I watched the last two episodes of Tokyo Ghoul Root A today and they were amazing!

I thought it was a really great season despite what other people have said, maybe it’s because I haven’t read the manga but as a standalone anime season it’s really great I think.

Arima is really awesome and I don’t get why he hasn’t been shown more often considering how strong he is.

Stitches was so distraught it seems when he couldn’t defeat the One Eyed Owl after he’d badly injured/nearly killed his friend. He looked heartbroken in the last episode.

The One Eyed Owl is so powerful, but I thought it was meant to be Yoshimura’s son, because dude looked and sounded like a lady LOL! so … he had a daughter really? or what? Plus, she ate Yoshimura! D: I did not see that coming and ran off!

The fact Kaneki managed to make it back to Anteiku in that state surprises me and Hide was there!

Of course Hide always knew Kaneki was the Eye Patch, but Kaneki didn’t realise he knew, awww. 

Hide collapsed in Kaneki’s arms because he also suffered a bad wound in the battle field!!! Oh no! I says on Wikipedia he died, but did he really? although I suppose that would explain Kaneki covering him up initially. Hmmm … 

But I thought he was trying to take him to the CCG hoping they could help him so he wouldn’t die. 

Poor Touka found out Anteiku was burning down, but Kaneki and Hide were still inside and came out but she got told not to follow him for her own protection by Yomo fulfilling his last promise to Yoshimura, awww. 

Kaneki taking the body and crying in the snow to the CCG with Arima waiting was a sad scene to bear witness to. 

I think maybe a better end would have been just hearing his footsteps and the screen fading to black before seeing Arima though.

Touka post credits had opened up her own new cafe it seems, for next season I guess which will hopefully be soon and she looked older and different. Better I think.

I can’t wait to see next season and see what happens! <3

I loved both seasons a lot <3


Yixing must have been wearing pants with glue on them (cr.)


We will say goodbye, and we will look back one last time. And know that, wherever you go, we will be with you.

This is Commander Shepard, signing off.

While I’m so, so, excited for Andromeda, I still can’t bear with the thoughts of actually leaving the Milky Way cast. Here’s to the new game in the series, and we’ll gonna miss you, guys!

anonymous asked:

can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her


it’s ok Mark, you can get emotional, it’s your last high-school year after all