sos pls imagine dan and matt’s/kevin and thea’s/aaron and katelyn’s kids covering neil’s scars with brightly colored bandaids and lbr neil’s chill he keeps em on the whole day, every time. like neil with hot pink bandaids that say “BARBIE GIRL” on his cheeks, neil with dinosaur bandaids layered on his arms. and the fox kids are so proud!!! the desire to take care of “uncle neil” gets passed onto the kids from their parents and they’re so protective of him!! they save the coolest bandaids for when he and andrew come to visit bc he always has new/old injuries that need to be fixed up. and it means so much to neil that the kids aren’t scared of him at all but just wanna take care of him???? help me bye

morganbritton132  asked:

"Uh, Freddie?" "Yep?" "Why are children dressed like Spock?" "Winnie is McCoy actually."

“Why are our children in Starfleet outfits?”

“Because I saw them online and I bought them.”


“Because look at how cute they are!” she cooed, picking up Alfie who was reaching his hands up, and he giggled. “And they’re prepared.”

“Prepared for what? Starfleet Academy?”

“Exactly. I still believe we are actually in Star Trek, it just hasn’t happened yet. And besides, look at how goddamn cute my babies are.”

“Our babies.”



“It’s huge commitment to sign on three films when you’re fourteen, which really means you are giving up ten years of your life and dedicating to acting. And that’s a hard to decision to make when you’re that young because who knows what can happen in the next hour, not to say the next ten years.”

– Natalie Portman on Star Wars