i love the expressions in this little scene so much let me tell you

i love how ford just runs over to them with wide open arms and that stupid grin on his face like just look at how happy he is to see them and how happy they are that he’s unfrozen

and then when he picks them up they’re just kind of startled because it’s so sudden and he’s never really done anything like that before

they’re so happy he’s safe and he’s so happy they’re safe 

then he sees fiddleford and he gets really tense and the look on his face is just so vulnerable and guilty

and dipper and mabel are just really worried because they haven’t told ford anything about mcgucket and they have no idea how this is gonna go 

just look at how defeated ford is here. he’s completely convinced that fiddleford hates him. meanwhile dipper and mabel just want everyone to be happy

and you can see the regret on fiddleford’s face when he says “i’ve tried forgettin’…” like ford’s not the only one who made mistakes mcgucket definitely feels guilty too

but he’s just so overjoyed to have his friend back

look at this pure old man

and then fiddleford puts his arms out and the look on ford’s face just kills me. he just absolutely cannot believe that he is forgiven and his friend is so willing to trust him again and put the past behind him 

and he just steps forward with absolutely no hesitation because he’s thrilled that he’s forgiven but ends up going for a handshake first because “why would he want to hug me i ruined his life” and he’s still in slight disbelief and he’s just so shocked by such a kind gesture

then he realizes it’s a hug and he’s just

so excited because he hasn’t received a hug in so long and he’s so happy

look at how grateful he is that fiddleford forgives him and how glad he is to have such a great friend

dipper and mabel are so happy to see them make up look at their precious faces

in conclusion this is a great scene and i’m so happy that they’re all happy

Thought it was goina be A fuck customer story but she turned out to be awesome.

I worked on my birthday a few years back so for fun when I got off work I put on a party hat. I went to buy some cookies I saw someone buy that day and ended up a good few boxes of them. When I was about to pay for them I had a customer hipcheck me away from the debt machine. I turned to lip her right off when I saw her stick in her card on my order and look at me with a huge grin. She wished me a happy bday and bought me like 13$ worth of cookies.

Turns out she liked to come though my line because she liked talkin’ with me and had come through me everytime she saw me working.


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Imagine: You and Newt go to a fun fair for the first time ever.

Author’s Note: Hello cuties! Just wanted to post something short and sweet. I’m in the final stages of editing a jealous/protective/smutty Newt fic, so enjoy this naive innocence while you can! Thank you for following, liking and reblogging as always. You all have my heart. Enjoy x

Word Count: 663

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‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’


Sure I can! Didn’t do a whole lot in the way of character studies except for the Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Robin sketches I posted here (links to those in the names). Above are the process shots for the cover itself, which I’ll detail briefly here-

1) Initial rough. I mistakenly thought that Damian was Tim Draking it up at the time with longer hair and a staff for some reason, and was swiftly set right.

2) Second rough. This was mostly just for Damian’s pose, something to make it clear that he’s the leader and set apart from the rest slightly. I was also told at this point, maybe for the time ever, that it was okay to let them smile. The initial prompt was that they were in “ready for action” poses and for some reason I interpreted this as them all looking scowly. I was more than happy to throw some grins in there.

3) Pencils. Not much to say other than Beast Boy’s face took the longest to get right but was also the most fun to draw.

4) Colors/Final. Between this and the pencils you can see what I ended up leaving out during the inks stage and did with color instead (mostly costume elements). If I’m coloring myself I much prefer doing some of the drawing there rather than deal with line holds.


The Wolf Folk came into town that Saturday. All the children at the orphanage lined up along the wire fence to watch them roll in, craning against the sagging wire mesh to catch a glimpse of furry ears or sharp fangs. The bright caravans looked like technicolour train carriages , bouncing over the rocky terrain and winding down the mountain road in a long, serpentine parade. The Sister’s at the orphanage warned them not to get to close. They said the Wolf Folk ate little children like them.

They certainly were unlike anyone Levi had ever seen, but he saw no fur nor fangs. All he saw were beautiful brown people, smiling and laughing in their gaudy entertainer’s garb, bells on their ankles and sashes in their hair. Levi watched one caravan full of children rattle by, brown skinned kids no older than himself staring back at him with wide eyes and gap-toothed grins. They looked happy and bright. He wondered what they’d done to earn the distrustful and wary looks the townsfolk sent their way, and he wondered how they didn’t seem to mind it.

On Wednesday, Levi went down to the stream that ran behind the orphanage. He took his homemade catapult and a bruised apple.

Down by the stream he fished out a few smooth, small stones from the riverbed. He placed his apple on the log that ran across the rushing water and practice a few shots. He knocked the apple in on the fourth try.

“You’re very good at that.”

Levi startled and looked up from his perch. Across the river was a boy he’d never seen before crouched by the river back with his elbows on his knees. He wasn’t from the orphanage, and he didn’t look like he was from town. His skin was brown and he wore patched and faded clothes that, despite their obvious wear and tear, still looked brighter than anything people in town wore.  When he smiled, and he never seemed to stop, a snaggletooth bit into his lower lip. He had the greenest eyes Levi had ever seen.

“You’re one of them folk.” Levi couldn’t bring himself to say ‘wolf’. He wasn’t sure if they called themselves that, or if it was the sort of thing murmured behind hands out of earshot.

“Yes.” The boy looked over his shoulder back the way he must have come. Over the grassy hill rose a column of grey smoke from a nearby campfire. Levi knew the Wolf Folk had set up their camp in the fields neighboring the orphanage grounds, but he hadn’t thought they’d wander. “Can I have a shot?” The boy eyed Levi’s catapult hungrily, grubby fingers twitching on the hem of his cut-off trousers.

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Everything You Wanted

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The hardship of being The Girlfriend

[Jay Park Drabble]

“So how do I look?” you asked fixing your hair.

He eyed you from the bed with his hands folded behind his head and he stared at you from top to toe and when he stayed quiet. You turned twirling around in your new pair of shoes. He just nodded his head in respond. “You look great.”

“Really?” you grinned back at him happy that he was giving the same answer as you wanted him to.

“You’ll look better here in my arms though.”

You just laughed it off and dismissed his feeble attempts. You turned to look in the mirror excited to wear your new pair of shoes to work tomorrow. You kept on turning around to see all sides of your shoes, completely out of it.

“Why aren’t you this excited when I bought you shoes before this?”

You were about to sass him when you noticed the look of curiosity in his eyes. It was a genuine question and not just a jab at your excitement. You then bended your knees and took each pair of shoes slowly holding it in your arms. You jumped onto your bed and stumbled into Jay’s arms. He chuckled as you clumsily managed to pull yourself to lay your head on his chest all the while with your pair of shoes tightly hugged against your chest.

“I do like them. It’s just that. This is different. This is my first pair of branded shoes that I bought with my own money. It feels different. It’s just nicer when I can afford to buy my own luxurious brands instead of my rich boyfriend buying them for me.” You looked up at him wondering if he understood what you were on about and he hummed softly with his lips pursed.

“Well you did work hard for it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Being my girlfriend is hard isn’t it?”

You laughed and tapped your chin thoughtfully. “That is true but I feel like it cost more than just that pair of heels.”

Jay laughed at your teasing tone and he pulled away to look down at you, creating a double chin and a hideous expression from your point of view. You giggled and poked his cheek childishly singing ‘got’cha’. He laughed at your antics and pulled away hovering over you as he placed his knees at both of your side and kissed the top of your button nose. “So how much do I need to compensate? Is this enough?” he pacified you with a kiss and as he pulled away you couldn’t stop the girlish giggle from leaving your lips. “I don’t think that’s quite enough. Maybe a bit more?”

He hummed in reply. The bridge of his nose already grazing down your jaw and the vibration of his voice tickling down your neck. He peppered kisses down your neck and followed you collarbone as you tilted your head to give him more excess. “Is this okay?” he asked before delving to kiss the skin just underneath your ears and sucking on it softly.

You hummed in reply, running your hand through his hair. “I think that pair of Louboutin I bought is still better than this. You have a lot of work to do.”

He chuckled softly just below your ear and licked the curve of your ear before kissing the side of your face. “I’m planning to.”

Birthday Present

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Oh god sorry for the previous ask it was: “can I request a” I accidentally clicked on ask and ahh I’m so sorry. So can I request an imagine with the prhase “If you love me there is nothing else I need” from To the Wonder In my opinion it suits Remus the most but you can write it with the guy you want to Thank youu

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Y/N rubs her head, trying to stave off the oncoming headache as she stares at the order catalog lying in front of her. The catalog looks quite run down – littered with dog eared pages and red pencil markings, the pages worn and frayed from many turns. She’s been poring over the booklet for at least a week, trying to find the best possible gift for her boyfriend – Remus. “Still looking, Y/N?” Lily strolls into the room, grinning at her best friend, happy after hanging out with James for the entire morning. Y/N’s sour mood shows on her expression as she glances up, worry written in the prominent lines on her face. “I don’t know what to get him, Lily, and his birthday is tomorrow!” Taking in the anguish on her friend’s face, Lily immediately crouches next to her and starts rubbing Y/N’s back in a consoling rhythm. “Why don’t you just talk to him?” Y/N slowly lifts her head to look Lily in the eye. “T-talk?” Holding back giggles, Lily responds, “Yes, Y/N. Just go and ask him what he wants.” Her words effectively spur Y/N into action, and she slowly rises from her chair and walks towards the common room.

As she enters, her eyes are immediately drawn towards Remus. He’s sitting at a table far away from the commotion in the middle of the room, focusing on a large book. Y/N’s heart flutters as she watches him slide his glasses up farther up his nose to prevent them from slipping, his face focused and endearingly scrunched up as he stares at the book lying on the table. Making her way over, she drops into the chair across from him, making him look up. When Remus sees that it’s her his face lights up – but it falls immediately after when he realizes how anxious she is. “Y/N? Love, what’s wrong?” He walks towards her and places an arm around her shoulder, squeezing slightly to try and make her feel better. “I have something to tell you,” she says, her voice barely above a whisper, and she refused to meet his eyes, making him nervous. “’Course, love, y-you can tell me anything.”

Y/N takes a deep breath and looks up. “I don’t know what to get you for your birthday.” A couple seconds go by as Remus absorbs what she said, and then he starts laughing. Not just quiet, small laughs either – big, doubled over, grab your stomach laughs. Y/N’s eyes narrow and she crosses her arms over her chest as she stares at her boyfriend, waiting for the laughing to subside while fixing him with a menacing glare. “You done?” she mutters when Remus finally sits up, wiping his eyes lightly to get rid of the tears, a huge grin on his face. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I just…” But he trails off when he takes not of the angry expression coloring Y/N’s face. “I was so worried about this! I can’t believe you would just start laughing, you’re completely –”

Remus cuts Y/N off midsentence by lunging forward and connecting his lips to hers. The kiss is slow and sweet, their lips moving in sync, and Y/N feels her anger ebb away. He pulls away much too soon for Y/N’s liking and leans his forehead against hers, his warm breath hitting the apples of her cheeks, making her shiver slightly. “Y/N… if you love me, there’s nothing else I need,” he says softly, and leans in for another kiss.

The Betrayed - Part One

“You honestly can’t expect me to betray him,’ Y/N explained to Scott. You can’t even believe Scott would ask you to betray Stiles at all.

“Please Y/N, It isn’t the Stiles you know; he’s changed,” Scott pleaded to you. You just stared at him dumbfounded at how he could ask you. Even if it isn’t the same Stiles you once knew, you can’t betray your best friend like that.

“I guess I can do it, If it’s necessary,” Y/N exhaled, trying to avoid the eye contact with Scott, who looked thrilled you accepted his offer. Y/N walked away from him and headed to your locker. The stress of the upcoming events washing over you.

“What’s wrong,” Liam asked as he walked over to your locker. A worried look covered his usual happy grin. I guess his werewolf senses picked up the stench of your stress.

“Scott wants me to go on a date with Stiles tonight,” you said as you watched a lurid expression crawl onto his face. His jaw completely dropped and his eyes wide open.

“That’s honestly such bullshit, you aren’t a werewolf like the rest of us, you can’t protect yourself,” Liam said, stating facts you already went through. You just wanted to hug the boy but you couldn’t. Scott made you promise not to do anything that will make Stiles think the date is a plot.

“Liam I have to go, I have to find Stiles,” Y/N said, a confident mood washed over you. Y/N was remembering what Scott had told her, “don’t ruin this”. You walked over to Stiles’s locker looking like a complete badass, when on the inside you wanted to die. When you finally saw his locker you saw Stiles there putting things into his locker.

“Hey Stiles, I was wondering if you had any plans,” Y/N giggled, putting on her best impression of a school girl with a crush. Stiles gave you a sly look before completely giving you his full attention.

“Nothing yet, what’s the plan,” Stiles said with a sexy tone, making your insides rattle. Y/N knows this is a mission but it doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with it.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear, pick me up at 9,” Y/N said giving him a little wink before turning away from him and walking away. “Phase one done,” Y/N whispered to herself, hoping Scott could hear it.

Part Two?


“Y/n you’ll never guess what happened today!” Neville dropped his books onto the table and sat down in front of me. 

I looked up and grinned at his happy face looking excitedly at me. 

“What happened, plant boy?”

“I was in Herbology, and Professor Sprout each gave us Sneezewort…”

Neville hadn’t even said one sentence of his story when I decided to tune him out. He wasn’t even looking at me anymore– he was off in his own land, reliving his amazing experiences with plants today, probably.

I watched as Neville’s mouth moved at a hundred miles per hour, continuously spewing out facts about his favorite subject. Herbology was the only class where Neville actually enjoyed himself and had good things to say. No one had ever heard him talking about History of Magic or Potions like this.

His eyes sparkled, even without light, and his hands moved rapidly. He tended to talk with his hands a lot, which I found adorable. When he got tangled up in his words, he often tried to finish his sentences with hand motions. As far as I knew, I was the only one who could understand them.

“Y/n?” Nevilly tweaked my nose and I jerked up so hard that I fell out of my chair. My face turned bright red as Neville roared with laughter and other students turned to stare and snicker. 

“Shut up, Neville, you’re being so loud!” I hissed as I took his hand which was reached out to me. I pulled myself up and plopped back down in my chair and refused to look at him in embarrassment.

“So what I’ve learned today is that I can’t talk to you about plants because all I get is a blank stare from you looking at my face.” 

“Oh shut up.” 

I took Neville’s hand in mine as he dove right back into his plant story, and continued to stare at him with his weird but very lovable passion for his plants.

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I would love to see a #3 prompt, please and thank you! PS love your work!!!!!!

Thank you, my anonymous friend! :)

You were the only one who opted for a #3 so here we are.  This one felt like it’d be automatically angsty but I really haven’t been in the place to write angst today.  So I went the sunshine!fluff route instead… I hope you enjoy. 


Prompto Argentum x Reader

“He looks so happy!” You grinned as you watched Prompto parading around on the back of a bright red Chocobo. He had been bugging Noctis for days about going to the chocobo post and now that you were there, well, he was certainly making the most of it.  He’d already suggested that you all race your rental birds, a suggestion which, as yet, had fallen completely on deaf ears.  You were all tired, all just wanted to eat and then sleep but here was Prompto, all geared up to run around like a madman on a chocobo for at least a few more hours.

“If he smiles any more, think the top of his head might fall off,” Gladio chuckled as you watched him run his bird from one side of the outpost to the other.  “I knew he was excited to come here but Six, he’s like a six year old high on sugar.”  You turned to face your friend and fixed him with a quirked eyebrow.  “I know, I know,” he shook his head, “More so than usual.”

“I’ll say,” you smiled, “It’s like…” Your voice trailed off as you tried to find a way to describe just exactly how excited your boyfriend was.  “You know the saying about being a kid in a candy store?  Like being so excited about the choices that you don’t know where to look so you just get super excited about being there?”  You waited for Gladio to acknowledge before continuing.  “Well, Prompto’s not really the kid in the candy store since he already chose one of the birds.  He’s acting more like the kid in the candy store who ate all the damn candy!”

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can we just admire this girl’s dorky smile for a second 

look at that grin she’s so damn happy 

we would’ve never seen this santana in season two 

she just melts into brittany’s arms 

fuck me upppp 

And bc I so obviously have my priorities straight all the time & totally wasn’t plotting on creating a proper InkTober itinerary tonight & moreover DIDN’T have to plan in advance for my trip to Odaiba tmr, I indeed spent the last 2 hours of my life working on my first purely inked KuroFai piece.

0.25mm & 0.35mm Microns, Pigma brush & Fai’s smug feline grin.

I would like to let you guys know that I’m now writing a Zombies, Run! fanfic.

Because after realizing that Jack and Eugene are literal boyfriends I couldn’t help it.


This scene was pretty cute; since they all thought that Sci-Twi was Princess Twilight they were so incredibly happy to see her! Like, look at that huge grin on Pinkie’s face!

Sunset, though?

Sunset looks not only happy to apparently see Princess Twilight again, but she looks totally lovestruck. It’s the best.