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what do you think bilbo and thorins last 5 google searches were?

Oh dear, I’m not good with those xD I think that Bilbo probably looked for some nice recipes? And Thorin… maybe something in the lines of “if i look vey intently to someone else’s eyebrow, will they catch fire?” or “how do I know for sure if I am gay for my best friend?”. Anyway, this kind of stuff.


this episode looks so answer full 

it looks like dr sullivan on the opposition lol 

oo so intense!!

sturdy faces from all the girls and the man who tried to make himself look like a real life ken barbie in the right corner

how nice of varjak to grace us with his presence, see the blonde knows 

these pictures of ali are breaking my heart

tanner saf- shady as fuck

i think this picture truly broke my heart, look how scared she looks anyone who still thinks she is -A is more mental than radley put together, shes actually so vulnerable!!! omg i think i love alison more than emily! TEAM ALI FOREVER!!

but yeah this is day  of the trial

tanner ssaf- still shady as fuck

cindy and mindy turned up hmmm

loving this new bromance ezleb

ezra: somethings gonna happen quick into the pose from the incredibles

ezleb: oh

caleb: wtf ezra you said something was gonna happen, now we looked like idiots and -A probs has that on film

caleb: my mum brought me this car

ezra: hey i think theres something on your windscreen

ezleb: *detective shit while the liars are in court*

caleb: well that was productive

ezra: are you still pissed about the incredibles thing?

Day in the life of ezleb

is this another meeting mike and mona set up, mikes story line is so sad rn

more thrilling ezleb action

bad ass #TEAMEZLEB

mikes busted


Dear Diary,

Here I was, trying to get some nice pictures made when who should come along but Alice. Of course she starts messing up the pictures and startling me. Even my threats of more training didn’t seem to deter her. And then she fell asleep on me. Asleep! What am I to her, a big comfy pillow? I suppose I will just have to try another day for the pictures, because it wasn’t as if it ended there, oh, no….

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Fem!Germany: surroundedbybothersomefools
Fem!Italy: asknyonorthitaly
Photographer: awesomeheroics

((*Gasp* Look how creative I am with banners! :D Anyways, I will be promoting these amazing OC blog that are worth a follow and worth roleplaying with! :D

Also sorry that I don’t have anything to say for this promo so I’ll list their blog instead. :,3))

((I think that’s everyone. ;v; Sorry if I missed anyone and have a nice day! <3))


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"I am actually always attracted to elves, the sad thing is the only two elves I have known where a bit…off putting. One an ex-slave from Tevinter and the other a dalish blood mage." He could not find them attractive, not in that kind of way. "And I am blind, so my attractiveness is not based on looks. You sound nice."

"I see. That really sounds a bit unattractive." Nedra bit her lip hearing about the blood mage. "I understand. " Nedra stopped for a moment to think. "I…I’m glad that you think I sound nice .But you know, I met an old woman once, she was blind and she wanted to touch my face to "see" how I look. Have you ever tried that? Or does it not work for you" She asked out of curiosity. 

Ha haaaa, nice try, NYC Disney Store. You knew fully well that’s one of my favorite cartoons, but I will not be making any impulse purchases today. No, today I am merely observing your fine purchases. You see, I am quite happy to save my money.

I admit, that’s a little more difficult. She is my favorite Disney character, and she looks absolutely adorable like this. But I have a train to catch, and I must be saving my cash. For now, I bid thee farewell - 


Its getting annoying

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paulapolestar asked:

those posts abt how your followers can always talk to you are so nice tbh... i rly look up to you but i'm intimidated since we haven't really talked & i always wanna say something when you seem down but i always worry that it'd be weird or something.

its not ever weird, at least not w/ me

i am Legitimately Emotionally Attached to everyone i know on tumblr and i wanna cultivate a open/loving/happy environment on my blog and with my followers/mutuals bc i care so much about all of you and i see so much that people think that no one cares or no one will listen and it k i l l s me bc i feel that way so frequently and i dont want anyone to have to feel like they have no one to turn to when they desperately need it

i dont want anyone to be intimidated by me bc honestly i am just some fucking guy on the internet in the grand scheme of things im not the most important or special person in the world but i still want to help whoever i can, i want to be a friend or a “big sister” to people who feel like they’re alone

ive always felt this way but ive always been worried that because im not entirely emotionally stable that i have no business trying to help others be positive but ive realized that helping others makes me reflect on my own shit a lot and ends up being mutually beneficial

i just wanna be someone that exudes positivity when people need it, who will listen and genuinely care bc that is what i always felt i could never get from someone so i decided to be it, i will never be burdened by anything someone needs to vent to me because i know how hard it is to stop thinking that you can’t talk to someone about something bc it may annoy or depress them

whenever i’m down or having a tough time all the messages i get truly do make me feel so much better bc it makes me happy to know that the concern i have for the people i’m surrounded by on here is reciprocated



Australia and New Zealand 2013

The Day Geckos of Mayotte.

From left to right: Phelsuma dubia (introduced), P. laticauda (introduced), P. nigistriata (endemic), P. pasteuri (endemic), and P. robertmertensi (endemic).

Photos by Mark D. Scherz. Gecko wrangling and lighting by Cynthia Wang (hyacynthus) and Ludovic Montfort.



-u-;; for manda cause I said I was drawing Ray, but then I had this weird block where everything just sucked, but I managed this doodle…sorry manda…

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