Nature's Dance

Traveling too close to the surface had been the wrong choice that he was still regretting. For four days he was trapped in the small box, his tail barely able to move. Everything hurt but he could do nothing but lay at the bottom of the tank as humans looked over him. At night he let out a soft glow due to the markings on his skin as the merman lived in the deeper part of the ocean. Well he used to. Now he was going to be a living statue in someone’s home. It was a disgrace. 

All he could do was turn side to side and evening curling up his tail meant hitting the sides of the tank. On the next day the sun was shinning far too bright and it made his eyes hurt slightly before catching an elf. He looked different then the other nobles that had stopped by to see the ‘creature’. For just a moment Fenris stared into the other’s eyes before looking away.