a couple of ( finally ) age appropriate Tarkin studies. 

panel below is based on a small part of the Tarkin novel.  Tarkin gets some piloting action <3  i really need to practice Vader more often.

i’d like to do a short comic this way, if time allows in the future and after i’ve fulfilled some other obligations! 

and HOLY SHIT why is tumblr so bad at resizing shit

D&D: What a Game

PLAYER: So will you be playing my animal companion in RP situations and make animal sounds like Matt Mercer on Critical Role?
ME, THE DM: God help me, but yes, I will.
PLAYER: Great! So I’ve chosen a fox.
ME: …
ME: Oh no.


What does the fox say?

allseeingcat  asked:

Wow! You're a great artist! It took me a long time to get where I am now, and I'm not even that good haha

thank u so much!! & dont worry its not a race! ur doing good where u are now. everyone improves at their own pace & we r all working to get better together ^^

Triple Espresso Children - An Introduction

Here are my reference photos for triple espresso kids and a few basic stats for them. I’ll definitely get more into their story and how the ot3 raise them/act as parents in another post. @maidofstars @catchthespade @bolt8826 @celestial-destiny here are my I mean, triple espresso children

Theodore Seisui Hishikura 

  • He is Shuichi and MC’s son, and he’s 20 years old in the top image!
  • His first name is Catholic to honor Shuichi’s faith, and his middle name means “quiet” (sei) and “water” (sui), which suits his personality pretty well. His nickname is Theo!
  • He is the first triple espresso child! 
  • Traits: Quick-witted, charming, soft-spoken, reserved, can be snarky when provoked.
  • Likes: Reading, animals, coffee, monochromatic outfits

Kaede Moriko Aihara

  • Hikaru and MC’s daughter; she’s 18 in this photo!!
  • Her first name means “maple” for her hair color and her middle name means “forrest” and “child”
  • Even though she’s younger, she is very protective of Theo and is usually the one standing up for him!
  • Traits: Competitive, empathetic, protective, intelligent
  • Likes: dark clothes and flannel, animals, writing, loud music

6/26/2017 hi yes pidgance is a cute ship and I love these two very much Im terrible at side view and heads so when put together. yeah. I tried

I sure love when tumblr makes the quality low. click it for better quality

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Do you still have that treatise on opiates you mentioned? Do you mind sharing it? (If not publicly, what about if I messaged you my email?)

I do, actually! It was meant to answer a specific set of questions, so it’s pretty focused in certain areas and leaves out a lot of other stuff, but I’m certainly not opposed to tweaking it and throwing it up here if folks are actually interested in that sort of thing.


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms