Oh look, more contributions to this fantastic fandom <3 This time it was a suggestion from my dear friend @ultimategenderwizard / @chatnoirisms uwu Who suggested I draw the two NERDS in kigus, so HERE YA’LL GOOO Prints will be available at some point. I mean if people even want prints? Do you want prints? Let me know mmk.

Anyway i love these two, and this was really really fun. Bury me, I’m in deep.

(also any of you rp blogs should hit me up on my Ladybug blog mmk? ;3 @friendlyneighborhoodladybug )

This originally was going to be an entry for @thenamelessdoll contest for their upcoming series To Belong. The contest revolved around traditions whether they be lighthearted or dark. I was aiming for a more darker tone with these guys, with the tradition being their collecting of le body parts and human harvesting, but it came off too…edgy.  

But the end product was still presentable, so I decided to chuck them into a minor antagonist role in a upcoming story that’ll hopefully make its debut soon!

(-psst- the title of said story is hidden in one of the text jumbles >:3c )

& this is what i have been doing with my life: buying clothes that i don’t have any reason to wear.
ideally if someone took me out i could wear it however i live in the middle of nowhere and i have no one here to go out with so sadly i will just prance around in my room with it listening to music.

either way i have been eying it for months and i finally got it so maybe one day there will be a use for it.
i stopped taking my medication and today i enjoyed french vanilla ice cream and arguing with my mother about going on vacation without her and stressing about not having enough money.