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grantaire's like this hobo, hipster creature and dresses like a homeless person and no one asks him about it because you just don't so they just assume he's homeless but whenever the amis is faced with a financial problem he's just "ok ill handle that" and he actually owns an island or something

Heir to a corporate mogul is one of my favourite Grantaire headcanons ohmygod y’all don’t even know, just imagine everyone misunderstanding Grantaire even though he’s not exactly trying to hide his wealth, like:

“Where are you staying tonight?” // “I don’t know, we’ll see?” 

And people assume he’s homeless, and taking turns crashing at a different friend’s house every few nights, but in actuality, he just isn’t sure which penthouse he wants to spend the night in yet, probably whichever one is closest to where he gets drunk at though?

When he shows up in a hella expensive suit for Feuilly’s art exhibition: “Dude, that suit looks dope? How much did you get it for?” // “I don’t know, I just took it?”

And they low-key assume he either 1) stole it, 2) borrowed it off someone, when really, he’s just rich enough to shop without having to check price tags?

Oooh, when he picks up the tab for the amis at a bar: “It’s fine, it’s really not much.” // “…..should we try to pay for this? I know R used to work here, but can he really get this much money written off?” 

When really, Grantaire’s just passing his credit card to the bartender, not even bothering to ask for the bill, because it’s not like he’s the one paying his credit card bills, and really, this money is peanuts to his family. 


HEY happy trending 27th! And check it out it’s a SPECIES SWAP AU!!

if you cant tell: Wander swap with dom,hater’s a zbornak, silvia’s a watchdog and peepers and the watch dogs are skeletons…. Watch skulls??

I was tagged for a selfie this morning by rocking it in her dress @jms-healthful-life,  mister sexy arms @grandenoirceur, and looking studly in his suit  @timboallthetime.

We had a client bring us lunch in today, lasagna, salad, green beans (with so much butter), rolls, and brownies. I decided to pass on the meal itself, except for a little salad I had to go with my frozen meal I brought.

But I have a weakness for brownies, and decided one was in order to celebrate my awesome weigh-in this week.

Let me see your Monday selfie @wishfulthinkingallthetime, @mastachefjordan, and @xtinedancefit

Velalu’s new wig came.  I know, Dunmer always have red or black hair.  I tried to  make her a brunette, I really did.  Look at how well it suits her, though.  Now for clothes.  I was sketching some outfits today that would be simple to make, basic shapes with lots of layers.  And maybe a staff.  The fun I could have making jeweled heads for a staff!

Velalu [Impldoll, Aurora]

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OMG! That one-shot was amazing, i need more happy endings for Tom, my soul is in dire need for it! Also, i'm all in for the John Wick imagines (a little nsfw never killed nobody *winks*), i saw both films recently and my dear god does Keanu Reeves look good in a suit! Those films and the Kong press tour have been the dead of me lately...Always a pleasure reading you, hope you get better soon!

Thank you so much!

Woo, i just thought about John Wick and Jonathan Pine working together. WHY DO I DO THIS. 

Glad you liked the story! Thank you for reading. 

I will post something about John Wick as soon as there’s space. ;)



Ponyo AU

I got stuck on drawing arms, so decided to take a break and watch some movies, got to ponya and im like…….what if…. Allura and Shiro…uh oh

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is