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So, for my program planning class this semester, our project was to create a full plan for an intervention that could be done to improve mental health on campus and decrease burden on the already overwhelmed counseling center. It was a cool project, and turning that thing in was most of our grade. Our final exam is made up of three parts–that project, the presentation of the project to the teacher and counseling center, and a critique of another team’s proposal.

I just started the critique on the other proposal.

Hooo boy imma need some hot chocolate to get through this one. Not even a page in and I have already seen no less than 2 run-on sentences, 3 typos, and 4 uncited/unsourced data. This is gonna be a bumpy ride, folks.

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but senpai, tachiharoe makes sense, tachihara has red hair and roe is also red lol (yes i'm the same anon lol also yes I need sleep [but i can't yet] how did you know senpai??? u must be omniscient in some way)


Ah, yes. Even better. Take ONE HUNDRED pictures. Decide which THREE to use after you’ve deleted the first SIXTY of the SAME camera angle moved by [__] much

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Prompt: Papa Fenris and dad Hawke

Aveline’s tone was exasperated.

“At least try not to look at my child with such blatant disgust, Fenris.”

“It isn’t disgust,” the elf replied. “There isn’t a word in the common tongue for what I am feeling right now.”

“It looks like disgust.”

“How do you know I’m not looking at Hawke?”

“You know,” Hawke said. “A little support would be nice right now.”

Fenris said, “No.”

“Done!” Donnic announced. He picked up his freshly diapered half of the twins, clean and powdered and cheerful. Hawke, his hands full of poopy wipes, his half of the twins a screaming mess before him, let out an anguished growl.

“It was a rigged contest!” Hawke complained.

“You’re the one who put money on changing a blow out,” Fenris stated dryly. “You’ll get no sympathy from me.”

“Traitor,” Hawke said.

“Here,” Donnic offered. “I’ll finish him up.” Aveline took the clean twin from him, and Donnic turned cheerfully to the screaming one. His coos and baby talk quickly had the child calmed.

Hawke turned to Fenris in defeat. He held his hands carefully away from himself. “I was much better at this when Carver and Bethany were babies.”

Fenris plucked a clean wipe from the pile, and grimaced as he cleaned a foul greenish-brown streak from his husband’s forehead.

“If you say so,” Fenris told him.

“Hawke,” Fenris asked him, later, and after a very thorough handwashing, as they were walking home. “Do you keep agreeing to help Aveline and Donnic with the twins because you think being around children might make me want to adopt some?”

“That would be a terrible plan,” Hawke told him. “Since every time we go it ends up a disaster.”

“Still,” Fenris said. “I mean the question seriously.”

Hawke was quiet for a time, giving Fenris’s query the same thought and respect he always did.

They were home before he answered.

Since returning to Kirkwall, they had taken up residence together in Fenris’s old mansion without much discussion. Hawke still held the deed to the Amell estate, but he could no longer bear walking through the doors. He would give it to Carver, if Carver ever came back to Kirkwall. It would be a good place for his brother to start a family. In any case, renovating the old mansion gave Hawke an outlet for working through the things that had occurred with the Inquisition and at Weisshaupt.

“I like children,” Hawke told him as they stood in their kitchen. His arms were crossed, his backside resting against a counter. Fenris was making tea. “But I’m not sure how a child would fit into our lives – right now or ever.” It was not the first time they had discussed this, not the first time Fenris had asked. He said, “I would never try to influence you into something like that.”

Fenris said, “I don’t want to keep you from something you want.”

Hawke snagged his fingers in the elf’s belt and tugged him toward himself, locking his arms casually around him as Fenris leaned against him and peered up into his face. “You’re what I want,” Hawke told him, and earned a grunt.

Fenris said, “There’s no accounting for taste.”


“I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you.”

“I don’t know,” Hawke said, “And that’s my honest answer. There’s a part of me that thinks…”

“What?” Fenris asked.

Hawke’s big hands massaged his backside as he thought, the action more idle than sexual. At last he said, “That a child is just another family member for me to fail.”

“I’m your family,” Fenris said. “You’ve never failed me.”

Hawke’s smile was soft and it was sad. He didn’t entirely agree with the second part of that statement.

At least he had the grace not to argue.

“Is this really something you want?” he asked.

“It’s something I want you to think about,” Fenris said. “I want you to think about it seriously.”

“And then?” Hawke asked.

“And then we’ll talk about this again.”

Repent, sinner.

BOY, this thing was fun. So, context: Back when @noiretorrentielle​ still RPed Dogma, there was one time he was turned into an angel, blue eyes and pretty wings and stuff. It started out all fluffy but then angst. Voices kept telling him to repent for his sins p much nonstop, and eventually he broke down and tried to cut his wings off. RIP my feels forever. This is essentially a redraw of that same scene, except roughly 1,000 times better bc I drew the first one forever ago.

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Hello! so I've been trying out this rp thing btu I find it really hard to look like the characters, how do you and the other rpers get so good at the makeup etc??

(( OOC: A lot of it is practice and learning what looks effective on camera, what works with your lighting, etc. You’ve only just started - so the more you practice the more you’ll learn what works for you.

But I wouldn’t get so hung up on trying to create a likeness to a character. After all, fictional characters are down to personal interpretation. For me, when I see a thread or rp I like, its primarily down to factors such as the storyline and the acting - not how much someone can look like a character.

Good luck, and keep at it! ))

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What do you think will happen to the wolf pack after Breaking Dawn? As well how do you imagine grown up Renesmee to look like and behave? How do you imagine her relationship with Jacob, the wolf pack and her family? What about the humans around her (her future classmates and teachers)?

Generally, what do you think will happen with Jacob, Renesmee, the wolves and the Volturi after BD? What about Fred?

Before we start, I’d like to issue a salt warning.

I think if SM writes it, Jacob and Renesmee will become a couple, and about 8 years after BD they’ll probably have twins, because it’s mentioned that twins run in Jake’s family and all their chromosome hybrid stuff would play into that too. It’ll likely be a boy and a girl, and they’ll both be gifted. I’d guess Seth will imprint on the girl and be happy about it, if SM is feeling really wild (and she usually does) I can see her make Leah imprint on the boy.

At first, the packs will stay seperate, but if Leah imprints and Jake becomes a daddy, I think they’ll join again and Sam will be the leader cause all the problems that split them up in the first place are magically resolved. Sam will have the responsibility while Jake gets a free pass, but he’ll butt in at convenience using the True Alpha Card. The Volturi are busy researching/ recreating hybrids, and Aro is still busy trying to find Alice 2.0. Once they feel like they have accumulated enough powerful talents, they’ll wait for an opportunity to strike, and Nessie’s twins will magically have gifts that are key to saving the day. Or Bella`s shield has become so powerful it spans the globe and it can discern between goodies and baddies, and everybody will be happy and safe forever.. I can’t really say anything about Fred, because I haven’t read Bree`s story, sorry. I’m afraid Renesmee’s perfection won’t dwindle over the years. I’d assume she’d grow to look a lot like Edward, because SM writes it as Bella’s happy ending, so Nessie looks like Edward with Bella’s eyes. Considering how mature she is at four months, she’d have to be much more mature than her parents, but I don’t think that SM will write it like that, although it would be funny to see Bella as the immature mom now and Renesmee being like “I was born 35”. I don’t see SM doing thst though. Nessie and Bella will be more like friends than like mother and daughter, I think her and Jacob’s relationship isn’t going to be that different from his and Bella’s, because I’m afraid that SM only had Jake imprint so she’d get both romance stories, BellaxEdward and (Bella) Nessiex Jacob. I do hope I’m wrong about that though. Because I think Seth would’ve made much more sense as Nessie’s imprintee? He likes vamps already, he’s still a kid when she’s born and wasn’t in love with Bella so it’s ~less~ yucky than Jake imprinting on her, the pack thing would still have worked…

IF Renesmee ever goes to school SM will have her be really popular I think, although I don’t see how Nessie could realistically attend school. She’s crazy smart and mature after weeks, how would she ever fit in? She’d be super bored and wouldn’t relate to anybody, because she’s grown up apart from normal humans.

I’d like to see her be really close with the pack, and I do hope they don’t revere her as much as the vampires seem to do, a bit of good natured teasing, pranks and no special treatment would do her good.