When Bridget and I got it on I was… I was not dressed for the occasion.

Definitely a synapsid, definitely not an extinct one. If you ask me, I think everyone should drop whatever they’re doing, and look at my dog :P

I painted it as a Christmas present for my parents, and am now waiting for the print to arrive. As a side note: redbubble’s express delivery charges are… painful.

Anyway, this ridiculous creature is Luna, almost 1.5 year old weimaraner, who lives to eat. And honestly, I thought my previous dog, Saba, was cuddly, but I seriously underestimated typical weimaraner clinginess ( is clinginess a word?).

For example: when I started painting this, Luna was curled up on the office chair, and I was sitting on a chair next to it, with only a part of my tight still on the office chair, because, contrary to what she seems to think, an almost fully grown weim and a human (even a small one, like me) cannot possibly fit on one office chair together. And she’s not satisfied with staying on the mattress that is there solely for the purpose of her having something to lay on while I’m on the computer. No, she has to be as close to human as possible. Luckily, she finally stopped trying to sit on my lap some time ago, when even she had to admit that she doesn’t fit on my knees in any way.

She’s a goofball and I absolutely adore her, even though she tries to eat all of my food, keeps squishing me any chance she gets, is a total bed hog, and requires insane amounts of attention.

I also forgot to paint her whiskers, but noticed it after I ordered the print. Oh, well…