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“Is that blood?” Ilend.

This time when Ilend got up, there was blood on his face, and he looked a little like he was going to throw up.

Hedda lowered her stick-sword and dropped her stance. “Is that blood?”

“No, it’s fairy dust–ow–and magical sparkles,” he grumbled through the blood, still crouched in an approximation of the stance she’d taught him.

She scoffed and strode over to him, dropping the stick in the ground. “Let me see.”

“It’s fine,” he said, rather nasally. “Come at me again. I’m sure I can block properly this time.” She ignored him, lifting his chin and taking a look.

“Did I break your nose? Ilend, you can’t just let someone break your nose and say it’s fine.”

“Empirically, I can.”

She rolled her eyes. “Idiot. If I’m going too hard on you, you need to say so. I don’t want you getting hurt, that’s why we don’t use real swords.”

“Come on. I can go another round.” He shifted uneasily. “Anyway, it’s already been broken twice. It’s not so bad.”

His nose was so crooked that two breaks seemed rather low. She tutted. “How did you break your nose twice? Reading the library books too closely? Get distracted by all the shiny gold and jewels and walk straight into a marble pillar?”

“No,” he said defensively. He paused, then said, “Last time, it was stupid. Heavy tome on the top shelf, not wanting to ask for help, then smack. Blood everywhere. I’m sure they would never have let me live it down. Time before that, I was eight, mouthed off a bit too much, and my–” He cut off. “Anyway, I don’t think it’s even broken, just bleeding.”

Hedda crossed her arms. For some reason, the memory of an older sister–she couldn’t even remember which one–with a red palm-shaped mark on her face. She sighed, the jungle singing all around them. “Let’s get Aphere to look at that nose. Then maybe we keep going. But honestly, quit pushing yourself so hard–before you get seriously hurt.”

I never knew how much I could mean to a single little girl. A little girl who I had never gotten to know to a huge extent, but someone who I had seen pass by. Someone who looked up to me as an idol, an inspiration, and a friend, all without my knowledge. I never knew that when I looked into this little girl’s eyes, hers sparkled with admiration for me. She was ecstatic that I was there, talking and interacting with her, an innocent child. I never knew how much I could mean to someone that I barely knew, yet she knew me all to well. It had never occurred to me that I could be looked up to in such light and amazement as were in her eyes when she saw me in the gathering. Her face lit up when I came into view and she said my name like it was the only thing that mattered. She waved at me as I drew closer and her smile stretched from ear to ear as she held her arms open for me. I never knew that I could be seen in such a beautiful light by such an innocent child before this moment. I had no clue that I meant so much to a girl who I had never talked to for more than 5 minutes at a time. I never knew that someone that was not even on my radar, would say that I meant so much to them, and that means so much to me.

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"Aaaa, nii-chan! You blinked in this one!" She's snorting as she inspects the photo strip, lifting it up towards the other so he could see. "You look like you're gonna fall asleep!" Cue snorting and giggling aplenty. "I need to get that on a shirt. Or a mug or something. Oh!" She whips around, grabbing the other's hands. She's practically sparkling with excitement. "LET'S GET OUR FACES ON A SHIRT!" Shun, no.

           He was most definitely NOT against his face being displayed on a shirt for all to see - HOWEVER, he would have to decline if it were a BAD picture. Which it was. Yes, shocking, even for someone as beautiful as himself. Heart leaping at the sound of her soft little voice calling him ‘nii-chan’ like she had, he feigned a sternness as he replied. 

       “I should think SO - but only if I can actually
        have a PROPER expression,  bébé sœur,
        otherwise I’m going to have to take your
        phone and break it in half.”

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“Why are you looking at me like that?” (Franky)

Franky sat next to Cook, her eyes were fixated on their hands. The grasp he had on her small frail hands was strong, like he was afraid she was going to leave and it warmed her inside. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips, forming as she looked up at the man sitting next to her. This feeling of love and security was overwhelming. Her blue eyes sparkled as they trailed along his jaw line, scanning his every feature. She noticed some scars and her fingers moved to graze over them. “Cook,” she mumbled as her hand went under his chin to pull his face to look at her. “You make me happy.” Her voice was light as she spoke on the little things. The small things like this, sitting here with her legs draped over his and their hands holding tightly onto each other’s. The simplest things that would cause a riot if anyone ever found out about them but there was so much love between them - she was sure she’d risk it all for Cook.

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pops his head into her shop, looking a little bemused. "tenten-san."

( ➷ ) It had been a rather slow day.  Gray engulfed the sun’s rays, but every now and again it would beam through as bright as ever.  Tenten’s chocolate eyes brightened at the jingle of her shop’s bell; if one were looking hard enough you could almost see them sparkle.  A familiar face appeared at the front counter, one of Konoha’s quirkiest of shinobi.

    “Sai!  Long time, no see.  What can I help you with?”

( ➷ ) Sai’s face conveyed a rather lost expression. as if he were stepping into a completely different world.  Tenten took the moment to greet him with a wide, cheeky grin in hopes of easing his nerves.

She’s got the kindest soul I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I mean, everything about her is stunning, from the way her eyes sparkle as they look up at me, to the way her hair falls around her sunlit face in the early hours of my mornings. The many times she’s laid her head on my chest, burrowing further as if wanting to take whatever remained of my heart that was not already hers, and the little incoherent noises she makes when my fingers trace love notes across her skin.

She’s impossibly beautiful.

Yet, when I look at her…
she’s so full of beautiful possibilities.

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"Papa, lookie !!" Golden hues sparkled in excitement as the little girl rushed over to her father, a piece of paper in her hands as she skidded to a halt in front of him. Pushing a few stray strands of brown locks that had fallen into her face, she beamed up at him. "I drew an owl just like how Mama taught me how to and I got a really good grade on it from my art teacher!!" And of course at that, she's practically shoving the paper into his hands looking so proud of herself.

fuck | accepting

    the sight of his little girl proudly showing off her artwork to him was enough to have what could be the biggest grin on his face. he takes the paper, the happiness almost too much. next he scoops her into his arms, pressing a kiss to her cheeks. the drawing was going to be put on display on their fridge, so everyone who passes could see ( and so when his friends paid him a visit, he could brag ).

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“C’mon! Keep following good ol’ Leo! All we’ve gotta do is keep going and we’ll get you away from those bad…uh, let’s call’em dogs!” Leo shouts as he runs through a forest with some little girl’s hand clenched in his. This little troublemaker in the making was surrounded by monsters, and by the look of her terrified face, she knew they were monsters, not being hidden by the Mist. There were too many for Leo to take down everything by himself, but he at least got out with the girl and himself unharmed.

“Whewh…Alright, rest behind this tree for a sec. I think we…huh!?” Leo’s eyebrows shot up and sparkled with fire for a quick second once he turned around to check on the girl, but instead of an innocent girl, there was a tall and unmistakably beautiful woman who Leo recognized straight away.

“Hera?! Oh, of course. I risked my life so I could saved someone who wasn’t in trouble at all!  I swear to Hephaestus, if this was some sort of test, I had better have passed with flying colors!”

Bonnie hadn’t grown at all, and her curly red head barely came up to Elena’s chin as she flung her arms around Elena. Wait a minute—curls? thought Elena. She pushed the smaller girl back. “Bonnie! What did you do to your hair?” “Do you like it? I think it makes me look taller.” Bonnie fluffed up the already fluffy bangs and smiled, her brown eyes sparkling with excitement, her little heart-shaped face alight.