I cannot wait for Autumn because then I can finally wear the clothes I feel most comfortable in and stop feeling so down and awful all the time. You’d think all the sunshine would do a person but nooopppee I am most happiest in Autumn/Winter were I can wear multiple layers of clothing and pretend it’s my armour against the world!(fight me) Also Also Also! HALLOWEEN :’D I really like Halloween

Selfie tag / 20 beautiful people challenge :D YAY
I was tagged by dreamyblu and my god, she’s so cute wtf

Find it in your heart to forgive my untangled mess of a mane.. my hair isnt in the right mood. Now, to tag 20 beautiful squishies;

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Katharine Isabelle in ~everything

↳ Ava Wilson in Supernatural 2x21 - All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 (2007)