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Honestly Kitty, when I was reading Origins I didn't like Ida Mae. I didn't like how she treated Maks especially. But damn you for making me like her now! Target Practice was goddamn amazing and an interesting look at their relationships and them in general. I like that we saw more of Maks, particularly the parts of him we didn't really see in Origins--the sad, uncertain side of him. God, mostly what I'm saying is that you made me like Sully and you actually made me like Maks more than I did b4!

Maks is such a good little actor. It’s easy to take him at face value (since face value is so bright, so sparkle, so pure), but he’s a teenage boy who has as much legitimate cause for angst as Mal flippin’ Underwood. Maybe even more– I mean, he got a strike, lost access to the only life he’d ever known, buried both parents, and went from a notable performer to worse than a nobody. He lives with an uncertainty that Mal can’t even conceive of, tbh. There’s a lot more to him than just “the funny circus guy”, and nothing drives that point home better than Target Practice’s word count. 

Sully’s always had her reasons for being the way she is, but since so many of her social cues read as unfriendly, none of the POV characters thus far have had any real inclination to get to know her better. She’s practical and focused to a fault, but that’s just who she is– who she has to be. She’s not the nicest, but the not-the-nicest girls have as much of a right to live their life as anyone else. Though they’re radically different in personality and powers, Sully and Maks are on the same desperate wavelength. Now that they’re working with each other instead of floundering independently, they might end up being wildcards. 

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Twilight Sparkle had never been all that concerned with her appearance. Well, that wasn’t completely true: she had been concerned about it. Just enough to keep herself tidy and presentable. While the other mares were trying new looks and throwing themselves into trends, Twilight Sparkle had been quietly using the same style since her foalhood.

Unbeknown to her, that was about to change.

She knocked on the door of a certain house with a smile on her face. It was always nice to come home and visit her mother. It seemed like she didn’t do it often enough, and this time, she’d actually been invited. She’d actually felt a little guilty that Velvet had needed to invite her. Perhaps it had been too long since her last visit…

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Is Evie a cat person, dog person, or a "oh my god you're so fluffy and have the cutest paws i love you babe can we keep it" kind of person

Originally posted by midnightsunsendlove

“Maker breath! Look at his little face! His cute little nose! Oh, and his eyes, so beautiful! Aren’t you just the cutest little thing ever? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!” Evie continued heaping praise onto her new friend as she wrapped her arms around him and showered him with kisses.

Cullen gaped at his lover and the creature she was cooing over. After a moment, he was able to collect his composure once more. Stepping up to Evie’s side, he cleared his throat to pull her attention away from Skyhold’s new arrival. When she lifted her sparkling eyes to meet his, he spoke while trying to keep the incredulity from his voice.  

“Evie, love, are you talking about him?” He asked, gesturing to to creature she still had in her arms. When she nodded ardently, a beaming smile on her face, he exhaled a deep sigh. “Of course you are.” He murmured. “I’ll just be getting back to work now.”

As Cullen walked from the stables, he shook his head in disbelief.

Did she really just call that nuggalope “the cutest little thing”?

In summary: Evie is an animal lover. Give her an animal, any animal, and it will become her precious baby. ^.^

{Truth or Dare} Bokuto Koutarou X F!Reader

„(f/n)-chan, do you want to play truth or dare?“ Yukie jogs up to me.

Her eyes are sparkling slightly, she looks excited as she jumps from one foot to other.

„Depends on who else is playing..“ I chuckle jokingly.

A sly smile appears on Yukie’s face as she leans in a bit.

„Bokuto will,“ she nudges me with her elbow.

My eyes grow a bit wider as his name is mentioned. During this camp, my little crush for him had developed into a pretty big one.

„W-why would I care a-about that?“ I struggle to form a sentence without my cheeks heating up.

Yukie laughs, her hands placed on her hips victoriously. „I’ve seen the way you look at him.“

I tilt my head to the side, trying to cover up my crush. „Yukie-chan, I am one of the managers, I have to make sure everyone’s improving.“

I giggle to which she answers with a pout.

„Don’t play dumb with me. C'mon, let’s go play,“ she says, grabs my arm and pulls me along.

We enter a room, most of the Fukurodani Volleyball Team members are sitting in a circle, including Kaori and suprisingly Akaashi, and…

„(f/n)!“ Bokuto waves.

My cheeks heat up as I give him a small wave. I am seated between Akinori and Yamamoto. Kaori raises her finger, shutting everyone up.

„Ok, I will be the first spinner,“ Kaori says, reaching for the bottle.

The bottle is placed in the middle of the circle and Kaori gives it a spin. The bottle lands on Akaashi first.

„Truth or dare?“

„Uhm..“ Akaashi thinks for a second. „Truth.“

„Hm, okay…“ Kaori places a finger on her chin. „What was the worst lie you have ever told?“

„It’d have to be that time when I told Bokuto that I didn’t eat the last pork bun,“ Akaashi smiles slightly.

„I knew it was you, for your information!“ Bokuto crosses his arms on his chest.

„My turn,“ Akaashi says, not reacting to his friend and spins the bottle.

The bottle turns and turns, landing on me.

„Truth or dare?“ Akaashi asks, his gaze moves from me to Yukie for a second.

„Dare, I suppose,“ I say, knowing that if I were to choose the other alternative, I would be pestered.

Akaashi hesitates for a moment. „I dare you to kiss Bokuto.“


Bokuto starts coughing, my hands start shaking slightly. I look at the others around me, holding back their laughs, staring at my and his reaction simultaneously. Was this a setup?

„Come on, now. Stop being embarrassed and get it over with, we don’t have all night!“ Kaori giggles.

Yamamoto scoots over, emptying the space between me and Bokuto. I play with my fingers in my lap, trying to slightly eye him. Bokuto is staring at Akaashi, he wasn’t angry nor disgusted. He looked as if he was seeking some couragement of some sort from him. Akaashi seemed to make a slight gesture that I didn’t see and Bokuto’s gaze darted onto me. A hand is softly placed on my shoulder, someone reached for my chin and forced me to look into their eyes. I meet Bokuto’s golden-coloured eyes, which seek premission from me. I smile softly to which he answers the same. He closes the gap between us and presses a big smooch on my lips. When he pulled away, his smile is brighter than a kid’s in the candy store. He was poking Akaashi, whispering excitedly to him. I look down, blushing madly. Giggles and chuckles fill the room.

„I ship it,“ Kaori says, reaching for the bottle and throwing it to me. „Your turn,“ she smiles.

I had lots of fun writing this one :D Hope you all have an awesome day/night!

~Mod Pa

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Wow how can a person change so quickly from a happy glowing with sparkling eyes to a miserable face he looks forced to be there amelia on the other hand is trying little too much to look happy and carefree by putting a large smile on her face.

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"I'm sorry. Don't hurt me." She looked up to the male. flinching slightly. She always carried a hint of nerves when she found her way into a new area and now it seemed she had intruded on his very own space. She sighed as she backed up a step and as subtly as she could, look for a way out should she end up needing it. From the look on hi face she may well have.

Muscles tensed. Sirius’ surface was a sheet of pure ice except for his eyes. His brown eyes sparkled with intensity as he stared silently at the vampire in front of him. His experiences with vampires was little: he had a couple of years before an adventure with one and he left him more than Sirius asked for. A scar on his back included. He never felt good in their company. “The thought of hurting you never crossed my mind, fangs.” He then murmured, even if it was difficult to believe and he knew why. “I’m not the one you should be scared of…” In the other room a loud bang made him jump for a moment. In fear, he turned his head to listen to what was happening, but nothing… there was silence again. He went back looking at her, not giving away a single smile or even a slight curve of the corner of his lips, as he would usually do. “Hunters.” He explained then with a low voice. “This place moves every night and sometimes some douche can’t really keep it quite… So they organize this… mass hunting.. Like we are pigs for their fun.. They just want the blood..” He stopped at that, raising an eyebrow at her and for the first time, he surrendered to a half smile. “Sorry ‘bout that.. Anyway….” He walked to the little window and tried to take a look of the street. “You’re afraid of me and… well I’m not very friendly with vampires… But right now we either work together or we close ourselves inside this room and we wait for them to check on us…” Sirius took out a switch blade knife from his pocket and he opened it up in front of her. “I’m the least of your problems, stop worrying about me…” He plunged the blade into the broken latch, pushed enough to grasp the edge of the window and finally… it was open. 

Sirius noticed she was still unsure. He could understand that. He put away his knife and walked toward her. “Listen. You either come with me and we risk it outside together, joining our strength, and we may have a chance, or you can stay here and wait for them to arrive. I don’t like it either, but this is what we have. Survive or not, I wouldn’t care much, but right now you’re the best shot I have to get out of this alive and I am the same for you. So,what do you say?” He asked staring in her glacial eyes. “Life or death?” 


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She's talking. Really, he should listen, not think about how pretty she looks today, how that color makes her eyes sparkle. But he can't help it. With a dopey grin, he leans in, kissing her mid-sentence. "You look really pretty today, Babs." Another little kiss, that silly little smile still on his face.

        ( @thegoldenboywonder​​​​​​ )

             ❛  Mmfph ! – –    & then his lips are on hers, all eager & 
              sweet;; & she can even feel him smiling against the kiss. 
              He was going to be the death of her. Babs is a little breathless
            when he finally pulls away, & she’s trying very hard not to go 
              ahead & grin at his too bright eyes, & his slightly swollen lips.
              ❛ – you gonna quit being cute anytime soon, boy wonder …?    

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He holds out a bag with glittery lettering spelling out 'Happy Birthday' to his mother, a large smile on his face. "Happy Birthday, Mama!"


🚭 —

A smile immediately formed on Matilda’s face at the sight of her son, looking down at the little blonde as he presented the sparkling bag to her. Crouching down so that she was eye-level with him, she pecked him noisily on the cheek, “Awe, you remembered! Thank you, Zak!!

continued from x with @achillea-sibirica

“Yes… It is.” Well, it usually was. She used to do it for pay though. Did that make her a prostitute? Oops. “But…?” Repeating him, she wondered if he wasn’t ready yet. That would be fine and all… But she was hoping to thank him one way or another. It was just her system. “…That’s so mature of you, Chorotto.” Both of her light brown eyes sparkled in admiration. She wished that she could easily say no as he did!! “But still… Repayment or not! You’re my Chorotto and I love you so much. I…” Her cheeks flushed a deep red. “I want to do something more with you.”

“We… We don’t have to have full on sex though! It’s fine if I just pleasure you a little, right?” Her brows knitted together anxiously and a look of guilt graced her face. “Plus… I think you’d look super cute moaning because of me. So handsome, so loving, so hot…” Oh damn, she was getting excited just from thinking about her boyfriend as a moaning mess!!

“I really do love you, Choromatsu.“


Choromatsu blinked at her, tending his head. He had various ideas of what that ‘something’ might mean – various ideas what she would want to do to him, but he tried to just refrain from those thoughts, step back and take a breather. But that wasn’t going to happen, was it? Despite his attempts to be mature about this and stay stoic to what he had said, he couldn’t help but at least be curious. Aside from being a human and having urges, he deemed himself to be rather in control of what he needed, but curiosity killed the cat after all, right?

Averting his gaze, sweat drops beading on his face, he huffed; what was he supposed to do… or to say now?! He could just stick to his words and say ‘no’… but that wouldn’t be the truth. Mostly with her ways of flattering him and his appearance, it made him weak. Reminded him a bit of how Todomatsu would try to get his way with people, just less menacing (or so he thought).

                                          “I-I love you too, Totti-chan… a-and…”

Inhaling sharply, he wiped his forehead against his sleeve, gulping. “If you i-insist, we… we can… do something…” Having no clue what she had planned with that ‘something’, he just had to go with it. Not that he could be much of any help as a virgin. God, he was ashamed now. “Just… don’t laugh at me…” He added quietly, knowing how much his brothers gave him shit for something that they would be labelled as themselves as well. Ironic.

Rita Ora leaves little to the imagination in Versace minidress

Rita Ora dressed to impress as she posed alongside Donatella Versace after the Atelier Versace haute couture show on Sunday night (25Jan16).

The 25-year-old singer left little to the imagination in a red cut out dress from the new Spring/Summer 2016 collection, named ‘Athletic Couture’, following the show in Paris, France.

Rita highlighted her slender frame and enviable figure in the outfit, which featured very little material held together with sparkling Swarovski ropes - a theme that ran throughout the show.

The star opted for matching rope sandals and left her blonde hair in loose, casual waves for the occasion - adding some more drama to her ensemble with heavy smokey eye make-up.

Donatella, meanwhile, looked as chic as ever in a pair of loose trousers with eyelet details, with a black high neck jumper and heels.

Rita kept her Instagram caption for the snap simple, writing: “DV Forever @donatella_versace.”

Other familiar faces at the event included Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Behati Prinsloo and Joan Smalls, who all strutted their stuff on the runway in Donatella’s latest creations, which retail for around £10,000.

Gigi is the face of the brand and fittingly closed the show in a black trouser suit with cut out details held together with black ropes.

And her performance thoroughly impressed her stepfather David Foster, who had been a fashion show virgin before the Atelier Versace presentation.

“My first fashion show ever!!! Starting at the top with this one @gigihadid leading the pack!!!” he wrote on Instagram. “It was amazing and so was she!!! #proudstepdad #versace (sic).”

Speaking after the show, Donatella said she was thrilled with how it all looked on the runway, saying, according to The Guardian newspaper: “This collection is one of the most complicated, sophisticated and technically accomplished that we have ever created.”

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January 30, 2016 1:51 am

I saw you for the first time in a while tonight. You were the last person the I would expect to show up and yet you did. Words cannot describe how much I’ve missed you. We talked for so long and I asked you how you were with your new girlfriend. You explained to me how you met and that you were happy. The way your face lit up when you talked about her was like a little kid on Christmas morning. You talking about her is the exact same way that I used to to look like as a talked about you, it’s still the way I look. The look of being utterly in love with someone, the way your eyes sparkle, your grin is as wide as your cheeks may make them and your word flowing gracefully off your tongue. While I was listening to you talk about her I hung on to every single word you said, not because I actually cared about her, but because for some reason I feel like that was going to be the last time we spoke for a while. I am so glad you’re happy. When you hugged me goodbye I held you for a little extra longer so I could memorize the way your arms wrapped tightly around me which felt like you were sheltering me from the cold. But It makes me happy knowing you’re happy. As the saying goes, “if you love something set it free” and so I have let you go to live your life to the fullest extent and have amazing adventures with her as we once did. Just know that I will always be here for you. And know that know matter what, I was, am, and will always be madly in love with you and nothing with ever change that. Until next time darling, forever and always.