they look like trouble cause they’re all in black. but you look at those puppy dog eyes, and those love heavy lips, and you know he’s soft underneath. you stay up chewing your eraser not doing your homework cause you’re thinking about what he’s doing if he’s up this late.

cussing dirt in the dark at the zombies on his tv screen cause he knows he’s never gonna pass this level, or wandering around in dirty socks and baggy boxers half blind, half dead, eating white slices of wonderbread.

maybe thinking of you. but that would be a prize, and the kind of love you want isn’t a carnival game.

they tell you they love you, and you believe them. even when they mixed their saliva with somebody else. they pull you to them by your waist, kiss you hard like they want you more then they want to breathe. and you smile on a saturday morning cause last night you dreamed of him, and when he put his arms around you it was real.

it felt so real this time.

they grab you by the hand and you run around the city at 3am; slow motion shadows, like twin cats, with neon light in your eyes and not worried cause your parents are sleeping and his voice is like cola on independence day. and they let you sit on their lap at 12am, by the park, when he’s got a smirk on his lips and smoke in his lungs and a pair of eyes on your neck and you don’t have a care in the world cause love feels like this.

you think love feels like this.

they’re tough like raw meat, and hard like stone.

they’re sweet like soda when the sun is sleeping on your skin, and they’re mean like when the bottle cracks. breaks in your hands and cuts you deep.

his jeans are blue with indigo. his converse are covered in spit, and dirt. his knuckles are bloody, and his heart is too.

you think you need to write poetry to stop thinking of him.

he thinks he needs to put some lead in his head to stop thinking of you.

they get their hair in their eyes, and stare at the floor, and put the color in your cheeks, cause he likes you in red. they’ve got broad backs, and big dreams. and they bite their lips when they look you in the eye.


brawny boys and all their noise.

well I never liked the truth much, but I think you ought to know.

they’re gonna break your heart.

—  prologue/some advice

Alexander Skarsgård as Sgt. Brad “Iceman” Colbert in GENERATION KILL (Part 5 - A Burning Dog) #36 of GK Tuesday

Also pictured: James Ransone as Cpl. Josh “Ray” Person

sources: HBO’s Generation Kill Blu-ray, my screen caps

I highkey worship this horror queen. Omfg Vanessa is so gorgeous and has such a bubbly personality. i love her. ♡ Tbh i dont talk much about J-Dog’s girl on this blog. That is going to change starting now. Okno that started earlier with the pic spam. Forgive me for that, btw. Like i said, shes freakin gorgeous! Definitely she is a queen for sure. Most importantly, she is Jay’s queen. ♚

That leads me to the next thing that i wanted to say…. adsdjdklfjljflbbd the Janessa pair is my OTP!! They are so cute and perfect for each other. They’re rs goals ffs. And I get a sense that they have been together for a very long while now. Thats a good thing cause with long lasting rs’ like theirs, you just know that nothing can break them apart. They are compatible like the + and - sides of a battery. Even if they find themselves on the edge, nothing will happen. Why? Cause THEY BELONG TOGETHER. They are inseparable. They are there to support each other through the hardest of times and have the ability to make it successfully around almost anything. kyaa, im squealing tbh. You guys would be too if you seen some of the pictures and clips of them together. No doubt about it, they can make someone aww.

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I be waving that Janessa flag~  ❤

things that grind my gears as a person w actual real piercings, when it comes to people drawing piercings:

nipples piercings that go through the whole areola / BARS TOO LONG ??? ABLE TO SEE THE BAR AT ALL ??? bad awful 

navel piercings that are on the bottom (altho this IS a real piercing, its an incredibly uncommon piercing and navel piercings are traditionally on the TOP and usually just drawn…incorrectly instead of purposely being an inverse navel piercing)

piercings on fucking furry snouts that go all the way up oh my god get this away from me i want to cry

PLUGS ON TAILS !!! WOW ! !!!!!!!!!!! fuck im not even going there

im passionate about piercings ok….pls…..google image that shit before u draw it if ur not sure how they work