Being okay has been an unmarked territory
for years now. An unmarked grave.
I have been writing mountains into existence
since I learned how much power I still have
over this brief body. I’ve been moving
those mountains out of my way ever since
I looked at my hands and for the first time
saw two miracles in front of me.

I am the hero of this story, full of fight
and ferocity. I have lived inside my own skull
for years; that’s why I’m so headstrong.
Everyday I choose to wake up and face
the sky is another day I am getting better,
another day closer to something greater
than I will ever be.

—  excerpt from Mythology by Lydia Havens 

today I looked in the mirror & just had one of those “ew” days. it’s been about 2 years since I’ve lost 55 pounds. I went from 180 pounds to 125 in about a year from working out at my house almost every night. I stopped working out & had a gym membership that I used once or twice a week having barely any strength to even do 5 push-ups.It’s now been about a month and a half of going to the gym 4-5 times a week and I couldn’t be happier. losing 55 pounds has left extra skin that’s been absolute hell to try to get rid of but when I look at pictures like this and look at myself,seeing how far I’ve come and how much strength I’ve gained recently makes me really proud. I have a lot more I want to achieve but everyday is a step closer to reaching those goals. This is kinda cheesy for me to post, I was just kinda proud and excited for what the next couple months will bring for me #transformationtuesday 💪🏻

160209 - JYJ’s Junsu Shows Off His New Friendship With Byun Yo Han

On February 8th, JYJ‘s Junsu posted a picture with Byun Yo Han, who came out to support the musical “Dracula.” His caption says, “My friend Yo Han-ssi, whom I really like, even though it’s still a little awkward between us, came to see the musical “Dracula”~ Hoping for the day where I won’t have to add -ssi (a formal way of addressing someone in Korean) at the end of your name…let’s become closer one day at a time~ Ah, but I really like this man’s personality…” showing off the affection that Junsu already feels for his new friend.

The two catch people’s eyes for their casual clothes and sharp looks that are still noticeable, even though Junsu is wearing sunglasses and Byun Yo Han has a hat and mask on.

Later on, Junsu uploaded two more pictures of Byun Yo Han, continuing to emphasize how much he likes Byun Yo Han, and also showing his support for “Six Flying Dragons.”

  • “A picture of Yo Han-ssi who flew over before the start of the show. I really like this person. I just really do. I’ll watch Yi Bang Ji through live broadcast today~~~~” 
  • “Yi Bang Ji~ Fighting!”

The musical “Dracula,” ends its run this Lunar New Year weekend, with its last performance on February 9. It tells the story of Dracula, played by Junsu, and his love story that transcends time.

Byun Yo Han is currently starring in SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons”  and receiving much love for his role as Ddang Sae (Yi Bang Ji’s childhood name)

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver
Translation: Soompi
Shared by: fuckyeahtohoshinki

Rey’s Theme vs. Kylo’s motif and why they’re more than just “mirroring” parts.

I made a video talking about this yesterday, but today, I have visual examples and a nicer keyboard.

So, I’ve seen a bunch of posts floating around talking about how Rey’s and Kylo’s music are nearly the same, or the same, only backwards. At first I didn’t think much about it, just shrugged and moved on with a casual, “Oh, cool. Reblog.” But yesterday I took a closer look.

Their themes aren’t mirroring each other; they overlap

(excuse my poorly written music, I was distractedly doing this)

As you can see, there are three notes in the middle section that overlap in their themes, and the only reason they don’t reflect each other is there’s no note e  between the third and fourth notes of Kylo’s motif.

Instead, John Williams wrote it so that where Kylo’s bit leaves off, Rey’s picks up. 

Kylo and Rey’s themes can be written into a continuous stream of melody completely without any awkwardness.

That’s not all, either. Take a look at this:

Kylo’s theme begins in a manner that has an accidental (D sharp), which leads to a dissonant or tense feel to the music (hard to explain, sorry, but as we’ve all heard it, hopefully you catch my meaning). 

When Rey’s theme goes through and plays her near mirror of his motif, it’s without that dissonance. 

Rey’s theme takes what Kylo’s has started in his destructive dissonance which his character so seems to hold dear to, and corrects it. 

Sure, Rey’s theme still feels an element of wistfulness or longing for something more, but that’s not news to Rey’s character so it can be understood.

No, what’s curious are the implications. Now that we’ve picked apart what this means musically, we can discuss what it means with our beloved characters.

Does this mean Rey helps fix Kylo’s mistakes? That Kylo will be redeemed with the help of Rey? Maybe that Rey will acheive that which Kylo failed in doing?

Or maybe it’s something different… maybe with the help of Rey, Kylo can “finish what grandfather started” to balance the Force. Maybe it’s going to be Rey taking Kylo Ren out altogether and building her own happy resolve.

I don’t know. But I do know this: music doesn’t lie. Just like with costuming, lighting, set designing, casting, script writing, and everything else that goes into making a movie, music is thought about and has symbolic messages and meanings lying within it for those who can see it. Maybe the themes don’t end up meaning any of this speculation, but I promise it’ll mean something by the time these movies are through.

I can’t believe what I just found out, I pretty much ran home to write this post. Or well… kicked the train so it would move faster. When Neal is back in his father’s Castle during the 3rd season, he finds the key chain he stole for Emma.

Neal: “A necklace, it was Emma’s. It was supposed to represent our life together. I don’t know how it survived the trip.”
Belle: “Because, it was born out of true love.”

True Love, right? This key chain is associated with True Love. So I took a closer look at it and thought to myself they could have gone for a more elegant design when suddenly instead of a swan, I noticed two distinct shapes. The swan’s neck looks like a lion’s tail and the body looks like a scorpion’s claw. So I decided to check the Zodiac signs for our characters. Emma’s on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio, so Scorpio seemed right. Then the only indicator we have for Henry’s birthday is a password Regina once used, which would indeed make him a Leo. So I thought, nice, Neal did give Emma her True Love, Henry, nice symbol… until I realized the waterline may also be a symbol. I checked Neal and he’s an Aries, not Aquarius, the water bearer, it’s not even a water sign. And then I remembered this thing of beauty.

The waterline! Regina’s an Aquarius! I may or may not have made very, very special noises that I hope I will never ever make again when making this particular discovery. Let’s just summarize, the True Love key chain binds the Leo, the Scorpio and the Aquarius together.

Why go through the trouble of making such a genius design if it’s not going to be important? If Swan Mills family finding True Love with each other isn’t what this show is about? Why does the list of hints pointing at this beautiful family keep growing?

Because Love wins, goddammit, that’s why.

“Astrid really went through a roller coaster of emotions in season 2! She had to lie to Hiccup for the first time and feel the burn of it. She was told off by Ruffnut and had a huge wake up call. She was shaken by guilt over not having done enough to keep her family safe. She got to voice for Hiccup’s dummy. She almost drowned and then felt the relief of being safe in the arms of the boy she loves. She had a joyside with Stormfly, doing crazy stunts. She lost Stormfly and felt even closer to her after they returned. She found a great friend in Heather and had her loyalties tested. She pranked on Ruff/Tuff and earned their admiration for it. She found more balance in her friendship with Snotlout. She is starting to realize how much Hiccup means to her. And most of all she kicked so much ass and looked gorgeous while doing it. Astrid went through a lot and hopefully we will get to see even more next season.”

anonymous asked:

whats you top ten moments that made you think hmm something going on more than normal between these two??please im so curious cause your so detailed and genius and ahhh i just love jackbum never really had a otp in 10 yrs into kpop I DO NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW(well yes i did ricsyung howd i forget that???)PLEASE AND THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

ONLY 10? Okay.

1-This is one of my favorite JackBum moments. Just look at the sexual tension and the way they tighten their lips. It’s gold.


3-You have no idea how much I love this moment. Jaebum’s expression, Jackson pulling him closer…*sighs*


5-The way they look at each other.

just kiss


7-[STARCAST] Leader JB to play a role of GOT7’s exclusive paparazzi?! and Contact name.

Jaebum took a photo of each member and wrote a description. What he wrote about Jackson’s photo?

‘’I was attracted to your confidence at first. But every day I went down on my knees.’’ 

Nothing to say.




(the skinship in every interview/fansign/video it’s very strong ;;)

9-Jb’s ideal type is Jackson. 

10-I’m in love with this moment.

Okay, look at Mark as Lucifer in this scene

and now look at Misha as Lucifer in this scene

and now here they are, closer together

Misha is doing such a great job portraying Marks version of Lucifer. It’s amazing! Even his voice sounded almost like Marks in his Lucifer scene. He’s just so talented and amazing and I love him so much

Adam Driver interview
From Girls to a galaxy far, far away: the new Star Wars villain on a career in hyperspace
By Sanjiv Bhattacharya | Photographs by Simon Emmett | Styling by Allan Kennedy

But Driver’s not the best example. He’s too much of an original, a wild card. On the face of it, he’s just a 31-year-old actor who lives in Brooklyn Heights, with his actress wife of two years, Joanne Tucker, and their puppy Moose. But look closer. How many actors have a military background? There were a few in the old days – Gene Hackman and Steve McQueen were Marines, and Humphrey Bogart was in the US Navy, Paul Newman, too. Today, however, it’s just Driver. And a 31-year-old without a Facebook page or Twitter account? When I mention Instagram, he asks, “What’s that?” He might be on a generation-defining show like Girls, but he’s not particularly attuned to his generation at all. “That probably sounds fucking pretentious: ‘Oh, I don’t identify with anyone in my generation! I’m bigger than my time!’” he says. “But it actually freaks me out a bit.”

In While We’re Young, he plays a young hipster who befriends an older documentary film-maker (Ben Stiller) in a beautifully observed generational comedy. Driver’s character is ambitious and manipulative, with an eye for the short cut and an instinct for marketing. Stiller, however, plays the earnest artist, so wrapped up in outdated notions of artistic integrity that he’s stuck in a rut.

“I identify with Ben’s character more,” Driver says. “Like in acting, I think older actors are more disciplined. There’s something about them still doing it, like they’ve survived that long.”

I tell him that, to me, it’s the other way around – his generation seems more focused, more serious, with their curated lives, their particular tastes. Us fortysomethings grew up a bit more slapdash and reckless.

“Really?” Driver looks puzzled. “You can take things too seriously, I suppose. I think about that. Because acting isn’t really about me, it’s collaborative, so is it egotistical to belabour everything? Plus, do you want to look back and wish you enjoyed your life more, which would probably make you a better actor, than if you locked yourself in your room and committed to your craft?” He looks at the pond, his brow furrowed. “I got lost on a tangent. What the fuck am I talking about?”

You’re being serious about your art.

He sighs. “Maybe you are right. But I blame the internet. For the older generation, everything wasn’t out there on the internet, so they could fuck off and make mistakes. I love hearing those great old actors talk about their lives – you can see that they’re not as precious. But for us, everything’s online. How does an actor suspend disbelief that you’re this other person when everyone knows so much about you? They’ve already labelled you in their minds. And that’s the other thing – everyone’s a critic now. Which is good in one sense, but also, everything’s just so fucking mediocre, it’s so PC and aimed to please… knuckleheads!” He laughs. “That’s the kind of word my grandfather would use. That’s how out of date I am. I’ve lost my train of thought again.”

You’re turning into a ranting old man.

“I am! Usually I’m alone and totally naked in my room wearing a hat I made of paper. So this is good. I’m actually out in public, wearing clothes.”

okay, time to talk about this scene

It was handed beautifully, so I really want to take a closer look at it and talk about all the things I love about it beyond the hug itself. Because it’s such a poignant showcase of how much these two care about each other; even when Makoto is actively trying not to. Even when Aigis doesn’t understand her own heart.

So as you can imagine, this post is going to be image heavy (couple of Gifs included!) and also sort of long (because I’m going to reference a few other scenes, too.) 

On we go!

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Drunk Confessions (DeanXReader)

Word count: ~1600
Warnings: drinking, language, nothing too bad

Imagine: Getting drunk and confessing your feelings about Dean to him.

You’re sitting in the Impala, watching as the millions of trees and the flat plains roll by outside the window. With how fast Dean’s driving it’s hard to see certain things for too long before it gets lost in the distance.

“How much longer do you think?” You ask. It’s hard to sit in a car for hours without anything to do.

Sam looks around to find a road sign to tell us exactly where in the world we are. “We’re somewhere in Nebraska, I know that it’s on the side closer to Kansas though. It shouldn’t be too much longer.”

You nod even though they can’t see you from behind, “Good because I’m going straight to a bar for a victory drink.” You shift to a different position, the cuts and bruises you had gotten at the last hunt burning and hurting. You hiss in pain from the movement.

“You okay?” Dean asks, looking back at you from the rear view mirror.

“Yeah, I think so.” You reply. “Can’t be anything worse then I’ve had before, you know?”

Sam and Dean chuckle at your comment. “Yeah that’s true, and hopefully it’ll be the worst injury you will have” Dean says.

It’s no secret that you have feelings for Dean, or you thought it wasn’t. You thought that by the way you look at him while he’s talking would give it away, or just give him a hint. Sam always points out the little things you do while talking to him and when you’re just sitting in the same room with each other. The little things that make your face get as red as a tomato when talked about.

Sam says that Dean has feelings for you, but you can never tell. Some of the things he does to express himself when he’s with you suggests that he does, but then he does something that makes you think otherwise.

“You mind if I join you at the bar Y/N?” Dean asks out of the blue. His hands start fidgeting around the steering wheel, his long fingers wrapping themselves around it unintentionally.

“Sure, I could use some company.” You smile to yourself.

“Sweet.” He replies and you notice his short look back at you through the mirrors again. That just makes your smile grow larger, almost spreading across your whole face.

Sam looks back at you next with an “I told you so” look. You stick your tongue out at him in response and flip him off too.

He holds his hand up to his chest in an offended manner, “I’m so offended! Dean she just flipped me off.” He complains to his older brother.

He chuckles, “Yeah? You probably deserved it Sammy, sorry.” He looks over at Sam and starts laughing at his face.

“Jerk.” Sam says and swings his arm over, hitting his brother in the shoulder.

“Bitch.” He replies with a smile, not even rubbing his arm.

30 minutes later you’re pulling into the garage at the bunker. The beautiful sound of the engine reverberates off of the cement walls in the giant garage. Old vehicles sit in the garage, probably left behind from the Men of Letters from a long time ago. Dean always refused to drive them though, he loved his Baby too much.

As you get out of the Impala you realize that you didn’t really invite Sam to the bar. “Hey Sam, you can come with us to the bar too you know. You want to?” You ask him, but he shakes his head.

“I didn’t sleep well, so I’m only running on like an hour of sleep. I’m gonna crash and enjoy it, but thanks anyway.” He rubs his eyes tiredly and heads into the bunker.

“Do you think he’s having nightmares again?” You ask Dean from over the top of the Impala.

He leans on it, his elbows on top and his face in his hands. “Yeah. Yeah I think he is. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he’s been talking in his sleep more too. Half of it I can’t understand, but I don’t know what to do.”

You both know that if you ask Sam if he’s ok, he will either way yes or say no and not allow you two to help him. Especially with trying to find and defeat the darkness, you all have a lot going on and he seems to think that dealing with whatever is up with him will make our situation easier.

“We’ll figure everything out. I promise.” You reply after a few moments of silence.

He nods before getting back in the Impala, “You ready to go get a drink? I know I can use one. Maybe some of those Purple Nurples again, yeah?” He smiles despite everything that there was to not smile about. It makes your stomach flip.

“Heck yeah, they tasted like grapes. Maybe tequila or something strong like that too. It’s one of those nights.” You reply smiling back and replacing Sam in the passengers seat.

There’s a bar fairly close to the bunker, but its really small and doesn’t have a large variety of drinks as you and Dean like. The one you both choose to go to is about 20 minutes out and is more like a club than a normal bar.

The stoplights seem to be on your side, due to the fact that you only ran into one stoplight on the way there. It was like destiny wanted you to go on this drinking adventure with Dean.

When you walk in the doors side by side, the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol fills the room. Music thunders in your ears, the tune unfamiliar since all that you listen to is classic rock, like Dean. Most of the music nowadays is just about a breakup or someone of the opposite sex anyway.

“What do you want to start with?” Dean yells over the music. You both make you way over to the bar, moving your way through a bunch of sweaty, dancing bodies. 

“Lets get some shots of something.” You reply to his question, “You can decide what we do.”

“How about just straight Vodka, and we can play a game with it.” He says and asks the bartender for  few shots of Vodka.

You look at him questioningly, “What game are you wanting to play exactly, Winchester?”

He grins mischievously, “I was thinking Never Have I Ever. Have you ever played it?” You shake your head no and wait for him to explain. “Okay so what you do is, if it’s my turn I say "Never have i ever…” then I finish the sentence with something I’ve never done. Then if you’ve done it, you take a drink. Then it would be the same, but you say something you’ve never done.“

Your rub your hand over your face before agreeing, "Fine, I’ll play. You go first.”

“Alright!” Dean replies. “Okay, never have I ever… been on a real vacation.”

You look at him with an ‘are you serious face’. “You suck.” You pick up the shot glass, which is a very tall one, and down it.

“Glad to be of your drinking pleasure.” He says while smirking. “You’re turn." 

What to say. You don’t want to make him not like you by saying something mean, even if it is only for a drinking game. "Never have I ever… had sex in the shower.” You decide to say. Something you know Dean has done.

He looks puzzled, “What? You haven’t?” You shake your head no. “Man, you’re missing out.” He says and downs the shot.

An hour later and a lot of shots later you can feel your words slurring more. Dean seems to have no effect however, which kind of makes you think he set you up for this. However, his tolerance of alcohol is most likely a lot more than yours.

It gets harder and harder to stop talking; half of your words making no sense at all. You start to focus on Dean. The way he talks, the movement of his lips, his hair being the perfection is always is. 

“What’s going on in that head of yours Y/N?” He says all of the sudden. 

Before you can stop the phrase from leaving your mouth, it tumbles out. “I can’t stop looking at you, you’re so handsome." 

He lifts his eyebrows in surprise at the statement, "I am, am I?" 

There’s no blockade in your mind to stop you from admitting what you feel about him in the moment. "Yeah, you are. Like, I’ve always had a crush on you, but I’ve never been able to get the guts to admit it to you.”

He laughs, which makes your heart sink. “You know Y/N, alcohol is a magical thing." 

"Yeah,” you look to the ground in disappointment. “I guess-” Before you’re able to finish the sentence, Dean seals his lips to yours. The sensational feeling is new; it’s something you’ve never felt before.

It just feels right.

Dean knew you were obviously drunk, so he didn’t go for anything more than a kiss. He knew that you could slaughter his ass in the morning if you wanted to. Hell, Sam would probably even help you. But after the long night of  many truths, he lets you fall asleep on his shoulder in the Impala on the way back to the bunker. 

The next morning, you find yourself curled up next to him. Painkillers and cup of water already sitting on the bedside table, ready for you to take. 

This. This is what you’ve always wanted. Maybe you should drink more often.


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Run (Jungkook x Reader, pt 16)

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Crime AU

“You can’t go and get attached to her. You know you’ll”-

“Have to get rid of her eventually, yeah, I know.” Jungkook rubs at his forehead, looking at the floor. “I just don’t want to anymore.”

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jean-huh-kirschnickerdoodle asked:

so do we know for sure that genos' neck is forever changed or could it be like how he has different arms for casual vs battle?

,,,i mean we don’t.. know for sure? i guess?? but we’re assuming its a definitive change cause it’s been drawn like that in official art already + it would make sense to do the switch to get closer to his actual look in the original webcomic

(….it’s stitched on to the mechanical torso but i cant find the one cap where the stitches are showing kdjsf)

Adore You

Genre: NC-17

Jimin misses you too much to wait.

“What are you doing here?”
  You sounded surprised. Standing at your door was your boyfriend Jimin, hands in his pockets while the wind aggressively touched his rusty hair. Seeing how cold it was outside your house, you pulled him by his coat, closing the door behind you.
“Seriously, it’s 2 AM! Shouldn’t you be at the dorm?”, you asked again.
  Jimin’s eyes weren’t sure about where to look at your face. Eyes, lips, cheeks. Ignoring your question for a moment, he got closer to you and you felt his fingers slightly touching the sides of your face. He rubbed his nose on yours and you felt like the world got slower. He kissed you slowly, remembering your taste after long days away on tour.
“I just missed you too much”, Jimin whispered before kissing you again, this time more passionately.
  His hands grabbed your waist, pulling your body even closer to his, whilst your fingers decided running through his hair was a good idea. Jimin kissed you slow and nice and you could hear him deep breathing sometimes. Clothes were starting to disturb you, your hands were fast to free your boyfriend from the heavy coat and the thin white t-shit. Jimin’s body was warm and you couldn’t deny you missed it a lot. His fingers unlaced your shorts and started playing with the sides of your panties, making you giggle.
“What’s so fun?”, Jimin asked in a deep voice, lips swollen and red.
“You caught me in such a mess. I’m in old panties, I was ready to sleep”, you said, thinking about the cotton panties and long shirt you were wearing. He giggled.
“You look cute”, he told you, leaving a peck on your lips, “And you can sleep later”.
  Jimin didn’t care about your panties – he was going to take them off anyway. The lack of clothes on your body was better for him. He could feel your hard nipples under your shirt touching his bare chest. Lucky him you decided to not wear a bra that night.
  Your living room got hotter when his mouth wasn’t going easy on your neck. Shivers ran through your whole body, soft pleasurable moans leaving your throat. Jimin completely undressed both you and him, taking you to your bedroom. You knew your day wasn’t being finished yet. Jimin had the whole night to worship your body.


Feu et Sang - Part 2    ( Part 1
ASOIAF French Revolution AU

The Winterfell Castle, Scotland, Christmas 1787

“So this is where you’ve been hiding yourself.”

Ned looked up from his cup of wine to find Lyanna standing over him, grinning widely, her cheeks still flushed from dancing. Ned had settled himself in a undisturbed corner of the music room following supper, close enough to comfortably observe the merriment around him, but far enough to ensure he would not draw much notice to himself (or so he had thought).

“Is Benjen well?” Ned asked. He had seen how green in the face their younger brother looked when Lyanna escorted him upstairs before the dancing had begun.

“He is in bed,” Lyanna settled beside him on the settee. “I told father he was ill from eating too many sweetmeats,” she confessed in a low voice, leaning closer as if to draw Ned into her confidence. “I suspect he’ll be alright come morning, aside from an aching head, and that’s no more than he deserves.”

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100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Emotion List
#76: Thankful
Pairing: Emma/Killian


Looking back, she thinks she spent too much time pushing him away. 

She knew how he felt long before she let herself really feel anything in return. There had been heat, sure, and a connection that she couldn’t deny, but she’d kept him at arm’s length for so long. She’d been scared, and she’d ran. 

She’d turned away when he stepped closer; when his tone had turned too serious, she’d brushed him off. 

Through everything, he’d stayed. Over and over, he had followed close behind, but never too close. He had never once faltered.

Now, every second she spends with him makes her want all of those moments back. 

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Everytime I play Fallout I always imagine what it would be like as a TV show, like if I’m exploring an abandoned school with Maccready I’d think up what it’d be like in an episode, what are they looking for? Does this bring Mac and the Sole Survivor closer? How much sarcasm could fit into half an hour of rummaging and ominous foreshadowing?

Meet the Freaks. Dean X reader smut

Can you do a Dean X reader with smut where you go to ur parents house with Dean for the first time and smut? Warning: Smut ———– “Sammy?” You smiled, trying to come off as innocent as possible. “You know you love me?”
“I do… But I don’t like where this is going,” he said, looking up from his laptop to watch you come closer to him.
“Well because you know, you love me so much, you know your wouldn’t mind coming with me,” you sat down next to him, still trying to look sweet, “to one of my family’s get togethers. Right?”
“Oh. No way in hell.” He laughed, “sorry but from how your have described your family, they are not exactly my cup of tea.” It was here that you gave up the sweet act and plonked your head onto the table, letting out a small moan. “Why do you need someone to go with you? You went last year by yourself.”
“Yeah well last year I wasn’t engaged,” you groaned.
“What!” Dean came charging into the room, looking scared, even pained. “Your engaged?!”
“No!” You laughed. “Not really. But in the eyes of my family I am.”
“Why’d you tell your family you were engaged?” Dean had calmed down and was sitting opposite you at the table.
“Cos I was tired of of hearing the same shit every time I go to see them: ‘oh Y/n, still not married?’ Or ‘it’s such a shame that your not with someone, we still don’t have any grandkids.’ Oh and my personal favourite ‘must be your face darling. It must put men off… Oh hahahah’” you made a fake laugh before slamming your head into the table. “I got bored of it so I said that I was engaged last times and that he couldn’t come cos he was off on a business trip. I can’t turn up this year alone or pretending to be dumped by my fiancé otherwise it will all start again.” You groaned. “I asked Cas and he was busy doing angel stuff. And Sam is such a horrible person that he won’t come with me,” you sent him a dirty look.
“Hey!” Dean shouted, causing you to look up from the table.
“What!” You shouted back.
“I can go with you. I mean come on, look at me.” He smirked, flapping his hands up and down his body. “Your family would shut the hell up if you walked in with me on your arm right?”
“I guess,” you smiled. Although you liked the idea of him being your fake fiancé, you didn’t like the fact that you had to pretend to be in love with him. Since working with the boys, you had developed a major crush on the eldest Winchester and the idea of having to pretend to be his partner and know it meant nothing at the end of the day hurt. But what other choice did you have, “okay. Thanks! But I must warn you, my family are quite possibly the scariest thing your will have to ever face.”
“I’m sure I can cope,” he smiled. You got up to leave, off to go and pack but before you left your turned round,
“Thanks Dean. This means a lot to me,” you smiled. “It really does.”
With the impala parked and all your stuff out the car, you had a chance to breath before the verbal attack you were likely to experience from your family. You looked up at the tall, dingy building that was before you. It’s stone walls were adorned by ivy, the rose bushes that lined the flowerbeds had become somewhat overgrown. Yet, even though it had become a little run down, you couldn’t help but be reminded of all the great times you had spent here as a child. Even though you were dreading your family, the fact that you were back home brought a smile to your face.
“Hey, you okay?” Deans voice brought you out of your daze. You turned to see him, looking at you as if you were the most important thing in the world. “If you really don’t wanna do this we can just g-” you cut him off.
“Nah! I’ll be fine. It’s you I’m worried about, your not yet used to the wackos that I call a family,” you laughed, picking up your bags to go inside before Dean stopped you.
“Oh wait hold on,” you stopped, turned to him and saw him rummaging through the glovebox of the impala.
“What have you forgotten? If your looking for weapons I doubt you’ll need one. I mean if you do feel like you wanna kill my family…’ You smirked, “we can just suffocate them with pillows, no needs for guns.”
“Ha very funny,” With the impala locked up he came over to you, a smirk plastered on his face and a little box in his hand. “I’m meant to be your fiancé right?”
“Well yeah,” confused, you put down your bags and came closer to him.
“Well what kind of man would I be if I didn’t get you a ring?” He gave you the box, looking at you as you opened it. Inside was a simple and yet truly beautiful ring. It’s silver twisted band held a elegant diamond on top. It’s simplistic design made it all the more beautiful.
“Dean! Where did yo-”
“It was my mums engagement ring,” you looked up at him in total shock. “My dad gave me her engagement ring and Sam her wedding ring.”
“Oh Dean I can’t wear this,” you held it out to him. “Save it for the special girl.”
“No,” he took the box, removed the ring and placed it on your finger. “You’re wearing the ring. And you are special, so… Shhh and wear it.” You couldn’t help but smile, admiring the ring that was on your hand.
“Thank you,” you whispered, pulling Dean into a hug.
“No problem sweetheart. Anything to convince your family were together,” he hugged back. After pulling away he picked up his and your bags and made his way toward the door. You followed behind, still in shock that Dean trusted you to look after one of the few items he had of his mother.
You quickly knocked on the door, bracing yourself for your family.
“Oh and Dean, your name is James,” you quickly whispered just in time because the door flung open. Your mother stood on the other side. She was dressed in her usual get up: a pant suit with high heels, always looking professional. You and your mother couldn’t be more different if you tried. She wore things that made her look intelligent and proper where as you went for things that made you comfortable or have you an edge. Your mother would never have been seen in a leather jacket and beat up jeans.
When your mother opened the door she took one look at you before turning her eyes to your ‘Fiancé’.
“Ahh you must be James! What a great pleasure to meet you! Do come in,” she smiled ushering him into the house. “You can get the bags can’t you y/n?” Dean stopped in his tracks turned away from your mum and came back to you, taking the bags in his hands.
“No, y/n you don’t have to. I got ‘em,” he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before following your mum into the house.
“Oh he’s a gentleman too! How did you get a man like this,” your mother called back to you as she showed you and Dean into your room. “Now you two get settled and I’ll meet you down stairs.” Your mother left, leaving you and Dean to get sorted in your room.
“Wow,” Dean huffed.
“Your mother…”
“Yeah she’s em… Lovely isn’t she?”
“Y/n, she just completely ignored you, disrespected you, was a total bitch and you did,”
“Nothing.” Your replied. Your mum had always had that affect on your. Your mum could call you the most disgusting person on the plant but you would still make her a tea.
The rest of the day went pretty much the same way. Aunts, Uncles and cousins alike, all asking how a girl like you got a guy like Dean.
'Surely he’s out of your league.’
'Must be a pity thing.’
'Well aren’t you… Lucky.’
And yet each time, no matter what was said Dean would come back with a sweet and wonderful response.
'I think you mean she’s way out of my league’
'Yeah she took pity on me and said yes.’
'I’m just the luckiest man in the world.’ However no matter that people were saying about you, each one did stop to admire the ring that was on your finger and the man who put it there.
By the time the day had ended you were exhausted and a somewhat depressed at all the negative comments that had been thrown your way. You and Dean headed to bed, ready to forget the events of today.
“I’m just gonna grab a shower,” even to yourself you sounded upset.
“Hey, come here,” Dean pulled you into a hug, encasing you in his big arms. “You know you shouldn’t let them get to you.”
“I’m not, I’m used to it.”
“You shouldn’t have to be,” Dean ushered you to sit on the bed. “A girl like you shouldn’t be made to feel bad about herself! God you so many things, sweetheart! You’re beautiful, caring, wonderful! Your quite possibly the perfect girl! I mean what other girl do you know could kill a vampire nest single handed, come out of it covered in blood and bruises but still look like the sexiest woman to ever walk this plant? Huh?” You couldn’t help the small tears that trickled down your cheeks as he said this.
“Thanks, but I don’t expect you be so kind. You’ve done enough today, pretending to love me. You’ve done enough to.”
“Who said I was pretending?” His fingers came under your chin, making you look at him. “Look… I ain’t good at this stuff but… Well… I didn’t have to pretend today. God. Look from the minuet I saw you, I knew you were different. I’ve never been one to believe in all that chic flick love at first sight crap but damn when I saw you, I had no choice but to believe…” Dean kept ranting but you couldn’t listen anymore. Dean Winchester, the guy you had loved for ages had just told you that he loved you, from the moment he met you. Now you knew how he felt, you could act on it. Slowly you plucked up the courage to kiss him.
When your lips connected you were surprised at how soft and inviting they were. At first he was a little bit shocked but soon enough he was was kissing back. He was much more gentle than you were expecting, but you weren’t complaining. Slowly you both shuffled up the bed, his body over yours, his lips never letting go. With one hand next to your head he used the other to start removing your clothes, only once leaving your lips to take your top off.
“You.. Man are so beautiful,” Deans hand came around your back to unclasp your bra and gently took it from you. His eyes lingered on them before be began to massage them, tease them. An involuntary moan left your lips as his mouth latched to one. After what felt like forever he moved to the other one, his tongue circling around the hardened nib teasing you. You could feel the heat begin to pool between your legs. “You do want this don’t you?” No words were found so all you could do was nod. “Good cos you don’t understand how much I have wanted this…” He trailed off when his lips attached to your neck, slowly beginning to trace down your body, through the valley of your breasts down your stomach stopping at where your jeans began. He started to undo them when you stopped him,
“You’re not taking them off,” you smirked. “Not until we’re even. Your still wearing way to many clothes.”
“That can be dealt,” he grinned, slowly taking off his top to reveal his muscular chest. Your eyes were drawn to him, watching as he moved and the muscles rippled. Before you were aware, Dean was on you again. With in a second your jeans and panties were gone, leaving you naked before him. Quickly he removed his own pants and boxers. Wow he was even more beautiful in no clothes.
You were drawn from your daze when you felt his kisses trailing down your leg. Wasting no time, he lifted your legs over his shoulders. His tongue licked a long strip up your entrance. The did this a few times before slipping his tongue in, and pressing his thumb onto your clit, adding just enough pressure to it. A hot coil began to twist and turn inside you,
“Ah… D..Dean…”
“I know babe. Let go,” as if by his command you came on his tongue. Dean continued to let his tongue work its magic as you came down from your orgasm, taking in every bit that you released. When you were finally down from your high, Dean came up and planted a gentle kiss to your lips. You could taste yourself on him, it was a surprisingly nice. An involuntary moan escaped your lips as you felt on of Deans fingers push into you and begins pumping in and out. He added a second finger and got harder and faster. The second this thumb grazed over your clit, you were a mess withering beneath him. When you came down from the second high of the evening Dean was lining himself up with your entrance. Slowly he eased himself in, stretching you perfectly. He gave you a moment to adjust before he started to pound into you. “God. You are so perfect.” He couldn’t control himself when he was in you, but you didn’t mind.
Soon his rhythm became erratic, and you knew he was going to cum soon. With one final grind of your hip he was gone, and feeling the way he twitched inside you made your end come too. As you were both coming down from your high, he pulled out and pulled you towards him, wrapping his arms around you. His hand strokes your hair and listened to the sound of deep breaths.
“You okay?” He asked.
“Yeah that was intense,” you smiled up at him, resting your hands on his firm chest. “But yeah, I’m okay. Actually I’m more than okay,” you laughed. “I’m brilliant.”
“Yeah me too,” he grinned, pulling you closer to him. “I hope you know now, that you defiantly shouldn’t listen to your family. Because you, are amazing, and defiantly the one who is out of my league.” And with that you both fell asleep, loving the warmth that each other provided.
You waved good bye to your family as Dean revved Baby into action. You watched as the family you began to fade in the distance.
“You know, that wasn’t the worst,” you smiled over at Dean.
“No, it defiantly wasn’t,” one of his hands came down from the wheel and rested on your knee.
“Oh,” you started to pull the ring you had used for the weekend of your finger. “Here. You probably need this back.”
“Nah. Keep it. It looks good on you,” he said.
“Dean, it was your mums I can’t keep it.”
“Yeah you can, cos I’m sure that if my mum had met you she would of told me to give it to you one day,” he grinned. You covered his hand with yours, smiling like a mad woman. Maybe family get togethers weren’t as bad as you thought.

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Yes haha I'm actually LOVING being an ezria shipper atm like even though they're not together I feel like half the plot is about them !! And Aria writing Ezra's book !! And then Aria will write about Nicole and Ezra will be like its not about Nicole it's about you and they'll fall back on his bed and they are kissing and then after *cough* rough sex *cough* they'll snuggle up and be all playful and happy and laughing and Ezra's smiling because Aria looks so cute in his yellow t shirt.....