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TDBM drabble - Scars

Words: 300
Pairing: Alice/Matthew
Warning: mention of scars, slight allusion to self-harm. Nothing too drastic but I want to make sure everyone is okay.
Other: Originally planned as an askbox ficlet for Ellie. And then it refused to fit into the askbox. Sorry, my dear! I hope you like it anyway. ^^’


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Dr1 girls’ s/o is late for a date

Specifics; s/o was late because they had broken their leg and so s/o calls their girl to tell them that.


Kirigiri Kyoko

  • She shook her head at your clumsiness.
  • You gasp in mock offense.
  • “If I didn’t know better, your talent would be the super high school level klutz.” She muses and you whine.
  • (I almost wrote the super high school level sex, Atua-damn Komaeda!)
  • She kissed your forehead.
  • “How are you feeling?” She asks, being serious.
  • “Kirigiri-san, I’m fine. I’m okay.”
  • “Your leg is suspended.” She states, blankly.
  • You sweatdrop. “I’m not in pain.” You corrected yourself.
  • “Sure you aren’t.”


Asahina Aoi

  • She’s at your hospital room in a flash.
  • She pales looking at your elevated leg.
  • H-How did this happen?!
  • She pulls a chair closer to your bed and asks for you to tell her how this happened.


Fukawa Toko

  • “(y/n)-sama!” She cries out, opening your door.
  • You were sleeping and she slapped herself.
  • What if you had woken up?
  • That could’ve been the first time you’ve slept since you’ve gotten there!
  • She is so stupid!
  • How do you put up with her?
  • She was pulling her hair until she saw your peaceful expression.
  • She calms down and strokes your face gently.
  • She stayed by your side until you woke up or visiting hours were over.
  • Whatever came first.


Maizono Sayaka

  • It takes a lot of reassurance and kisses to make her believe you’re okay.
  • “How soon are you going to be able to leave?”
  • “Two weeks, about.” Her shoulders slump.
  • Then her head snaps up and wraps her arms around you.
  • “I can’t survive two weeks without you!”
  • “M-Maizono-san, you can visit.”
  • “Oh right. Sorry, I forgot.” She smiles at you sheepishly.


Ikusaba Mukuro

  • She came with a murderous aura.
  • Who did this.”
  • Her voice made you shiver.
  • It wasn’t even a question, it was an order.
  • You nervously looked at her bloodthirsty eyes.
  • “Ikusaba-san, no I did this to myself.” You lie to save the poor soul who would’ve gotten hurt.
  • Her eyes soften and the murderous aura disappeared instantly.
  • She walked up to you, her shoulders relaxed.
  • She sighs and asks, “What did you do this time?”
  • You smile sheepishly and made up a story.


Celestia Ludenberg

  • …How unfortunate.
  • Her precious knight has been injured.
  • What ever shall she do?
  • Yamada can never do a better job than you.
  • And you’re too good for a substitute.
  • Oh well, she’ll just spend time with you until you get better.
  • That way she doesn’t have to be apart from you.


Ogami Sakura

  • She visited you daily, worried about your condition.
  • At first the nurses thought she was a male but you quickly corrected that Ogami is a female.
  • They apologized and Ogami took no offense.
  • You clearly need a lot of rest, but not as much as her.
  • She was starting to get bags from the lack of sleep.
  • You guessed she’s been training instead of sleeping to take her mind off of you.
  • You told her you wouldn’t sleep if she keeps staying up.
  • She immediately did what was asked of her, which made you happy to see she was getting sleep.


Enoshima Junko

  • She walks into your hospital room, bitter.
  • “You’ve kept me waiting…” She spat.
  • But then she laughs seeing your state.
  • “Oooo! I’m so jealous! The despair you’re feeling right now can’t even compare to the despair of waiting!”
  • She runs over to you, stroking your hair.
  • “Let me guess how this happened. You were near Komaeda-senpai.”
  • You shamefully nodded.
  • “But it wasn’t his fault, Enoshima-san–”
  • “That disgusting piece of shit, I’m going to destroy his precious ‘hope’.” She snarls.
  • “Enoshima-san, it’s fine–”
  • You were sitting up and she pushed you back into your bed firmly.
  • She walked out of the room with a dark expression.


I’m sorry this took so long.

I had no idea how to write this.

~ Mod Celeste

Here he comes: the Vagabond, with his Vagabutt, and his fierce Vaga… Run.

I’m getting back into the groove of animating again. Like, damn, look at this. It’s smooth as huck. I’m super proud of it. Next is to get a feel for Geoff’s character and then maybe start storyboarding the Animated?? I dunno. First time’s the charm, as they always say. 

more coming s o o n.