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He watched her fall for boy after boy,
And he couldn’t help but think,
He doesn’t love you,
He doesn’t care for you,
Like I do.

She watched him fall for girl after girl,
And she couldn’t help but think,
She doesn’t love you,
She doesn’t care for you,
Like I do.

Everyone could she how he looked at her,
And everyone could hear how he cared in the way he spoke to her.

Everyone could see how she acted with him,
And everyone could tell she loved him by how fondly she thought of him.

Everyone new but them,
And timing was wrong,
Secrets were kept,
And their feelings were left unsaid

—  A.P
hotness is a science; f1 edition

now for the completely useless shit-stirrer i’ve wanted to do for a long time: analysis why the drivers are attractive, if they’re pretty, and how are they pretty

going in number order and starting with everyone’s favourite teeth exhibition daniel ricciardo

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is he pretty: HE IS NOW. the boy was a disaster when he was younger but now he’s a fucking fertility god. honey badger more like HONEY GALAXY EYES like dangggg what colour are they. can i look into them forever. also that nose, it’s weird and ridiculous but so cute and def the biggest fertility god trait (that we know of WHAT WHAT). also that mouth. everyone loves that mouth. you know those fountains that have statues that pee? how the statues are hot dudes on steroids? daniel ricciardo is a live version of that.

what shade of attractive: beautiful fertility god.

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Stop attacking Yukwon. It’s not cute or cool or funny. It’s just embarrassing. Not only to the fandom but to Chittaphon as well. Can you imagine how embarrassing he would feel to be standing next to or interacting with U-Kwon knowing his ‘fans’ are out here saying nasty things about him?
Ukwon is such a good guy and you guys are trying to tear him down as if it was his decision to win- like he was the one to put himself on top.
Stop it jfc you’re not doing any good. Instead of spending your time doing negative shit how about you spend time giving NCT 127 MV and performances views to help them win on music shows and voting for Ten.

Leafy Imagine

Imagine His hair wet and slicked back from washing his hair n seeing his giant forehead.~ ❤️

Imagine him checking his phone and looking at YouTube comments. So you whip out your phone and text a cute comment on how hot he is. Then he ignores it ~ ❤️

Imagine Going on a lovely midnight beach walk. you dressing up nicely to impress him and he doesn’t say anything about it and ignores you while constantly mentioning he’s bored ~ ❤️

Imagine Him standing up for you against people larger than him, then ignoring you right after and calling you an attention whore~ ❤️

Imagine making him breakfast in bed for his birthday. You spend all your time making sure its perfect. Got the eggs, bacon, sausage n pancakes with blueberries. When you sit aside him and give it too him, he tells you your cooking sucks and throws it on your face n pours the syrup on your head~ ❤️

terezisexbuttpyrope  asked:

Idk if someone has actually done this but I havent seen it: voltron crew proposing marriage to their s/o?

I’m so excited for this one (mostly because it’s cute and not ANGST like MOST of the asks)


  • No matter how many times you indirectly said something to him about getting married, he wouldn’t get the hint.
  • You’d see a married couple and point to them and say something like,
  • “Oh, look how happy that married couple is! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to get married, babe?”
  • And he’d just be like,
  • “Probably the same as dating.”
  • Eventually, his friends start telling him to do it
  • Shy boy does it FINALLY. Just kind of out of no where. You two would be hanging out one day and he’d turn to you and say, “Wanna get married?”


  • He’d try to be so romantic about it, but would end up getting scared.
  • He’d get down on one knee and be like:
  • “Would you…. come down here and see what it’s like to be really fucking short with me?”
  • He’d have to try again because that is NOT the memory he wants you two to have.
  • After rehearsing in the mirror a few more times and practicing with Hunk, he tries it again.
  • This time he actually asks. 


  • It would take a long, long time of you two being together for them to want to get married. Apart from still being a teenager, they’re also not sure if they want to get married, so it would take like… 15 years.
  • If they knew you want to, they would. You two have been together for so long, it’s not like you were going to break up anyway.
  • It would be pretty casual. They were nervous, sure, but you’ve been dating for 15+ years, so they kind of figured you’d say yes.


  • He’d be pretty traditional with it. You’d be out to dinner and he’d propose and that would be it. He wouldn’t want to do anything too crazy.
  • He’d say something really sweet when he did it, too.
  • “(Y/n), I want you to know that I love you. I love you with my whole heart and I want to be with you forever. So… would you do me the honor of letting me be yours forever?”


  • He’d do something really cute and sentimental.
  • You two’d visit the place you went on your first date: the park in town. At night, it’s peaceful. There are hardly any other people, and there are benches with a perfect view of the sunset.
  • You two would sit on the bench and reminisce, thinking about how your first date went, laughing at how awkward it may have been, and thinking about all of the good times since then.
  • He’d be like, “Yeah. Maybe, in the future, we can make more good memories together?” and then ask you to marry him.


  • She’d probably do something extravagant, but also private.
  • There would be flowers everywhere, and candles all around the room. The lights would be dimmed and soft music would play in the background.
  • She’d be dressed up, talking to you about how much she loves you and would say that she always wants to be with you.
  • Then she’d ask.


  • He’d have researched this for a long time, learning about Earth’s wedding traditions and proposals. He’d watch so many rom-coms. He just wanted it to be perfect.
  • It would be on a strange planet you’ve never seen, but it would be beautiful. It was full of water and greenery, with big flowers of every shape and color surrounding you.
  • In front of a waterfall, surrounded by nothing but nature, he’d ask you.