all the times he surprised her and the one time he didn’t…

A Lesson in Love (The Discovery)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,298

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - Thank you for putting up with me for almost a month and listening to me constantly complain about not being able to get this part written. I adore you. Always.

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“Bucky wants to talk to you.”

You know that the earth never stops moving; it’s constantly in motion. Constantly making its trip around the sun. But the moment Steve says Bucky’s name, you swear that everything comes to a standstill. It’s the only way to explain how everything around you becomes muted. How you’re seeing Steve as if he were standing on the opposing side of a tunnel and how the pressure of Sam’s arm on your shoulder vanishes.

Over the past twenty-two days, you’ve convinced yourself that the story of you and Bucky was not meant to be. In your mind, he left and closed the door on the potential of there ever being an ending where you and him were together.

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One of us should probably say something.
About what? I don’t know, the moment? Remind the men in whose name this fight is to be fought? You think they’ve forgotten? No, but …we are emotional beings, after all, and rhetoric is the fuel that feeds the fire.
For 10,000 years, a man anticipating conquest - has stood before his army -

Do it.

27•03 | 3/100

i already broke the chain and missed out on yesterday, ahh i was so tired yesterday and all i wanted to do was sleep but hEY today i redeemed myself by finishing off my letterwork draft + completing the research :))) a productive evening it has been. it is now time for me to sleep


run away - chase atlantic // home - one direction

“ College AU where Shiro is trying to study but he can hear his neighbor crying so he goes to knock on the door and Lance answers it with tears streaming down his face. “What’s wrong?” “I can’t believe the dog in the movie I’m watching fucking died.” “

Guess whaaatttt?

It’s another au @shir-oh-no came up with a while back that i’m finally writing

it’s not exactly the same as the prompt b u t

The young man’s brow twitched slightly as he stared at the book in front of him, incessantly tapping his pencil as he tried to ignore the loud laughter that would sometimes come from the person who lived in the dorm next to his. The guy had seemed to grow quiet earlier after a while of laughing, yelling, and just being flat out loud, but now he was just being loud again.

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protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!

Moonlight Academy Google Classroom

I have recently discovered Google classroom and came up with the idea of creating a classroom to specifically for connecting witches and encouraging them to learn all they can on witchcraft.

What will be included?

  1. Weekly Discussion Topics
  2. Advice from seasoned witches
  3. Witchcraft book recommendations
  4. Weekly assignments
  5. Connections with a variety of witches, lets make this witchcraft community stronger!
  6. Powerpoint presentations 
  7. Videos 
  8. Weekly ‘themes’

Who will be included?

Anyone with an interest in furthering their path through google classroom

What do you need?

A gmail account and an open mind :)

NOTE: I will be looking for other witches, preferably those with a bit of experience, to help me run this.  Shoot me a message if you are interested!

I will post the code to get onto google classroom once everything is organized.

Have some ideas or questions on this google classroom? Please feel free to message me! I would love some feedback. 

Whenever people tell me about my… presence here on tumblr, they almost overwhelmingly bring up this decades old drawing, which, yeah, I love trans Dave too, but for the love of god, take this new version instead.

Soulmate Seungkwan

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

The world is a beautiful place in so many ways. There are brilliant landscapes, small acts of human kindness, and all sorts of captivating things that can catch an eye or turn a head. 

But the one thing that intrigues you most is the certain kind of beauty which is hidden away- by nature itself- by the unfathomable laws of the universe- by something no one quite understands.

There are things only certain people can see. 

When you look down at your body, you know your skin is covered all over in intricate tattoos; yours are bright, all ribbons of pastel colors, weaving together into decorative symbols, shot through here and there with the brightest threads of glowing gold. But no one else can see the marks. To their eyes, you have empty skin. 

Indeed, the only person ever able to see the tattoos that mark another is the one connected to them in their very soul: the other half: the Soulmate.

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Seems like... 것 같다

Sometimes we need or want to speak authoritatively on something that we know or believe to be true. However, sometimes we want to express that we are a little uncertain about we’re saying, or we just want to emphasize a little more that it’s coming from our own thoughts or opinions and not actual fact. Also, in Korean, saying something too directly can come across as rude, especially when speaking to your superiors. So how do we soften things up? Today, we’ll look at how to say that X seems or looks like Y.

There are actually three grammatical forms that we can look at to express this kind of meaning! Today we’ll look at what might be the most common one, 것 같다. The other two are -ㄴ가 보다 and -나 보다. They are largely similar to 것 같다, but there is a difference. Look forward to seeing a post on those in the future :)

PLEASE NOTE that in this post, “past,” “present,” and “future” all refer to the tense of the (noun modifier ending of the) verb before the grammar in question, not the tense of the sentence as a whole! I will write all of my sentences in this post in present tense for the sake of simplicity.

것 같다

To use this form properly you should understand noun modifier endings, which I discussed here. You simply use the appropriate noun modifier ending depending on whether you’re using an action verb, description verb, or noun and then follow that with 것 같다. Conjugate 같다 to your formality of choice and you’re done!

Action verbs

PAST: -은/ㄴ 것 같다

  • 이미 나간 것 같아요. (It seems he already went out.)
  • 강아지가 내 숙제를 먹은 것 같아. (It seems the dog ate my homework.)

PRESENT: -는 것 같다

  • 저 차는 너무 빨리 달리는 것 같아요. (It seems like that car is going too fast.)
  • 아기가 맛있게 먹는 것 같아요. (It seems that the baby is eating well.)

FUTURE: -(으)ㄹ 것 같다

  • 오늘 비가 올 것 같다. (It seems it will rain today.)
  • 내일 만나지 못할 것 같아요. (It seems we won’t be able to meet tomorrow.)

Descriptive verbs

PAST: -았/었을 것 같다 / -았/었던 것 같다 — If you are just speculating about something that you didn’t experience, use -았/었을 것 같다. If you’re talking about your own memory or something that you experienced, you can use -았/었던 것 같아요.

  • 이 옛날 사진을 보니까 그 때 살기는 많이 힘들었던 것 같아요. (Looking at this old photo, it seems that living at that time was really hard.)
  • 미나 씨가 어제 산 케이크가 이미 다 먹힌 걸 보니 정말 맛있었던 것 같아요. (Seeing that the cake Mina bought yesterday has already been entirely eaten, it seems it was very delicious.)

PRESENT: -(으)ㄴ 것 같다

  • 이 머리 스타일은 그 스타일보다 더 예쁜 것 같아요. (This hairstyle seems prettier than that one.)
  • 이 제품을 처음 사용해 보는데 품질이 정말 좋은 것 같네요. (I’m trying this product for the first time, and it seems the quality is really good.)

FUTURE: -(으)ㄹ 것 같다

  • 장마철에 한국에 가는 게 정말 안 좋을 것 같아요. (It seems that going to Korea during the rainy season won’t be good.)
  • 머리를 좀 더 밝은 색깔로 염색하면 예쁠 것 같아요. (It seems that if you dye your hair a lighter color, it will be pretty.)


PAST: -이었/였던 것 같다

  • 저 할아버지는 요리를 이렇게 잘 하시는 걸 보니 과거에 요리사이셨던 것 같아요. (Seeing how well that old man cooks, it seems he was a chef in the past.)
  • 뉴스를 보니 우리가 어제 지나간 교통 사고가 많이 심한 사고였던 것 같아요. (Seeing the news, it seems that the accident we passed yesterday was a really serious accident.)

PRESENT: -인 것 같다

  • 재우 씨의 스타일을 보면 미술가인 것 같아요. (If you look at Jaewoo’s style, it seems like he’s an artist.)
  • 오늘의 메뉴는 불고기인 것 같아요. (It seems today’s menu is bulgogi.)

FUTURE: -일 것 같다

  • 내일은 좋은 날일 것 같아요! (It seems like like tomorrow will be a good day!)
  • 그 영화는 아이들이 많이 좋아할 영화일 것 같아요. (It seems like that movie will be one that children will like a lot.)

Happy studying~