So, I woke up to screaming and crying this afternoon. My brother woke me up yelling something about a dog and kitten…

So, I ran outside as fast as I could, then saw my mom crying… That wasn’t a good sign. Come to find out, our dog and our neighbors stupid dog killed one of our tiny orange kittens… It had teeth marks all over it…

It was so heartbreaking to look at… I just wish I could of slapped some sense into those dumb acting dogs. If I was up I could of saved it… Cause I already grabbed two kittens from our dog this week…

I kept telling my mom that the dog’s were gonna kill them, but nope… Of course she didn’t believe me. honestly, I’ve lost 4 cats this month.

1. Was Raisin, she was sick, finally had a seizer and died…

2. It was our gray cat… we walked outside and saw her laying there dead. I have no idea what happened to her. She just died…? She wasn’t acting weird or anything, she was eating normally and all that. Nothing got a hold of her either, so… idk…?

3. It was our white kitten… She was solid white. I have no idea what happened to her. She went missing… She was only a teeny tiny kitten, so I’m guessing the dogs got ahold of her when we were up town.

and 4 was our Orange kitten we lost today… So many of our pets died… Its hard to deal with, TBH.

5SOS Album Mashup
  • 5SOS Album Mashup
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer Album Mashup 

I don’t even like you, Why’d you want to go and make me feel this way you tasted, And even though your friends tell me you’re doing fine, Are you somewhere feeling lonely even though he’s right beside you, She lies awake, I’m trying to find the words to say, I wish I was, I wish I could’ve made you stay, And I’m the only one to blame, I know that it’s a little too late we don’t follow, We wont wait for tomorrow, It’s too late we were back at her place, A hideaway in Mayfair, All the great and good there, Drinking all the way to third base, Princess getting naked, Falling on it, Would you wanna run away too? ‘Cause all I really want is you, You look so kiss me kiss me kiss me, And tell me that I’ll see you again, ‘Cause I don’t wanna be a victim of authority, I’ll always be a part of the minority, Save me from who I’m supposed to be, So tell me what else can I do? I bought my fake ID for you, She told me the time that I caught her, She said to me, Forget what you thought, ‘Cause good girls are bad and I’m so good to you it’s not fair, And when the phone call finally end up talking in the first place, You said you like my Cobain shirt, Now we’re walking back and forth round and round kinda like it this way, Don’t stop doing what you’re doing, ‘Cause every red light, Kissing at the stop signs darling, Green Day’s on the radio, And everything is alright, Now we’re turning up the headlight, We could have all night, If you just say the word, Tell me it’s alright, Give me the greenlight.


  1. She Looks So Perfect
  2. Don’t Stop
  3. Good Girls
  4. Kiss Me Kiss Me
  5. 18
  6. Everything I Didn’t Say
  7. Beside You
  8. End Up Here
  9. Long Way Home
  10. Heartbreak Girl
  11. Lost Boy
  12. Amnesia
  13. Social Casualty
  14. Never Be
  15. Voodoo Doll
  16. Greenlight

5sos + Music Videos x

Out of My Limit - 11.26.12

Heartbreak Girl02.22.13

Try Hard 06.01.13

Wherever You Are - 09.23.13

She Looks So Perfect - 02.24.14

Don’t Stop - 05.18.14

Amnesia - 07.31.14

Good Girls10.10.14