announced, and Yoongi took that as a hint to turn around. His brown eyes fell on you immediately, and he struggled to keep his usual cool facial expression as his mind registered how beautiful you looked. And then he remembered what you had said, and his mouth opened in shock.

“Awful?” he repeated, confused by the word. It wasn’t a word that he would ever have dreamed of associating with you. As you turned in the mirror, your face contemplative, he pulled a doubtful expression. “In what way?”.

“In every way,” you tried to explain, whilst Yoongi continued to stare at you in wonder. “It doesn’t look right on me, Yoongi”.

“Well, you’re wrong,” he stated matter-of-factly, his voice low.

“I’m wrong?” you asked, smiling despite yourself. He hummed in confirmation.

“Y/N – you’re my favourite person in the world. So please don’t offend me by insulting yourself”. You gave him a dumbfounded look, and he smirked at you.

“Yoongi,” you said, laughing.

“You look amazing. You always look amazing – in that dress… in everything”. You paused, your cheeks instantly flushing. Your eyes met, and he turned away shyly when he saw your loving smile. “Hurry up and get dressed already, Y/N”.


You and Hoseok had decided to go for a walk (Hoseok had decided to go for a walk) because it was a nice day and being locked up inside seemed like such a waste.

You’d now been walking for a while, and although you loved spending time with your amazing boyfriend… you were getting kind of tired, to say the least.

“Can we go back now, Hobi?” you asked sweetly, pouting involuntarily when he turned to look at you.

The sun was shining on him, which made him look even more handsome when he smiled at you.

“Are you getting tired, Jagi?” he asked, concerned enough to stop walking and turn back to get a better look at you. He had to crouch down a bit to see your face when you looked shamefully down at the ground, and he pulled your chin up with his finger, his brilliant smile warming your heart.

“How about I give you a piggyback-ride!”. It wasn’t exactly a question but more of an excited exclamation. Your heart seemed to halt. “I’ll carry you back home, Y/N. That way you don’t have to-“.

“I’m too heavy!” you insisted just as he was leaning down to begin. “I’ll probably break your back, Hobi”. You tried to sound jokey, but Hoseok could hear the self-doubt in your voice.

Standing up and wrapping his arms around your waist, he let out a little sigh.

“You,” he started, as if he didn’t know where to. “You are not ‘heavy’, Y/N”. He laughed at the word, but when he saw you were still serious, he made it his mission to make you smile.

He quickly kissed your lips, surprising you, and he tightened his grip around your waist so that you were practically hugging, which made you giggle finally.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful”. He hesitated, and you blushed at his honest tone. “We can just hold hands, if you’re really that worried”.


You and Namjoon were in his room, somewhat relaxing. Well, you were pretty relaxed – Namjoon was working on a new song whilst you curled up beside him, your oversized hoody and your boyfriend’s presence both keeping you warm.

His concentrating face was so beautiful that honestly, you’d been staring at it for a while now.

Sitting up to stretch, your eyes found your reflection in the mirror, and you made a disapproving sound when you saw your hair – in your opinion, it was spiralling out in all the wrong directions, rebelling against your supposed hairstyle.

“Ugh,” you said aloud, momentarily trying to tame it before giving up. “My hair looks a mess”.

“What do you mean?” Namjoon asked, stopping his work for a moment to stare at the same reflection. Your eyes met in the mirror and he smiled bashfully, his dimples showing as he looked back down at his work. “You look beautiful”.

“Um, but you have to say that,” you half-laughed, half-deadpanned. His compliments were frequent and never short of sweet, but today you just didn’t see what he was seeing. “It’s all weird and wrong – what happened to it?”.

Namjoon’s deep laugh sounded beside you.

“But I love it, baby”.

“You have to say that, too”. Groaning in frustration, you broke eye contact with the girl in the mirror and threw yourself back down beside him.

Namjoon could see that this was upsetting you, and he hated the thought of you being upset.

He put his work aside for a minute, slouching down to be at level with you and enveloping you into a hug. He kissed your cheek softly and you laughed as though he had told a very funny joke.

“Y/N,” he said, his voice so low it gave you tingles. “If you don’t like your hair, you can do something new to it. You can do whatever you want to it and I’ll still love you. No matter what you do, Y/N, I’ll still love you”.


You were relaxing outside with Jin since the weather was so nice today, sat in between his legs with his arms wrapped around your waist, giving you a sort of on-top-of-the-world kind of feeling.

“Ooh!” you randomly exclaimed, reaching for your phone as the idea struck you. “Let’s get a picture”.

He was so handsome and beautiful that you felt unmatched to him in all of the selcas you took together, but it was still fun to do.

“Are you sure you want to compete with this face, Y/N?” he joked, kissing your cheek as you readied your camera. “Last chance,” he sang, and you nudged him slightly as you giggled fondly.

“If we pull funny faces I’ll probably feel better,” you admitted, raising your phone up as you spoke… but then you saw it.

A spot – on the very centre of your nose.

“Oh, my god”. Jin was confused as you bought the camera closer to yourself to get a better look – it was so strikingly obvious against your skin. “Oh gosh it’s so ugly and gross!”.

“What are you talking about, Jagi?”.

You turned in his lap to show him your face, pointing accusingly at the spot that had ruined your moment completely. He had to squint to see what you were talking about, but as soon as he saw it… his loud and distinct laugh sounded immediately and didn’t stop for a while. You had no idea what was so funny, but Jin’s laugh always made you smile – at least a bit.

“It’s not funny, Seokjin – it’s quite serious”. He stopped laughing when he realised that you were still fussing over it – he could never understand when you got like this. From where he was sat… you looked like the most beautiful girl in the world, even with your smile set into a frown right now.

“Jagi”. He pulled you back in for a cuddle, sighing as he thought of something to say. “Ah, you really should have more confidence in yourself – if I think you look beautiful, you should know it’s true”. You finally managed a laugh, which made him feel very accomplished.

He placed a gentle kiss on your nose, which made you laugh even harder.

Beautiful,” he reminded you, raising an eyebrow. You blushed and looked away from his intense gaze. “Now – are we still taking a selfie? Or do you want to go get something to eat, because I know I do”.

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whos the dude in the bee suit?

It’s her friend from the leg hair picture! Looks like shes not the only one with powers, He can make duplicates of himself! The two like to spar from time to time.

Today     I will hurl the cross off my neck and
kiss an unruly girl on the mouth. It will     sting

at first, but her tongue will be down my throat
and I will hymn between the wet intervals,

the hands of Bath and Body Works lotion
on my waist. She calls it     begging.

When it happens, my thumb will belong
to her       body and our mothers will look for

the girls of Jesus’ disciples between our legs—
but we sprawl them across each other,

the sheets as mattress as wood as you
lay on my breast and count the backwards

blooming of our sins.

First Meetings - derek morgan x reader

@milkandcookies528 requested: Could you do one where morgan is jogging with clooney and he sees the reader and wants to talk to the reader but doesn’t know what to say the reader so clooney purposely bumps into derek so that he has a excuse to talk to her. Thanks.

I hope you like it!! sorry it’s short ):

(not my gif)

It was no secret that Derek Morgan was fit. He worked out all the time to stay in shape. One of the ways that he did so, was jogging in the park in the mornings some days with his dog, Clooney.

As he was jogging, you caught his eye. You were wearing a tank top, workout leggings, and sneakers, and your hair was in a ponytail. He stopped jogging and pretended to be catching his breath and taking a sip of water to get a better look at you as you stretched your legs, as you always did before a run.

Clooney was not happy to be stopped, once that dog was running he didn’t ever want to stop. The dog tugged on the leash, Derek tugging back to get him to stop. Clooney disobeyed, the leash slipped, the dog ran over to you and jumped up to try to say hi. You smiled, petting the dog’s head, “Hi, buddy. What are you doing? Where’s your owner?” you always loved dogs, so this was a blessing. He was a sweetheart.

As you were about to check his tag to get a name, a man rushed over, grabbing a hold of Clooney’s leash and sighing heavily. “I’m sorry, he tugged too hard on his leash and ran.” he explained briefly. You did a double take when you looked up at him. He was hot.

He held his arm out for a handshake, and you shook his hand. “I’m Derek Morgan, and you are?”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

And that was the beginning of someone new. After this first meeting, you and Derek jogged together multiple times a week, which blossomed into more than a friendship. A few years later, you bought (another) dog together. If it weren’t for Clooney, you’d have never met the love of your life.


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I Know Where I Want to Be (By Your Side) 

by walking_travesty (14k)

Published : 2016-06-26

“You’re gorgeous,” Harry says before he can stop himself. His eyes grow wide in horror when he realizes what he just had just done. Louis is just as surprised as Harry is, his mouth slightly open and his eyebrows raised. He looks away from Harry, looking down at his lap. He starts to shake his leg, and Harry is waiting for the moment when Louis calls him a freak and tells him to get out of his car, but that moment never comes.

Louis looks back up at him, his eyelashes fanning so beautifully against the apple’s of his cheeks that Harry feels close to tears.

“Thank you,” Louis whispers, his eyes full of tenderness. He looks at Harry’s lips, eyes drifting to them and then back up in an instant. Harry can feel his mouth go dry, his heart beating against his chest.

A story in which Louis and Harry are neighbors and chaos ensues.

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I unfortunately binge eating for a week. It makes me feel like shit but I keep getting these comments from my family saying "your legs look fat" "I don't think those pants fit you" stuff like that and with it comes the binge eating. Any tips to keep myself on track? I really want to loose weight quick for the upcoming summer and just to make my life style a little better. Please and thank you.

Hi okay so im really glad you did recognise the triggers of your binges and you decided to start a better lifestyle! Youre already a step forward! Okay so now that the first step is done, there are a few thips that can definitely help you overcome binge eating: take a break, like a minute or so to think through what triggered your binge and recognise what youre about to do (or what youre doing), if its good for you at all. And the most important is to forgive yourself! Be as gentle to yourself as youd be to others! Dont beat yourself for it as it can cause later binges too! Dont tell yourself you cant have it, that can trigger later binges, but that youre gonna enjoy it in moderation then go on. Stay safe❤