🌚 why you should not be friends with any of the types 🌚

DISCLAIMER: i feed on stereotypes so pls do not be hurt of the feelings

isfj: every cookie they bake is laced with unspeakable sorrow. you are obese. dudley dursley looks waifish next to you. you cannot move except to raise cookies to your mouth. they emerge from the kitchen with more. they smile. 

esfj: they have too many other friends who adore them too much. you are reduced to fighting in the hunger games with all the esfj’s other friends.

istj: they are fluffy friends who care about you. you plan a dinner to thank them. you ask them, “saturday sound okay?” crossing a slot off their planner, they reply, “for 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 17 seconds, i will be at your leisure.”

estj: like an amoeba they absorb you. at first you protest, but soon you find yourself getting brainwashed and drawn, fibre by slow fibre, into their army of mindless minions.

infp: they are super nice lil worms, but have you ever thought to ask them why they always wear that one oversized extra-baggy jacket? the pockets are full of knives. and old grudges

enfp: they become like a sister to you then they leave you and move to singapore with two weeks’ notice. 0/10 would not recommend

infj: they wear so much black eyeliner that you’re never really sure what they’re thinking. which is probably good, because you probably don’t want to know what they’re thinking. (psst they’re reading your mind)

enfj: do you really want to be suffocated with hugs? cause that’s how you get suffocated with hugs

istp: you see them leaning on a graffiti-ridden wall. you say “hey howve you been–” silence. behind their sunglasses you detect a flicker as of some long-sleeping dragon awakening to spit a first tentative lick of flame. you back away.

estp: you are reduced to a sidekick and a wingman, watching with tears in your eyes as the estp takes everything you love. you can never be cooler than them. you will be a footnote in the annals of coolness.

isfp: they wish to understand the meaning of life, and that is a quest upon which they must embark alone.

esfp: you’re not good enough for them. you are not worthy to share the space on the yoga mat which is their sole possession in the whole wide world. that’s it. that’s the only reason

intp: at 2 AM your phone buzzes. you pick it up groggily. the notification from the intp reads: “Remember the Alamo!” you text back “what the fuck”. there is no reply. only silence. only the void.

entp: they trick you into telling them your deepest, darkest secret. then they make puns about it. layers upon layers of puns. onion puns. save me im drowning

intj: like diogenes, they prefer you to not approach them lest you stand in the way of their sunlight complete solitude. unlike diogenes, they live in a fortified stronghold with a crocodile-filled moat.

entj: their laugh is just really creepy. like, on a scale of one to megalomaniac, RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN

I just had this really cool picture in my mind:

Shouto is getting involved in a melee fight, with innocents too close to really use his quirk in fear of hurting them. It look like he's in a really though spot, because up until now, he has mostly relied on the superior range and power of his quirk.

But bad luck for the villain - Shouto got trained by Aizawa and All Might and has trained with Izuku on top of that.

So right when the enemy feels secure of his own win, Shouto smiles, actually smiles as ice creeps over his right hand like a glove and he takes a swift, strong and well-aimed swing straight at the villain’s face with a short “Smash”.

(Seriously, I would love to see Shouto fight with punches and kicks, too, for balance.)

cute things the signs do
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> blinking really slowly, twirling any jewelry, fussing with the edges and frayed bits of clothing.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> falling asleep on the bus, flicking their hair out of their eyes, smiling a little bit too wide<p/><b>Gemini:</b> talking too loudly in the house, running into doors because they weren't looking where they were going, telling stories that have no plot<p/><b>Cancer:</b> do things that could get them hurt without thinking about it, play fighting, rubbing their eyes when they're sleepy.<p/><b>Leo:</b> noticing good features in everyone, giving detailed and accurate compliments, knowing how to comfort you<p/><b>Virgo:</b> blushing and looking away when they're talking to someone they like, rubbing their palms on their jeans, smiling very small<p/><b>Libra:</b> kissing people on the forehead by surprise, drawing love hearts on their hands, scrunching their nose when they're talking to someone they like<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> petting their friends' hair, crying over things they like a lot, table drumming<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> making sarcastic jokes when they're content, making silly faces whenever they pass a mirror, half-hugs everyone <p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> flirting badly, ruffling their hair when they're nervous, walking on their tiptoes when they're next to someone tall<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> sharing seats with their friends, buying little pink tissues, hiding their nose in their scarf when they're tired<p/><b>Pisces:</b> thinking they can take on people twice their size, cooking everything in the microwave, braiding bracelets for their friends<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
The Signs Drunk at a Party Together

Aries: Is sings at the top of their voice whilst sipping their drink, “This one is dedicated to my homie Gemini! Woooo!”

Gemini: “You do Aries! Yes bae!” yells before running to them and falls on the way up to the stage area. 

Taurus: Starts laughing at Gemini falling over so hard their drink comes out of their nose “Oopppss…”

Aries: “Fuck you stairs! You hurt my friend! I’m gonna fuck you up! Come on, let’s fight” Jumps around from side to side with their fists up as if they were in a boxing ring. 

Cancer: “You look really pretty wow, you’re so amazing” smiles like an idiot whilst looking at Pisces. 

Pisces: Starts blushing and shakes their head, “Stop! You’re making me blush!” sips drink, whilst looking at Cancer.

Leo: “I’m too hot, god dam!” singing Uptown Funk while taking shots and occasionally staring at Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius: Goes up to Leo and starts dancing with the, “We’re too hot! God Damn!” 

Virgo: “Oh my God, Gemini! Do you need medical help?! Someone call 911!” yells in panic before looking at Aries, “Twenty bucks says you will lose the fight”

Libra: Walks over to the pole, “Guys look what I can do” tries to do a stripper move and falls over too. 

Aquarius: Lays down between Gemini and Libra, “Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground! TROUBLE, TROUBLE TROUBLE!” starts singing out loud.

Libra & Gemini: Stares before joining in. 

Taurus: Lays across Gem, Aqua and Libra and falls asleep. 

Scorpio: Is hiding under the table, “Capricorn you’ll never find me!” yells before laughing evilly, really loud. 

Capricorn: Joins Scorpio under the table, and rests their head on their shoulder

Scorpio: “Do you think Cap will ever find me?” offers Cap some of their drink.

Capricorn: “Nah not a chance” mumbles falling asleep slowly. 

“You Heard Me. Take. It. Off..”

Prompt 35: “You heard me. Take. It. Off”
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word Count: 590

“Hey Dean, have you seen Y/N?” Sam stormed into the room. There was anger in his eyes and in his voice.

Dean looked up and shook his head, not wanting to get in the middle of it. “I thought she was with you..”

“Hey guys!” You smile at them softly but your smile quickly fades when you notice that Sam seems pretty mad. Your first thought is that you walked into one of their many fights, which makes you turn back around.

“No. Come with me.” Sam takes your hand, careful not to hurt you if what he’s imagining is true. He leads you back to your bathroom, making you furrow your eyebrows.

“Sam, what’s wrong?” You ask Sam a little worried. You hated seeing him mad and especially when you didn’t know the cause of it.

Sam opened the door and without a word he pulled the little box that he found earlier, dropping it by the sink. “What’s that?” He demands to know.

You go pale, your eyes widening. Then he pulls out a few towels with blood on them that you forgot to throw out. “Y/N. What is that?” You knew exactly what was going through his head and you knew that he was right.

You were getting a little scared because he was mad. “Tell me that you are not hurting yourself…”

There was no answer. You just stared at little box, tears welling up in your eyes. How could you tell him that you’ve been hurting yourself for the longest time ever? That everything sometimes just piles up and you want a way out? You need a way to cope with the pain and this was your way.

“Y/N.” Sam repeated.

“Take off your jacket and shirt.” Sam demands, closing the door behind just in case that Dean decided to walk by.

“What?” You ask him through your tears. You always wore long sleeved shirts and never wore shorts, skirts or dresses.

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” Sam’s voice breaks a little as you start to take off your jacket slowly and then your shirt, revealing scars that have stayed through out the time.

There’s another silence between you guys, but then Sam pulls you into a tight hug, kissing your head. “Why didn’t you say something?”

There’s nothing that can come out of your mouth but sobs. The fact that he just found out and his view on you probably just changed.

Sam sits down on the floor with you, holding you and whispering soothing things in your ear. You stay like that with him for a while until he helps you get dressed again.

He raises your chin with his hand, making you look at him. “We’re going to throw these out.” He says, referring to the blades. “You’re going to promise me that you are never going to do this again. Every time you feel like hurting yourself you’re going to look for me and if I’m away, I want you to call me, okay? It doesn’t’ matter what time it is, I’ll be there to answer. I don’t want to make you talk about it right now if you don’t want.”

You take a deep breath and nod a little bit and watch him raise your shirt up to your arm so he can kiss some of the scars. “I don’t want to see you hurt anymore.”

“Thanks, Sammy.” You say and hug him again tightly.


“Owe!” Pietro cried out, glaring at the person ‘bandaging’ his wounds.

“If you didn’t move so much, it wouldn’t hurt so much.” You huffed.

Though the mission was a success, the  ‘evil’ drones you and Pietro had fought did quite a lot of damage. Pietro was the worst considering he used his bare hands and speed to fight his way through them unlike you. You were currently wrapping his raw, bloody knuckles up and he kept fidgeting.

A comfortable silence had fallen between the two of you and you looked up from Pietro’s hands to see him looking at you with a soft expression. You offered a lazy smile which he returned. You began to work on his other hand, “You know you could always ask for some sort of weapon.”

“But we both know I would not have nearly as many wounds and they would not be nearly as bad and you would not have to patch me up…”

“Pietro Maximoff, you are truly unbelievable.” 

Please.. stop

Please stop fighting this alone.
I know it that in your heart you are.
I want to help. I can help.
Please.. just trust me is all I ask.

Take some of what I give you to heart.
It can help.
I just can’t bear to see your emotional suffering anymore.
It tears my heart in half.

I want to see you smile for real.
Just as you can always get me to do.
Just please stop fighting all of your demons alone. I know what had happened to you has hurt in so many ways, but..
There are people trying to reach out and you’re pushing them away.
Look how many have left. Look at whom had stayed behind.. for you.

I’ll help you. I’ll destroy those demons that torment your heart. I swear to it.
All you need to do, is trust me.
Because I already have placed my trust in you.

1. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling the way you do. There is nothing wrong in feeling upset, or lonely, or neglected. You are not a horrible person for wanting something you do not have, and for being sad about it. Your emotions are valid, and so are you.

2. Prioritizing self-care is not selfish; it is survival.

3. It’s okay to take a break when you need to. Pause. Breathe. Catch a movie with your friends, take a walk outside and smile at the flowers. Pet a dog. Draw. You are not incompetent for putting life on pause.

4. Stop holding yourself up to someone else. Everyone is different; we all have different priorities and coping mechanisms and kinks and flaws. Just because someone looks at you and says it’s easy, doesn’t make you a failure for finding it difficult.

5. If someone wants to love you, don’t fight it. I know you might hurt them, and you don’t want to do that, but remember that you have to let them choose. And if they choose to love you despite that possibility, darling, let them.

6. There will always be people in this world who genuinely care about you. Who want to know about your sufferings not to feel better about themselves, but to share your pain. The tough part is finding who they are, but if you’ve found them, for heaven’s sake, keep them.

7. I know you’re afraid of being sad. I know it feels like the world has been swallowed whole. I know you’re constantly on the run from it, and you’re willing to destroy yourself before letting it destroy you. But like all things, it will end. If only you let it begin.

—  Therapy Takeaways 4.0, by ironedout | ramblings #20

Relax Inoue , This Time I’m Still Me 

I’m so happy about this because we are finally able to get some kind of closure of the lust arc . I think the lust arc was the worst time ichigo and orihime ever had to live . Ichigo because he completely lost control of himself and his powers and went as far as to kill one of his ennemies and to hurt Ishida and Orihime because she saw the man she loves turn into ‘ a monster’ all while believing it was her own weakness and inability to fight that provoked it all . 

And look at them now . Ichigo is smiling like that to reassure Orihime but there is also a little bit of pride in himself in this smile . I think Ichigo is finally happy that he was able to fully control and understand his powers . He believed for such a long time that the hollow inside him was a beast that he would have to control all his life and here he is proud that it is not the case . Proud of his powers , proud of his heritage and the mixed powers he got from his mom and dad . Ichigo is proud of himself because he understood that there was no monster inside him that could one day hurt his friends . He is proud because he was strong enough to accept his nature and the entirety of his powers . 

And Orihime who always believed herself to be weak and a burden and who is so sure Ichigo’s transformation on the dome was because she was unable to fight . She is fighting beside Ichigo just now . She is helping , protecting him . And she understands Ichigo is not losing himself ever again . She understands that in the dome she did not wake up the monster in Ichigo but a part of his very soul . A power she thought he couldn’t control . But now he is strong enough to control it . He is strong enough to fight with it and protect his friends with it and not hurt them because of it like before . 

So yes this smile is there to reassure Orihime but also to tell her “Hey Inoue , look how strong I got  . Now I’m finally strong enough to protect all those I care about . I’m strong enough to control my powers and not lose myself ever again and hurt one of my friends”

wait for the person who makes you feel homesick as you’re laying in your own bed. and when you kiss them you swear it’s the fourth of july and new year’s eve rolled into one, sloppy, beautiful kiss. wait for the person who makes your cheeks hurt from smiling and your tummy hurt from laughing. when you look into their eyes you see your whole world all in that little pool of blue and green and yellow. when they are the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you impatiently wait for the rest of your life to begin. where all the heartbreaks and fights and bitterness from your past are swept away with a silly little grin. wait for them. because they are love.
—  k.s

You shot up, your heart beating so fast that it felt like it was about to come out. You looked over to your sleeping boyfriend and his beautiful brown back was facing at you. How he managed to sleepy so peacefully without a problem just blew your mind. You felt a tear slip from your cheek, and you began to shake. You just had a nightmare about Calum breaking up with you for some supermodel; although he always told you it would never happen it felt so real. Your chest began to hurt more; you grabbed you knees and pulled them into your chest. Trying so hard not to fight back the tears, you let out a small whimper and sniffle and Calum shifted in his spot. You coughed quietly and wiped your nose; and Calum moved again. Looking back down at the brown boy next to you, his eyes slowly cracked open and his smile instantly changed when he saw yours tears. He removed the covers from his body and sat up next to you. Pulling you into his side running his calloused fingertips up and down the side of your arm. “Everything alright darling?” He asked hoping this time you would tell him. “No…” From the way his movements stopped you knew he was worried. “You want to talk about it? You’ve been waking up a lot like this. I’m about for you.” You let out a sigh and wiped your eyes, removing yourself from Calum’s grip you pulled your knees back to your face. “I just-I had a dream that someday you would leave me for someone better.” His facial expression said it all; it looked like his heart just completely broke. He just shook his head and held onto you. “Listen to me y/n, for me there is no one better than you. Everything about you is absolutely flawless, better than everyone else In the world. Your personality is the cutest thing so don’t even fight me on that one because I fell in love with you for a reason. You gave me access to your heart and I swear on my life that I want to be the only one allowed that. We may be young and dumb right now but I swear on my life I will marry you. Because fuck-your just incredible. To me there is no one better. And someday I want make you mine forever.” Calum glanced over to the top drawer on the dresser, and looked back at you kissing your forehead. “Baby just don’t think I’ll leave you. Because your the one I want.” Looking into his dark eyes, they lit up like he was about to cry; but it felt like a whole weight has been lifted from your shoulders. “I love you so much Calum…” “And I love you y/n.” He said pulling you up for a kiss. “Now let’s go back to bed.” He laid you back down and your head naturally found its way to his chest. His warm body and the sound of his heartbeat; with the feeling of his calloused finger tips running up and down under your shirt made everything feel right. Calum began to hum the tune to an unfamiliar song, resting your chin to look at him you decided to ask. “What song was that?” You asked him out of pure curiosity. “Just something; you’ll hear it one day.” He kissed the top of your head and you laid back down. “Asshole.” You shot at him, Calum let out a small chuckle and continued to hum; and soon enough you were back fast asleep.

Wake up. Try not to think about last night. Fuck, you thought about last night. Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep because you can’t really bear to be you right now. Wake up. It’s still daytime. Wake up. Think of a thousand reasons to stay in bed. All of them are good ones. Wake up. Wake. Up. Stagger to the bathroom. Look in the mirror. Oh, so that’s what death looks like. Don’t you dare go back to bed. Fight the urge to wear yesterday’s jeans off the floor. Paste on a smile. Walk out the door. Left foot. Right foot. One over the other. Why did you get out of bed today? You can’t remember. No, don’t look at the pretty girl - you look like shit today. Finish work with even less of a soul than you woke up with. Trudge home. Everything hurts. Oh, look, you have a bed. Hello, dear friend. Yes, yes, she’s missed you too. Try not to think about tomorrow. Fuck, you thought about tomorrow. Have you even gotten out of bed today? Wake up. Wake up.