Who is it that you see?

Instead of seeing what I am for real

This twisted flesh and bone!

You’re a liar!

With every new excuse you try out

You only make me want to cry out

Would that I were

Made of stone!

I…was listening to the Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack and this particular song Made of Stone inspired me for reasons. 

I haven’t really drawn my character Fugue in his current form, with…his face like this. (DA yes but tumblr no, so I guess this is a debut.)

As it were, he suffers though grief while trapped in a concentration camp to the point he wished he didn’t exist. (His torn face is a result of being trapped there.) All thought of hope he once clung to has been trampled at this point.
Hope does return though…later in his life.
(but spoilers of course)

Fugue © EnjoliqueJ


I think this scene is really important: In the first gif you can see that Tara is watching the group reunite with Carol. In the same gif at the end she turns her head immediatly to the wood. In the second gif you can see that she turns her head fromt left to right.

And why is she doing this? In case that there a walkers behind them or that people from terminus followed them, she can react and/or alert the group that there is something coming up.

She is the only person here who does that. Why? Not because she still feels guilty. She is doing this to protect her only family now.


Definitely think that brown eyes are seriously underrated. So here are Calum Hood’s beautiful peepers.