I remember the way we looked into each other’s eyes like there’s nothing left but only the two of us. Every time I close my eyes, I just remember the way you looked at me and the way you smiled at me. it’s been 16 months now, and I’m still wondering why couldn’t we be together, why did you just left without a reason. 
Sometimes I wish I knew you before him, but then again, if i haven’t met him, we would never have met each other. 


the olicity q: [16/?]


My name is… is… I don’t know.

This scene is heartbreaking. Look at the terror and pain in his eyes. He is feeling how he is forgetting everything and he can’t do anything about it, and it hurts him and scares him. Give all the fucking acting awards to Jensen Ackles.

i smile
but i don’t look at her
while she informs me of
the latest date her and her boyfriend went on.
“that’s nice.” i whisper. “that’s nice.” i say more to myself.

“i really want you to meet him.”

my blood boils. she really wants me to meet him. the man that get’s to touch her in the places that used to be mine. the man who doesn’t understand that he gets to wake up to the sight of a million stars everyday. “that’s okay, i don’t need too.” my lips tremble and i start to fiddle with my fingers.

“what’s wrong? is it something i said?” she says blindly, then reaches out to grab my shaky hands.

“no.” she could throw a thousand insults at me and i’d still remain calm. she could spit on my grave and my soul would still be at peace. but the thought of her with somebody else is one that cause volcanoes to erupt in the pit of my stomach, fires to start within the balls of my fists and tsunami’s to form in the back of my eyes. “i’d love to.” we all know i wouldn’t. but that’s the closest i’ll ever be to saying ‘i love you’ to her, so i squeeze her hand in mine and let it go, picking up my phone to divert the attention from me. i miss her. i want her. but god, i need her.

—  k.f