So, can we just talk about Valka’s dragon’s face for a bit please? He looks SO nice!

His face is kind of serious and all, but in the end, he can have a very sweet facial expression. When he looks at Toothless, it reminds me of a dad looking at his playing child. I love his design so much and they managed the facial expressions so well I can’t even.

A small list of things people don't appreciate enough about Hiccup

Number 1: His hands

C'mon! Check out those amazing things! They’re really long-fingered and just…ughhhh

Let’s also take a moment here to admire his art skills :) 

Number 2: His boots

Dear Thor, those boots. They’re all furry :3 

Number 3: His hair

That hair is just so fluffy. It’s got the perfect amount of volume. I wonder what shampoo he uses…

Let’s also appreciate how cute his fascination with Toothless is 

Number 4: His crooked teeth

Because who doesn’t love Hiccup’s adorable, slightly crooked front teeth?

Number 5: His smirk

Just look at it. It’s an amazing smirk. It’s an ‘I’m a cocky little sassbucket’ smirk, that’s what it is

 Number 6: His nose

Hasn’t anyone else noticed that beautiful nose? It’s perfectly round 

Number 7: His freckles

Those things just add more adorability to him (YES, I WENT THERE BECAUSE HE IS SO AMAZING HE DESERVES HIS OWN WORD) 

Also, look at that cute way he chews his lip. If that doesn’t deserve some credit… 

Number 8: His gestures

(Oops, I forgot one…tehehehehe)